Daily Archives: July 13, 2010

Oh the Places We’ll Go!

I’ve been rather amazed at the different places David has turned up.  One minute, you’re following him on Nickelodeon and iCarly or Disney and Hannah Montana, or (ugh!) the Teen Choice Awards.  The next minute, he’s at the ALMA Awards or (no entiendo!) on Univision.

One minute, he’s at the White House, next minute he’s in San Antonio paying homage to Selena at the Telejano Music Awards.

I do believe his performance at A Capitol Fourth is his first televised appearance on a program I regularly watch, so no detours required on my part.  Slowly but surely, he’s emerging out of the shadows of AI and covering a wide expanse of his diverse audience.

Slowly but surely, people are starting to understand his appeal.  One of the better comments I saw on the You Tube video of his “No me queda mas” was someone who said:

OH. MY. LORD. I always thought you were all crazy, talking about being in tears listening to his music. That was so beautiful, by the end, that when it ended, I was in tears. 

Welcome to the “Crying Over The Voice” club!

Just goes to show that, with enough exposure and with the right songs, David continues to conquer “palm to heart,” one song at a time.

I doubt “Something ‘Bout Love” will do that, of course (still waiting to hear it on radio), but if the purpose of SBL is to hook people into getting his next album (the new date rolling around is September 14), then I truly hope he’s got a diverse enough collection to make us groove, rock, swoon, and above all else: WEEP!

Oh the places we’ll go!