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Year in Review


After making a devasting announcement (to fans) about his plans for a 2-year mission, we pretty much prepared for 2012 with thoughts of not hearing from David in any fashion.

Well, surprise, surprise! Not only did David give us a nice send-off as he left for Chile, but he coordinated with his team some marvelous gifts that he left behind.

I can’t help but feel that if this considerate, charming, and caring young man can work so hard to leave behind music (among other things) for his fans in 2012, then he’s also got other things stored up for us in 2013. Maybe not the same volume but who knows?

So, here’s an opportunity to reflect on the surprising Archuyear that was 2012 and to take my latest polls! 🙂

Thanks for participating! 🙂

Happy Birthday, David!


Another season, another reason to celebrate!  Another year and another birthday!

Can you believe that we’re still here at David’s ripe old age of 22, when we were introduced to him as a young 17-year-old (and even younger for some fans)?

Out of the spotlight, and away on a mission, I hope David is having a blast for his birthday.

I imagine it is precisely because not much news is coming our way that some folks have to start debating and arguing about his choice of faith.

Honestly, I have no interest in learning more about the faith that David is currently serving while doing his missionary duty overseas, and I don’t know why some fans are so preoccupied with it (either to praise it or vilify it).

Perhaps his faith has taken David out of our orbit, but I’ve since learned to respect it because it is such a deep core part of who David is.

If serving a mission for his church makes him a better man by the time he returns to music, then that’s all I care about.

And today, at least, I hope David can fulfill his deepest wishes.

Happy Birthday, David! Here’s hoping for a productive 22nd year! 🙂

Behind the Scenes of My Kind of Christmas

A holiday video from Team David!

Merry Christmas!

Seasons greetings to everyone, and many wishes for a beautiful Christmas and holiday season.

David Archuleta - Christmas From The Heart (FanMade Album Cover) Made by TOBEY

Friday Carols: “Ave Maria”