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Waiting a Week From Now…

By now, I’m sure some of you are wondering what my thoughts are, now that the full songs are released.  And I’m pleased to say:

I’m waiting.

Yes, with all the hoopla and praise and wonderful reviews I’m hearing (including the crying and the tears I’ve been wanting to shed over The Voice), I suddenly feel the need to wait.

To wait for the noise to die down and the crowd to dissipate and just wait.

I want to wait for my album next week.

I want to wait for the experience of downloading an entire album off itunes when it becomes available.

I want to wait to see a CD in store.

I want to wait and let the Voice just hit me from the speakers on my stereo or from my car or on my headphones.

In the midst of a crazy work schedule this week, plus personal developments with family, I want something to wait on when my down time gets here.

Waiting for The Voice (and for The Voice as I want to hear and not how it’s being suggested through some snippets) to hit me like I want it to.

This means, of course, that I must deliberately stay out of the loop.

So, don’t be surprised if I keep a low profile for the rest of the week.

(This of course won’t mean that I won’t be checking the comments to measure the anticipation and give rise to my expectations).

Finally, I’m learning something David has had all along:

The Virtue of Patience.

Feast Your Eyes…

Because I miss this side of David too! 😛

Enraptured by the Voice

I have decided to devote my Sunday posts to The Voice in all its glory. Meaning: focusing on earlier performances of David, which captured our awe and our respect for his immense vocal talent.

Today, my feature performance: “Contigo en la Distancia” (what can I say? I’ve been missing this side of David for quite some time). Enjoy! 🙂

More Interviews

Thanks for this one, Pete!

The Preview: Why Am I Less Than Thrilled?

OK, so Amazon has all song snippets from The Other Side of Down:

My favorites so far are “Falling Stars,” “Things Are Gonna Get Better,” and “My Kind of Perfect.”

The rest just seems so…generic…so “boy band,” so … I dunno… like a pop female star’s rejects?

I want my Soul David back! What is this bleached out, flattened effect? Where’s my cry and my heartbreak?

I want “Angels” David back! I want “Contigo en la Distancia” back!

Kudos to David for trying out his songwriting muscles, but The Voice is where it’s at!

Here’s hoping that the next album is mostly standard and awesome covers…

unless a really good songwriter and music producer still exists in the music industry, who can equip The Voice with some amazing masterpieces.

Sorry, JMHO. And, as always, the jury is still out until I hear the album in its entirety.