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In Pieces

Fan Love Series #2
Authored by Embe

Every fan of David feels love for him. They idolize him, follow him to the edge of the earth, buy his music and get hot flashes when he licks his lips. But how many Archies can actually put their finger on what they especially love about David? Yes there’s the voice and the looks and the personality. But what about the voice? What about the looks?

Now, don’t get me wrong – I can hardly put the reasons of my infatuation into words either. But since David loves lists and I love everything about David, here is my attempt to enumerate my favorite qualities about David.  In honour of the list-geek, I’ve divided my list into main- and sub-categories.



David’s unique handsomeness shows at first glance. One that might know nothing at all about David can see his outer beauty instantly, which should attract them to investigate David further.


It is so beautifully black (pictured above). To me personally, it’s rare to see people that have naturally black hair, since the trademark of us Finns tends to be blonde hair. Not only is it black, but it’s really thick. I once remember reading a comment from a hairstylist that worked with the Idol contestants during season 7. She said that David’s hair is so thick, she needed to use wax, gel and hairspray (all extra strong) to maintain the style she wanted to create. David’s hair is also a clear sign of his exotic inheritance, which I find very appealing. Latin passion… Whew.


There has been a lot of talk about them eyes; the never ending debate whether they’re green or brown or both; whether the lady on tv is a cougar for saying David’s peepers are hot… Most common subject among us fans seems to be the belief, that by making contact with those magical, deep eyes you can see into David’s soul and he can see into yours. Unfortunately I have yet to experience a moment like that, but just by looking at photos of David I can see that his eyes definitely hold something unreal and it seems no one has ever gotten to look into them long enough to find out just what that mystery might be. With David’s eyes come the eyelashes – my personal favorite feature on humans and animals alike. I love lashes – my dog’s are an inch long (he gets away with anything). David’s incredibly breathtaking eyes are framed with long, black and thick lashes, that cast a shadow on his cheeks when he looks down or closes his eyelids. I could look at them for hours on end (I often have).


Another personal favorite of mine. Maybe it’s because my own nose is crooked and long and could pierce a balloon, but I’ve always admired noses. David’s nose is actually quite large, but not in a way that it’s the first thing you pay attention to. It’s really straight and looks marvellous in profile photos. It’s some nose, I tell ya.


Oooh, those sinful lips. Raise your hand if you’ve never fantasised about kissing lips like that. No hands? Thought so. Soft (all that chapstick), full, light pink (the prettiest colour lips could be). When David sings, his upper lip curves, reminding many ladies of the late Elvis. Not many men have lips like that.


David’s been asked what skin products he uses numerous times. I like to believe that no product can create a skin like that. It is completely flawless. There exists photographic evidence of one pimple. It was taken at a book signing in June 2010. The zit (if it even qualifies as one since it is still unclear whether or not it is possible for David to develop blemishes) was located just above David’s mouth, on the left side of his face. It is the only proof of David actually having pores. His skin glows but doesn’t shine. It’s often tanned in summertime, which makes it even more gorgeous.


Okay, this one I’m going to just mash up into one big feature, since it’s borderline inappropriate to specify each of David’s bodyparts – let’s talk about that stuff in the comments, shall we. David is small in stature, we all know that. But boy is he fit. It’s nice to look at a good figure, when it’s the place where the most amazing voice of all time comes from. Let us thank P90X, running (away from rabid fans), all that Zero Gravity jumping and of course the lettuce-pad thai-mango-diet.


There is so much to say, to analyze and to worship about David’s unique instrument. He has an amazing ear, an exquisite inventive approach to songs and an incredible ability to feel the music, as if it was the source of life for him, the force that keeps his blood running and heart beating. Here are just a few of the aspects I adore about his voice.

The velvety sound

David is soft-spoken and his band members have never heard him raise his voice. Thus it often surprises people when David opens his mouth to sing – his voice is like a gentle powerdrill. It’s piercing but soft; it’s loud but calming; it’s powerful but not intimidating. We don’t know if it’s the paralysed vocal cord that helped create David’s unique sound, but to create a pattern, I have heard many singers → besides David none of them has had vocal paralysis → besides David none of them have the fascinating, can’t-put-my-finger-on-it quality in their voice. It’s hard to explain what it is that we hear in David’s voice, but I once tried. Here’s what I said:

”But none of my former favourite stars were like David. He was 16 and his voice was like water; it swirled around obstacles, flowing with ease and every sudden movement just melted together, the continuous flow never breaking. I will never forget it, and since then I have found comfort whenever I hear David’s voice, whether he´s singing or speaking, even. He glows purity.”


One thing I really envy as a singer is when a vocalist has a steady, natural, tender vibrato. David does and he uses it in all the right places, always keeping me on my toes – will he use it here or will he use it there? In Something ‘Bout Love he chooses to use it sparingly, which makes the song sound more longing and desperate in parts. Then as he hits the chorus, he places the vibrato beautifully in the words “believe” and “rain”. Those are actually the first things that I loved about the song when I listened to the low-quality clips.


David’s range is ever-expanding. I’ve been listening to David’s recent performances and the ones he did on American Idol. Stand By Me is one great example of David’s improvement; that last ”staaaand”, which he kept short due lack of confidence in the Idol performance, then started to hold longer during the Idol tour, now shines strong with hardly any effort.  The confident high notes have also strengthened David’s falsetto, which was an unknown area to David before (remember how he had to call his vocal coach to ask how falsetto is done?). Parachutes And Airplanes is a fine example of this.

But David’s lower register has also enriched – just listen to those lowest-of-the-low notes he sings before the last chorus in Something ‘Bout Love. Doesn’t it make the ground shake? Then he does the opposite after the key change, when he hits one of the highest notes he’s ever sung in ”when the world falls down like rain”. I wonder what note that is.


If you don’t know what it means to do a fantastic, flowing, effortless run, please listen to David’s version of Heaven (Hollywood week) and the part in the chorus where he sings “and I found it there in your heart.” It’s like releasing a ball to roll down the stairs. It just momentarily stops on each step, just for a second, and then goes on to the next one. Unbelievable. David has the ability to do whatever he wants to with his voice and the melody, and tends to renew songs by doing so. Everytime he sings, the listener is going to be surprised.

To be continued in Part II.