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If Only David Played Guitar on Idol…

He might have won! 😛

In other news, according to the latest SD poll, 31% of you said you developed O.D.D. after David sang “Heaven,” but the same percent shows that many of you had a different “moment” when you became obsessed with the Archulator.

Still, 27% of you said it was the moment when he sang “Imagine” for the first time! (Sigh)

Sweet times, yes?

Alas, only 4% of you said that O.D.D. kicked in when David sang “And So It Goes” (who knew I was in such a small minority – that was when the moment happened for me).

Of course, that a third of you said “different moments” brought on Obsessive David Disorder just proves that this Archu ride is both an individual experience and a collective one.

As for the three people who said they never developed “O.D.D.,” puh-lease! I’m soooooo not buying it! Otherwise, why are you here? 😛

When Did O.D.D. Begin for You?

Based on a recent comment made, I was inspired to offer a new poll. What say you, Soul David, readers? 😛

More Picture-Gazing

At the risk of offending fans of a certain Idol winner, how about we play this game?

“One of these things is not like the other, one of these things does not belong…”

Hint, Hint: we can identify two Idol “stars,” and one you could barely remember his name.

Sometimes a Picture is Worth a Thousand Goosebumps!


So nice to have Fans of David back up and running (yes, we fan sites must feed off each other to keep the candles burning for David’s return!).

Flashback to Another Awards Show

Aside from the Emmys, the ALMA Awards show also made a comeback over the weekend, which got me reminiscing… (sigh)