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Sunday Carol Series: Angels from the Realm of Glory

A Chance to Hear David Live!

Yes, that was my big takeaway from Kari’s tweets: that we should be saving dates for upcoming tours when David returns!

😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

Yes, that’s me doing a happy dance!

I don’t care who got offended by her tone (it must be tiring to hold back the insistent fans who want to know every and anything possible about David).

That said, please remember my blog rules about not resorting to personal insults! OK? OK – Let’s think happy thoughts, people!

Our Biggest Fears for David

What I found most intriguing about Kari’s tweet to a concerned David fan (who wanted to know if David was leaving music to pursue college) is how she seems so out of the loop about David’s non-music plans. *note my sarcasm.*

Seriously, folks! What is it about speculating about David that has some fans so … how do I say this gently? … so paranoid?

In David’s last vlog in March 2012, he promised that he would return to us and return to music.  I would like to believe this is both a promise and a plan.

I’m curious about why some fans thrive on fear, so I thought I would do a poll on this subject.

What say you, Soul Davidians?

The Voice Wins an Emmy

Congrats to The Voice for winning last night’s Emmy Award for Best Reality Competition program.  That American Idol never won (and wasn’t even perfunctorily nominated this year) only proves it’s on its last legs (been for a while now, to be honest).

Sunday Carol Series: The Cat and the Mouse

A lesser-known Christmas carol that only the Voice could deliver with such solemnity: