Still Glorious Vocals

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  1. We don’t have enough information to make those kinds of judgements. The songs could have been requested by his host for all we know, and some of the young group of singers that were also part of the show seemed very informal from what little I could tell. I currently don’t understand a lot about this event, including the whole last minute aspect of things.

  2. David wasn’t “holding back” – it’s called being outclassed. Pacheco’s voice was more resonant and colorful. It points up one of David’s biggest problems – beside Pacheco in all ways, he comes off as a little boy. David looks like a boy, he still exhibits a lot of childish or childlike behaviors tthat will make it hard for him to be taken seriously as an adult outside of his core fans. His saving grace is his singing voice which isn’t boyish, but appears he nor his mgmt have a clue how to market it or him to best effect.

  3. Hum, Abba, outclassed???? Yes, you are entitle to your opinion of the performance, I don’t see it that way though.
    I was curious about Nathan Pacheco so I looked up his bio…first of all he is 10yrs older than David and has an impressive history of working with top notch people and is classically trained, so to no David shined as well as Nathan..Nathan has a beautiful voice, but, imo, there something in David voice that is different, unique and again, omo, sets him apart.

    One thing has my curiosity, is this gig going to bring new opportunities for David…perhaps a tour with Nathan…after all he checks all the right boxes.

  4. So again I was curious and checked Nathan’s twitter feed (is LDS, went on a mission etc) to see he put his beliefs front as center like David. Just wanted to see if that was what all artists that happen to be LDS did, well, nothing. Mostly about his career…a few about his personal family life.

    Another thought…David might still be trying to find his musical direction and I wonder if even the new album will be an indication of a direction?!?!

  5. The duet was beautiful. David’s wardrobe for the event was fine. I still don’t get why people who don’t like anything about David come to a fansite for him and put down everything he does. If you don’t like David , his music, his singing, his personality, his religiosity, why on earth would you even comment on this fansite? Why not go to fansite of an artist you do admire and post your comments there? If you don’t like David , what artists do you like and what do you like about them? I don’t think David is perfect or that every performance he has ever done is the best thing I have ever heard, but I can say without question that I would not be hanging around on a fansite devoted to him if I didn’t love his voice and his music.

    • The Voice It's The Voice

      It is frustration at watching this immensely talented, amazing voice be piddled away here and there. Do it right or don’t do it. Don’t do pop music from an era you say was a living hell (paraphrasing obviously) and expect people to understand. Man up. Focus You are almost 25. The cutesy little boy lifestyle isn’t so cute. A suit or tux would have announced he was serious about Nathan’s concert. I wear a suit to work every day. We are judged by our choice of clothing, right or wrong. It’s life.

      When I see him make these choices, yes I am upset and frustrated. How many people has God chosen to bestow this type of amazing talent? To see him almost take it lightly or for granted is too puzzling to me. I comment on what I see, just as we all do.

      • This was Nathan Pacheco’s concert. If he had any “problems” with David’s attire or song choices, he would have made it known to david prior to the show.. Obviously, there was no problem, and David took the stage, wowed yet another audience, and put his “God chosen talent” on display. I have not read one complaint about anything to do with David’s performance anywhere but here, which is “Complaint Central”. Only here is anyone “frustrated” or “puzzled” by David’s appearance at Nathan Pacheco’s concert.

      • You are so right

        It was exactly the type of crowd who are very active on Twitter and would have tweeted their complaints immediately after the concert. Had there been complaints, you would’ve noticed every one of them, globally, because nothing gets past you. Everybody loved him. Case closed.

      • You are so right

        Oops, even on FOD people are confused. Please go enlighten and punish them.

      • I for one loved the duet and as far as his attire, actually didn’t give it much thought until it was discussed, not only here, but other sites. I know bliss that your continuing need to put a halo over other sites is important to you as well as always making sure that all the commenters here have nothing but negative things to say…I’m thinking you only read what fits your agenda.

      • You say this ” I wear a suit to work every day”. I wonder who that is, lol?

  6. Guest performers are usually added to offer a taste of something different, not more of the same. I would assume this is why David performed some pop songs, and is dressed less formally. An analogy: we’d order lobster to complement our steak, not filet with a NY Strip.

  7. What was wrong with his attire? Other than the fact it was David’s choice. Have you ever seen Alfie Boe in concert? He is a famous opera and Broadway star.Sometimes he wears a suit and sometimes he wears jeans and a t-shirt. He still sings the same songs at both concerts and lo and behold his voice is still gorgeous at both.

    • Moelta,, you’re right of course. There was nothing wrong with David’s attire. If there was, those in charge of the concert would have made sure that anyone associated with the show who they deemed “inappropriately dressed”, including David, was dressed as they saw fit.

      These people here look for and find anything they can to vent their bitterness at David. Today it’s his clothing, tomorrow it will be some other irrelevant aspect of his appearance, behavior or singing. It’s all designed to share, with each other, how justified they are in resenting David for what he “did to them”. These people cannot let go of their anger at David for the “crime” of no longer needing them. They actually think they “made ” his career by going to a few VIPS or buying a few CDs. David’s VIPs sell out in no time. If they didn’t go, those tickets would be gone in a NY minute.

      What sane person would complain about an artist’s career that they used to like for 31/2 years, and then continue to complain after he resumes his career? Only a bitter person who can’t let go, that’s who.

  8. To the random posted who posted “Oops, even on FOD people are confused. Please go enlighten and punish them”.

    I went over there, perused the comments and couldn’t find any “confusion”with David’s attire.No one called his attire “stupid” as did someone here. Instead I read one glowing post after another about how much everyone loved his performance, etc. Don’t they realize that to actually enjoy the performance of an artist that you are a fan of is not “keeping it real, lol? Only dissecting and complaining is “keeping it real”, right?. Just ask the one’s “in the know” on this blog. They’ll be happy to enlighten you to that fact, lol.

  9. Ad hominem

    1. directed against a person rather than against his arguments
    2. shut up unless you’re a “good fan”

    I disagree with many of the (IMO) overly critical comments about David, but I just don’t get the continual attempts to squash the person making them. Not that I think it will do anything except perpetuate the good fan/bad fan battle. Some people are more than happy to step up and take on the “bad fan” role, if that’s how “good fans” want to set it up.

    I like being able to hear people’s unsanitized opinions on the topic whether I agree or not. I’m for freedom of speech and all of that. There are plenty of sites where departing even slightly from the David-as-diety party line will get you hushed.

  10. Oh yes by all means let’s have unsanitized opinions about David. Just one problem with that. People come on here and state opinion as fact. David is gay. Kendra is gay. I’m not married so I guess I am gay too. I have never been attracted to a member of my own sex, but what do I know? I have been known to move my hands in a certain way. Oh no! One time I went to an IL Divo concert and wore jeans. That was disrespectful. I follow David because I love his voice and his music and his quirky personality. I don’t go to websites of other artists and constantly put them down.

    • You’re talking as if you CAN control people’s opinions more to your liking. Would you shut down this site if you could? (I think that HG is losing interest and that this site might not be long for this world anyway).You’re free to scold people all day, but IMO, it just adds to the problem. I advocate ignoring it, if you don’t want to address the points being made.

  11. I don’t want to control people’s opinions. However I see no reason the opinions of the people who come on here and constantly belittle everything about David from his sexual orientation, his music, his career choices, his religion can not be challenged. Our opinions differ. I see no reason we could not have an intelligent discussion, but that doesn’the happen here. Instead the regular posters are taken to task and the person with 15 different screen names is given a pass. Go figure.

    • You may be right cc halo. But maybe she will be more active when David’s album comes out. Just by this thread that she posted a resent video with the caption “Still glorious vocals” so maybe she isn’t ready to give up on this blog.

    • Do you see the difference between challenging the OPINIONS and scolding the people for having the opinions? That’s why I defined AD HOMINEM.

    • Maybe you haven’t been here long enough, but there have been many years of lively, intelligent discussion. You’ll have to go back to the archives to see why it came to be this way.

    • Moelita, again you’re right on the money.The “person with the 15 screen names” has a purpose here, namely to do or say whatever they can to rid the site of anyone, especially me, who interferes with the free flow of posts that serve to undermine everything about David. That’s why the ad hominem attacks against me, such as the ones posted on this thread earlier and are exponentially the most vicious, are rationalized and explained away so as to not appear hypocritical.

      We’ve all heard the term “payback’s a bitch”. This site exists to pay David back for going on a Mission and coming home a person who no longer “delivers the goods” in the way that was appealing to those who want or need him to do so.

      They also conveniently turn into dainty damsels in distress, dissolving in a puddle of self pity and victimization whenever anything is said to them that they don’t like, but become Ninja warriors when they attack David and his religion mercilessly, not to mention anyone who questions why they they are being so cruel to David

      Anyone who has been reading this site for the past 3 1/2 years, and is not one of the hit squad hell bent on exacting revenge against David has seen and read for themselves what has been going on here. It will end when HG decides it will end, either by enforcing the rules that she alone posted and she alone can enforce., or by pulling the plug on a site whose existence has mutated into some bizarre life form that has nothing to do with the singing talent of David Archuleta.

  12. You are the bizarre life form blisskasden. What else can be said about an old man who dedicates his life to defending a young man who doesn’t have a clue this site exists?

    No one here wants the site shut down except for blisskasden and me thinks he doth protest way way way too much. His life would be empty without this site. He is apparently a lonely old man who has a pathological need for attention and this is the only place he can get that. He claims over and over he wants this place shut down, even baiting HG, yet he comes here frequently to proclaim his distaste for this place.

    • Ad H, actually I don’t want the site shut down, and even if I did, so what? It’s not my site and, like everyone else here, we post at the pleasure of HG, who has sole control over her site and its content. Why you even bother to raise this as an issue is beyond me.

      You obviously have a serious “jones” about me, and you feel a need to post all sorts of insulting references to my age, gender and social life. Do whatever you want and continue to make up new screen names, which you probably find suggestive and provocative, but aren’t. Do you really think I’m effected in any way by your pedestrian insults?

      • If you don’t want the site shut down or for anyone who posts here to leave, what do you want? So far as I can tell, most everyone here seems to be fine conversing back and forth in a civil manner, but you are the main person who is consistently unhappy with how people are talking. So much so that you feel the need to police every other post, never adding anything of substance to the conversation that was being had.

        You keep ascribing all of this deep hidden motivation to every poster when in reality, most people are probably here to kill time, just like on every other site on the internet. Your constant doublespeak and inflammatory hyperbole don’t really make any sense if you are not trying to stir things up as piss everyone off. But I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt if you’d like to share another reason for the harsh tone of your posts.

        I ask again, WHAT DO YOU WANT?

      • Anonymous, the question is not what I want, the question is what do the people here who are so critical of David want? What do they want from this young man who they don’t personally know and who never promised them anything in life. Have you read the posts that some of these people write. There are divorce papers that are less vitriolic than some of these posts. These aren’t just a bunch of gabby women, as you say, “killing time” on the Internet. If it were I would have no interest in being here. I’ve been around enough of that babble to know what it is. This isn’t that. This is something much more sinister and malicious. The fact that it is so important that anyone who challenges the agenda here must be removed from the site ASAP proves that this ain’t no garden variety gab fest.

        As long as HG chooses to keep the site up (and you’ve noticed that she turns it on and off like a light switch) everyone will post whatever it is they want. It’s a blog. That’s what blogs do. People can respond or not respond to anything I post in any way they want, and they do. Why is it a problem when I do the same?

  13. Things just keep going wrong.


    • Please Say It Ain't So

      What the heck? He’s playing high schools now? The person on David’s team who approved that ridiculous advert should be banished from his life forever. It makes him look like a middle school kid who decided to make a poster on using a 10 year old version of a knockoff graphics programme. Oh no. Way to forge ahead with an adult career

      Blisskasden and the other old ladies who think he’s still 12 will love this.

      Please say this is just a twisted joke.

    • Brazilian Archie Fan



  14. HAHAHAHHAHA – Where’s all this international acclaim and demand that was supposed to waiting for David when he returned Blisskasden? David has reverted back to being in demand at high schools… why, someone of his talent should be headlining Carnegie Hal!!! It’s an outrage, lololol… Not really, if you were reading the tea leaves. You are an ass to people here to deflect from your total ignorance and .000 average when it comes to gauging where David’s career stands. Call me when that Carnegie Hall gig comes through. 🙂

  15. David put out a video “inviting everyone” to come see him perform in Midland TX on 11/12. That’s less than 4 weeks away but looks like maybe ticket sales are at about 25%, maybe less. At least he’s actually promoting it with a video.

    I think I read there’s a fair sized Mormon population in that area and if so, that should help generate sales as the concert date nears. I hope it sells out but that may be wishful thinking. If 75% of the 1800 seats are sold, it would still be good considering the venue, while beautiful, is in the middle of no-where or if even 1000 seats sold, that also would be acceptable I think?

    Still hoping for the best for David but it’s on him to promote himself and it appears he’s finding that out if he wants to get bookings in places where he doesn’t have to count only on his fellow Mormon’s support.

    • If David was really motivated to have an even semi successful music career he would get out of his comfort zone and do something challenging like move to NYC and take a minor role in a Broadway musical . I just don’t think he is that motivated. cq I enjoyed DWTS and also watching The Voice.

  16. Utah and Idaho Rule

    As long as David has thousands of LDS who will pay to see him sing the same old tired covers, why should he bother trying? He has a comfy cushy life with no money worries. Blisskasden says David has a nice bank account Being a RM makes David a super star in his little world so why bother being anything else?

    • As long as David has enough money to live the life he wants than I would agree. I just am not one of those that believes David has that much money to not work.

  17. Hope, real good DWTS loved all the dances, it was time for Paula to go!

    Glad to see David promoting the Tx concert. Hope his fellow Mormons will come out to support him. Maybe releasing a song might help sales?

    Saw a picture of David with his sister and oh my goodness, Daniel…at first I didn’t recognize him. Wow has he changed…grown man, looks nothing like David..very nice to see the two brother together. I know David is very close to his sister, but had a feeling that maybe not so close with his brother, just nice to see a picture of all five.

    • CQ, I see you’re saving your sneaky, anti LDS cracks for this site. Good move. That kind of nastiness would never be tolerated on an actual fan site like FOD. What’s wrong with having LDS fans, btw? Do you see them as a lesser life form?

