Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

The Soul David Album

While we speculate about what kind of album we’ll be getting from David come September (UPDATE: title is “Other Side of Down”?) and whether or not his subsequent album is done in Spanish, I thought I would share my own deep-seated desires for the album I’d really like to hear from David.

I want a Soul David album.  Nothing more, nothing less.

While a review of “Something ‘Bout Love” over at Fanscene argues that the production has too much autotune, my criticism of David’s newest single has always been that there’s “too many layers, not enough base,” which is just a clever, complicated way of saying…

There’s not enough soul.

And while others (or at least one person here on this blog) has wondered if our initial excitement over this new single has simmered down and probably won’t go back up again until we get to purchase it on iTunes or hear it on radio, I think this was only inevitable once we got some new live performances of David.

Seriously, the runs he put into “Stand By Me” on his Capitol Fourth performance – prompting a church-trained (I gather) back-up singer to testify to his taking the tune to church – the licks he gave his latest a capella version of “Angels” at his Nevada book signing, these are all evidence of the “Soul David” we know and love.  Where is THAT VOICE in “Something ‘Bout Love,” and I pray we hear more of it on his less-than-radio-friendly tracks on his album.

I want more “Soul David” I tell you! I want that Voice that prompted Star Search TV host Arsenio Hall to label him the “Soul Man from Utah” when he was a kid who won the junior competition.  I want the “Soul David” who lists among his influences Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Kirk Franklin, Natalie Cole, and Eva Cassidy.

I want the “Soul David” who stunned everyone present when he belted out “Angels” in Tulsa, OK.

I want the “Soul David” who would make any of the “blue-eyed soul singers,” like John Mayer and Ryan Thicke, sound like “wonderbread wonders” in comparison.

I want the “Soul David” who has more “soul” than any “street cred” pretender like the fetus, propped up on the backs of R&B and hip-hop artists like Usher, Ludacris, and Sean Kingston.

I want the “Soul David” who would put the likes of Usher, Ludacris, and Sean Kingston ON NOTICE!

I want the “Soul David” to emerge one day, the one who allegedly toned down his soul-influenced vocal elements to advance further in the American Idol competition.  When will he make a return?

And when will his label exploit its richness?

That’s the “Soul David” Voice I want to hear, and whether it shows up in English or Spanish, that’s the sound I’ve come to know and love and believe we ain’t heard nothing yet once it finally gets release.