Being 20: Spotlight on Stevie Wonder

It was very telling to me when David, during Beatles week, chose to do a Stevie Wonder version of the Beatles’ song, “We Can Work It Out.”  He’s a soul man through and through! (That’s why I knew, when Jive tried to turn him into teen pop, that they wouldn’t know soul if it hit them in the face.)  Stevie Wonder is also hard to cover, if you’re not going to do a ballad, and David was bold to take on this song, so this choice also revealed to me his courage very early in the competition.

And David did so in a high-pressured environment when Stevie is hard on a good day!

When I say Stevie is hard, I’m actually referring to his complicated musical notes, which are all over the piano keyboard.  When I was playing piano and “graduated” from Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart, to finally being able to tell my piano teacher that I wanted to play more “modern” songs, he asked me what I wanted to play, and I said: “Stevie Wonder”!

Good Jesus, Lord!  Whatever made me think I could do Stevie, after doing Mozart?  I’m telling you: all the B-flats and D-sharps were cuh-razy!  It took me an entire season to master “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” And if it’s hard to do Stevie on piano, whatever could you do on vocals?  So, David – despite flubbing the lyrics and making a mess of “We Can Work it Out” (see, the Beatles’ version wasn’t that hard) – earned my mad respect.  And, of course, reading in Chords of Strength how Stevie Wonder is one of David’s idols, I’m dying to hear David do a proper cover of any number of Stevie Wonder’s hits (he already gave us “I Just Called to Say I Loved You” on a ring tone – haha!). How about “Lately,” or “Ribbon in the Sky,” or “I Believe,” or “You and I” or “Higher Ground” or “As,” the last track being the best Stevie Wonder song ever, IMHO?

What else is there to say but that Stevie Wonder, who at an early age was playing piano, harmonica, bass drums, and guitar, is a musical genius? What magic could exist with the music of a musical genius married to The Voice?  Not to mention that Stevie, like David, gets how music is indeed a spiritual portal connecting the divine to us mere mortals.

So, what was Stevie up to when he was David’s age? Well, Stevie started early in the music business, getting signed to Motown records as a child act when he was 11, known as “Little Stevie Wonder.”  During his teen years, he had a few hits, like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” and “For Once in My Life,” and a few flops, but Stevie definitely felt stifled on the label, reduced mostly to just doing “bubblegum soul” to the more mature sound the other acts were doing.

By the time he was 20, Stevie married Syreeta White, a secretary at the label and songwriter, and they ventured to work on an album a year later, Where I’m Coming From, which failed to chart.  Stevie also did the instrumentals on The Spinners’ now classic 1970 R&B song, “It’s a Shame,” hoping to showcase his creative talents to his label.  Of course, being that I’m of the hip-hop generation, it was rapper Monie Love, who introduced me to this track – haha! I still marvel that Stevie did all the instrumentals on this immortal baby when he was 20 years old!! A real showcase indeed! Of course, the work that he did, not just providing instrumentals but also songwriting, enabled Stevie to renegotiate his contract, which reportedly was 120 pages long and stipulated that he have more creative control over his music and be entitled to a larger percentage of royalties.

Musical genius and business smart! It’s during this time, also, that he independently recorded two albums.  So, all this happened before Stevie entered what is known as his “Classic” years: 1972-1976, giving us legendary albums like Talking Book (1972), Inner Visions (1973), and – IMHO – his masterpiece album, Songs in the Key of Life (1976), which came out when he was “peaking” at age 26 (what is that I said about a man at 25 or 26?).

There definitely seems to be a theme somewhere in this “Being 20” series.  The age 20 seems to be the “transition” period, where an artist has an epiphany: either he is itching to change musical directions (like MJ, like Stevie) or he/she is ready to enter into the professional realm of music (like Elton, like John, like Eva).  Either way, these artists constantly prove that their musical lives are really just beginning at such a tender age.

Seems to me like David is in good company.

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  1. hell0g0rge0us

    Personally, I think that, without professional management, his career will be over soon.

    Peter, regarding your comment on the previous thread, are you kidding me? Are you not reading my series?

    A “career over at age 20” is beyond premature. A lull in his career without management, yes. But an end to his career? Heck no!

    David is stronger than that, and for a music-loving guy like him who’s had a taste of life as a professional singer, he ain’t giving up that quick.

    Perspective, peeps. I keep telling you!

    • Yes, I’m serious. That’s how things seem to work these days. But this is just an opinion, and I am, of course, fully aware that I may be completely wrong.

    • He may be able to have career in Utah, though. (Again, just an opinion.)

      • I agree; I think he will always have a career in Utah. Perhaps he is regrouping and will stay closer to home/Utah/church as he moves into a new phase of his career. I honestly would not be surprised if he signed with an LDS label and management. I believe that Jimmy Osmond also plans tours.

    • HG – I’m with you on this. I think David is regrouping, and perhaps this solo songwriting will let a little bit more of the real David out of the box. There’s a soul man in there, and a few other persona’s as well. There’s a blues guy, an R&B divo, and a tiny bit of a rocker as we’ve seen of him on stage. Mix, stir, add a little age and spice and watch out. We may have a longer wait than we would like, but I’m betting the results will be worth it.

  2. hell0g0rge0us May I say, again, how much I am enjoying this series. For those who aren’t getting the message (cough, Peter, etc.), the gist of the series is to point out how David is “learning” the business just as many other “bright stars” had to learn it; how they put in the work, learned the business, honed their craft, refined their sounds until they reached an age where it all gelled for them. The great ones have talent built in and build upon that talent with hard work. I’m really looking forward to David’s “twenties”. I’m so against the marketing of younger and younger kids in the music business because they may make tons of money, but not for long and it will be at the sacrifice of their childhoods; why does everyone want to grow up sooo fast?

    • hell0g0rge0us

      In a nutshell! Thank you, Bluebird! 😀

    • Yes, I get the point, and I disagree to some degree (and that shouldn’t be a big deal, IMO).

      Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens next.

      • raelovingangels

        I appreciate different points of view. If everyone thought the same, that would be surprising and boring.

    • bluebird19,you got that right,peter go look up jimmy osmond bio and be enlighten

    • Good grief (also to Jimmy Osmond; I looked him up).

      • Peter – LOL!
        Agree with HG (below). I am a huge fan of your contributions. As the other thread proved with well over 100 comments – no one can successfully tell another person what to do or how to think especially when it comes to David’s career. You are fully entitled to your opinion based on current observation. Even if you’re proven ultimately wrong then so what – it just is an opinion.

  3. I was waiting for the Stevie Wonder post- thanks! Stevie has had such a prolific career that I’m always discovering something new related to his music. I didn’t know he did the instrumentals on “It’s A Shame”. On a related note, I still have Monie Love’s debut cd. 🙂 Re. David, I’d love to hear him sing “Ribbon in the Sky”.

  4. hell0g0rge0us

    D-rat, I didn’t know about “It’s a Shame” until I did research for this post. This series is becoming a gratifying experience in and of itself. 🙂

    Peter, we all love you here and value your opinion (we love that we don’t agree over here, remember?) 😉

    Of course, from what you’re saying, I’m guessing that you truly believe, considering the state of the current music industry, that the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Elton John would have had their careers ended prematurely at age 20 if they were starting out today.

    Am I correct?

    • Yes, I think that’s possible. Talent doesn’t seem to matter these days.

      • A couple of yrs ago Alicia Keys posed the question over twitter, would artists such as Stevie Wonder have success in today’s music scene. Many people responded “No”.


        “I look at the MTV Music Awards and I think: ‘I can’t be in the same business as this.I don’t really belong to that world and I don’t think anyone’s going to miss me”. (It’s from an interview of Phil Collinswho decided to end his career).

        I’m not sure Stevie Wonder’s or Elton John’s talent would have been recognized in today’s music biz because real artists is not what prevails now, money and good connections are the key. Record Labels don’t need good singer, they only need good disposable products, intercahangeable singers. There are exceptions of course but they aren’t that much.

  5. HG-This has turned into a phenomenal series! Hmmm, hmmmm, love “It’s a Shame”. Never knew he did those instrumentals.

    Marlie7-I have a smile on my face. David has a little bit of rocker goin’ on. I have to laugh now cuz I have a mental picture in my mind of David raising that leg up and swinging it over. I love rocker David. hee hee Go David! He needs to rock out some more on Stomping The Roses or he may be doing it on an ALL COVERS ALBUM? Would David do that? You just never know with David. He is still exploring his music and he ain’t even scratched the surface yet.

  6. Okay completely off topic and only mildly connected because David considers Cook a friend. Just listened to Cook’s cover of “Don’t You (Forget About Me). Please no rock throwing or cuss words directed my way, but I had a very favorable entirely female reaction to Cook’s voice on this cover. Oh, dear what has happened to me??? If our David did a cover that could do this well so much for all MY musical integrity. This has me thinking all kinds of not good for David’s career kind of thoughts.

  7. HG I have not commented in weeks. I have enjoyed being in Lurkey Loo mode. But I just had to say how much I have thoroughly enjoyed your latest series! SO very informative and makes me very hopeful for Young Man’s next stage of the game. Thank you! **waves to all SD’ers**

  8. Sorry i posted in the wrong place, before but here are my two cents. 😉

    I agree that we can’t say right now that his career is over, too many factors to have in consideration before to say that at this point. But all this series give to us the ilusion/idea that at some point with the maturity of the person a new start is in order to come, with more wise decisions and some signals of real independence……sadly for us , all the speculation/rumors point a very different direction, obviously is just speculation and is fun sometimes and even inevitable, specially with the lack of comunication from his part, you just can’t stop wonder what going on and what gonna happen , and i’m not shame to feel that way, after all i support this guy since three years ago, and clearly i have expectations about his career, is because that i’m decided to support him, because i thought and i’m stil thinking he has a big potential and bright futur like artist.
    Now obviously we have alls a life and responsabilities , doesn’t mean we can’t ask about what’s gonna happen with his career, i’m seriously doubt he’s gonna pick a full LDS team to handle his career, i mean why to blend business and religion at this point ? ….i mean that would bring a very new set of questions about what his intentions are or whatt is his definition of independence, IDK just wondering again, not offense intended .

  9. Great series, HG! I really appreciate the amount of research you put into each article.

    On my drive home last night, I heard an interview on NPR with a member of a band called “Cake”. He didn’t have high hopes for the music industry. Although he acknowledged that there would always be artists like Lady Gaga, one of the observations he made was,

    . . . Though he’s happy the new album is doing well by today’s standards, McCrea says he’s skeptical about the future of music as a vocation. “I see music as a really great hobby for most people in five or 10 years,” he says. “I see everybody I know, some of them really important artists, studying how to do other jobs.” . . .

    Here’s a link to the full audio

  10. HG I appreciate the series so much. I’m quite proud of David for all that he has accomplished in his young life. I want to hear him sing and am anxious to hear what he has in store for himself and us. In the meantime it is refreshing to hear what other artists have accomplished.
    Can you imagine what it was like for Eva’s fans who didn’t have access to twitter reports, the internet, fan sites, contracts etc. etc.
    The more information we get the more we want!

  11. I was so surprised to hear that Stevie was only 26 when Songs in the Key of Life came out. I loved that album, but remember thinking he was really old at the time. That makes me laugh now.

    I do love hearing about these artists at age 20, but the music industry was a totally different animal then. However, as MTV pointed out regarding David’s split from Jive, Lady G and Katy Perry were both dropped by their labels and then went on to superstardom (I’m not saying David was dropped tho), so the best may be yet to come. Of course, he needs a new label to do that…

    Regarding Jimmy Osmond, he has put together tours (most notably 1 or 2 world tours for Michael Jackson when he was at his peak, no less), but I don’t think he does that anymore. I’ve heard that Kari is still David’s tour manager, anyway. I really think meeting with him is related to SOF–it’s a huge event that requires a ton of planning. Perhaps Jimmy may have some words of wisdom for David though–he actually has some savvy business acumen and has survived a lifetime in the entertainment industry.

    • I guess the ‘fears’ the fans have about David is not that he don’t gonna get a good record deal again, you just said big names of the industry are experimented that situation when they were less well know and even by far less succesful than David, so not way he can’t find a new label. ( Lady Gaga, Katy P, not just one time btw, Jonas Brother, One Republic too), the big difference with David’s case and this artists is that he really ended his 3 albums deal with JIVE, and his name still been used by Sony to promote some new services, so to me doesn’t look like they were losing money with him, since they don’t invested too much either on his albums and promo. Saying this , i think the real fear fans have is about if him has the good judgement to take decisions that can make move forward his career…….most of his fans really don’t know what to expect, then that incertitude is the reason the fanbase is getting tired, what to expect? he still having the passion and energy and ‘desir’ to go for it? Is him really in control? Is him ready to capitalize this three years of contacts and experience in favor of his own career? we gonna be finally able to see some level of professionalisme on his new decisions?………….we’re expectants about how this new more mature David gonna handle his business from now…….. of course we’re permanently spoiled by the first hand information (twitter, FB) and we always worry for the fast raising and short life of the singers of this generation. Hopefully i explain myself well. 🙂

      • I don’t worry about David or the decisions he’s going to take. He said he’s in charge now and I choose to beleive it. He also said that one of his priorities is knowing who he is as an artist and I think he already has a define idea about it. He said he’s writing by himself and I think it’s a good thing for him, maybe it will allow him to really let show who he is. I think his vlog was enough to reassure the fans about his future career. The only thing we don’t know is if he had contacts with labels and management companies but it’d be crazy to think that he didn’t get offers by now IMO. Is he going to take the best decisions ? He already did by parting ways with Jive, I think it was crucial for him if he wanted to move forward, in the direction he has chosen. Also, we’ll might not agree about his future decisions but only him knows what’s best for him.

        For me, the incertainties are more the result of all the unofficial infos we’re getting. Instead of providing clear infos they only generate more speculation. They are just making things appear worse than they really are. I’m not going to beleive anything or jump into conclusions before getting official statements. It’s great to be a fan of an amazing talent and it should be fun. I want to know (from David) what is his situation right now just to stop all the speculation (an LDS record label, really ?. We outdid ourselves lol).

  12. Great series! Peter I share your concerns regarding the need for professional management for David. I would also add the need for a label. I am just hoping that David does have something good lined up but he just can’t disclose it yet for some reason. It could be wishful thinking. I hope not.

  13. Love this series! I wish every David fan would read it. I did tweet about it the other day so more folks would see it (hopefully – I don’t have a lot of followers LOL) I grew up listening to Motown and Stevie in particular. My Dad had every album of his and played them over and over. (It seems as though good taste runs in the family haha!) I LOOOOOVE him. I was actually sick to my stomach (last year?) when the JoBros sang with him at the Grammys I think it was? I was HORRIFIED, disgusted, and full-out LIVID for days! I was ranting to anyone who would listen. No disrespect intended to the JoBros, but they had NO BUSINESS singing with Stevie. And they sounded soooo bad compared to him.

    I miss David in a painful way, but I am confident that his future will be spectacular. I can’t wait!

    • I remember the Jonas Bro /Stevie live duet, and i remember myself saying that ‘Next Year David gonna have great and high profil collaborations’ but then right now and two years later , i wonder why? he can find the right people on his busines/career path to do high profil projets? where the problem is? what is the reason this is not happening already? who is/are the responsible of this sad reality?….David has a great and unique gift, that can move the most deep feelings on a person and even if many describe him like socially awkward , he is easy going, humble, hard working, passionate by music, very sensitive… what in this three year he can’t get a HIGH profil collaboration?………..just asking .

      • Sorry i mean….. Why he CAN’T find the right people on his busines/career path to do high profil projets?

      • Apparently you have to be the sensation of the moment to have people collaborate with you. The Jonas Bros were the Beiber of now. All the stars seem to want to collab with JB and we know it’s not for his incommensurable talent but because of the hype around him.

        I’d love it if David could ask the artists he likes to collaborate with him. Maybe he’s not enough confident about himself. I read somewhere that Jordin asked CB for the No Air duet.
        I share your frustrations about why things seem always so difficult for David. A good management that understands who he is and is willing to do the maximum for him is my first wish for David (my second is a record deal lol).

  14. HG,
    May I just say again – what a great swoon-worthy series. It is simply lush with music history and interspersed with constructive speculation with regard to David’s music and career by all SD posters. It is intelligent, thought provoking and needless to say well-written. Thank You so Much!
    Thank You to all posters as well. I am throughly enjoying the lively discussion.

    • raelovingangels

      I agree! I honestly could not wait fo get home from work to see if a new artist was posted. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about these legends at 20!!

  15. In my opinion, THERE’S NO WAY David Archuleta is considering going to an LDS label. lol He is wayyyy too marketable to the general public, and the LDS market is too much of a niche market for his voice. He’d do very well there and a lot of Christians in general would want his records, but NO WAY is he going that direction at this juncture.

    And, NO WAY his career is over coz he turned down Jive. We’re talking some serious talent here, folks. Not only does David have a once in a generation voice, he has an exceedingly rare musicality. He’ll sign with another label without question, imho.

    I think he’s just regrouping at this point, trying to decide where exactly he wants to go, what kind of sound he wants. I think his recent realization that HE gets to choose his way, that he has the power and is wise enough to call the shots in his career has opened his eyes. Before, David felt so grateful for the opportunity to sing and make records–period–he left his career in the hands of the ‘supposed’ experts. Now that he’s realized that the direction his career takes is ultimately in his responsibility, he’s considering his choices.

    He’s reflecting, giving himself some time, writing, deciding which where he wants to go. To David, music as a journey of a lifetime.

    • right on bookahloic, at last a positive note me with you

    • Terrific counter points – Bookaholic!

    • Absolutely right. Of the world’s population, 99.998% are not LDS. David’s appeal is universal. Limiting it to a single religion is anti-“Imagine”.

    • I agree with this, & after his last vlog, I truly believe now that David wants to continue singing. But there’s something that’s always bothered me. As much I believe he wants that, I’m not sure if he’s willing or able to look at the big picture & take all the necessary steps to make it happen. For example, he’d have to put on a business hat & start promoting himself, & find innovative ways to get himself out there more. He’d have to be willing to attend social & red carpet events to stay “on the scene” and make industry connections. He’d have to compromise on his music a little in order to be on the radio. (Because whether he likes or not, he needs the radio in order to have a career)…I know that he just wants to sing. But in order for that to happen, he needs to do a whole lot more than just sing. And if he doesn’t realize that- or isn’t ready to accept it – then I’m not sure if he’ll make decisions that will help him succeed.

      • VJ – I think the big picture is changing – for all artists. And perhaps being on top 40 radio won’t reflect who David really is – so it isn’t a priority. There are so many artists emerging on Indie labels, being profiled on NPR, making a living (not getting filthy rich, mind you) and staying true to their musical core. My hope is that David can have that – at least that – and not have to compromise himself to autotune and the inane lyrics of some of today’s pop music (baby, baby, baby, do me baby, baby, baby…. ad nauseum).

        If David finds a place where he can shine and feel good – and we can see him travel around and perform good solid concerts and make a good living – I’d be happy with that. As long as he is…

      • VJ – This is exactly what I was just thinking. I was wondering if the reason David dumped WEG was because they were pushing him to get himself out there in a more aggressive, professional way than he was ready for.

        Just like he’s returned to his lip-licking, eyes-closed-singing habits, he may want to return to a more comfortable, familiar method of doing things with Dad managing, and reliance on Utah “team David” people. His soul-searching and solitary song-writing seemed refreshing at first glance, but it might also be a kind of a retreat from the fast lane of the last 3 years.

        Like Tibi, I too, fear that David’s new direction might be more of a withdrawal, than a bold new step forward. Sorry to be so negative, when David himself is so happy and upbeat. I’m trying to get over it.

      • Be in radio deesn’t mean only in top 40 radio stations, Lets take Fantasia F , she is very succesful in other kind of radio stations , Kris Allen and Jason C doesn’t have great album sales, but their music found a niche on AC and Christian radio stations, so i agree with this post, i hope he can understand that he need to do compromises in order to have some exposure in favor of his career, because tbh and not offense with the fans, but David is not the only singer with values in the industry, many of them like David still living on their home states , living a normal life like David, but they know how to keep going with the promotions , so would be not the only one to help his own business being a little more social, even to help his charity work.
        And Marlie7, Indie labels artists need to be more creative to do their self promotion, not the strenght of David tbh, we’re talking here of singers who life experience is a lot more rich? (not sure about the term) than David’s life experience, this people are really adventurous, controlling their own life way before to be populars……….well you can have too the Indie label that help Taylor Swif, then the all picture can change, they were Indi but with money to do promo and very smart to Marketing Taylor Clean Image without compromise her values…..Now that would be a dream 😉

        Just to conclude, he need to learn how to be creative to be able to do concerts, even for the small ones he need promotion, recognition and exposure….so i wish he’ gonna use properly the contacts he already made in this past years and the ones he can still having just being a little more assertive and agressive (in a good way i mean) 🙂

      • IMO, everything is pointing in that direction. Instead of changing the things that don’t work (some of which may be wearing a cap), he seems to have gone back to square one. But perhaps everything is working just fine in his opinion.

        I hope someone will promote the MOTAB CD and DVD. Something that epic needs to be promoted.

        Blah blah blah.

        I guess I’m one of the tired fans.

  16. Amen! Bookaholic

  17. I just had to include this pure acoustic version of Overjoyed I recently found when it was first premiered in 1983. Just listen to the phrasing of the lyrics and lack of overproduction. It is a gem. Enjoy!

  18. This video is awesome :

    It’s an animated “Elevator” video, 100% hand-drawn ! David’s fans are really creative. Maybe David should ask for ideas for his next music video, SBL is good but it’s more a commercial for Sony than a creative video lol

  19. Bookaholic–hello my friend! I agree with you, in that David is now realizing he can call the shots regarding the direction of his career. We have heard David say many times how grateful he was for the opportunity to sing. He now feels he has gained the confidence necessary to put the wheels in motion, and steer his career in such a way that he can remain true his music.

    VJ and Marlie–I appreciate your comments as well. I share VJ’s concerns about David’s wanting to sing, but perhaps being reluctant to take the necessary steps to make it happen…”looking at the big picture”. And Marlie’s thoughts on how the big picture could be changing for all artists. How true!

    David surely has his work cut out for him…trying to create a meaningful livelihood for himself while staying true to his musical soul.

    But it will be worth it … he is driven to do this not even because he wants to…but because he HAS to.

  20. Thanks to all those who appreciate this “Being 20” series. It really has given me hope for David’s own musical journey, and I hope it does for you as well.

    As for David and what his own flaws are, I dunno. He is who he is. He’s a shy guy. That’s not going to change. We know who he is, and that never stopped us from appreciating his music and his talent.

    Something else about the “Being 20” series: artists like MJ and Eva Cassidy were also painfully shy. It seems musical geniuses come in two flavors: the flamboyant, extrovert type and the reflexive introvert type. Obviously, David is of the latter variety. But anyone who’s seen David live know that he can overcome some of his inhibitions when he wants. He’s just going to “grow into it.”

    Guys, let’s not worry about David and what he has to do to “break in.” Jive and WEG were NOT helping him, so I’m just glad David made the decision to part ways, whatever is next, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    My own major concern has to do with the mean-spirited way that the media covered Jive “dropping” him. No one was concerned with the truth, and they just went with things.

    Have you ever thought that the reason why we have artists like Lady Gaga (who basically admitted in a 60 minutes interview that her whole gig is based on pure BS) and Bieber is because they know the music industry is crap, so they’re giving the public crap until the publlic decides enough is enough (which struggling music sales is the public’s resistance to crap anyway?).

    David NOT getting promoted and not selling is indicative of a bigger problem. These are the effects, not the cause of anything.

    In the end, we need to keep the faith that true art will prevail (it always does – history teaches us that).

    At the very least this year, we have a MTC concert DVD to look forward to (thanks for the reminder, Peter) and David’s promised tour (as mentioned in his NYE vlog).

    • Thank you for let us express our concerns here, i loved the ‘being 20’ series too, sorry if i went too far with my opinions btw.

      ”In the end, we need to keep the faith that true art will prevail (it always does – history teaches us that”

      Hopefully you’re right 😉 and i just said in IDF that i need to learn to have confidence on David decisions that is my problem right now, because i truly believe he has the talent to be more than ‘Remarkable’ . Bye 🙂

    • I’m just catching up after a brutal work week, but your series REALLY has given me renewed hope, HG. I thank you dearly for that!

  21. Joymus–also wanted to say…Thank you Thank you for posting that Overjoyed acoustic version! This song is hands down one of my top favorite Stevie songs…gorgeous lyrics…lush melody…I go to another place whenever I hear it.

    I remember “back in the day” when we were first discovering David and even then I could feel the soul coming out of him…I was somehow wishing he would cover “Overjoyed”. Can you even imagine how he would take THAT to church?? Totally earth shattering …really! imho

    Thank you again!

  22. Oh, I’m glad you mentioned what happened with the media, HG. It made me so sick to know that they’d blindly take one reporter’s spin as the truth, and run with it. I made it my mission for 2 weeks to contact all the sites I could find that ran the first story, and send them David’s vlog, starting with the original source. I emailed nearly 70 sites and 7 TV/radio stations, then finally had to quit, lol. Of course, some then decided that David must be lying, because the media would NEVER do that. *rolls eyes* …But alot of sites did post David’s vlog and his explanation, so I was kind of pleased with that. I’ll be happy if it generated even a tiny bit more interest in the album.

  23. HG… Let me just add my voice to the appreciation for your being 20 series. Great job 🙂 Looking at the paths of these great artists shows that even those who were considered prodigies didn’t produce their best work until their 20s at least. It also highlights that fact that this is a critical juncture for David to really find his sound, and the right people to help him best produce that sound and deliver it to the world. The potential is there, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  24. VJ, I think David is up for the job (with one caveat at the end).

    As far as promoting himself, I think he’s taken a big step forward. In his efforts to get TOSOD out there, he DID actively promote it. I was really pretty surprised that in event after event, he spoke out about the album, about how excited he was about it. He was much more assertive with this last album, I think. Also, I don’t believe he’s bothered by red carpet events anymore. He’s done them, didn’t die, seemed to enjoy them for the most part. I don’t thihk he’s intimidated by people in the industry anymore, either. After all, he’s spent the last three years rubbing shoulders with them, working with many of them. I think experience has proven to him that despite any talent they may or may not have, they are just human beings like the rest of us. (He’d might make an exception for Mariah and Stevie, maybe a few others of whom he is more than in awe). Admittedly, he’s drawn to those who are ‘real’, but I think he’s okay interacting with those in the biz.

    The one area that worries me slightly is to what degree David will choose to limit the type of songs he is willing to sing. It’s a given that David will not sing raunch or songs that celebrate or encourage bad behavior. And, we’re happy with that. However, if he’s stuck on strictly singing ONLY uplifting songs or only his own songs, it will omit a huge number of potential hit songs that comment on emotions and events that strike us all deeply. These type of songs often speak of love with all its peaks and valleys. IF ONLY David would realize the gift he has for storytelling and how worthwhile it is to sing of the human condition. Love and it’s many forms, joys and heartache are universal to the human family. Helping tell those stories is a goodness. When he realizes that fact, his career is set.

    All D needs are those rare but incredible, memorable songs that strike you to the core, those that stand the test of time. With his exquisite, passionate voice coupled with exceptional songs, not only will David NOT disappear in the industry, he can and will make history. His is a voice for the ages.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Totally agree with this, Bookaholic. I also hope David will make room to do covers and not just his own songs. Obviously, I still want to hear him cover Stevie, including that version of “Overjoyed” Joymus posted. Again, GAH!!!!!

      • HG – Just listened again – GAH! GAH! GAH! PURE JOY in his vocal delivery especially at the end!
        That’s All! LOL!

        Good Morning All and Thank You’s to HG, Jen A and Bookaholic as well for the kind comments 🙂

    • Bookaholic (and everyone else)~ Thanks for replying to my posts. I don’t always have time to reply back, but I always take time to read posts and listen…If I really think about it, what it boils down to is that I may not trust David to choose “incredible, memorable songs that strike you to the core”, or powerful songs that’d put him back in the game. He seems driven to write his own music now, which is fine. Except that he focuses on the lyrics & meaning, & not so much on his voice.

      Since David is basically starting his career from scratch & has to re-establish himself so he can gain a decent fanbase, I feel like it’s risky for him to try the “singer-songwriter” route instead of capitalizing on what makes him stand out from the crowd. I think that in order for him to make a comeback, he needs to give up some artistic control & let the experts help him write songs that make his vocals & unique traits stand out. Otherwise, he can end up sounding like every other artist, & the audience will just move on to someone else.

  25. Sorry that I seem to miss typos until after I’ve posted my comments. lol

  26. Sorry to spam but just as an aside, when I met David in M+G for in concert in sunrise Fl, – Demi Tour, I gifted him with 2 Stevie Wonder CD’s. It was shortly after the death of MJ that summer when Stevie performed and David tweeted about his performance. In the card wiith the gift I said that I hope he could use it both for inspiration and a master class in song writing.

    • Now I’m spamming, lol. Thanks for sharing the “Overjoyed” link. I had heard the song many times before but I never really listened to the lyrics until today – just beautiful! It’s almost on par with Peter’s fav song, “baby, baby, baby, oh my baby, baby, baby, oh like baby, baby, baby.” 😉

  27. Forgot to thank Spellbound for the kind comments regarding the SW posted vid. Thanks Again!

  28. Wonderful series, HelloGorgeous. (& I’m listening to Stevie’s “Overjoyed” as I type.) I don’t think I can add anything to the dialog. Trying to let positive vibes and feelings control as I wait for news, and during this time I am SO thankful for the smaller group of very devoted fans who investigate and share via blogs. (Thank you so much, HG.)

    David’s Ghandi tweets yesterday really hit home with me. Not sure what I even want for David now. (Well, I want new music from him, as well as tours, but for him? I just can’t know what’s in his heart and mind.)

    Even though David’s making his way through a music industry that has changed vastly since the days when all of these music heroes were 20, I still think it shoes that talent will find a way, somehow. David knows he has a gift and I think he understands the responsibilities that come along with such a gift. Will continue to wait.

  29. *shows.
    **will continue to wait AND enjoy.
    ***I have obviously been spoiled by word processor editing ability. Need to proofread.

  30. Jennette is playing in SLC tonight and she’s teasing her fans with cryptic tweets. LOL

  31. Love, love, LOOOOVE Stevie and have always seen more of a parallel between SW and David than others David’s been compared to … great post HG!

    • “…have always seen more of a parallel between SW and David than others …”

      Me too! Listening to Stevie in interviews, you can feel his love for music in all its formats. Also, if he’s in front of a keyboard during an interview, sometimes he will play a few notes in between his sentences. It’s sort of like David’s spontaneous singing of song lyrics while conversing.

  32. Not the best audio – Stevie Wonder singing “Imagine”.

  33. VJ I agree with your concerns about just David doing his own songwriting. He does need a great producer to help him with is own sound. I guess we just have to wait and see what is going to be next for David.

  34. raelovingangels

    young Stevie…Wow-Listen to that voice. Reminds me of young David.

  35. off topic …or maybe not? But i have the feeling that Stefano L going to sing Stevie Wonder song next week, since is his favorite artist. we’ll see 😉

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