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David Sings “Angels” at His Nevada Book Signing

Holding Onto Truth in a Culture of Lies

Far too many entertainers are sold the lie that certain destructive behavior is a part of the territory on the road to superstardom. Far too many burn out, find themselves in trouble, or sadly, die too soon because they embraced a lie.

I’m re-citing this lovely quote from back-up singer Vanessa Renee Williams, who prays that David will avoid the entertainment culture of lies as he holds on to his own TRUTH – a truth of integrity, dignity, and genuine talent.

It has certainly taken on deeper meaning in the midst of breaking news about Lindsay Lohan’s demise…

I might be one of those few folks who actually feels sorry for Lindsay Lohan.  I found out about her 90-day jail sentence from yesterday, not at Perez Hilton or TMZ but from the BBC News.

BBC NEWS!!!!!!

This is how you know Hollywood Celebrity news is so outta control and far more global than it needs to be.  At the same time, there is something to be said about reporting on the sad, sad state of Lindsay Lohan, not just because she represents all that is wrong with Hollywood celebrity but also all that is wrong when real talent gets compromised and lost, when one (like Lohan) actually embraces the culture of lies.

Yes, I said Lindsay Lohan has real talent.  Unlike her “bad girl” trio – which includes Britney Spears and Paris Hilton – Lindsay Lohan has the talent.  When I see the more successful redheaded actresses, like Anne Hathaway or Amy Adams, landing juicy roles and getting Oscar nominations, part of me always goes: “damn, Lindsay, that should have been you.”

Lindsay Lohan would have rocked Anne Hathaway’s part in The Devil Wears Prada (yes, I think Lindsay Lohan would have held her own and then some playing opposite the great Meryl Streep) and would have easily nailed an Oscar nom for the true-to-life role in Rachel Getting Married. She would have added deeper layers in comparison to what Amy Adams showed in Julie & Julia. She is a talented gal.

She made Mean Girls watchable, and she was such a hoot in Freaky Friday. And when you see her debut in the Disney movie, The Parent Trap, you can’t help but shake your head at what she has become.

Lindsay Lohan is a poster child for what goes wrong when genuine talent fails to grow because it is trapped in a toxic environment of overworked child labor (courtesy of Disney, who I am more than happy that they did not get their hands on our David), self-absorbed and exploitative parents, paparazzi-driven bad publicity, illegal drugs and alcohol, and an entourage of yes-men and women who do not steer you in the right direction – indeed humor and encourage you in your bad behavior.

Perhaps this 90-day jail sentence is the kind of sobering that Lindsay needs right now (her other choice was a fast death waiting ’round the corner).  And, at age 24, I hate to think that she is already “washed up” and “washed out.” Is there possible redemption waiting for her down the road?  I hope so, because she really does have the talent to rebound and transition from child stardom to respectable lead Hollywood actress and star.

But, she needs to thrive in a healthier environment.

Something that David has right now and which he will need to surround himself in if he is to be the shining star we all expect him to become.

Provided he continues to hold onto the truth and resist the culture of lies that corrupts so many of our young and talented.

May Vanessa Renee Williams’ prayer follow him wherever he goes.

Top Photo: Fan Art by Amy.