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What to Share (and What Not to Share)

OK, Soul Daviders.

Since I got a few commentators (LDS fans, from the looks of it) complaining that what is shared from members of the MTC (Missionary Training Center), who are in contact with David as they prepare for their mission, should NOT be linked to on David’s fan blogs, I thought I would put it to a vote.

As you all know, I had noted in his last vlog the ways that David repeatedly asked us, his fans, to respect this “personal time” that he has to prepare for his mission, and I very much want to respect that.  Of course, no sooner did I think that his Wednesday vlog would be the last I or any of us would hear from David again than some things started happening:

1. A tweet was posted on his twitter announcing that he’d be at the MTC anywhere from 3 to 9 weeks!


2. A bunch of commenters here started linking to some of the MTC blogs shared while he’s at the MTC.

Alas, curiosity got the better of me – what with missing David and all and wondering what he’s up to – and therefore didn’t see the problem with fans updating us with these shared links.

But, if the MTC is part of this private time, and those who know more about these experiences (those within the faith) are telling us this kind of sharing of information is, indeed, disrespectful of his personal preparations, I want to take that charge seriously.

So, here’s a quick poll. I’m putting it to a VOTE.

I want to get a sense from the folks here to see if there’s a problem with sharing this new info. Thanks! 🙂

#DA2014: “We Will Wait”

Kudos to Juan for this beautiful fan art.

In other news, David’s “Forevermore” video launches today! 🙂


Seven.  That’s the number of times David uttered the word “respect” in his final farewell vlog.

He kept coming back to the word that I started wondering: who is that particular message meant for?

I guess it’s meant for us, his fans, except that the first time he asked “us” to respect his decision to devote this “personal time” to focus on his relationship with his “Heavenly Father,” he immediately said that we, his fans, have been respectful.

But he then kept repeating it. Is there someone else who has not accepted his decision to go on his Mission?

Certainly, we have gone back and forth about this personal decision of his, but it just made me curious why he kept emphasizing, over and over: Please respect my decision!

I don’t know about others, but I’ve always respected David to make up his own mind about his life and his music – even when I don’t always agree with his decisions.

I’m only hoping that others will do so as well, and here I’m not talking about fans and our occasional arguments with each other. I’m thinking in particular of those who may be part of his inner circle – both family, friends, and “friends of family” – people who have always insinuated themselves between David and David’s fans.

I’m grateful that David’s twitter will be updated by folks in his management, but it’s the other “managerial” folks who make me a bit queasy.

You know who I’m talking about: those folks “in the know” – the VRS’s (very reliable sources) – who always find ways to leak all kinds of information to us.  Now that David will literally be “out of commission” for the next two years, they will basically have free rein.

As loyal fans of David, how will you best discern the information other folks are inclined to “leak” to us?

For instance, I don’t know about you, but it bothers me greatly that David only revealed to us, his fans, that he will be residing in South America for his Mission, while other folks have revealed to the media that he’s going to Chile (all while dropping various hints on other blogs and via Twitter).  Did David give them permission to do so?

Why did they think they had that right? If David wanted us to know the exact country in South America where he would be, wouldn’t he have told us himself?

Honestly, I know some fans are relieved and eager to know this precise news, but it just smacks of disrespect.

“Respect my decision,” David says, yet someone is always going against him in one way or another.

It’s such a constant these last four years of following David that I can guarantee some VRS is going to give us the latest update.

Before you know it, someone will be telling us what village he’s going to, which group he’s working with, and what specifically he’s saying about the Book of Mormon!

Can’t folks really, seriously, and truly leave him alone and let him do his own communication?

Perhaps with this down time, maybe folks will, but I’m not sure we can count on it.

All I can do is wish David Godspeed as he sets out to serve his “Heavenly Father” the best way he knows how.

Whether or not we agree with his decision, at least let’s respect him.

David Says It’s Not Goodbye

My Goodbye Video for David

Because I’m still finding the right words to express my feelings and because it’s been ages since I created a “fan video,” here’s my latest tribute to David: