When Comebacks are Worth the Wait

Welcome back, Adele:

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  1. I’ve never seen the word “secular’ used like a badge of honor and superiority as it is on this site. It is used as something that David needs to work towards and embrace, or his once promising career will disappear into the quicksand of the LDS brainwashing he has received.

    You might as well tell Blacks that they should work towards behaving “whiter” if they want to succeed in life. What a crock, and HG, of all people, allows it on a site bearing her name.

  2. Bliss, secular is not dirty word. If David is going to release music that he himself has described as pop, then that is completely different from doing any church related projects. It also would include a different type of fan. I still think David’s voice is beautiful no matter what he is singing, but my interest is in his career outside of his church. I don’t think that makes me a bigot, I’m just being honest. I really liked his new song and I hope that is where he is taking his new music.

    • Moelita, I wasn’t referring to you, and I do not lump you in with the anti LDS contingent on this site. I agree that “secular” is not a dirty word, but around here it is misused to describe the only kind of career that David should be pursuing. It’s always referred to here in superior terms, and, worse yet, it is seen as the “cure” for the “disease” of David’s religious interests and preferences.

      Like you,I am also a fan of David’s non religious music, but , having gone to 4 of his Xmas shows, his faith based music is an experience of a lifetime to hear live. His Xmas CD was an artistic and commercial success, regardless of the pic of him on the cover, which seems to have bothered those who think that mattered to anyone buying the CD.

  3. Ok bliss, please list the name of all the bigots so that it’s clear as to who you are addressing, lol

  4. I wouldn’t really put his christmas shows in the same category as his church related projects. They are seasonal and although religious in nature they have a universal element to them also. What I mean is there are religious songs like Ave Maria and pop songs like This Christmas, so there is something for everyone. I love David’s voice no matter what he is singing, but I am still here waiting because I want to hear his new pop music. Right now only David knows what his career path and music direction will be. As a fan I can only wait for him to release his new music and then decide for myself if I like it enough to buy it or if I’ll give it a pass. I have to say though it would have to be pretty awful for me to give it a pass.

    • Never would I Moelita. One of my favorites from that tour, This Christmas.

      • Hey cq are you watching DWTS tonight? I am sure you are. 🙂 I flip the channel between DWTS and The Voice. Lol.

      • Keep forgetting with my new phone to repost my user name. Lol

      • Yes, Hope I am, 🙂 The remaining dancers are all good so it will be hard to see anyone of them go. Enjoy watch the Voice, do you have a favorite singer?

      • I have a few on the voice I really like but not one favorite yet. Surprised to see the young guy that looked like David get eliminated on dancing tonight. I liked him.

    • Moelita, I agree. There is only a slight difference between his Xmas “religious” songs and the more the “secular” Xmas songs. He sang them all wonderfully at the shows I went to, and one “type” didn’t seem that different from the other. Great music is great music. Who cares what genre it falls into?

      As for his next CD. No worries. There is no such thing as “awful”:music from David. Get ready to love it.

  5. From bliss: “Wow, I’m gone for one day and all heck breaks loose on this site”.

    He should have stayed gone. But alas, he loves the attention.

    The “older comments” thread was very enjoyable reading. You don’t have to agree with everyone’s views about David, or anything else for that matter, in order to have a civil, intelligent and mature discussion.

    Then there’s bliss….

  6. Best David Related Site Online

    To blisskasden from older posts, your twisted agenda is to focus all attention on you. It’s about you, and your strange self-perceived, self-appointed obsession with defending David’s honor, which is completely unnecessary except in your own head..

    • Probably the most amazing thing that takes place on this site is the total distortion of my reasons for being here. The last thing I am interested in getting attention from this group. It’s like finding counterfeit money.

      I am also not here to “defend” David. He is not in need of anyone defending him because he has done nothing that needs defending. He’s following his heart and living his life as he sees fit. You people are the one’s with the problem with David. I have no problem with him, his life or his career. I’m a fan of his. I’m not the one dissecting everything about him, wondering if he’s going to get married, whether he’s gay, who is in charge of his career, etc. Those things are gossipy nonsense, and of no interest to me.

      This is also the only blog I have ever seen where the posters defend the “honor” of the Moderator of the site from any criticism, real or imagined, refer to any challenge to the Moderator as “trashing her” and then proceed to trash the site themselves by completely ignoring her printed guidelines of behavior as if they don’t exist.

      Welcome to the Twilight Zone, Archuleta Edition.

      • Best Quotes of the 21st Century

        “As adults, we need to take responsibility for what we choose to read.”

        —Blisskasden, October 24, 2015

  7. Candy, there is more than one troll here that loves to stir up trouble and breed contempt. Even by their own admission. Lol.

    • No, one person is trolling everyone, including HG, the other is just trolling bliss.

    • Anonymous, thanks for confirming that Candy is the poster calling me out for wanting attention. It comes as no surprise to me as that has been her shtick for years. My guess is that you slipped up here. You’re not the first, though. CQ got sloppy too by divulging info that she shouldn’t have, a few threads ago.

      People can change their screen names all they want. They’re true selves cannot be hidden behind these names.

  8. If David has asked me, I would probably have advised him to leave the Chilean outfit for the dancers. It did look a little silly to me.

  9. yay, I know that some fans thought he looked real cute. I guess it was part of the act, but I do agree with you, cc halo

  10. I loved the Chilean outfit–but I love national costumes from anywhere. So festive! I looked up the hat and it’s called a chupalla. The poncho is a chamanto.

  11. Best David Related Site Online

    Ethnic dress is interesting and it certainly fit in with that night’s theme and performances. It did seem a bit out of place for David in that it seemed to swallow him up because he is a smaller person and also, his baby face might have made it look a bit more juvenile and costume-like. It looks like the evening was a success for him and Lupe looked gorgeous as usual.

    There is a whole world of Latino Mormons that David can sing to if he wants, to keep the LDS career moving forward. I hope he also taps the lucrative Latino secular (yes I am using that awful dirty word, blisskasden) market that he would fit into if he so chooses. So much potential to get his music out there if he wants. That is precisely why I follow his career and also feel a bit of frustration at his choices. He is missing the boat, so to speak, with getting a wholesome positive message out to those who really need it in the mass market. From the looks of things the Mormons are already wholesome and positive enough.

  12. well said!!! the world needs david. the lds community does not!

  13. good afternoon bliss! the world needs to hear about Jesus! the lds people are already saved! 🙂

  14. you’re welcome! 🙂

  15. I nominate Blisskasden to be captain of our Jesus team here on SD! He’s a great ambassador for David, he can join with David to help lift up the name of Jesus.

  16. About LDS…..I am reading a recently published book :” The Book of a Mormon : the real life and strange times of an LDS missionary ” by Scott D.Miller
    That is a very interesting story with funny thoughts and moments .I really enjoy it.
    A very informative book too for me who didn’t know a lot of things about this sect.

    • Hi Lugdunum, nice to see your comment. Did the book helped you understand where David is at right now?

      • Yeap , poor David …I understand better now why he seems so confused .In my opinion he will remain with the same state of mind as long as Mormon leaders will keep him busy with conferences and other LDS event .( too bad for us… ! ) They perfectly know what they are doing with him and I bet everything about him has been thought since 2011.
        I was amazed by the mental manipulation described in the book. Some stuff made me think of the Roman Catholic Church in France and in the Middle Age while the Inquisition Time !

      • Thanks Lugdunum.

    • Best David Related Site Online

      Thank you for suggesting this book. I went to amazon and read a bunch of the comments. Seems the book is brutally honest in showing the life of a missionary and the practices of the LDS church. Seems it is also a fair depiction of the good, bad and ugly.

      I am contemplating the purchase.

      • So you certainly have noticed that the book is only available on KINDLE reader …( for the moment ! )

      • Best David Related…., I’m sure we are all waiting with baited breath for your final decision regarding the purchase of that book.

        What’s everyone’s problem here? David is a Mormon. Get over it. It’s his business , not ours. You don’t like it? Too bad. David is an adult. He chooses what he chooses. Would you like someone you don’t know telling you what you should or shouldn’t do or what you should or shouldn’t believe? Researching all the “bad” stuff about LDS won’t change David’s choice to be a Mormon. He likes being one. Can’t you tell?. The only choice you really have is whether you want to remain a fan of this LDS young singer. Are you going to come on here and complain about what you can’t change about David for the rest of your life? Find something or someone you actually like to pass the time. What happened to your “fabulous” families and jobs?

      • What’s your problem? No one is telling him what he should or shouldn’t do or what he should or shouldn’t believe. You, however, love to nurture the fantasy that this blog is part of his life. Carry on. One day your valiant efforts will be rewarded and you’ll be invited to have dinner with the Archuleta family, and they’ll all thank you with tears in their eyes.

      • “Get Over It” did you really say ” No one is telling him what he should or shouldn’t do or what he should or shouldn’t believe”?

        Do you even read the posts here? What do you think has been going on here for the past 4 years? No wonder you keep changing your screen name. I would too if I posted nonsense like that.

      • Bliss, I believe you have people expressing their opinions about David’s beliefs confused with them telling him what he should believe. Nowhere on this blog have I read anyone saying, David, you should not believe what you believe. Change your beliefs right now!!!

      • Hit and Run, I’d like a nickel for every time I have read, David “needs” to do this or “needs” to do that by posters here. I have also read countless posts chastising him and blaming him for the state of his career, which has been called “dead” by many posters here. How cruel is that?

        These posts could never be confused with well meaning “opinions”. If memory serves me correctly, you have been the source of a number of these posts. I have saved many of these posts on my computer, and trust me, it’s all there, in black and white. You can spin it all you want, but it is what it is, and what it is is 4 years of relentless bashing and mocking of this fine young artist and sincere young man by a bunch of people who should be ashamed of themselves.

      • H&R, how do we not see the futility of using reason by now?

      • Opinions are opinions, well meaning or not. You attribute your own meaning to our opinions anyway regardless of our meaning. As to any comments I might have made, my harshest comments are almost always to you because you speak in such a demeaning way to the ladies here. I don’t think I have said anything about David’s religion that I have not applied to all religions because I have a very low opinion about organized religions in general. That is my right since we still have freedom of religion in this country, at least until the next election.

        I do believe I have expressed a few times that I no longer have any interest in what David does or doesn’t do in his career because I’m no longer interested in it. I haven’t watched but 2 or 3 of the videos from his latest few appearances and I rarely look at the pictures. I don’t care if David starts preaching a full sermon at his secular concerts because I won’t be there to hear it. I have moved on to other interests so I don’t come here or FOD as much as I used to but I do still enjoy reading some of the comments here when the site is open and I have the time. I also still enjoy, as I think someone said a few days ago, seeing you get your a$$ handed to you.

  17. I don’t blame david. Sony owns everything and everyone! they ruined my fun too! 😦

  18. As for the state of his career that is David’s responsibility. It was David’s decision to go on his mission. It was David’s decision to leave his record label. It is David’s decision to go the independent root. It is David’s decision to pull back from fans and social media. Fans can have all the opinions or discuss what he should do all we want. In the end it is David’s career . All we can do is wait for him to release new music and decide for ourselves if we like it and buy it. But it has been almost 4 years. Many people have moved on. We’ll see if they come back around. If David wants to be treated as an adult and a serious artist , then he has to own his decisions.

  19. I wonder what happens with David’s new cd…Is it finished ?
    I know it takes time to write songs but I find it weird now that there is no announced release date yet. Not even a studio version of the song ”Numb ”…
    That’s a complete silence about it. Or have I missed something ??
    Well , I think I can wait longer : ”The Walking Dead ” is back , Adele is back…. Great !!!!! lol

  20. Best David Related Site Online

    Interesting how Adele’s absence creates massive demand and David’s absence causes a massive loss of fans and interest. Makes one go “hmmmmmmm”

    Blisskasden wrote “I have saved many of these posts on my computer, and trust me, it’s all there, in black and white” yet he accuses posters here of having no life. OMG the hypocrisy of it all. ROFL

    I enjoy the drama of David much more than David and his music these days. I hope that changes when I hear his new CD.

    • It’s important for Blisskasden to think that this blog plays a major role in David’s life. It gives meaning to Blisskasden’s life because, maybe one day, David will notice him!

    • Best David…. sorry to disappoint you, but “saving” those posts took about 10 seconds each away from my “fabulous” life, lol. Having “no life” means posting daily on a fan site to whine and complain about an artist that you don;t have any use for. You know, like what you do.


        See you in court. Bring your notes.

      • Get over it (1:22PM), please remind me again why this site refers to itself as the “serious, keeping it real” David Archuleta site. Is your post an example of what that means?

  21. Well it’s crickets from David’s camp regarding that cd…wondering if it’s been shelved. It did say on his OS that it would be released this year..maybe he will do what Adele did, but up a killer song and video without any announcement…we’ll see, To me though, it seems like he hasn’t given much time to his own music career.
    Best related site online, lol when I read that statement by bliss, I thought I’m sure he has also had all the comments analzed by that professional that he had a commenter (don’t remember his/her name) done a while back…we all have to prepare outselves to be incarcerated soon, lol
    As far as loosing fans…he’s fan base was, imo, still pretty good when he returned, but the blogs, his actions has made a lot of fans loose interest, so if indeed he wants a music career, it’s going to take a lot of work to build up a healthy fan base. But, then again, he might be gaining a lot of LDS fans and fans that share his religious beliefs to make up for the secular fans that moved on, 😏

    • Best David Related Site Online

      To cq, seems his LDS fans are growing. He has it all for the role of prominent LDS rising star, handsome, charming, magnificent talent, and he is a faithful RM. I hope they will support the new CD and download and purchase because I am afraid if they don’t, his sales will be very small unless he does decide to do some promotion to the mainstream audience.

      As far as crickets, it’s crickets all over the David World. My guess is the new LDS fans do not post much or at all, except the few vocal LDS fangirls who want to marry him LOLOL.

      • GCT should’ve been a huge success. Hopefully, his LDS fans will support his album this time around.

    • dang that should be his not he’s.

  22. cq. I think Jazzy left for her Mission today. I think now David will get back to his new music project. Or I hope he will. I wonder if he is producing the music himself, has hired a producer, or maybe he is co producer for the project. In any event, IMO its about time for him to put his money where his mouth is and give his fans something to look forward to. That may sound harsh, and I’m sure it will be pointed out that David’s only responsibility is to release music when and where he chooses. This is the real world though and even the most die hard fan must be getting impatient. From what I can gather we as fans are supposed to accept everything David does. As I have said before it’s called the “music business” for a reason. We are David’s customers and like all good businessmen he has to keep his customers happy.

  23. These days releasing an album is a thankless task. An artist can spend upwards of $1 million and people end up downloading the music for free on the Internet. In the past an artist would tour to promote their new album. But these days they release an album to promote their tour, knowing the album isn’t going to make much money (unless you’re Adele). Lets hope that David’s new album turns out to be a good investment on his part. I certainly plan to buy it. And I look forward to him performing in my neck of the woods. If he doesn’t, I’ll certainly enjoy the Youtube vids of his shows. And in the end, if he finds that producing albums is not profitable, then I have no doubt that he could make a good living playing small venues in the USA and larger venues in Asia. And in his off-time he can focus on his family and his faith. Sounds like a pretty good life.

  24. My2Cents, I agree that in todays world it is hard to get people to buy something when they can in effect steal it with no consequences. Having said that, David still needs to engage his fans. In this social media world, David will have to put himself out there to some extent and communicate with his fans. I know he gets overwhelmed when he has to interact with a lot of people at one time, but social media is a God send for him. He can interact on his own terms. But he does have to interact. Most other artists do this so it is almost a requirement these days. I know he doesn’t like to do vlogs but he could write a blog post on his fan site every once in a while. His twitter and instagram should be used to generate excitement about his music. He can do all of this and never have to be on all the time.

    • Best David Related Site Online

      I wonder if David could have a separate twitter for his faith based tweets and one for promotion of his music. Maybe that would be something that would work for all. Sometimes I get the feeling that David feels self promotion is beneath him (and yes I hear everyone who says he’s way too humble, but then why bother trying to have any public career?) I say beneath him because he seems OK with letting Kari or someone else promote him.

      To M2C, I have no doubt you are right about the music business but then what is the point of any of it? Why would anyone release new music or tour or even bother? I do wonder about this these days. Some do it because they love it obviously, but I don’t get that David loves any of it, unless it’s church related.

      • Based on his comments before his debut performance of his new song “Numb” he was ready to give it all up. And in fact, in the lyrics of the song he says “I’m not there yet”. IMO he hates the commercial part of the music business. He doesn’t like singing songs that are meaningless to him. Yes, he still sings Crush at all of his shows, but I’m sure he only does it for his fans. He’s in his mid twenties. That’s a time when every young man is trying to decide what his life should be about. What is his purpose for being here? And as a Christian, how can he glorify God in his daily life?

        Although he has trouble expressing his feelings, I think he did a pretty good job expressing his how he felt when he compared two years of life as a missionary with returning to produce commercial music. It felt meaningless and empty to him in comparison. He felt numb.

        I work with a ministry which caters to the homeless in my community. It is extremely satisfying when I help someone climb out of that situation. Unlike my career, it gives my life purpose. But, it doesn’t pay the bills. So, I do both. I think that is the journey that David is on now. He needs to find a balance between what is fulfilling to him and what pays the bills.

  25. My2cents, yes, everyone in the world wants a job that pays the bills and still is fulfilling personally, he’s no different than anyone else. The thing is have a religious career that checks both boxes. ..he’ll have a following, I don’t see what the problem is…unless yes, he wants a secular career, but wants to continue to incorporate his personal religious befiefs in that career, I do see a problem.

    • Ha, or some of us have fulfilling careers (Special Ed) that don’t quite pay the bills.

      I don’t know that there are many religious careers in David’s culture—it seems to be a point of pride that their leaders aren’t paid, so most of them have to work full-time on top of their church positions.

      • Your career in Special Ed, cc halo, is a perfect example of what David may be looking for. Something that is more fulfilling than singing formula pop songs just so he can make a bunch of money.

    • cchalo, then maybe a Christian Music career, there seems to be a pretty good market for that type of music, but then again, he still might need to get himself out there in order to establish a good following.

  26. Based on what is posted here, the basic themes of this site are as follows. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on any of these

    a) LDS is bad in general and really bad for David in particular.
    b) LDS people are not the same as “regular” people, and are a species unto themselves

    c) David appeals almost exclusively to these “LDS people” who are not to be confused with regular people

    d) LDS people will like everything David sings because all LDS people are the same and listen to whatever TPTB tells them. Since David has become an LDS operative, that means they all will support David, as long as doesn’t sing “secular” music.

    e) David should have 2 twitter accounts: one for LDS people and another for everyone else in the world because LDS people are totally different from regular people and there is no overlap between the two. In other words, you can’t be LDS and “regular” at the same time.

    There are more, but we can get into that when HG reopens the comments after they automatically shut down on Friday for reasons known only to HG.

    • Best David Related Site Online

      This is too much fun to pass by

      a) ORGANIZED RELIGION is more the target here by some posters than specifically LDS. It would be silly of a poster to comment on the 7th Day Adventists or Amish here. But I forgot, you twist things around for your own purpose, or maybe the posts are too advanced for you to comprehend.

      b) LDS people are people but with a unique set of beliefs that include excluding non-LDS from many facets of their beliefs and lives. This is fact.

      c) Find me a quote that says this. Right now, he seems to be catering almost exclusively to the LDS community by his own choice.

      d) On the contrary, most of David’s secular fans hope the LDS community will support him more by buying his new music etc. Before the mission there were many posts bemoaning the fact that his fellow church members did not seem to like his music enough to buy it.

      e) ROFL, how you got that out of my suggestion is laughable. Are you ignorant or just stupid? Many people have business and personal social media accounts.

      Like shooting fish in a barrel.

      • Best…., if you really believe that ” ORGANIZED RELIGION is more the target here by some posters than specifically LDS., then there is no way you can be taken seriously as a poster on this site.

        You’re better off sticking with your childish whining and trash talking. It’s more authentically who you are.

  27. I would have thought in the past that music was David’s passion. He always seemed so happy when he was on stage performing. Now I don’t know what to think. I just don’t get that joy from him now. I get that he wants to write and sing music that is inspirational. But inspirational doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Sometimes a happy song or an angsty or sappy love song can make a bad day seem not so bad. Every song doesn’t have to have a moral message. David has said he is writing pop music so I hope it’s a mix of all these things.

    • Best David Related Site Online

      That’s what troubles me, he doesn’t seem to be as happy. We have seen glimpses of that radiance recently but it seems more controlled now. Maybe because he is older and more mature? I don’t know but the happy abandon seems missing.

  28. Best David Related Site Online

    To blisskasden, have you ever read the op ed page of a newspaper? Have you read editorials? Have you ever heard talk radio or watched a serious talk show on television? Apparently not. If you had, you would hear or read things like “the President needs to take this action now:” or “Senator X needs to fire his top aid” or “that football coach must make a quarterback change”, yes, the type of stuff we say here about David is said every day about a lot of people in the public eye. OPINIONS, people giving their OPINIONS on how things would improve in their eyes, if only that coach or politician would listen to them. I guess there are millions of scorned old biddies (except they are usually not scorned or old or biddies) all over the media telling the objects of their affections how to run the government or sports teams. And those poor politicians and coaches have no hero like blisskasden to defend their honor against the prejudiced haters who give OPINIONS. My my, how lucky David is.

  29. It’s been almost 4 years since we have had new music from David. I know he worked his butt off before he went on his mission and did not one, but two records for us. When he returned from his mission he asked for patience. I get that getting back into the mind set for a music career when he had just spent two years serving people was harder for him than he probably realized it would be. I feel fans have been more than patient and at some point David has to reward that patience. Oh I know some people will say that David owes us nothing. That it is our own choice to hang around. On the other hand if fans didn’t hang around where would an artist be. I suppose you could sing songs to your dog, in your room. I thought David was past that. If he wants a career in music then he needs to show that. It doesn’t matter if he is going independent or he wants to go the big label route, he has to give fans something. I want him to show some enthusiasm, engage fans, get us excited for what’s coming. If that is being too demanding then sue me because thats the way I feel.

    • Moelita, Absolutely!!

    • Yes, true! One thing that I find very odd, is that he used to be excited about sharing music from other artists, and now that he’s back, the times he’s mentioned liking a particular artist or song are few and far between.

  30. Interesting discussion. Thank you for going back to some more meaningful conversation inside of allowing just one person to disrupt everything.

    • Do you have any idea how silly you sound when you keep changing your screen name and post such petty nonsense? Go ahead and have your discussion. No one, including me, can “disrupt” it unless that person posts something that people want to respond to.You just don’t like being challenged or disagreed with, and find it “disruptive”. Start taking some responsibility for your posts and to your reactions for a change. You might find doing so “meaningful”.

    • “No one, including me, can “disrupt” [the discussion] unless that person posts something that people want to respond to.”


  31. Oh, that should be “instead”, not “inside”. Anyway I don’t care for the religious stuff. Whether he is LDS, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim or whatever makes no difference to me. I just want to hear him sing.
    Best David – I agree he doesn’t seem to be as happy as he looked pre-mission although he has now told us he wasn’t happy then. It’s very confusing. Something seems to be troubling him but I don’t know what. Anyway that is non of my business even if I am totally curious to know.

  32. “Something seems to be troubling him but I don’t know what.” Respectfully, in my opinion he has stated quite clearly what is troubling him. He spent 2 years spending every day helping people in need and then came back to spending every day writing cutesy pop songs about crushes and elevators going up and down. One life is profound and real and the other is empty and meaningless. Sure as a teen he seemed happy before he left, but that’s because everyone was telling him that that is what happiness was. Now he’s an adult and he has experienced what the world is like outside of the celebrity bubble, helping people and seeing how his help affected them. And it changed him. And now that he’s back he wants to do something which he feels is meaningful.

    • If that’s truly his viewpoint, he’s sorely missing something. Even from my little perspective, music and media affect people so much. The autistic kids in my classes come alive with the music and shows that they love. Just last week, a kid got up in class and sang a song with real words, and I was amazed because I’d hardly ever heard him speak actual words before. Another girl speaks almost nothing but dialogue from “Finding Nemo”–which is actually not a good thing, but it shows how influential those things can be.

    • Imo a song doesn’t need to have a deep meaning and be inspiritual in nature to inspire and up lift a person’s spirit and bring them joy, it can be a silly song that has a great beat to bring joy. That’s not to say that deep meaning inspiritual songs don’t also bring joy, but they are not exclusive in making people happy. David seemed to of loved and appreciate all kinds of songs before his mission, it’s a shame if he has narrowed his view of songs.

  33. Crushes and Elevators going up and down was before the mission.

    And somehow all that came before the mission doesn’t count anymore. I felt he did help people before, not in the same way as he did in his mission. His objective In the mission I thought was to bring the Chilean people to his religion and save them that way.

    He may feel that bringing people to know his Church is what is needed. Not singing silly love songs or other frivolous worldly things.

    • Ram, the picture of a younger David washing the feet of an elderly man with Leprosy in India says everything one needs to know about what a special and exceptional young man David has always been. David’s “hand on” humanitarianism is, by far, his most remarkable quality, and worthy of the utmost respect. The examples that are publicly known are too numerous to mention. The deeds that were done privately are undoubtedly even far greater in number.

      • When you say nothing at all

        “Ram, the picture of a younger David washing the feet of an elderly man with Leprosy in India says everything one needs to know about what a special and exceptional young man David has always been.”

        That was charity for publicity and had nothing to do with actually helping the people.

        “The examples that are publicly known are too numerous to mention.”

        That’s what you say when you don’t actually have any examples. Numerous… Various… Broad range… Wide selection…

  34. Best David Related Site Online

    David needs to just say he’s going in a different direction already and stop with the teasing. It’s become clear he wants to serve his church exclusively. Just have the courage to say it and end all of this. That is what frustrates fans

  35. I’m not sure he knows yet what he wants to do. He’s got an album coming out shortly.
    This will most likely entail the usual promotion, stylists, interviews. And then he’ll tour. And when the dust has settled and everyone is paid he’ll most likely have a better idea of whether he wants to do it all over again.

    When I was in my 20s I did a lot of partying, went to clubs, hung out with friends, drank too much. I thought I was happy. Then I got married and had a son and had NO problem giving up all of the things that were previously making me “happy”. I hadn’t really been happy. I had just been having fun. I think there’s a big difference between being happy and having fun.

    FYI, I think consciously searching for true happiness is admirable. It says a lot about David’s character. I don’t think this is the kind of thing that keeps Justin Bieber up at night.

    • Best David Related Site Online

      M2C you make a lot of good valid points especially your first paragraph. I too had a blast in my 20’s but I was happy, truly happy, having fun. We are all different and that’s what makes the world interesting.

      I think David is working way too hard on the introspection though. It is admirable that he is so conscious of himself and the world’s needs, but sometimes overthinking and over analyzing just makes things more murky.

      OK, blisskasden, that is your invitation to blast us now for overthinking and over analyzing David LOLOL

      • Best David Related Site Online

        To cq, yes well said. “He seems like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.” He’s 24, he should be out there having fun. Having fun an true happiness can be the same thing. Why be so dang serious at his age?

    • My2cents, there you go comparing David’s actions to JB, interesting…it’s like let’s compare goodness to evil. Now I’m in no way defending JB’s outrageous actions, but my point is that to you David is trying to find himself and is of course going the righteous way about it, but JB couldn’t possible have any goodness in him, is that what you are saying?

      • My statement had nothing to do with good vs. evil. It was about happiness vs. having fun. I think David is at a stage in his life where he is searching for happiness. And I believe, based on his outrageous actions, that JB is still in the “having fun” stage.

        Again, this is only my opinion.

      • Thanks my2cents for clarifing your comment, sorry I got the wrong comparison..lol, actually, I wouldn’t mind if David had the “having fun” stage…yes, I do feel David seems at times like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders…happy medium is always a good balance, imo.

  36. I really don’t care what David does for charity, or what everyone in his family is doing, or even about his religious beliefs. I love his voice and want to hear him sing, his own songs or songs written by someone else. I want to attend a concert or see fan videos of one of his concerts. I want those concerts to show growth. David has been given a beautiful talent. Most singers just sing the words, David feels the words and is able to convey that when he sings. I want David to give us an update on his music. I don’t want Kari giving hints, or father’s of people he is writing with giving us hints, or his grandpa giving us hints, I want David to step up to the plate and tell us himself. I just don’t know where his head is. Does he want to be treated like a professional musician, an artist or is he content to live of the little guy from American Idol for the rest of his life, because right now that is his claim to fame.

  37. Moelita, this:Does he want to be treated like a professional musician, an artist or is he content to live of the little guy from American Idol for the rest of his life, because right now that is his claim to fame, YEP!

  38. Best David Related Site Online

    Sorry, my reply to cq landed in the wrong place

  39. I share many of the opinions set out above . And I get the feeling that this album might be the last one as it is obvious that David doesn’t seem to have neither the shoulders nor the willingness nor the ambition to get the long career we were dreaming for him.
    During his last concerts he alternated thoughtful and immature behaviors and speeches. As if he still was in transit between childhood and adults worlds. This delay certainly shows us a psychological fragility.
    I don’t worry about his personal finances…! If his banker was/is a good one then he shouldn’t be in need !
    I can imagine him doing concerts in 2016 and then withdrawing little by little. Next he could devote himself becoming a speaker and performing religious songs for LDS events in US and abroad. That’s what he really seems to love.
    His main goal being to live as a good Mormon, he could never make his coming out and could remain a single man for still several years before one day finally getting married.

    Just MY OWN feelings of course…

    • Best David Related Site Online

      You make a lot of good points, Lugdunum. I also think he lives to be a good member of his church and may move to that direction in his professional career, especially if his new CD does not ignite a secular career. He may take it as a sign to drop the secular completely.

  40. This post sums up what this site has become:

    “Blisskasden” said this”

    …. “the picture of a younger David washing the feet of an elderly man with Leprosy in India says everything one needs to know about what a special and exceptional young man David has always been.”

    “When you say nothing at all” (appropriate screen name) responded this way:

    “That was charity for publicity and had nothing to do with actually helping the people.”

    The response to this thoughtless, vile remark by other posters was this:


    They ignored it. They were not offended by it. They said nothing. They agree with it.

    Why would David want to do anything for these soulless people?

    • When you say nothing at all

      Oh, wait… he sang to homeless people. The ways in which singing to homeless people helps homeless people solve their problems are “too numerous to mention.”

    • Best David Related Site Online

      You need a thesaurus, blisskasden. Surely you can find another word other than” vile” LOL

    • Vile, soulless, nice way to challenge a comment…

    • It was a ridiculous statement. Does anybody really believe that David went to India as a publicity stunt? We’re talking about a guy who is uncomfortable promoting his album during an album-promotion interview.

      • My2cents, yes, about the statement, for the record, no I don’t think it was publicity for David himself, but maybe a little for the cause, bringing awareness. To me you did a fair reply, calling the commenter vile and soulless is not.

      • When you say nothing at all

        Yes, publicity for the organization. Blisskasden makes it sound like he should win a Nobel prize because he! washed! the! feet! of! an! elderly! man! six years ago, as if it is an achievement no one will ever be able to match.

  41. Bliss I have no doubt that David does a lot of charitable work, most probably a lot more than we ever hear about. I think anyone who does any good deed celebrity or regular joe are to be commended. But I am a fan of David’s voice and his music and that is what interests me. I think we are all still here commenting because we know he is so talented and we want the best for him. It is hard not to be frustrated though . Speaking only for myself I feel that David’s decision to have minimum interaction with fans is a big mistake and somewhat disrespectful. I don’the think he has to give us a day by day account about his new music, but letting people know that yes new music is coming and showing he is excited about it is not too much to ask. Kari keeps on saying unless we hear it from her or David then it is not official. There is just one problem with that, all we hear are crickets. This is the end of October. It says on his official site that he is releasing new music in 2015, so that doesn’t leave much time. I have said it before and I will say it again, it takes a few seconds to send a tweet to keep his fans up to date and generate some excitement. If David thinks that is too much to ask then maybe he has chosen the wrong profession.

  42. Wow Adele’s song/video got over 100 miilion hits in just 5 days..awesome! She tweets that she was overwhelmed by all the love.

  43. Very curious to watch next concerts videos because I hope so much that he will unveil another one of his new songs !
    But if he does not , then I would be really doubtful about a possible new album.

    • Lugdunum, I believe these next two concerts were the first to be posted on OS (not sure though) so maybe a lot more diehard fans will be attending than just locals and that’s not to say that others didn’t also have diehard fans, but this might have a bigger number. Of course audience doesn’t matter as long as the seats are filled, but my point is that maybe there will be bigger energy, even some screaming, gushing etc, lol, hoping he enjoy it as much as this last gig he did for the church in which he tweeted that that he had a blast. Yes, would love for him to say that about his own personal concerts.
      Yay, maybe no album this year, although being that it was mentioned on his OS, that might of been a target, but just didn’t work out…we’ll maybe early next year, but not going to count on it. One thing that might be happening (lol, and it’s just again a thread to hang on to) is a song with a video and it’s only based on the tweet from Kari: “Next stop Nashvill ✈️🎶🎤🎬” The emojis are the only hints, lol….then again who knows maybe another church profect like the one in Costa Rica. We’ll see what’s next, 😏

      • CQ , I don’t follow David’s news regularly so I really enjoy when you (or sometimes someone else ) give us all these kinds of informations. ( Yes , I know , I am a bad fan…! lol ! )
        Right . It doesn’t matter who people are in the upcoming concerts. But if he doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity to” promote” his new music , well , it would mean to me somehow there is a problem…

  44. Yes more hints from Kari. Why they just can’t give fans an update to generate some excitement escapes me. Obviously her job entails more than just making sure things go smoothly when he is on tour. I can’t see JT or Tim McGrath having her around when they are doing a video. That is assuming he is doing a video. At this point who really knows?

    • exactly my thoughts !

    • Best David Related Site Online

      To moelita, yes, this is so juvenile. Why hints all the time? Maybe she thinks the hints keep fans interested.

      Someone here suggested Kari is a personal friend of David and his family now, rather than “just” a PR person or tour manager. Seems she is around even when no promo is given and he isn’t touring. Maybe she is the one who keeps him on track for all his professional obligations. I wonder if he is unable to focus and stay on track or schedule without assistance. Some people are like that.

  45. Moelita and Best David related… yes, what is up with continuing to keeping fans hanging…don’t get it..

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