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I can hardly take it!!!!!!

Someone finally understands what makes The Archulator tic (thanks for this pic, Burkey!) 😀

See the Official Site for more information on the new single and single cover.

Has “Stage Mom” Replaced “Stage Dad”?

Not that I’m complaining b/c Lupe clearly brings out the best in David!

Loving this pic of the two of them from yesterday’s book signing in Vegas.

Reality TV and the Showcasing of Talent

So, the Emmy Award nominations were announced this morning, and once again American Idol received an undeserved nomination for “Outstanding Reality Show Competition,” while Ryan Seacrest’s bitchiness got a nod for “Outstanding Reality Show TV Host.” Are you kidding me?

Meanwhile, Cat Deeley, the host for So You Think You Can Dance, got a royal snub despite showcasing, as she did last night, what great improvisation skills look like, as she came to the rescue of contemporary dancer contestant Adechike Torbet.  I think Mia Michaels is a great and unique choreographer, but as a judge on SYTYCD, she is downright abhorrent and borderline offensive.

I think what really set me off was Mia’s comment to Adechike that his interpretation of the Bollywood dance was “too African.”  Um… what?!?! Since Adechike is not an “African dancer,” in what way was his dance technique “African”?  I guess it was due to the color of his skin?

Meanwhile, when Cat reminded the judges that the things they were hammering Adechike over, they let slide when Jose (the really cute bboy with the killer smile) did a similar Bollywood dance, Mia’s only defense is that Jose “has heart.”


And, go Cat!

And just like that, their ridiculous judgery prevented me from bemoaning the fact that SYTYCD got snubbed for an Emmy nomination this morning.

What started out as a promising show with such great dance talent, which was on full display at the beginning of the season when the show let audiences get introduced to each contestant before voting on their performances, has now turned into a competition rigged with favoritism, unfair critiques, and uneven performances.  Remember, I started the season loving Jose, but he is clearly outclassed by some awesome dancers, like Alex (keeping him in my prayers now that he has suffered an injury), Ashley, Lauren, and Adechike.

What started out as a show that genuinely cared about the talent has now degenerated into a show about “personality.”  Give me a friggin’ break!

Why can’t audiences just go with the flow? Why are judges there to unduly influence an audience by pretending really great dancers are “not all that,” while subpar dancers get the “amazing charisma” edit!  It’s like Lee Dewyze all over again!

Say what you will about David being the “personality” contestant, he had the talent to back it up … and in spades!

I’m starting to wonder if we can actually have a Reality TV competition WITHOUT JUDGES!  How would America possibly cast their votes without some “expert” helping them make an “informed” decision?

How might David have fared under such a format?

Perhaps American Idol can forego the replacement of Simon and Paula next season by throwing out the judges’ panel altogether.