Monthly Archives: December 2013

Old Year Flashback

Hope David grows his hair out like this when he returns! Happy New Year, Soul Davidians! 😛

Happy Birthday, David!


David turns 23 today! Happy Birthday! May your 23rd year bring many blessings! This is the same age that Michael Jackson just started hitting his stride with Off the Wall, just two years before striking gold (or rather multiplatinum with Thriller). So excited for what David might have in store. Almost at his peak!

Update: here’s the Get Well card for Ray:

Merry Christmas!

Updating Christmas from the Heart


As much as I love Christmas from the Heart, having heard The Voice on some other carols has made me long for an update. What say you, Soul Davidians? If you had to pick one extra carol to add to this album, which would it be? Please take my latest poll! 🙂

Sunday Carol Series: O Holy Night

This Sunday before Christmas, I want to highlight what is probably the holiest of holies coming from The Voice (and one of the earliest versions too!). If this doesn’t put you in the mood for Christmas, then I don’t know how many Christmas ghosts need to visit you to scare away the “bah humbug” from your life. Let the Voice take you to that special Christmasy place. 😀