Monthly Archives: July 2012

Ballad Boy Series #6: To Be With You

‘Member this ultimate “ballad boy”?

Ballad Boy Series #5: A Thousand Miles

Thinking of all of you no matter how many miles might separate us:

Ballad Boy Series #4: Fields of Gold

In honor of the Summer Olympics which starts today (an event that David himself says he hopes to be able to perform at one fine day), I thought I would highlight the song that introduced him to Eva Cassidy when he first heard it at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics back in 2002. Of course, by the time the Voice got a hold of it, he spun more gold!


Ballad Boy Series #3: Apologize

We’ll always have Hartford, circa 2009:

Ballad Boy Series #2: WYSYLM

Here’s another classic from the Idol Tour days, circa Salt Lake City: