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Happy Halloween!

Since David and I were pretty much doing the same thing this past weekend (watching the beloved “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”), I thought I would celebrate the holiday with some videos.  Later on, I’ll weigh in on the latest debates here on SD.

In the mean time, Happy Halloween! 😛

LDS Living Interview with David Archuleta

Plugging David’s Name … And Other Icons

I mean, this must mean that David Archuleta still has some cache, right? (Thanks for sharing, Desertrat)

In other news, today is THRILL THE WORLD day, in which several folks around the world are trying to set a new world record in getting the most people to dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” today.  Read More.

I can’t participate because the snow has already started where I am, and the place where they’re doing the dance is a good 30 minutes from where I am. But, if you want to participate (it’s so much fun!), here’s the dance routine:

Wait: New Arch Angel Anthem?

Seems like we’re always “waiting” on David anyways, right? 🙂

David’s Latest Vlog