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An Artist’s Agency: Do Fans Recognize This?

We invited by the organizer / committe & promotor of David’s concert in Jakarta 16 Juli 2011,to follow him during his trip inside Museum Gajah. Very limited, only 6 persons representatives from DavidArchieindo allowed. We not stalk / disturb him & got permission too. He very enjoy & interested about culture,histories, and stories behind it & very serious listening to the docent,watching some ancient stuff. This is for documentation.

So says the descriptor of the You Tube video documenting David’s visit to a museum in Jakarta, Indonesia, which I posted yesterday.  I must say, however, how surprising it was for me to read so many comments expressing their discomfort in seeing a fan’s video “stalking” David.

Now, I’m going to say from the onset that I saw nothing wrong with the video because:

1. I was too busy enjoying the very studious look of our Beloved.

2. I was enjoying his “posture” as he stood so straight looking at different art works.

3. I had a few spasms over his walk – his WALK!!! – y’all know how I go weak in the knees over his walk. *Fans self.*

4. David was touring the museum in what looked to be a guided group tour (these things are public, whether or not the camera folks had permission to film David or not).

5. It never dawned on me that David, a public figure who is in the midst of an Asian tour, would not have given his consent to be filmed like that.  It just never dawned on me that the camera folks would not have secured permission to film him and then broadcast it to You Tube.

And so, point #5 needs elaboration.  Seriously, folks, how passive do you think David must be to be touring a museum with a camera following him and not having the courage to say that he did not want to be filmed if he didn’t?

We talk about David’s public image and how non-fans see him as not being in control of his career or music or image, but what does it say when his own fans think he has so little control that he couldn’t simply tell a camera person (or get one of his peeps to if he didn’t want the confrontation): “Hey guys, this is my private time, so could you please put the cameras away?”

If we didn’t want to be filmed, that’s what we would say, so why not give David the agency in doing this himself?  Or (here’s a thought) perhaps this is part of David’s own publicity campaign, in which he shows himself to be an open-minded learner of culture, taking down time from his concert to learn something new! That’s what I got from it, and why I thought David is the coolest, and since I like museums too, we need to hang out together! 😛

Folks, David is his own person and is very much aware of his public persona.  Let’s give him credit where it’s due and assume that what he wants filmed of himself will be filmed.  At what point did this museum video come off as the work of paparazzi?

For me, it didn’t, and if David comes off looking pretty good in a video, I certainly don’t see the harm.  That, of course, is JMVHO! 🙂

David at the Museum

I could so hang out with this dude! 😛

I’ll be busy for the rest of the day hosting a baby shower for my best friend, so will have to catch up another day.

Next Stop, Japan?

I mean, don’t you just love how David never gives us the heads up first? I mean, we’re learning this from an Idol blogger?


So, David’s now back on this side of the Pacific and trying out an “alligator” hot dog (huh?). #WelcomeHomeDavidArchuleta. Indeed! 🙂

In the mean time, how ’bout a quick poll: what was your favorite song performed during his Asian tour?

Waking Up to This Gives Me Hope (for David’s Career)

From his final performance in Malaysia (thanks, Rae!):

Also, from what I understand, is there a #WelcomeHomeDavid twitter party planned? What time?