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David Vlogs About Band Auditions

David’s Anointing of Certain Songs on Idol

I stand by my “fanatical” word (that’s why I’m a “fan”!) and insist that once a “Davidization” of a song has been done, the next Idol contestants to touch them had better

1. Deliver above and beyond


2. Change the arrangement in such a way that it becomes that contestants’ own.

Just like Carrie Underwood fans can’t bare for anyone to touch “Alone” and Randy Jackson will never believe any other contestant will do to “Summer Time” what Fantasia did to it, I too will hold everyone else up to the high David standard that has been set (and, no, neither Bo nor Clay compares to David’s version of DLTSGDOM – just my very humble opinion).

Exhibit A:

Other “untouchables”:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

If any other contestant even tries to do “Imagine” and lacks any kind of emotional connection that David achieved, just for PUNISHMENT they should be voted off the next night and disappear into obscurity.   ‘Nuff said.

And this isn’t just about David. God help the fool who attempts “My Funny Valentine,” after Melinda Doolittle made it her own.

After 10 seasons, you would think somebody behind the scenes would show contestants the “standards” set so they can decide what they’re going to do differently or choose a different song entirely.

Blast from the Past

‘Member this one? (Some adept songwriting skills right here! Plus, the hotness factor)

David at Nascar

For those who might have missed the moment, here is David singing the national anthem from yesterday:

Nascar Vlog!

😀  (thanks, Burkey)