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Someone’s in a “Good Place”

Throwback Thursday (#SYTYCD)

So You Think You Can Dance is still my favorite of all the reality competition shows, even if it only has a modest following.

This is a great beginning to a new season (voted for Syncopated Ladies!), and of course, it takes me back this Throwback Thursday:


Rest in Power, Maya Angelou

When I was 12 years old, I discovered the poetry of Maya Angelou and felt a little more proud to be black and female because of words like these:

You will be missed, Maya Angelou, but you leave behind an incredible legacy of words! 🙂

Hearing David’s Voice at Random

So, yesterday I said I was missing David’s Voice.  Imagine then, just going into J. C. Penney’s, randomly wandering there, after purchasing some new shoes for summer in Macy’s. It had dawned on me that I hadn’t used my J.C. Penney card in quite some time so while I was shopping, I decided to go and check out their merchandise.

And just like that, I hear on the intercom…a familiar Voice! 🙂

What is that song? I know that song! Wait…wait for it…

That just made my day.

Oh David, to hear you regularly on radio or at the mall when I’m listlessly wandering from store to store! 🙂

Happy Memorial Day!

I’m missing David’s Voice so much!

In the mean time, I’m actually enjoying John Mayer’s version of Beyoncé’s “XO”:

And yes, I would give anything to hear the Voice cover this! 🙂

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

This is the original Beyoncé version, which had NASA all upset b/c she sampled a recording during the Challenger disaster from 1986: