Monthly Archives: October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Praying for all of you still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. And yes, my family and I in the New York region weathered the storm and are okay. Talk about “October Surprise”!

In the mean time, it’s Halloween! And as usual, I find myself revisiting two videos:

1. David’s Video Playlist (because I like his little “thriller” dance and he’s oh-so-cute in this! One day, he’ll have a music video worthy of a VH1 video playlist)

2. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” of course!

Still Have Power…

…at least to be able to watch The Voice tonight and to post this latest blog! 🙂

If you watched The Voice, you will understand why I’m inspired to post this video from yesteryear! 😛

Stay Safe Everyone!

Oh boy! I was prepared to go to work today until I got a notice that all classes are canceled! The winds and rains haven’t started yet. I guess I better hunker down as Hurricane Sandy passes over New York.

Stay safe, everyone! 🙂

What I Watched This Weekend

I saw Cloud Atlas last night. It was really good! Although I can see why some folks would have a problem with some of the “Race Bending” that goes on (there’s gender-bending as well):

I wonder if David would like a film like this?

What I’m Listening To…

A new up and coming hip hop artist, Angel Haze, released a mixtape called “Cleanin’ Out My Closet,” a remix of Eminem’s rap of the same title. It’s a graphic and profanity-laden description of her experience of childhood sexual abuse. It has haunted me, so I’m replaying it here:


And since I like triumph over victimization, I’m going to also feature the girl-power anthem, “Girl on Fire,” from Alicia Keys (because I need light to follow darkeness).