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Change of Heart!

See, I told you all I needed to hear the full song to have a different perspective.

Now that I’ve heard the full song (which I think you can only hear it once), all I have to say is:

Nah, the fetus can’t touch this!

Sorry for the insult, Jive (though I will still keep my discerning and suspicious eyes on you as far as David is concerned).

This is going to be huge! 😀

Texting, Fans, and David

I think I should start calling David my “celebrity boyfriend” from now on.

Picture it.  I’m away on a retreat, where I have no Internet access and, thus, had to leave my laptop behind.

No worries! So what if I can’t update my Soul David blog (other than to schedule a series in advance)?  Because my celebrity boyfriend knows how to find me wherever I am anyway!

There he is sending me a text on my cell phone!  Imagine how coy I behaved in the midst of company when, after wading through voice mails and texts from friends, family, business associates, and a guy I just had coffee with, I almost squeed with delight over a message from David.


And why is my celebrity boyfriend texting me while I’m away on a retreat?

To let me hear a preview of his new single!


David’s so loyal, so awesome, just …SO EVERYTHING!

It’s time to renew those David-Fan vows, dontcha think?

So now that we’ve established that this relationship is the real deal and that we’re committing to David all the way, it’s time for some honesty.

Sigh.  Those Jive Turkeys (sorry, I mean, Jive label) just had to saddle David, perhaps the most talented young artist out there at the moment, with a generic pop song!

Yeah, it’s catchy, and I can even imagine it as a summer hit.  And, sure, I am liking “Something ‘Bout Love” on repeat listens and can only judge the song when I hear the full version.

But seriously?  It sounds like something for Justin Bieber! And what really pi$$es me off about that is the Jive Turkeys had an opportunity to bank on Bieber Fever before Bieber Fever happened had they actually followed up on “Crush” and really went full throttle with David.  But noooooo, they had to be all conservative; they had to rein in on David’s popularity, lest he outshone the Idol winner during his season.  Because of those politics, Jive missed the boat, and now here they are playing catch up – CATCH UP! – when they were in a position to take the lead!

Like I said, the song is catchy, but it brings nothing new to the game, and David is more than capable of doing so.  Once again, David is bringing his A game to a music scene that’s operating on a C+ level at best!

If David must sing this bubble-gum pop to keep his name out there and to get another record and a long-term music career, then I hope “Something ‘Bout Love” does as good as “Crush,” if not better.

We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose.  Having heard “If I Could Only Be,” “Not a Very Good Liar,” and “Parachutes and Airplanes,” my expectations had risen exponentially.  I should have known better when it comes to pop music.

Can’t wait for the full version and to see David on my tele come 4th of July!

Flashback Series #3

Because it was all so new to him then…

Flashback Series #2

Omigosh Ashlee!! ‘Nuff said.

Part I:

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Flashback Series #1

I will be on blog break for the next few days.  And, as always, that means “Series” time on Soul David! 🙂

This time around, I want to highlight some David Flashbacks, like the time he just finished his run on Idol and did some fascinating interviews that showed off his winning charm and personality.

My favorite of these: Michael Slezak with Entertainment Weekly!

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Part III: