Hey Soul Davidians,

It’s been ages since I’ve checked back here, but that might give you an idea of just how INSANELY busy my September has been. I’m just now able to enjoy some breathing room.

For those who have been able to see David Live again, hope it’s still a worthwhile experience. But judging from his recent tweets, I see he’s doubling down on his religiosity (at least he’s heading to Miami this month!):

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  1. One Boot Ellie

    I think you might be right. 😦

  2. To advise a 24 year old person to “give up” trying to improve himself is about as mean spirited and nasty as it comes. The patronizing “advise” from people here who never wrote a song in their life and never will is just another way of expressing the hostility that some feel about David’s new direction. The notion that great songwriters are “born” and not made is hogwash. Are great doctors “born, not made”? How about great athletes? The notion that David wasn’t born a great songwriter, and hence, will never be one and should quit trying because he wasn’t born one is another example of the B.S. that masquerades as truth on this bizarre site.

    • How about great singers are they born that way or are the made, it does seem like you have mention that David was born that way in the past.

  3. Is it a slight against David that he’s not a good songwriter? I don’t think so. In anything we do there must be a natural inclination toward it. Would a person disinterested in science be a great doctor? I don’t think so. Nor would a person who struggles in school. David’s gifted at interpreting and performing songs. Thus far he doesn’t seem to be a gifted writer. I do not see that as a bad thing. He might improve with experience, sure, but I think you have it or you don’t.

    • The question is, who decides if a given person “has it or doesn’t have it”? If a songwriter does not write songs that people like or artists want to record, the public will let them know by not buying their songs. The market will let everyone know who is or who isn’t a good songwriter No songwriter starts their career at their peak. Does anyone think Irving Berlin, or Paul McCartney didn’t start out slowly and improve over time. I could post any number of videos where McCartney says just that, and it’s silly to think otherwise. Was Babe Ruth a great hitter the first time he picked up a bat even though he was “born” to hit? Of course not.

      The issue here is that people are advising David to “give up” songwriting because they say his work is inferior so far. Nowhere else do we see this said about David’s songwriting, and in fact, the exact opposite is posted everywhere I look. This site is populated primarily by those remaining few disgruntled older fans who feel that David has jilted them and used them pre Mission by pretending to love and prioritize them. They also think that he used that deception to bankroll his real love, the LDS Church and LDS fans. In other words, they are insane, and everything they write about him, including that he should quit being a songwriter is motivated by their vindictive feelings of betrayal. This is not merely my opinion, This is based on actual posts by the regular posters on this site for the past 3 1/2 years.

      • Oh bliss its so laughable how much you protest against this site when in fact you actually aren’t any different than anyone that comments here, we all enjoy it including you. If the ‘few disgruntled older fans” don’t matter one iota,why, why why does it matter to you…and that someone has to defend David is not why you keep commenting, I just don’t by it. Btw, why comment here about fans that are talking about David’s hair, appearance, etc…why not take your comment to the site that fans are talking about that part,

      • Tread lightly CQ, you screwed up big time a few threads ago. This site serves a purpose in that it highlights all the myths and lies about David that need to be unearthed and eliminated. We wouldn’t want it to close because of your carelessness.

      • Lol, oh bliss you are very entertaining, I’ll give you that.

      • The Elephant in the Room

        This site is populated by realists. The other sites are purely fan sites and of course they will buy anything he is selling, literally and figuratively. Same for those who post replies to him on twitter and other places. Fan sites are fine things. They do not need or want to be critical and real.

        Who decides who has it? You said yourself, the public will let an artist know. Last I saw, David’s own songs are not being downloaded off itunes at record rates.

        David has been writing for at least 9 years that I know of. He is not a neophyte in that area. Why do you persist in infantilizing him? He is almost 25 which by any account is a fully grown man.

        Blah blah blah, you are the one who repeats your mantra ad nauseam. No one cares, including David.

    • The Elephant in the Room

      Very well said.

      • The Elephant in the Room

        Very well said was to nametbd. Thank you

      • Have to agree that many that post here are just realists. I know I am. lol. I don’t even ever go on any other fan sites. No reason to. I really wish David would think about doing a Broadway musical for a few months. I think that it would be good for his career and a good learning experience for him. 🙂 cq-Did you see that Maks is going to be on DWTS as a guest judge next week? I like Maks. 🙂

      • Hope, yep saw that about Maks! One of my favorites too.:) Bindi might not win, but I sure am enjoying watching her…very touching tribute to her dad on the last show.

    • Nametbd, yes I agree. He is gifted with a great voice and thus far his writing is something that he needs to keep working to improve and I do believe he has been writing for quite a while. A lot of gifted singers use gifted writers to write for them, nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their strengths and also weakness, David is no different.

  4. He still doesn’t write worth a lick.

  5. The question still remains, if David is such an inferior artist, why do people come to a website devoted to him every day to comment? And why shouldn’t David taken advantage of all opportunities that come his way, even if it’s through his church contacts? If he got a gig because of his AI contacts it would be the same thing. And why is there such disdain shown about anyone he works that happens to be LDS? They are talented artists too . If I don’t like an artist I don’t follow them on the internet or feel the need to go to a fan site to let everyone know I no longer like them.

    • With do respect, Moelita, not all that post here think David is an inferior artist. For me I feel he is super talent that may or may not ever become the successful artist that I feel his talent warrant it to be and yes, you are correct about him taking avantage of opportunities that come his way. My only thought is how many opportunities did he pass up because it wasn’t part of his community.

