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Speaking of TMI

I just realized it’s been awhile since my last post, and also I think it’s time for a poll! 🙂

But lest I come off as “David-family-bashing” here, I thought I would just focus on the positives! 😛

What say you, Soul Davidians?

Social Media News


So, yesterday, David’s mother Lupe moved on with her life and tied the knot! Congratulations, Lupe! 🙂

I wonder what David would think? He’s so self-protected, you would never know his thoughts, as he never revealed his feelings about his parents divorce or even how he would feel about either moving on to start a new family.

Anyway, David’s a grown man now, living his own life, so, let’s hope he’s in a good place about his parents (just as they had to accept his own decision about going on a mission).

In other Social Media News:

While I was sleeping, HARRIET TUBMAN (one of my favorite black female heroes in history) trended on Twitter overnight FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS! Since some folks have no idea how to create comedy while honoring her legacy, I’ll just leave here a parody video that I think does her justice:


His Sister’s Wedding

Really, David? Really?

I hope he sang better than he dressed.

The #MIC in the Room

First, thank you, Joymus, for sharing Angelica’s story on The Voice (Read Here). It confirmed everything I was thinking about what exactly was “holding David back.” But, unlike the event coordinator in the story, I don’t feel sorry for David. I’m just angry.

Seriously, after the foolishness that went on with the backstage scandal stories on Idol, after that MASSAGE PARLOR incident (and no, none of us should ever forget that nonsense!), David has retreated back to hiding behind #MIC.  It’s just…

Y’all, I can’t. I just can’t. And I had better not say anymore.

Instead, I’ll just offer this video.  It will be my continuous wish for David:

Has “Stage Mom” Replaced “Stage Dad”?

Not that I’m complaining b/c Lupe clearly brings out the best in David!

Loving this pic of the two of them from yesterday’s book signing in Vegas.