      • WHAT!!! LOL, I’ll bite!!! Are you talking about his fellow Mormons coming out to support him…you think that a ANIT LDS CRACKS…ridiculous!!! Face it bliss…at this time that is where his career is headed and basically at this time that’s what the majority of his audience will be and yes, I do hope they keep on supporting him…

      • FOD stands for FULL OF DELUSION, but to each their own. Fan is short for FANATIC, and what is a good fan if he or she is not a touch delusional? Thankfully, some delusions are curable.

        Nothing wrong for having to SETTLE for LDS fans and becoming EXACTLY what some on this site realistically predicted, contrary to your repeated bluster and condescension toward anyone who dared not agree that the music world would be waiting with bated breath for his return. David has apparently chosen to settle for the low hanging fruit in Idaho and Utah and the local areas, as predicted. That’s fine, he’ll make a living, but he’ll never reach the fullest potential of his talent, which would be a monumental shame. That’s what I feel frustrates even some of his most die hard fans. Seeing his prodigious talent settling when God gave him the talent to soar.

      • What makes you think that David will not “soar”? He has stated that he had some understandable difficulty readjusting to “civilian” life after being in a 3rd world country for 2 years, and is now doing what he can to return to being a professional singer and recording artist. He asked for patience. Most people have respected his request. Some, including those who post here regularly, choose not to respect his wishes and want him to return to his career on their timetable, which is immediately, if not sooner.

        Not only that, they presume to know what kind of career he should have. Someone actually advised David to move to NYC and “take a minor role in a Broadway play”. I kid you not. Someone said that yesterday right here on this very site. Why some folks think that they have the standing to decide what that timetable should be speaks to the level of delusion and neediness that some people have regarding who they are in David’s life.

        David is the artist. He creates what he creates when he creates it. We are the consumers of his artistry. If we enjoy it, we buy it. If we don’t enjoy it, we move on and find another artist to enjoy. It’s not rocket science. It’s music, that’s all. You want drama? It’s all over the dial. David’s life is not a soap opera.

      • If someone says that David should take a minor role in a Broadway play or whatever, it doesn’t mean that they think that they have “the standing to decide what that timetable should be.” Whaaaat? YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE THINKING THAT POSTING COMMENTS ON A WEBSITE ACTUALLY MEANS BEING INVOLVED IN A SINGER’S LIFE. There’s delusion for ya.

      • “David is the artist. He creates what he creates when he creates it. We are the consumers of his artistry.”

        Consume this:


      • That someone was me. Yep I do think he should get out of that religious bubble he is in and do something different like a Broadway musical. I stand by that comment. Sure did not hurt Nick Jonas. Look at Nick’s career now. Of course David won’t do that so don’t worry. Lol.

  18. true. he is a superstar in Utah. he might as well stay there and enjoy it! 🙂 church and family is #1 with David as we all know. next exciting thing will be the reveal of his fiancé, finally!

  19. Well, imo the next exciting thing to be revealed is his new album.

  20. Big Fish Little Pond

    It’s not a presumption on the kind of career a fan of David thinks he should have/should have had…it’s more irritation born of extreme frustration watching a prodigiously talented young man let insecurities and crippling self doubt stand in the way of what appeared to many to be a foregone conclusion. David’s career post Idol and now is reminiscent of a soap opera – his rise to fame was via a reality television show that we now know was manufactured and scripted to a fare-the-well. He was a minor, but his father consented for his son to become part of this weekly soap opera whose goal was to emotionally invest its viewers into the “storylines” of the contestants to generate ratings and record sales. Some contestants were fortunate to have kept the majority of their Idol TV fans emotionally invested and gain fans outside the core fans. Most were not. David should have been in the former group, he is not. His choices and other circumstances conspired to keep him being in that realm. His fans have been patient – too patient IMO. He is lucky to have the few remaining fans he has, considering all the unprofessional IMO manner he and his mgmt have handled his career before, during and after Idol. I think people have the right to feel the way they feel – happy, frustrated, confused, disappointed, hopeful, angry, etc. He has the right / found a little bit of cajones to tell fans how he really felt, so the street should be two way.

    For those unable to tell the difference, this is all my opinion, not a statement of fact.

    • It has become a very predictable soap opera. The “man that he brought back” hates “sucking up to fans” and making videos to fans. Alas, like everyone else, the “man that he brought back” needs money, and tickets aren’t selling, so (drumroll, please) he needs to make a video and suck up to the fans.

      • Jesus Can't Fix It

        Exactly. It’s sad to see that he misses the irony and hypocrisy in all this, and sad to know we’re still here hoping for something to change… it never does.

  21. Jesus - I'm Back

    Greek God – LOL!
    I was making posters like this on my computer in 2006… extreme secondhand embarassment for him… some old same old amateur promotion /mgtmt of a top drawer talent

  22. Remember those infamous “Sears” photos? This “poster” is in that league.

  23. “”

  24. Somebody has expose the lies about David that pass for truth around here, so I guess it’s me again:

    1)”Alas, like everyone else, the “man that he brought back” needs money, and tickets aren’t selling, so (drumroll, please) he needs to make a video and suck up to the fans.”

    Not selling? That’s a lie. His first 4 shows were sell outs, his appearance at BYU caused extra seats to be sold, and his 2 shows in St George in November are sold out. His show in Texas isn’t selling well yet? Let’s see how it turns out, and even if that one show doesn’t sell out, so what? The glass will still be 7/8 full. Only here would that be considered “not selling”. You think “the man needs money”? Send him a check if you’re so worried about his finances.

    2)”Some contestants were fortunate to have kept the majority of their Idol TV fans emotionally invested and gain fans outside the core fans. Most were not. David should have been in the former group, he is not. ”

    David remains one of the most successful contestants in the history of AI. Almost 8 years later, he still has an active fan base, which includes your sorry ass, so he’s doing just fine. David’s “core” fan base (whatever that is) extends way beyond those who post on his sites.

    3)…….”For those unable to tell the difference, this is all my opinion, not a statement of fact.” (Big Fish Little Pond 5:58PM)

    I can tell the difference. Facts are based on events that actually happened.

    • “The man that he brought back needs money” doesn’t mean that I’m worried about his finances. It just means he needs money.

      David is not “one of the most successful contestants in the history of AI,” not even close. Facts are based on events that actually happened.

      • Billboard ranks David at #11 on the all time American Idol list, ahead of many notables that you would probably describe as “successful”. That may not be successful enough for you, but my guess is that David and his fans would disagree.

      • Wow 11th that is impressive, I’m assuming it’s ranking in 2015.

  25. David didn’t see fit to have to invite fans to “come on down and see the show” in Utah or Idaho, so it’s a safe and valid assumption that ticket sales need some help if he has to “suck up to the fans” (what most folks would call normal promotion) he obviously despises to put butts in seats in Texas. And yeah, So what if he doesn’t sell out in Texas? NO ARTIST SELLS EVERY VENUE OUT ALL THE TIME, but David has played it safe so far in Utah and LDS heavy territories (picking the low hanging fruit) that it’s hard to give sellouts in his backyard the same kind of respect he’d get if he were able to produce the same results consistently in Texas, or California, Or Baltimore, or New York. Familiarity breeds contempt – let’s hope he doesn’t go to the well too much in his backyard… he’s so screwed if that happens.

    Fact – David’s “core” base has always skewed predominantly older fans with concentrations in heavily LDS areas. AI knew this, Jive knew this, all his post Idol mgmt knew this. Once the younger fans lost interest and moved on, as expected, he was left with a “mature” core base with a heavily LDS skew… a marketing nightmare. It’s a fact he never acquired the needed NEW fans after the 1st CD to help him segue into sustained success like Kelly or Carrie or Jhud or even Fantasia or Adam Lambert. They were able to take the fans they acquired from Idol and add new ones to keep their careers relevant even during downtimes. David was unable to make that transition. It it were so that his base extends far beyond those that post on his sites his music have sold/would be selling more on Itunes and other outlets, the media and a savvy mgmt team would have jumped at the chance to take the story of the ex Idol returning missionary resuming his career and spun it into gold. These untold fans not in Utah or on these sites would have been beating the doors down across the nation to help make it happen… where are they? True, he’s one of the most successful runner ups in AI’s tenure. If you give him that, he also has to own being one of the most talented who has failed to capitalize on or live up to the potential showcased on the show.

    • …, what’s your point? David is doing what he wants with his life and his career. What you and the others here will never accept is that David is not about “capitalizing” on his talent. Because you think that financial and popular success must be the goal for everyone who records music, that must make David a “failure”. You don’t get IT because you don’t get DAVID. If you understood who David is, based on everything he has said to everyone, including you, for the past 8 years, you would have all your questions answered, and nothing would be “the matter” with David.

      • From where I sit, David doesn’t even get David, so how are poor fans supposed to understand where he’s coming from? Clear Communication has never been his nor his team’s strong point. I refuse to believe he is so altruistic that he sings merely for the joy in singing or to spread the message.

    • It seems likely to me that David’s LDS fan base consists largely of the youth. Not only is the church demographically quite young, but there is a huge hunger for wholesome entertainment for them, and David fills that need.

    • Ex Jiver..I agree.. So much wasted potential and wasted opportunity’s that others struggling in the music industry would have just loved. Not to mention the fan base David had at one point. What a shame.

  26. But how does he do that? Move his career to the next level. When he moved to Nashville I thought he would maybe do some gigs around town. You know, get his feet wet. It’s hard to understand. Everyone he has worked with from when he was on Idol and the people he has worked with since always sing his praises. You would think that someone with his talent would be getting offers from people in the business. Maybe he has had offers and didn’t take them. I sometimes think David is his own worst enemy when it comes to his career. On the other hand he seems very happy doing things at his own pace. Who really knows? I still find all this fascinating and I still think his voice is gorgeous. So I guess I’m in it for the long haul.

  27. It’s fine if his intent and choice is to limit himself to be that kind of a niche artist. So far, it looks as if that’s exactly the route he plans to pursue.

  28. I actually thought he would be perusing a mainstream career when he got back. By all indications that was the plan. Something changed and he denies that the Idol era was something he wanted. Now come to find out he considered just leaving it all and somehow now he is full steam ahead? It does not look that way.

    Full steam ahead to what? Is his heart really in it? I am not very confident about that any more.

    • Good point Ram, is his heart really in it? that’s what I would hope for,that he made the decision to go full speed ahead with a secular music career, but I too have my apprehensions. He’ll make a living with a music career, but as it’s been stated by Petard Hoister, seeing his prodigious talent settling when God gave the talent to soar, is imo only, a shame.

      • CQ, since when do you give a sh**about “God given talent”. You’ve spent the past 3 1/2 years putting down everything to do with religion and have agreed with every post that demonizes and blames the LDS Church for neutralizing everything about David that you used to like. Now your’e playing the “God card?” You really do have no shame.

        David is proceeding with his career at HIS speed, not your hoped for “full speed ahead”. You say that he “settling” for a lesser career. Do you have any theories as to why he would choose to do that?

      • Bliss, lol, I love the way you continuing only read what fits your need to continually bring up religion, hum. Not that you care, but I never said I didn’t believe in a higher power, so yes, that would be a god for lack of a better word…the problem I have voiced was always about ORGANIZED RELIGION, and yes, imo there is a difference.

  29. ITA Ram.

  30. David, what the heck did they do to you?

    The kid is so messed up that he can’t eve see how he contradicts himself. I hate doing videos but I will do one now. I was a fake prior to my mission, but anyone who looked at that smile pre-mission, how does one fake a life under the microscope for years? I hate my pre-mission years but I will sing Crush and other pre-mission songs at every performance.

    He’s a people pleaser who told a whole lot of people to get lost, he didn’t want them around anymore. He’s an introvert who claims he now chooses a career that puts him in the public eye. If I could advise him, I would tell him to go home, stop the performing, get therapy and figure it all out before he causes some real damage to himself or to someone close to him (and I;m talking psychological damage, don’t flame me that I’m saying he’s gonna climb to te top of the temple and start shooting).

  31. So what are all you malcontents going to do, spend the rest of your lives complaining about how David wasted his life, wasted his talent, wasted his fabulous hair…….? Talk about waste, lol. In the meantime, the rest of us will be enjoying whatever it is David has to offer with no disappointment, no entitlement and no expectations.

    • Oh, bliss you of course don’t waste anytime at all, you ONLY enjoy whatever it is David has to offer and you haven’t spent anytime at all complaining about people that don’t see things the way you do, what a joke, lol.

    • The master of low expectation has spoken! Bet if David walked out onstage and crapped you’d be right behind him eating it up, all the while telling yourself it was pudding…..

    • Queen Blisskasden, Ur free to go commiserate with the other sunshine unicorners in the Land of DELUSION if we malcontents aren’t to your liking… don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out…

      Carry on malcontents – I love ya 🙂

  32. You guys are driving poor dear Bliss to distraction. I think I can actually see the smoke coming out of his ears through my computer. I bet he has never in his life had so many people who just refuse to give in to seeing things his way. He’s just one of those men who are convinced that women can’t possibly have opinions of their own.

  33. Delusional No More

    David, what the heck did they do to you? @9:38 p.m Oct. 21

    Perfect summary of the continuing confusion many fans feel…. Having “faith”, “Trusting the Archuleta!” and being patient (how much is enough?) isn’t enough with these kind of passive aggressive statements and contradictions…

  34. Blisskasden is good for business. His obnoxiousness helps drive comments, which is good for her business, the blog. HG is a smart cookie *nods head*

  35. Who IS Blisskasden?

    I think it’s all a sham. There can’t possibly be a lonely old man salivating over a young attractive man sitting alone in his rented room feeling the need to defend said young man to a bunch of people who he has characterized as old worthless biddies. Certainly such a person does not exist. If he does exist, it’s pathetic, so I will bet it’s all a sham.

  36. I don’t think the opinions on David’s career are whether it’s right or wrong or that it is a matter of “it’s either this or that” . I think it is a matter of where we are on a continuum.

    Just as has been stated before, David owes us nothing and it works the other way around as well. He has a beautiful voice and if we wish to listen and enjoy we can. If his song choices or musical production and accompaniment doesn’t suit us, we can wait for something that does or not. But just because we are not 100% on board with his choices doesn’t mean we don’t value his talent and would not want something more as we know he has IT.

    Maybe David does need to step away for awhile and live a more secluded life away from the stage. More life experiences and a chance to not be so conflicted. He is shy but he forces himself out there. I am no psychologist but it seems like a very stressful life to live day in and day out.

  37. NFTG, You have every right to your opinion but you have taken it to DISGUSTING!

  38. You know, most fans of David do not touch this site due to the overwhelming amount of negativity and biased, disgusting comments here. You are either a fan or you are not. To constantly criticize, judge and disrespect someone and call it an opinion is really nothing more than hiding behind a screen name, saying what you will and try to justify your rude and unkind words. You know nothing about David and his personal life, it’s unbelievable here.
    Many of you seem to be missing something crucial in your lives….it’s called being respectful to others and it is also called human decency, intelligence and maturity.

    It is not up to anyone to judge David or anyone else and call it an ‘opinion’. Being a celebrity does not give people free reign to throw out constant criticism and disrespect towards that person. Do you people honestly enjoy doing that? It’s mind boggling how anyone can get pleasure out of such behaviour.
    It is a pretty sad state of affairs when people have to constantly look for something to complain about. You are not David’s judge or adviser. You don’t know him personally. He is free to live his own life and make his own decisions as he chooses. He owes you nothing. His personal life or what decisions he makes is absolutely none of your business! Not difficult to figure out.

    As a fan, I am simply grateful for the music he has shared and look forward to anything that he chooses to share in future. I wish him only the best and look forward to seeing him in concert again. I think he will find his own way in the music world with what he is comfortable with. There are many ways that he can share his music, he also has many years ahead of him. No one can speak for David or plan his life or career except him, as it should be. I’m sure he will continue to follow his own heart, the best way to go.

    I believe that David will leave a legacy not only because of his beautiful voice, his natural sense of musicality and his remarkable ability to interpret a song with his own unique magic, but also because of the way his music makes you FEEL. That is what is lasting, to me.
    I am simply grateful, have no criticisms nor complaints because his life and how he lives it is absolutely none of my business. I do know that he is a kind, compassionate young man.

    Why not try bringing a little peace in to the world and in to your own lives, you may just enjoy it. I wonder if you all would like to have your own lives scrutinized, criticized, judged and dissected by people you do not even know. No different for anyone else, celebrity or not. To think that because he is a celebrity, that gives you the right to judge him is just a huge “cop out”, pretty shameful. Live and let live folks, it’s not that difficult to do.

    At least Blisskasden recognizes the blatantly rude, disrespectful, judgmental remarks from many of the posters on this site.

    May I suggest some wise and true words that many of you should probably paste to your mirrors:

    “When you judge someone you do not define them, you only define yourself”.
    (Wayne Dyer) RIP Wayne.

    You are truly only defining yourselves with your abundant complaints and judgements about someone else. With that said I do wish you all a peaceful day or evening. I’ve said my peace, I hope you find yours. I probably will not return to this “gossip rag” disguised as a fan site. Sorry for the long comment, I could say much more but will stop here.

    • You have every right to voice your opinion, but I do have to disagree that every comment that his made here is alway nagative…To me saying that David is a great talent and saying he is a great singer, imo is not trashy David the singer. After all this site has alway had different conversation than any other sites. I respect your views, but I take objection with your sweeping criticism.

      • Here We Go Again

        Of course there will be exceptions, cq, and I know you are an honest wait-and-see David Archuleta fan. However, your constant defense of what goes at this blog is a mystery to me. Most commentary doesn’t even come close to “being real.” You could do better, much better.

        It is sad to say, but the good ship Soul Davidian is now rudderless. It is no wonder that so many thoughtful commenters have jumped ship and sought asylum in friendlier places.

      • Please also stay in those friendlier places. Thank you.

        WAIT AND SEE 2020!

      • Here We Go Again

        Snark Fail by “FOD Squad.” Comment has been disqualified.

      • Sorry that I don’t meet your expectations as a fan, of course, you are entitle to your opinion. I guess not that really needs to be said, but I have replied to comments that I didn’t agree with, ok, maybe I just stated my opinion and didn’t condemn them by reprimanding them for there comment, oh well. As far as I could do better, hum, I’ll just keep doing what have always done.

    • Here We Go Again

      Hear! Hear! (and thank you!)

    • It Is, After All, Only Personal Opinion

      JM Harmony I am a severe critic of many of David’s choices post mission but thank you for a well thought out, intelligent post. Everyone has a right to post here with what amounts to nothing more than personal opinion.

      Does anyone ever read reviews? Critics are called critics for a reason and they make a living expressing their opinions of artists’ works. They dislike movies, books, tv shows, cd’s and concerts. They sometimes criticize on a very personal level. Of course they like a lot of projects too, just as we like things about David’s career.

  39. Rachel

  40. JM Harmony, wonderful post at 2:00 PM today.. It speaks for itself and it speaks the truth. Thanks for joining me in offsetting the relentless negativity here aimed at David Archuleta, a young man who treats all who encounter him with the utmost respect and dignity. Surely he has earned no less from those who have received the fruits of his enormous talent and innate sense of fairness.

    Those who speak ill of him on this site do so for reasons unrelated to who David is and how he leads his life. To allow this treatment of David to go unchallenged gives the negativity an unstated legitimacy it does not deserve. Thanks for understanding that and speaking out.

  41. david is sick of people asking him questions!!

  42. Just want to concur with what JM Harmony said. What he/she said, stated differently.

    1. Many many fans of David have no home online. They don’t like the blinding Idol worship of FOD and other sites, but they cannot stand the negativity here either. To be honest, intelligent conversation with respect for both sides has not happened since David announced his mission call. Wish there were such a place where there was open-mindedness and respect without a lot of silliness. I feel like I’ve stumbled on a Junior High Locker Room when I come here.

    2. Saying IMO as many times as you can does not moderate the rudeness. Yes, it’s the internet, but sometimes you just gotta rise above, ya’ know? There is a way to disagree without nastiness, if that’s your intent.

    3. David sang several incredibly beautiful pieces in the last few weeks – Nearer My God to Thee and The Prayer, Imagine come to mind. His “god-given” talent was on full display and in top form. Most posters here preferred to complain that there were LDS people involved and that his clothes were wrong. Really? Did you HEAR those last notes? One could only assume only a few really care about his ability to move and inspire, much less sing in tune.

    4. Speaking of God-given talent, anyone and his dog can become a pop star with the right backing. Talent not required. The waste of David’s talent would be if he did indeed want a ‘mainstream secular music career’ whatever that means. I don’t know what he should do. But getting on the pop music hamster wheel again is not it. And I can’t believe anyone really believes he will. May have wanted it. But obvious by now that it’s not going to happen. So if that’s what you are waiting for, you do indeed need to get a new hobby.

    5. The “high school” poster you were so cleverly mocking was cringe-worthy. But this is the concert that was promised to the audience at that Layton show when he couldn’t sing because he was sick. Looks like they found a venue. Mock if you want. David is just fulfilling his obligation.

    6. Regardless the source of David’s confusion (and it’s not his religion OR his sexuality), it’s always sad when others show complete lack of compassion for someone else’s problems. I always thought it was the business of ‘fans’ to cheer someone on as they go through struggles instead of pull them down. Not saying you need to love everything he does. It’s just the way you say it.

    7. I hope I don’t regret coming here in the morning. It’s like a bad one-night stand. Carry on . .

    • The proof is in the pudding

      1. How unfortunate. Start a new blog.

      2. Tell that to Blisskasden.

      3. Don’t forget “Crush,” a song that “they” wrote for him while trying to force him into becoming a pop star.

      4. Not true. David didn’t become a pop star, nor did his dog. One of the most popular delusions of true fans of David is that he would become a huge star if he wanted to, just like that.

      5. The poster is still creepy.

      6. Thank you for that valuable piece of firsthand information.

      7. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

  43. It is very easy to criticize someone or make personal remarks about someone from behind a computer screen. Having said that, voicing an opinion about David’s music or career choices is what fans and non fans do. It’s when it gets into his private life and people post speculation and personal opinion as fact that it goes too far. I still would like someone to explain to me why people come to a fan site and comment on an artist when it seems they don’t like the artist or the artist’s music. It just seems like an exercise in futility to me. If it was up to me David would be a huge star. However it is not up to me, it’s up to David. He is the one who will release the music, decide how to promote his music and I as a fan must decide if I like him and his music enough to continue to follow his career. For myself I still find him fascinating, I have loved most of the music he has released so far,and I absolutely love his voice. And on a shallower note I do happen to think he is just gorgeous.

    One more thing. Cq seems to be the punching bag on this site for certain people. Of all the posters on this site I think it is very evident that she likes David and she wants him to succeed.

    • Yes, I am a fan, thank you for seeing that, I might not agree with every career move he has made or is making and yes, I have and will probably continue to voice my opinion. Any criticism I have ever made/make is because I feel his enormous talent should be heard by the masses and when I think (and it’s not by any means based on fact, it’s an opinion) that enormous talent iis not handled with top notch people and handled in a top notch way, I do get fustrated…but I guess to some, my comments are nagative and I shouldn’t voice them. As I have said before, I will continue until Hg says for me to leave, she shouts down the site completely or I no longer enjoy following David’s career journey.

  44. I totally agree with you with #5. These venues are not easy to get, I’m thinking, so i feel that was the only available to do the promised concerts. As far as #3 thank for saying most instead of all the posts. Jm Harmony, one question are you a new poster or are you using another name? This question is also for Jm Harmony?

  45. “”


    • Magic Hat, what’s your point? What does that article have to do with David and his music career? It seems like you have joined in the campaign here to discredit and smear the LDS Church for personal reasons. The article is virulently anti LDS and obviously not “journalism” in any true sense of the word. I assure you one could post numerous articles from RMs “documenting” what a wonderful, life changing experience their Mission was, including the medical care they received.. Do you really think it is LDS policy to deny its Missionaries proper medical care? What would they gain by doing so?

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