Monthly Archives: October 2015

Happy Halloween!

It’s that time of the year to fall back, get a little darker with the season, and anticipate the Christmas holidays.

That said, I’m taking an official break from Soul Davidian since I need to think through how I feel about David and his current direction and what is the meaning of this blog.

That plus I have yet more upcoming projects that need taking care of.

Happy Trick-or-Treatin’ today!

When Comebacks are Worth the Wait

Welcome back, Adele:

Still Glorious Vocals


Hey Soul Davidians,

It’s been ages since I’ve checked back here, but that might give you an idea of just how INSANELY busy my September has been. I’m just now able to enjoy some breathing room.

For those who have been able to see David Live again, hope it’s still a worthwhile experience. But judging from his recent tweets, I see he’s doubling down on his religiosity (at least he’s heading to Miami this month!):