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“Don’t Always Believe Rumors You Guys”


Just a little wisdom from our favorite guy, who posted a new blog today:


Hey folks! I just wanted to let you know about my week really quick, and I’ll really try to not make it so long this time lol. So first of all, I hope everyone had a great weekend and Memorial Day. I had the chance to spend time with my family for the weekend! It was a lot of fun. We actually got to sit down and talk about some of our ancestors, which was really interesting. I also got to go to a concert with my mom and sister Memorial Day. It was the No Doubt concert, and they had Paramore on tour with them. There was also a band called The Sounds that was the 1st opening act. No Doubt were really friendly, and everyone that worked with them on tour kept saying how they’re the nicest and coolest people you could work for. It’s always good to know that, and I thought it was neat how all their employees spoke so highly of them.

So watching the show, we sat in our seats for Paramore’s set.. but moved to the side of the stage for No Doubt’s set. It was a really good show though. Paramore was another really cool group of people. I couldn’t believe that they’re the same age as me! It’s always neat to be able to talk to people your age in the industry who go through the same things you do. You can talk about music, but also just normal stuff people your age talk about haha. But a bunch of really cool people in Paramore. Gotta give them props, and Hayley can freakin’ sing! My little sister was in heaven at the concert, because she loves Paramore lol. I’m really glad that everyone I’ve gotten to meet has just been really cool so far. I always hear about all these horror stories and jerks out there, but it seems like all these people that I run into and meet are totally laid back and friendly. Even people that I hear rumors about, so don’t always believe rumors you guys. Rumors are nasty things haha.

I got to go to Greensboro, North Carolina to participate in a charity dinner for the radio station 1075 KZL. It was a Hibachi Japanese grill restaurant, and I (unfortunately for those at my table) got to try and cook the food haha. I have learned that I am not that great of a chef haha. I actually like almost caught myself on fire, but it was fun! I got to wear an apron and chef’s hat. I appreciate everyone at my table for coming and being good sports about my lack of cooking skills lol. So thanks you guys! I kept burning the food too lol, but hey I like food a little on the cooked side!

After North Carolina, I went to NYC to perform at the PC Richards Theater for Z100 contest winners. It was a small theater, not that many people since you had to win to get in, and I loved it! I felt so comfortable up there and had a blast. Have to thank everyone for coming for that! It’s probably one of my favorite shows I’ve ever done just because it was so laid-back and I got to interact with everyone there. Fun stuuufff. Well I think I’m going to a concert tonight! So I better get going to that, and I’ll talk to you all later.

Song for the day: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script

Who’s surprised that every new person David meets is so laid back and friendly?  I think that’s called being under the Archu influence.

Purely David

What lovely treasures this morning: videos by djb from David’s performance last night at Tribeca in New York City.  All intimate, stripped down, bare bones, unplugged PURELY DAVID!

Here’s “Angels” almost on par with his Tulsa Angels from last year’s AI Tour:

Here’s “A Thousand Miles” (this one brought tears to my eyes):

In my previous post, I may have been bothered by our young people learning that “innocence” no longer has value.  But, seriously, when I listen to The Voice, and how he brings back the value of simplicity and purity, I can only stand back in awe and wonder and hope that the rest of the world can look beyond the hubris of our flawed society and appreciate how blessed we are to have David Archuleta in our midst.

Here’s a touching review of last night’s show from Happy over at TDC.

The Loss (and Return) of Innocence

dave_raeRecently, I was listening in on a conversation with 18 year-olds, who were basically revealing more than anyone needed to know about their sex lives.  Imagine my shock to learn that young people in David’s age group were not only engaging in various kink acts but were doing so as if “kink” was as “vanilla” as they come.

Boy, did I feel like some repressed prude from a bygone era when hearing about their love lives.  I mean, when I was David’s age – that nice ol’ “innocent” age of 18 – I didn’t even know certain sex acts existed, let alone that such acts would be run of the mill in this day and age.  And, while I firmly believe that there are many more young people like David, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the idea that any 18 year old would be well versed in kink.  See, when I was 18, anyone my age who had such wealth of knowledge in that arena was most likely molested in childhood.

So, what does it mean to hear our young people treat kink so casually?  Could we blame our porn culture?  Or, could we blame our religious culture?  Are both responsible? After all, if we didn’t have sex-negative messages preaching the “dirtiness” of sex, porn culture would not be able to sell it as something titillating.

I guess this new revelation – I don’t always get to hear frank conversations by young people – sheds light on why someone like David would immediately be marketed as “Disney” and as someone who can only appeal to “tweens.”  The kids his age want edgier and kinkier, it seems.  Or do they?  I mean, there is also a counter-culture movement in the form of the purity-ring crowd.  Or, is this particular crowd a direct reaction to the porn culture that has encouraged this younger generation to embrace the kinkier side of sex?

Where are my innocent 18-year-olds?  Surely, David is not an anomaly.  Why can’t innocence be sexy?  With all the talk of kink, I’m curious about why “vanilla” is no longer cool.  Hasn’t porn culture made too much of these things banal?  And, can someone like David “bring sexy back” with his tender-loving, gentlemanly ways?

Can Vanilla be the new Kink?

I guess my adoration of David has made me long all the more for the innocence of 18.

David’s Twitter = Comedy Gold!

archdorableThere goes that “dry wit” of David. ha ha!

His latest tweets (right up until he learned of the earthquake in Honduras) had me in stitches this gloomy, rainy morning:

Left my ticket at security. was on my way back to get it when they announced my name over the speaker. Everyone knows I’m here now lol

Lady comes up to me and says “excuse me, but has anyone ever told you you look a lot like David Archuleta?” I say oh a few times. Haha

And here I thought a TV series about Twitter was a lousy idea.  I guess it depends which celebrity you’re following, and David’s makes it so much fun!


See, Jeff?  This is how you tweet and make it relevant to the world.

Just a flashback to David’s “dry wit,” which should have clued us all in to David’s comedic potential:

Fabricating Family Drama

So, last night I missed out on the action but got debriefed pretty quickly.  Apparently, a message appeared on Jeff Archuleta’s twitter (seriously, what is a celebrity dad doing with a twitter account, but I digress) declaring:


Fortunately, most of us thought that surely he would not invade his son’s privacy in this way.  It turns out someone hacked into Jeff’s account (received this info from Fanblast):


Poor bb! Somehow there is always drama circling him, and he’s the most unassuming innocuous guy out there. I’m feeling a Chris Crocker screaming rant coming:


Okay, enough with the melodrama, but seriously, let’s honor David’s privacy. Which, to me, not only encompasses his love life but his family life as well.  I think his family life includes his dad, his mom, and his siblings.  I may have ODD, but that means anything I need to know about David, he tells me on his twitter, his blogs, and his vlogs. I don’t need to go see what his daddy has to say or what his brother has to say.

And, as Archie fans, I think we need to seriously question why we think following his dad’s twitter is going to give us any more information than what David already tells us in his tweets. I wouldn’t even have known about what went down on Jeff’s twitter if other fans didn’t rile up the fanbase about it.

So yeah, while I think it’s terrible that some hacker broke into his account, I’m not sure I want to encourage his tweets – whether they are appropriate or not.  But that’s just me.