Daily Archives: July 17, 2010

Notes on Some Video Girls

It’s only natural that our sexually conservative David would have equally conservative fans, but who knew how utterly squeamish and judgmental some folks could get?

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I will be the first to complain about the commercial sexploitation of young women in pop music, especially in our current porn culture, and it’s quite sad, really, that so many young girls in the business feel the pressure to “hypersexualize” their image, as is the case with some of the website images offered by some performers who will be appearing in David’s “Something ‘Bout Love” music video.

Regardless of how they market themselves, I at least thought it was cool of these video girls, like Ashley “Jaded” Jade-Thewlis and Loriel Andre’a, to tweet us with updates on the SBL video shoot.  Who knew that one would be attacked by a fan and the other commented on disparagingly on some of the fan sites?  Obviously, neither gal is “ethnically ambiguous,” so it’s safe to say neither one is the leading lady.

Sure, as David fans, we definitely have an idea of the kind of images he would condone pertaining to female sexuality and sensuality, but we have no idea how these video girls will appear in the video!  The same nearly nude Ashley Jaded described herself as looking like an “English paper boy” for her shoot, so I think the video images will be fine and tame if David has any say in it (and I’m sure he will make sure that he does).

Where I get a little antsy is this expectation that David should just refuse to work with anyone in the entertainment industry if they don’t live up to his personal code of ethics. Are you kidding me?!

Some of those in the fanbase need to wake up and get a clue about what work in Hollywood is really like for those establishing themselves in pop music.  There are all kinds of characters around. I think David has proven himself to be strong enough while also being laid back enough to work with all types.

He certainly doesn’t need his fans to intercede on his behalf!

I hope we can respect the space in which he operates and admire him for embracing all kinds while adhering to his own principles.  David is capable of doing this, and so should we.

As for our hot little video girl, this is what she had to say about David:

David is such a nice guy, such a pleasure working with him.. And the night continues!

David continues to conquer Hollywood, one worker at a time (no fan interference needed).