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Back to the Business of Music-Making

Getting His Life

Please note that I’m deliberately cutting back on how often I post here at Soul Davidian.

Keeping up with David news, tweets, and blogs from time to time is a way to stay connected. But, if David cuts back on his time in Archuland, I see no reason why we need to give more of our own time, especially for those of us who are busy and, like David, are getting our life.

I will always be interested in what the Voice has to say (and sing), but no more dreams of superstardom, just dreams to hear another song.

Sounds of David’s Music

“I Hope the Music That Comes…You Can Feel is Real”


Oh, David… Don’t we know it! Whatever the shape your music takes, your fans always know that “the music that comes will be something that [we] can feel is real.”

I remember when his blogs used to be highlights in the fanbase back in the day (even more so than his video blogs). Check out what David has to say in his “first blog of 2015” (I guess this will become a regular occurrence!):

First Blog for 2015

It has been a while since I have made a blog, but I had to get through a few things before I could open up again to everyone.  I have still been writing and working, and in the next few months will continue doing that, as I am really excited to find the right story to tell this time in music.  However, before you can understand what will be coming, I have to be honest and open about some things.  This is going to be a long blog, but I have a lot to get out.  The next time I do a blog, it will probably relate to what is shared here.

Read Blog in Full.

As an aside, I just have to say: I still love David! As someone who was a serious introvert back when I was David’s age, I totally and fully understand where he is coming from.  I love that he’s embraced this about himself (as if his hardcore fans didn’t know this about him already – at least those of us who are paying attention). I will never be fully on board with any outward displays of religious devotion to a particular faith (just because it doesn’t always lend itself to a “universal” frame of reference or experience, unless he keeps it general enough to allow fans of different faiths and belief systems to relate), but his Voice can do all the necessary “translation.” When he says his music will come from a “real” place? I believe it! Because he’s shown time and again that’s what his priorities are.

Go ahead David, and Do You! That’s all any of us die-hard fans have ever wanted (and why we still follow you).

What Does David Have Planned for 2015?