  6. He was paid $5,000 for singing two songs at BYU Homecoming Opening Ceremonies.

    His rider is here:


  7. Omg! He requires all this???? SMH

  8. Although, it looks like a lot of it is for his voice box. Gotta keep that voice and throat on the wet and juicy side. Lol

    • OK, Lets keep talking

      The list of items he requires seems like a lot, but I would guess not all of it is just for him. The snacks for example are probably for anyone who visits him in his dressing room like family members & friends. It may seem a bit Diva-like when you read the list especially asking for specific brands of certain items life ‘Fiji Water (no exceptions) 12 cold 12 room temperature” and other similar requests, but it’s nothing like some of the lists I’ve seen of other artists requirements. I think the request for a “comfortable well furnished” dressing room may have been a request made on his behalf by Kari or Gina because he’ll probably be spending a lot of time in the privacy of his dressing room before & after the shows.

      Not sure how true it is that he was paid $5000.00 for appearing & singing a couple of songs at the pep rally though.

      • I agree. Only someone who has not read Mariah Carey’s rider would think David’s resembles it. I forget where I saw a lot of them published but David’s is very much on the inexpensive and small side.

        Lemon juice, salt, and vinegar for his throat I assume. Yuck!

      • Yes this is true. I guess the water request is the big one for me. I mean, why that brand and only brand. That seems a little over the top. To each his own. he better get it while the getting is good. Not sure how much longer this career will last.

      • lol, really I’m very glad that he is given a space to relax and have things that make him comfortable available. I know that some star requests are over the top, but really I find that having things that make a performer comfortable before and after performing is not unreasonable.

  9. Gay Barr (Roseanne's sister)

    Blisskasden said,
    “The question is, who decides if a given person “has it or doesn’t have it”? If a songwriter does not write songs that people like or artists want to record, the public will let them know by not buying their songs. The market will let everyone know who is or who isn’t a good songwriter

    Starting with TOSOD, the market/public has done did Exactly that. Call it what you want – bad management, poor promotion, bad timing, the law of diminishing returns – the facts are that the public ain’t been buying what David’s been selling since that dud. I think he lost all his confidence after the album flopped and he parted from Jive. That would be a huge hit to anyone’s ego, and we can see David’s is fragile as an eggshell. It doesn’t nor should spare him or his “career” from being objectively or critically assessed within or from without his fandom. It doesn’t do him any favors to be coddled, to be surrounded by yes men or people too afraid to tell him the truth. I think he has problems dealing with what we outside of his LDS bubble call the “real world”. Maybe staying in his sheltered LDS world is best for him. I don’t believe it’s all love for Heavenly Father that drives him or keeps him in the bubble. It’s fear… of failure, of the “real world”, not being good enough. He comes across as the most depressed and miserable 24yr old I know. He should have the world on a string, but he chooses to be numb., hich for those who still follow him is ridiculous

    • The Elephant in the Room

      Life is hard. If I had somewhere like an “LDS bubble” to hide in, I might want to also. Just saying I can understand why he might want to do this. I think he is exceptionally fragile and way too much lives in his head. This could be because he was apparently coddled by his mother especially as he was growing up. However, yes however haha, he is a man now and no excuses. Time to grow up.

  10. ITA w/Elephant in the room @12:35 P.M. I think he’s warring with himself about “the real me”, who I really am”. I think many will breathe easy when he just comes clean.

  11. To anyone who is curious about the process of creativity and/or whether creative people are made or born, I suggest the book “Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Some of it is rough going, but the 10 characteristics of uber-creative people are very interesting. (Okay, I forget what the author calls the talented people he was studying.) One person was quoted as saying something like, “To have good ideas, you must also have terrible ideas. Otherwise you’re not coming up with new ideas.”

    On a different subject, David Cook is performing a show in my area (Seattle) this weekend at a tavern that holds about 300 people. It’s not sold out. Compare that to David’s impact on the BYU spectacular and tell me who is and isn’t successful.

    • Missbianca I’m very happy about the BYU gig for tomorrow and Friday. Seeing the videos of him performing already gives me a feeling of the old David…a star that is enjoying all the hoopla…but again it could be because it’s his comfortable zone, but even then, so happy for David. Now comparing this to Cook’s gig, hum, not really fair, but comparing Cook’s gig to David own show is a fair comparison.

      • Someone from BYU was quoted saying that they’d never sold out the BYU Spectaculars before and they even added 1800 seats for this one. That’s the impact I was referring to.

        But still, can you imagine David performing for only 300 people? I really can’t!

    • What exactly is “David’s impact”? It’s an event that the students attend in any case, year after year, regardless of who is performing.

    • The Elephant in the Room

      David Archuleta would be playing to the small crowds just like David Cook if not for his star “LDS Returned Missionary” status.

  12. if david is gay, and i’m not saying he is, that would explain his confusion and angst these last 7 years. being that right now he is the main celebrity spokesperson for the Mormon church, if he came out as gay it would be a huge scandal with half of his fans cheering and the other half horrified. i’m sure he would prefer to have a normal life and family so really all we can do right now is to pray for him.

    • Is he or isn’t he? That question has been following David since he was in middle school. He’s always had effeminate mannerisms although he has made a concerted effort to be less obvious. That in itself does not mean he is gay. He may very well be bi-sexual or more likely Asexual.

      At any rate, David will get married someday and will have children. Gay or not, marriage is a must and will be in his future. There’s many “arranged marriages” between gay LDS men who are RM and single LDS women who are looking for a husband and are willing to have children with a gay husband, even if in vitro fertilization turns out to be the only way.

      Anyway, it really matters not one bit to me one way or another. But there are lots of ladies on the fan sites who would be crushed! I would just really love to see David in a real loving relationship with someone. Who knows, maybe the rumor that he has a serious GF who is on a mission at this time and is the reason he’s not dating anyone “specific” at this time. I hope it’s true! 😉

      • The Elephant in the Room

        Yes, I hope he finds happiness however he can. I just feel bad for those who are very religious (whatever denomination) who either can’t admit their sexual orientation to themselves or feel the need to hide it to fit in and also to please God, or their perception of pleasing God.. Even now we still hear from those who have been rejected by family and friends when they come out as something other than straight. I pray for the haters that their hearts will be softened and they come to understand that God made us all whether we are gay, straight, bi etc.

  13. Missbianca didn’t you get the memo? He is doing a gig at a LDS university. These aren’t real people. They don’t count. Even though they said the demand for tickets was crazy this year and he is playing for 18000 people over a 2 night period, it doesn’t count. David Cook playing for less than 300 peeps is where it’s at.

    • Moelita, if you notice, no one ever answers the question of why they still post on a site devoted to an artist they have no use for. Given how they are constantly congratulating themselves for “keeping it real”, it’s noteworthy that they “keep it phony” when asked the one question that cries out for an answer.

      • I’d bet that there are many fans who honestly & wholeheartedly bought into the storyline Idol created and David was complicit in selling and are trying to make sense of it all.There are people who feel legitimately duped and lied to and have no outlet other than this site to try to sort it out with other like minded commeners. Doesn’t make them bad people, or ogres – just people. This site for many is not a “fan” site” in the traditional sense. It may have begun that way,but it has expanded IMO to be a gathering spot for former true believers and former ODD’ers who have no where else in “real life” to voice their confusion, hurt, disillusionment, etc. That’s why we defend our right to speak whatever is on our minds here. FOD and the other “fan sites” are there for those who still believe in the dream. Give me SOUL DAVID .

      • SoulDavid fan, you’re right about one thing. This site is definitely not a fan site. No fan would ever degrade and insult a celebrity they were were a fan of the way they do on this blog. It’s shame that HG, once a great fan of David’s permits this, but I guess she’s one of those who feel “duped and lied to”, and is happy to allow others to speak for her. Otherwise, why would she allow people to say the things they say about David “in her house”?

      • The Elephant in the Room

        Blisskasden, Blah blah blah. Do you ever have a new thought or comment? I guess it’s just easier to cut and paste all the stuff you’ve said before over and over.

    • The Elephant in the Room

      Oh moelita, you know yourself that Archie is where he is due to his status in his church. Let’s see him sell out Madison Square Garden and I will admit you are correct and eat my humble pie.

  14. Cook to me is a hack, but in hindsight he deserved to win S7. David was in no way prepared to win, probably would have imploded from the pressure. Cook’s maturity and life experience knocking around the bar band scene gave him the mental toughness and fortitude to deal with the Idol crazy and life after . His music sucks, but he’s still hanging in there.

    • Perfect comment. Cook sucks but I agree it’s good that he won.

    • Now Cook sucks too, lol? Why does he suck and if he does, why do you think he “deserved to win S7″? Why do you think that someone who ‘sucks” deserves to win a singing competition where thousands of people compete? Shouldn’t the winner be someone who doesn’t suck?

      • Let me ask you something bliss, knowing what we know now about David’s struggles, do you think it would be less stressful for him to be the winner? I’m not a fan of Cook, but, as Bj longbottom (btw some of these names are cracking me up, lol) said, yes he was more equiped to handle the pressure. If you go by pure singing talent, there has been a number of Idols that didn’t win or even came in second, that should of won.

      • The commenters expressed their personal opinion about Cook’s music. Unlike you, they don’t think that their opinion is the absolute truth. Like you said, the buying public decides, and Cook sold more than 10,000 copies of his album in its first week. Without a label, this is considered to be an excellent result. Also, you have previously said that the results of talent shows are meaningless and that David is the real winner of S7, so why the fuss.

      • CQ, American Idol was, by itself, an extremely stressful experience for David, and I’m sure we don’t know the half of it. Unlike all the other years, the 2 David’s were treated as co-winners, and from what I read, David was the only runner up to be signed to a contract on the night of the results show. David was a sensation during the AI tour (we’ve all seen those videos. The hysteria for David was Beatles-esque). I’m sure the pressure was overwhelming for David, and I don’t know that winning or finishing 2nd would have made much of a difference. Frankly, I don’t know how he withstood all the attention and madness that followed him everywhere. I was at his CD signing in NYC, and the reception he received by the overflow crowd is still ringing in my ears. Remember Cook was 26 and David was 17.

        Btw, the screen name BJ longbottom is another sexual reference the same poster. BJ refers to oral sex and long bottom refers to the size of either his penis or the guy he is giving the BJ to., lol. The poster is definitely a guy, probably Peter. Classy stuff.

      • The Elephant in the Room

        Good Lord, blisskasden. Why must you persist in trying to discredit posters here. I think we all know what some of the user names mean without you having to point it out as if you are the superior one who gets the joke? That just illustrates your insecurity. A secure person does not have to point out the obvious.

        As for Cook vs Archie, no doubt their season was the most successful since the first 2 seasons and was the last season that was successful in the franchise. Cook did not deserve to win on talent alone, but he was mature enough to know how to play the game, and sometimes that alone deserves the win. David was way too young and from what has been said, may have been pushed by his Dad. I do admire how he withstood the pressures outwardly, but we all know now that he was a total mess when not in public (by his own admission). One thing I think David does really well (besides singing which he has amazing talent) is push aside things he can’t or doesn’t want to deal with when he has to.

  15. I don’t understand this “fan” site. It’s not respectful to David at all. This is mentioned under A Few House Rules: “The subject of this blog is David Archuleta. No topic is off limits, but always be respectful of both David and each other. Any comments containing personal attacks WILL be deleted.” Are any disrespectful comments ever deleted? Just curious….

    • Lisa, the House Rules on this site are meaningless. The site has been taken over by a small group of bitter ex fans who use the site to vent their endless rage at David for the imaginary crime of “duping fans and lying” to them about a host of non existent promises and for the “unforgivable” crime of prioritizing his religion over his secular career. Read the post by “Souldavid fan” tonight at 10:44 above. It will give you some idea of how these people feel. Their numbers have mercifully dwindled, but, as you saw today, there are still some who just cannot let go of their anger at David for having the unmitigated gall to grow up and change his focus in life.

      The House Rules should now read, “say whatever you want about David, no matter how demeaning and disrespectful, and make sure you bash the LDS Church every chance you get because it is that damn religion that stole our fantasy.”

      • The Elephant in the Room

        Thank goodness HG is a free thinker and allows free speech. You, blisskasden, would have been banned ages ago since you are the one who most deals in personal attacks on the other posters.

  16. Bliss you protest about the house rule not be obeyed, but what the heck that description, real classy to do, right!! real nice way to respect David.

  17. I agree with cotton candy that a non-conventional sexual orientation could be the source of a lot of angst for him, and also a possible reason for him to be doubling down on the religious stuff. That’s how it was for Benji Schwimmer and another actor whose interviews I heard. They came back from their missions convinced that they had proved worthy enough to be rewarded with a lovely Mormon bride, despite being gay. They went turbo-religious for a time post-mission trying to make it work, but reality finally set in.

    I think that the BYU Spectacular will have tons of talent, not the least David’s, but I had to laugh at the idea of him being too sophisticated for the unworthys of SD, having watched the latest videos of him singing “Crush” for wildly shrieking coeds, performing along with the “Cougarettes”, and his aw-shucks cuteness afterwards.

  18. David singing Crush for the millionth time in a plaid shirt and pants is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2009. I need to up my sophistication game I guess. Beatlesque hysteria for David? Are you delusional or are you trying to wind us up? Loud, Enthusiastic crowds yes, Beatlesque hysteria? LOLOLOLOL. Pay this fool no attention SD’ers – they’re either nuts or just stupid. I’m betting on the latter.

  19. The elephant in the room. I didn’t say David could sell out Madison Square Garden, I said he should take advantage of any opportunities he gets even if it is through church contacts. It’s done every day in every profession. He would be foolish to pass up the opportunity And no one has answered my question of why people post on a fan site for an artist they clearly don’t like? This thread has 150 comments and you would be hard pressed to find 30 that are positive. It’s easy to hide behind a computer screen and 20 different user names and make snarky comments or question someone’s sexual orientation. If David were standing in front of you it would be a different reaction.

    • Moelita I respect your right to voice your opinion like I do anyone else, but most of your comments are not positive either, more about complaining about others that comments, which, imo, is not positive either.

    • The Elephant in the Room

      I agree moelita, he has every right to take advantage of any opportunities sent his way, church or secular. He would be a fool not to.

    • I think that the orientation question is not as off-topic as it might be if he didn’t have such an unusual attitude about love songs and in light of the really complicated issues surrounding his religion and his “idol” persona, and the masses of girls screaming “marry me” that he deals with constantly, etc. etc. He’s a puzzle in more ways than one.

  20. cq my comments about David are positive for the most part. if people are not following the rules of being respectful to David , why on earth should they be shown any respect?. as for your perception that I am complaining about other posters all the time, you just did the same thing to me and adding IMO doesn’t change that fact. I would love to come on this site and have an intelligent and thoughtful discussion about David, his career, his career choices, his music, even his looks, but that doesn’t happen here. like I said it’s easy to sit behind a computer and send off snarky comments, but David is a human being with feelings and flaws, just like the rest of us and that is rarely taken into account on this site. I know people will say that it doesn’t matter because David doesn’t read fan sites, but I still say if you wouldn’t go up ad say it to his face then don’t hide behind a screen name and post it online.

    • Fair enough Moelita, but really you could carry that conversation on other sites and be with fans that share your thoughts. As far as carry a conversation about his career choices, his music and his looks, hum, what you are saying only positive conversation about his career choices, his music and, lol, interesting, (lol) his looks should be done, another words as long as everyone has a rosy look at what is going on with David is the only conversation that ever should be done. I doubt that is ever going to happen here.

    • The Elephant in the Room

      moelita, I would most certainly ask David some hard questions if I were to ever be able to sit down with him and chat. I would do this with just about anyone in public life and would expect them to question me as well in that type of situation. I’m sorry you feel that this is disrespectful but so be it. I am not one to mince words. I call it as I see it here and in my everyday life and I see that when one opens himself to scrutiny by choosing a public life, there is no room to complain when the result of their choice is public scrutiny and comment. Unless you feel David has not chosen the life he is leading…………………

    • Moelita, this site is the site for people who have problems with David. As you have seen with CQ’s posts to you, the goal is to rid the site of anyone who accepts David as he is and enjoy what he has to offer. They’ve been trying to get rid of me for years because I interfere and challenge their agenda. They want a environment free of any supporters of David so they can share with each other exclusively all that they dislike about David.

      They talk about “free speech” but it only applies to their speech. Instead of allowing you to post what you want, CQ will always be the first to tell you to “go elsewhere” and that you have “a right to express your opinions”, as if she is doing you a favor. They view this site as “their’ site and are very protective of it, because there are no others sites that tolerate disrespect of David.,

      The goal is to get rid of you by badgering and harassing you to the point that you give up and leave. It’s been done to many other supporters. They want you out of their neighborhood. I’m still here and I urge you to do the same. You are an articulate supporter of David and a breath of fresh air on a site in dire need of sanity.

      As for HG, she has no interest in what is posted about David on her site. She opens and shuts down the site at her whim, so appealing to her to enforce her guidelines would be fruitless.

      • Sorry Bliss that wasn’t my intention at all, Moetita can do whatever she wishes, like anyone else that posts here.

  21. Bliss we are all adults on his site, or at least I think we are, and Hg should not have to police comments. I’m sure she is way too busy to go through comments here every day and delete any. She does provide a place where people with differing opinions can come and have a discussion. I just wish we would have an intelligent discussion. If you don’t like the direction David has taken with his career then post that and why you think it so. If you like his music and the direction he is taking you should be able to post that and not be told you are rainbows and unicorns. We should be able to have a back and forth intelligent conversation. It used to be that way on this site I hope it can go back to that again.

    • The Elephant in the Room

      moelita, I think and hope, as David builds a new body of work, there will be more discussion about his work. We all agree he has the voice. If you want to talk looks, he has those also. I’m not a fan of his religious music nor his current look so my comments would be negative in nature. I am not a fan of Numb. I am a huge fan of his voice and hope he finds new music that shows it off. I like his covers. I love some of the covers he did recently, his voice is richer (when he wasn’t ill obviously) on the songs he “re-covered”. I am concerned that he is not open to using his gift fully while cocooning himself in LDS events and LDS collaborations. There is a whole wide world of music out there and lots that is “clean and wholesome” and also popular and current. Not everything in pop music and culture is evil and dirty, as seems to be the opinion on one popular David fansite. That’s why I started coming here. I can love David’s voice while still being objective and realistic.

    • Moelita, frankly I don;t know what HGs feelings are about her site. She obviously created the site because she admired and was a fan of David’s. She posted regularly on other sites back in 2008/09 and was always a very positive person. She must read what is posted here or why bother having a site? I do find it curious that she never participates in any discussion and shuts down comments for weeks on end without any notice or reason for doing so.It’s as if the posters don’t exist.

      I too would welcome an intelligent discussion about David’s music and career with those who disagree with David’s choices. However, what goes on here is perpetual blaming, shaming, mocking and disrespecting David and his religion. No one “owns” their feelings about him or his career. They see themselves as “victims” of David’s rejection of them. It’s all very personal to them. We’ve read posts here that point out all the money spent on David pre-Mission that was “wasted” because he no longer interacts with fans on a day to day basis. To these people, David is not a celebrity and singer to be enjoyed when he chooses to perform and record. David is someone in their personal life that owes them direct communication and explanations for his choices and direction, and not doing so is seen as a personal slight. If these were 15 year olds, I could understand it, but these are people in their 40s, 50s and 60s who feel this way. It’s mind boggling.

      • The Elephant in the Room

        You don’t know me. I am a victim of nothing blisskasden. Your sweeping declarations and generalizations and use of inflammatory rhetoric is getting very old and worn. I do not feel rejected by David. How can he reject me? He doesn’t know I exist? Maybe one or two posters have said they feel rejected or used. I don’t see that happen often and certainly not by all “them’ and “they”.

        Yes, David’s music is personal to me. His voice touches me when he sings. His sweet countenance touches me. That is why I care about his path and body of work and I own that, blisskasden.

      • TEITR. if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. However, if you think that my “generalization” doesn’t refer to the vast majority of posters here over the past 3 1/2 years, then you need to go back and read what has been posted here. You ask “how can he reject me. He doesn’t even know that I exist”. I agree, yet post after post by adult after adult has expressed that he he can and has rejected them.. Of course the term “rejection” is never used because that would make the poster look foolish, but the sentiment is clear as day.

        You posted this earlier “Thank goodness HG is a free thinker and allows free speech. You, blisskasden, would have been banned ages ago since you are the one who most deals in personal attacks on the other posters”

        Really? HG has allowed David to be called every name in the book on this site and no one has been banned or even called out for doing so. Why is that? Have you read her guidelines? They’re a joke. I’m a lightweight in comparison to the attackers of David on here.

      • The Elephant in the Room

        blisskasden, you seem obsessed with HG and how she runs her site. You criticize her yet you continue to post freely here and take advantage of her good will concerning her site. It is her site and she is free to run it as she wishes. Why can’t you understand that? More likely you are not willing to accept it and just delight in regurgitating the same old stuff day after day. You love the attention. Am I contributing to your thrill? Admittedly, yes I am. Maybe after a while I will get more tired of your “same old, same old” and learn to ignore you. Right now, I am still up for the debate.

  22. See this is what I mean, we are having a conversation. I didn’t mean to imply that people could not disagree with David’s choices or with each other, I guess I just want the discussion to be civilized. It takes me forever to write a comment because I am always second guessing myself and trying to express myself without offending anyone. Now sometimes someone will get my dander up and I’ll write a comment and press send when I shouldn’t. Sometimes when I read my comment before posting I’ll delete the whole thing and go somewhere and calm down. I known everyone has a right to express an opinion and I have the right to disagree. How I voice that opinion is all on me .

    • The Elephant in the Room

      moelita, thank you. You are enriching this site with your thoughtful comments. We can disagree civilly and we probably agree about a lot of things.

    • No problem about conversation, that’s ok with me too. Yes, there will always be the occaasional commenter that want to say crap and nothing else, but to say all that post here are that way, imo, is what makes me reply to certain comments.
      Moelita, as I said above, I absolutely didn’t mean you should not comment here, I enjoy your comment just like everyone else, sure, some are, Yikes, but for the most part it’s just fans that see David’s musicial potential and want to see it him succeed and possibly don’t see that full potential happening right now.

      • The Elephant in the Room

        cq, you made an excellent point. Rather than say fans feel rejected among other things which causes them to criticize, your point is accurate. Fans get frustrated because they see his amazing talent and potential and wish he would recognize it more in himself. We want only to see him succeed because of the huge potential he can have to spread good and light in the world.

        Imagine if he was well known in this country and used that notoriety to influence kids to be kinder to others, volunteer their services etc. The potential for him to do good would be amazing. That is a main frustration for me and has been. He can’t see that popularity with the masses and being mainstream has influence that is unlimited.

    • TEITR, so you feel that when “fans” call David a liar, a phony and a manipulator, call his music “amateurish and crappy”, make all sorts of allegations about his sexual orientation, and refer to his constitutionally protected religious beliefs in the most crude and disrespectful manner, they are only doing it because “We want only to see him succeed because of the huge potential he can have to spread good and light in the world.”

      If you really want him to succeed, you need to learn your place and let David, who is the artist, not you or his other “concerned fans”, do what HE feels is best to achieve HIS goals in life, which may or may not be related to what his “fans” want.

      • The Elephant in the Room

        I need to learn my place? Who the he*l are you to say that to me? You are acting more and more like the jilted lover you accuse others of feeling like. Oh my goodness.

      • Whet do you mean about knowing ones place?

      • TEITR, relax. By “your place” I mean your place, my place and every fans’ place. We are the recipients of David’s talents. Like every artist who ever lived, David creates and we consume what he creates. It’s one thing to have an opinion about what we’d like from an artist, it’s quite another to think that the artist “owes” his fans to do or be what the fans want, and feel “duped” when they don’t get what they want. That is what happens here.

        I wasn’t happy when the Beatles grew out of their pop phase and into more “serious” music, but I realized that it was not my call to make, and I was a kid. It is not our call to make as to what David does musically or personally, and to think otherwise is delusional and more than a little nutty.

      • You are right we are the reciptents of an artist talent.
        It seems like you have a big problem with any discussion regarding career decision David, is making or made that in any way would doesn’t express that he is doing exactly what should being doing is wrong and as fans that conversation should be off the plate for any fan to discuss, is that correct?

      • Sorry the word would doesn’t belong

      • blisskasden, your ridiculous back pedaling at 5:33 is laughable. I know darn well what you meant by knowing my place. You are so transparent you are thinner than cling wrap.

      • Anne, welcome back from your 15th self declared exile from this site. I guess the last “I’m leaving this site” didn’t take either. Of course it didn’t because you never really leave. You lurk regularly, and when you have something irrelevant and idiotic to say, like you just did tonight, voila, here you are again. Thanks for sharing. Now you can go back to watching DWTS or is it Duck Dynasty. Time for you to go back into hiding until next time. It won’t be long.

  23. I really think David is painfully shy. Some stars say they are shy and then have no problem getting up on stage half naked. In the recent video with that guy he is guesting with in Florida you could see how David just wanted to fad into the background. I think he may have a hard time seeing himself as a big deal. Whenever he is in the vicinity of another singer or artist it seems to me he always thinks the other person is more talented than he is. It’s like he can’t trust that people are there to see him because he is super talented. When he gets up on stage you can see how much he loves to perform and interact with the audience, but when it comes to self promotion you can see he is very uncomfortable. Maybe that is why he seems to stay around his own peeps. It’s something he will have to work on going forward. That is something I would tell him face to face. He is loved for his talent and his beautiful heart and not just because he is small and cute to look at.

    • The Elephant in the Room

      Good points. Some people are extremely awkward in public and don’t have the confidence to accept accolades. I agree, David seems shy. I have heard interviews with actors who can’t get a full sentence out but are great when speaking others’ words on stage or in a film.

    • Moelita, Barbra Streisand, arguably the best and most successful female singer of all time, has been very forthcoming that she suffers from severe stage fright and “hates” to perform live. Adele is another and the list is long and acclaimed. Sinatra said that he was always nervous prior to a performance-SINATRA, for Pete sake. David has performed live hundreds of times, including at the S7 finale of AI in front of thousands in the audience and 30 million home viewers He was 17 years old at the time and still gave a 3 song performance that is the stuff of legends. David is extremely modest and humble. These are attributes, not shortcomings, and do not manifest on stage. I have been to shows where David had to deal with a broken piano and, one week later, becoming the brunt of good natured sabotage by his band and crew, and he handled both with his signature charm and professionalism. No worries about David. The stage is his office and he is large and in charge on every stage fortunate enough to have him perform.

  24. Bliss I’m not talking about when he is on stage. Then you can see how much he loves performing. I’m talking about the times when he is in the presence of other artists. Even people who have not had the same success as him or are just starting out, he seems to think or he gives the impression that he thinks they are more talented than he is. When I see videos of David onstage I am always amazed at his incredible talent. I mean what David can do to a song on stage is beautiful. It doesn’t matter if he is accompanied by a track, a lone piano, or a full orchestra, his voice is absolutely beautiful. But I don’t think he can see that. He must know he has an incredible gift . I just hope that he can or whoever is producing his new music can bring the intensity of his live performances to his recorded work. I feel that talent such as David’s should be heard and appreciated by everyone. I just don’t think David has found d his niche yet and when he does I hope he gets all the accolades he has earned and deserves. You can probably tell I’m a huge fan.😊

  25. Tonight’s BYU gig is the biggest audience David has had since his AI days and even the biggest ever, I think?!? not sure. Here’s hoping that all goes well and he thoroughly enjoys every minute..hoping for some videos.

    • 80,000 to 100,000 in Asia, I believe.

      • Your right cc halo, totally forgot..sigh, man, what a great tour…he seemed so happy.

      • You know it’s funny that he was so popular in Asia, and yet from what he had said since his mission, it had to have been a huge nightmare for him–having to be “on” all of the time, having crowds of people rush him and having to sing all of those icky love songs that he was just dissing at his concert. Since he had an almost one year break, “laying the foundation” prior to that, all of the stress and fake-ness he talks about were pretty old news until the whirlwind Asian soap opera trip.

      • (I’m talking about his more recent Asian trip–but who can tell if he was really happy on any of those trips?)

      • Yes, you are right, who in the heck knows if that fabulous tour brought any amount of joy to him…couldn’t he see the joy he brought to so many?!?!

      • perhaps the wrong type of joy, who knows.

    • The MOTAB audiences were like 21,000 each. Surreal.

  26. Yes, HG is an academic and believer in an open forum. However, even she has told bliss to “Hit the Road, Jack” more than once.

    • Hey, CChalo, look what I found on my twitter. HG only follows 62 people on twitter, yet she deems me worthy of a follow. Is she following you? “Hit the road, Jill.”

      @hello_g0rge0us FOLLOWS YOU

  27. Anita Mannteux

    ya know what they say- keep yer friends close and yo enimies closer.

  28. Bliss Gave Me a Pearl Necklace

    You should make HG unfollow you Bluss,seeing as how she allows such traitorous and slanderous things to be said about your boy. Like a petulant child, you crave attention, good or bad.You’ve shown yourself to be a needy, insecure,ass kissing bitter loathsome toady suck up depending on your audience who nows FARRRRRR too much about gay culture and slang for an ALLEGED straight man.

  29. Why thanks Bliss for the welcome back. However I think its only my 11th return. I heard there was a party going on here LOL

  30. I realize that tight’s concert is a non event around here because it was at BYU and the place was overloaded with the dreaded Mormons, but here are some tweets from those who were there:

    Naomi Mckeown ‏@Naomi__mck 10m10 minutes ago
    David archuleta’s voice is unbelievable, absolutely flawless

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN❤ ‏@gabbybieber94 11m11 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie that was amazing u sooo good i almost cried and it was thebest first concert

    Kayla Taculog ‏@kaylalani_21 16m16 minutes ago
    Seriously the best night I’ve had in the longest time. Thanks for making it special, @DavidArchie. 😍😍 #byuspectacular

    WingsFOD ‏@WingsFOD 1m1 minute ago
    @DavidArchie @kariontour @BYUVocalPoint The performance of Nearer My God To Thee was a sincere,heartfelt, gorgeous, mind blowing Masterpiece

    Michelle Pfeifer ‏@michellepfeif95 5m5 minutes ago
    David Archuleta is perfect😍😍😍 #concert #datenight #thanksmom

    I saw a couple of periscope videos of David’s performances, including” Imagine” and “Everybody Hurts”. All I have to say is, David is to be enjoyed, not dissected.

    • why bring everything you post down, you are unbelievable… why not just how wonderful David did and stop being such a downer.

      • I’m a downer? How about David is performing at a major event tonight and not one person on this blog had anything to say about it. You just don’t like having your bitterness and disdain for David’s religion pointed out to you. David is being celebrated on every other site and twitter is awash with joy and praise, and this site pretends that nothing happened tonight. The silence on this site tonight says everything anyone has to know about the pettiness and coldness that abounds on this sad, outdated place.

    • Btw, bliss I absolutely new that David would be received fabulously at this event!!! Thrilled for him.

      • CQ,. You have something to say about everything, but until I posted, you were dead silent. on tonight’s concert. You’re “thrilled for him?” When were you going to post that? If I didn’t post those tweets, this site would have ignored the entire event like it never happened. Why? Because it took place at BYU, that’s why.

    • Yep, bliss you are very entertaining, lol.

  31. The first line should read …tonight’s concert

  32. lol, just saw a video of David leaving BYU screaming girls chasing the car.ROCK STAR! 🙂

  33. Dang don’t have Periscope, hope for some youtube videos…would like especially to hear Imagine.

  34. OK, let's talk

    I see this blog has once again turned into Bliss’ own personal playground. And the sad part is the others here allowed it by engaging with him in his same old tired rhetoric. This blog is the most interesting site because of the different pro & con perspectives about David and other topics. But Bliss makes it a war zone of words.

    Why allow him to take over? I find it quite easy to ignore his responses to my few comments. Try it. Don’t let him take over this blog again. Just scroll on down. All he does is attack everything that is said anyway and it gets old because he says the same thing.

    BTW, when he comments at FOD about how great David is, I notice NOBODY there responds to his glowing comments about David because nobody cares what Bliss thinks about anything. So he comes here because here he’s allowed to take over. Why let him?


  35. Bliss Gave Me a Lovely Teabag

    What is there to be excited about, David singing the same songs for a college homecoming weekend he’s sang in concert since 2009? Watch ARCHIVE concerts from 2008-2012. He’s predictable to the point of boring.

    • Hey Teabag, I wonder if the fine ladies on this site know what Teabag means. I’m from NY , so I know stuff like this, but it’s too sleazy to describe, even on this site. I’m sure you are very familiar with teabagging, however.

      I see that you’re still posting about how boring David is. What would David have to do to get those juices going for you? Given your use of screen names, I shudder to think what that might be.

  36. I think that nobody here has ever had any doubt regarding David’s performance at the BYU concerts.He had to be awesome as usual. We are just expecting videos to enjoy his job , that’s all. Comments will be followed.

  37. Thanks to the lovely JR, all BYU videos are posted at TDC – Everybody Hurts will make you sigh. Imagine is gorgeous – such vocal control. To sing loud and high and then in a whisper is a gift.

    • Thanks marlie7 for posting where the videos were on TDC. 🙂 I am just going to post a few here at SD.

    • Hi Marlie, David was fantastic last night, and the audience of primarily college students, male and female, went ballistic over his performances. Thanks for the heads up on the videos. I’ve seen most of them already, and they are proof positive that David has matured and grown into an adult performer of the first quality. The future will only get even brighter, and those who choose to look forward, not backward, will reap the rewards.

  38. Thanks Hope for bringing over the videos…one thing for sure, imo, David is a phenomenal singer,..Imagine really showed his control. It seemed like it was at a slower pace so to me it really showed the maturity in his voice. I will forever will think that he could be amongst the greats of his time…whether that will happen, who knows, but following that musicial journey is still interesting to me.
    Ok, being that this site is about critical thinking (lol, of course, omo), I do have to say that it seems at times like the music was from a marching band, just didn’t care for it to much… But all and all was very happy that all went very well for David.

  39. I know you are very busy Hg, but I sure would love to get your thoughts about David latest videos, music direction, what you think of Numb…LOL, I know, yikes, a lot of questions.

  40. Btw, the angst in his voice, WOW!!!!

  41. Thank you Hope for the videos.
    Everybody hurts and Imagine are my favourite.His voice is beautiful.
    Did he say “imagine there’s no heaven”…? WAOW !!! He is making progress !
    Come on, David ,make an effort with the second verse and it will be perfect …
    It’s easy if you try you know…!!! lol
    Maybe “Nearer My God To Thee” is technically correct but isn’t my cup of tea at all in this kind of event.

    • “Nearer My God To Thee” may not have been your cup of tea, but, from the look and sound of the audience, it was a whole pot of tea for them. Great music is great music, and that’s what that audience got from David , who was at the very top of his game last night. Btw, what “kind of event” do you think last night’s show was?

      • Yes, “Nearer My God To Thee” is a pot of tea for an LDS audience.

      • …and some people, who are not LDS, can appreciate a song and a performance for its inherent value, regardless of its message. The event was at BYU, so of course most of the audience was LDS. So what? Are LDS people some kind of lesser form of human to you?

  42. Being that I’m an agnostic, actually leaning more to Atheism like John Lennon who wrote Imagine, I’m curious who’s idea it was to sing the entire song. Was it David’s choice or was it a request from a VIP at BYU? I ask because I thought it was a strange song choice for an event at a very religious institution…”No Heaven. No hell below us, above us only sky. No religion too” in the lyrics. Simple yet poignant lyrics. One of the greatest songs ever written. Relevant decades ago, yet still so relevant today.

    At any rate, his performance was really breathtaking. He sang it like he really believed it. Goes to show he excels in emotional song interpretation.

    Also, as a non-believer, it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy and appreciate David’s exquisite vocals when he sings inspirational songs like “Nearer My God To Thee”. He was exceptional in that performance.

    • Well said.

      I really enjoyed most of this performance, especially “Nearer My God,” but these days I have major cognitive dissonance when he sings “Imagine”. He fervently believes in a church which teaches three levels of heaven, plus outer darkness for anyone who leaves the church. What could possibly be less uniting and more divisive than that? For eternity no less? It’s why Lennon started the song with “Imagine there’s no heaven.” (David also still sings “sharing FOR the world” not “sharing ALL the world.”–Maybe it’s just habit now, but I think he originally changed it for a reason). He definitely finds his own meaning in the song.

      • cc halo,

        That’s why I’m puzzled about David singing Imagine for this particular audience. I find it hard to believe it was David’s decision even if he is “his own man doing it his way”. It’s been such a long time, at least 5 or 6 years, since I last heard David sing Imagine that I never expected he would ever sing the entire song again, especially not after he served a mission. And certainly not at an event where the audience would be mostly LDS. If life became like what the song portrays, there would be no need for his church or any church.

        I think it had to have been a “request” by someone up the ladder in the LDS organization. I could be wrong though.

      • Mayve the LDS aren’t as uptight and restrictive as they are made out to be by the posters here. This wasn’t a revival meeting. It was a concert and “Imagine” is a famous song, and a signature song of David’s. Also, when David covers any song, he changes it up a little to make it unlike the original. The audience, mostly LDS students loved the song and responded accordingly. The lyrics didn’t offend them, something David knew or he would not have sung the song to begin with. In other words, all “Imagine” was was just one of David’s spectacular performances. There was nothing controversial about it for anyone connected with the show.

      • Huh? I’ve been a member of the LDS church all my life and I’ve never heard the doctrine interpreted so stringently and in such an unChristlike manner. We believe that God gives us many opportunities during our life on earth and after and that we can learn and progress as our understanding progresses – both on the earth and as spirits after we die. We also believe that we will find truth taught in many places and that we can cherish what we find.We believe that even the lowest degree of heaven is a paradise and that a loving God wants the best for each of us and wishes to help us in our lives. We’re also kinda big on freedom of choice.
        Maybe you should try going to church instead of reading anti-Mormon websites 🙂

  43. I just have to add that I thought David’s hair looked the best it has in a long time. Also like what he wore. I think that Kari has a good influence on David when it comes to his appearance in recent performances. I just don’t have much of an interest in the more religious/inspirational songs. But good for those that do. 🙂 Yes it always gets back to hair. 🙂

  44. I will post the video of Nearer My God to Thee for those who enjoy it. 🙂 Thanks to TDC site andJR.

  45. Hope, thanks you posting the video. Pretty awesome vocals. You’re right about “the hair” and his clothes. Hair didn’t have that “RM” look and the clothes were casual and comfortable, although his button-down shirt was a little long. Kind of reminded me of the days when he would constantly & nervously tug & pull down his shirts on stage. At least he doesn’t do that anymore.

    Like cq, I would really love to read HG’s thoughts about David’s performances not only from last night, but also from his first full concert in Idaho Falls. That is if she’s watched any of the videos. I always liked to read her perspective about David whether I agreed with her or not. Her articles and critiques of David’s performances were always thought provoking.

  46. I meant thank you for posting the video. 🙂

  47. This was such a hit here last night, I decided to bring over some of the tweets from tonight’s performance. No need to thank me

    Nan ‏@NanDeeAy 14m14 minutes ago
    #byuspectacular @DavidArchie singing Everybody Hurts was so exquisite it was painful!

    Lisa Billingsley ‏@lisabillingsley 22m22 minutes ago
    @Davidarchie The man you brought back is pretty fantastic:

    Brian Parker ‏@forza_bp 26m26 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie Bro, way to work it tonight! You had the ladies swoonin! If you need a wingman, I’m the best in the biz!

    elizabeth ‏@offtoneverlxnd 46m46 minutes ago
    @DavidArchie is so ridiculously talented! feel blessed to have heard him perform with @Vocalpoint #byuspectacular was indeed spectacular

    emma☁️ ‏@emma_gambrell 1h1 hour ago
    had a fantastic time at the #byuhomecoming tonight!!! @DavidArchie was absolutely flawless and his voice filled the entire room(and my soul)

  48. I’m not religious in the least (snort) as most of you might know or guess. But OMG the beauty of Nearer My God to Thee was something else. That last note.

    Remember in the early days when during a live performance, we had to hold our breath while David was reaching for some of the high notes in his songs. No need these days. Even Parachutes and Airplanes was right on the mark!

    There is something in David’s voice – we’ve all talked about it – that just grabs you by the heart and pulls you in. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens when he sings with Nathan Pacheco. Goose bumps for both of those voices.

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