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Group Birthday Card for David!

Thanks to VJ for providing the link here.  You have until Dec. 9 to sign this group card.

Joy on a Loop

And wonders and wo-o-o-nders / oooooooooooof hi-i-is / h-i-s loooooooooooove!!!

Yeah, I’m back to my ODD Christmas from the Heart habits.  And I’m stuck on David’s ridiculously “takin’ it to church” long notes on this baby! 🙂

In other news, David was featured on EXTRA (how did I miss this? Of course, I wouldn’t know what channel I would have found this treat)

David and Friends: A PBS Christmas Special

Imagine, if you will, David achieving enough status to warrant a Christmas TV special of his own.

He would start the show with a powerhouse rendering of “Joy to the World,” then rouse the crowd with a merry take on “Pat-a-Pan.”

He would slow things down with “Silent Night,” then welcome his first guest, Charice, to join him on a duet of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

David’s generosity would allow her to sing her own carol offering, say something like “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

Afterwards, a children’s choir opens with the first few notes of “Ave Maria” before The Voice joins them, and then a fun take on “Sleigh Bells” with the same choir.

David then introduces his next musical guest, his very own idol, Natalie Cole, who honors him with a duet to her late father’s classic, “The Christmas Song” (which, of course, David would let the audience know he used to call this “The Chestnutt Song”).

From there, Natalie will offer a rendition of “It’s Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home),” and David joins her in a final duet with “Carol of the Bells” (replete with the children’s choir  and a handbell choir – can’t you just imagine it?).

In the second half, David begins “What Child is This” a capella before the orchestra crescendoes with him.  Then, he sings “Riu Riu Chiu” before he is joined on a duet of “Feliz Navidad” with his next musical guest, Jordin Sparks, who offers her own rendition of “O Come All Ye Faithful,” before joining David in another duet  with “The First Noel.”

Towards the end, David invites all his guests to join him on “Melodies of Christmas” with the choir, before his grand finale of “O Holy Night.”

Not a bad way to spend your holiday evening, eh?

All I know is, this is two years in a row in which I’ve been privileged to watch David on my tele during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  He has now become a staple, and I look forward to the day when he gets his own Christmas special rather than be someone’s guest.

“America’s Greatest Young Singing Sensation”

Isn’t it grand to have someone like Orla Fallon say this about our David? 🙂

David Featured on Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas on PBS!

Here is the full PBS TV program listings for each state (got this from Fanscene):

Phoenix AZ KAET 12/4 at 4pm
Tucson AZ KUAT 11/28 at 8:30pm

Arkadelphia AR KETG 12/5 at 5pm
El Dorado AR KETZ 12/5 at 5pm
Fayetteville AR KAFT 12/5 at 5pm
Jonesboro AR KTEJ 12/5 at 5pm
Little Rock AR KETS 12/5 at 5pm
Mountain View AR KEMV 12/5 at 5pm

Fresno CA KVPT 12/6 at 8pm
Huntington Beach CA KOCE 11/26 at 7pm
Los Angeles CA KCET 11/26 at 4pm
Sacramento CA KVIE 12/6 at 10pm
San Bernardino CA KVCR 11/25 at 8pm
San Diego CA KPBS 12/6 at 8pm
San Francisco CA KQED 11/28 at 9:30am
San Jose CA KTEH 11/28 at 11pm

Beavercreek CO RMPBS 11/29 at 7pm
Colorado Springs CO RMPBS 11/29 at 7pm
Denver CO KRMA 11/29 at 7pm
Denver CO KBDI 12/7 at 7pm
Durango CO KRMU 11/29 at 7pm
Grand Junction CO KRMJ 11/29 at 7pm
Pueblo CO KTSC 11/29 at 7pm
Steamboat Springs CO KRMZ 11/29 at 7pm

Bridgeport CT WEDW 11/29 at 8pm
Hartford CT WEDH 11/29 at 8pm
New Haven CT WEDY 11/29 at 8pm
Norwich CT WEDN 11/29 at 8pm

Washington, DC
Washington, DC DC WETA 11/25 at 8pm

Daytona FL WDSC
Fort Myers/Naples FL WGCU 11/26 at 6pm
Jacksonville FL WJCT
Miami FL WPBT 11/27 at 6pm
Miami FL WLRN 12/4 at 7pm
Pensacola FL WSRE 11/30 at 9pm
Tampa/St. Petersburg FL WEDU 12/5 at 11am
Tampa/St. Petersburg FL WUSF 11/27 at 3pm
West Palm Beach FL WXEL


Albany GA WABW 11/30 at 7pm
Athens GA WGTV 11/30 at 7pm
Atlanta GA WPBA 11/26 at 8pm
Atlanta GA WGTV 11/30 at 7pm
Augusta GA WCES 11/30 at 7pm
Columbus GA WJSP 11/30 at 7pm
Dalton GA WNGH 11/30 at 7pm
Macon GA WMUM 11/30 at 7pm
Savannah GA WVAN 11/30 at 7pm
Valdosta GA WXGA 11/30 at 7pm

Honolulu HI KHET
Wailuku HI KMEB

Champaign IL WEIU 11/28 at 6pm
Decatur IL WEIU 11/28 at 6pm
Paducah IL WSIU 12/4 at 5:30pm

Bloomington IN WTIU 11/27 at 6:30pm
Evansville IN WNIN
Fort Wayne IN WFWA 11/28 at 8pm
Indianapolis IN WFYI 11/30 at 8pm
Terra Haute IN WEIU 11/28 at 6pm

Topeka KS KTWU
Wichita KS KPTS

New Orleans LA WYES 11/28 at 7pm


Augusta ME WCBB 12/4 at 9pm
Bangor ME WMEB 12/4 at 9pm
Calais ME WMED 12/4 at 9pm
Portland ME WMEA 12/4 at 9pm
Portland ME WCBB 12/4 at 9pm
Presque Isle ME WMEM 12/4 at 9pm

Boston MA WGBH 12/9 at 7:30pm
Springfield MA WGBY 12/2 at 10pm

Annapolis MD WMPT 12/5 at 5pm
Baltimore MD WMPB 12/5 at 5pm
Fredrick MD WFPT 12/5 at 5pm
Hagerstown MD WWPB 12/5 at 5pm
Oakland MD WGPT 12/5 at 5pm
Salisbury MD WCPB 12/5 at 5pm

Alpena MI WCML
Bay City MI WCMU
Cadillac MI WCMV
Detroit MI Michigan PBS
Flint/Tri Cities MI WDCQ
Grand Rapids MI WGVU
Lansing MI WKAR
Saginaw MI WCMV
Traverse City MI WCMV

Minneapolis/St. Paul MN KTCA 12/25 at 6am
Rochester/Austin MN KSMQ

Columbia MO KMOS 12/2 at 8:30pm
Kansas City MO KCPT2 12/4 at 6pm
Springfield MO KOZK 12/2 at 7pm

Billings MT KBGS 11/27 at 6pm
Bozeman MT KUSM 11/27 at 6pm
Missoula MT KUFM 11/27 at 6pm

Reno NV KNPB 12/4 at 6:30pm

New Hampshire
Durham NH WEKW 11/28 at 7pm
Keene NH WENH 11/28 at 7pm
Littleton NH WLED 11/28 at 7pm

New Jersey
Camden NJ WNJS 11/28 at 7pm
Montclair NJ WNJN 11/28 at 7pm
New Brunswick NJ WNJB 11/28 at 7pm
Trenton NJ WNJT 11/28 at 7pm

New Mexico
Albuquerque NM KNME 11/26 at 6pm

New York
Albany NY WNED 11/27 at 6pm
Buffalo NY WNED 12/8 at 8pm
Long Island NY WLIW 11/27 at 8pm
New York City NY WLIW 11/27 at 8pm
Plattsburgh NY WCFE 12/4 at 2:30pm
Rochester NY WXXI 12/1 at 8pm

North Carolina
Ashville NC WUNF 12/5 at 8pm
Canton NC WUNW 12/5 at 8pm
Chapel Hill NC WUNC 12/5 at 8pm
Charlotte NC WTVI 12/4 at 6pm
Charlotte NC WUNG 12/5 at 8pm
Elizabeth City NC WUND 12/5 at 8pm
Fayetteville NC WUNU 12/5 at 8pm
Greensboro NC WUNL 12/5 at 8pm
Greenville NC WUNK 12/5 at 8pm
Hickory NC WUNE 12/5 at 8pm
New Bern NC WUNM 12/5 at 8pm
Raleigh/Durham NC WUNC 12/5 at 8pm
Roanoke Rapids NC WUNP 12/5 at 8pm
Wilmington NC WUNJ 12/5 at 8pm
Winston Salem NC WUNL 12/5 at 8pm

Akron/Cleveland OH WNEO 12/5 at 10pm
Cleveland/Akron OH WVIZ 12/1 at 8pm
Columbus OH WOSU 12/2 at 8pm

Cheyenne OK KWET 12/9 at 8pm
Eufaula OK KOET 12/9 at 8pm
Oklahoma City OK KETA 12/9 at 8pm
Tulsa OK KOED 12/9 at 8pm
Tulsa OK KRSC 12/9 at 8pm

Baker City OR OPB 11/29 at 10pm
Bend OR KOAB 11/29 at 10pm
Corvallis OR KOAC 11/29 at 10pm
Eugene OR KEPB 11/29 at 10pm
La Grande OR KTVR 11/29 at 10pm
Portland OR KOPB 11/29 at 10pm

Harrisburg PA WITF 11/28 at 7pm
Lehigh Valley PA WLVT 11/26 at 10pm
Philadelphia PA WHYY 12/7 at 7:30pm
Pittsburgh PA WQED 11/28 at 7pm
Pittston PA WVIA 12/6 at 9:15pm
University Park PA WPSU 12/4 at 6pm

Rhode Island
Providence RI WSBE 12/4 at 11pm

Chattanooga TN WTCI
Cookeville TN WCTE 12/5 at 9pm
Knoxville TN WKOP 11/30 at 8pm
Knoxville TN WETP 11/30 at 8pm
Memphis TN WKNO 12/8 at 9pm
Nashville TN WNPT 12/9 at 8:30pm
Tri Cities TN WETP 12/9 at 8:30pm

Dallas TX KERA 11/27 at 7pm
Lubbock TX KTXT
Odessa TX KPBT 12/4 at 8pm
San Antonio TX KLRN 12/1 at 10pm

Salt Lake City UT KUED 12/1 at 8:30pm

Burlington VT WETK 12/4 at 8pm
Rutland VT WVER 12/4 at 8pm
St. Johnsbury VT WVTB 12/4 at 8pm
Windsor VT WVTA 12/4 at 8pm

Marion VA WMSY 12/6 at 7pm
Norfolk VA WHRO 11/29 at 9:30pm
Norton VA WSBN 12/6 at 7pm
Roanoke VA WBRA 12/6 at 7pm

Centralia WA KCKA 11/27 at 7pm and 8pm
Pullman WA KWSU
Seattle WA KCTS 12/4 at 7pm
Spokane WA KSPS 11/28 at 6pm
Tacoma WA KBTC 11/27 at 7pm and 8pm

West Virginia
Charleston WV WVPB
Huntington WV WVPB

Milwaukee WI WMTV 12/4 at 7:30pm