Daily Archives: July 18, 2010

My David Inception

So, you all already know about my 21 David Dreams.  In fact, the last dream I had about David included so many layers I got downright confused when I woke up.

The cool thing about recording my David Dreams on Soul David is that it allows me to keep a record and figure things out. So, with the last dream, when the final layer I entered just before truly waking up had me apprehensive because I left my windows and doors open all night was just a premonition for a water leak I experienced the next day.  Obviously the leak was building up, and it manifested itself in my dream as some kind of invasion or home vulnerability.

I’ve since learned that, whenever David makes an appearance in my dreams, he’s trying to deliver a message – good or bad.

See, Christopher Nolan might call David a “brain architect” who has planted an “inception” into my subconscious.  heehee.

For those of you who’ve already seen the movie Inception over the weekend, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  But if you don’t know and plan to see this movie at a later date, I warn you now: there are Spoilers ahead.

At first, I enjoyed Inception as an interesting albeit puzzling summer blockbuster.  Nothing more, nothing less.  It was only after thinking about dreams in general and discussing this with friends after watching the movie, that I started having problems with the film and started reflecting more on my last David Dream and basically trying to figure out how the different dream layers made me confused about the overall message and what David’s presence has to do with anything.

It was in thinking about these different layers and how they didn’t exactly make sense or have an overall connection, which was something that I criticized the movie for not having, that it finally dawned on me: SPOILER ALERT!  DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE FILM BUT PLAN ON DOING SO!

The whole movie is a dream.  Cobb (Leo’s role) has been dreaming up this entire film the whole time, and he doesn’t “wake up” for real until he’s on the plane.  The ending, which so many people are still debating today, is nothing more than an illustration of a guy (possibly some random businessman and not some con-man involved in some high-tech, global corporate heist as the movie has us believing) who shared an international flight with some random strangers who all took on roles in his dream as part of his elaborate brain architect dream team trying to plant an “inception” on another random passenger on flight.  In the back of this convoluted story is the main thread – he wants to go home to his kids.  Lo and behold, after Cobb wakes up on the plane, we see him going through immigration and getting picked up by whom we assume to be his father, and he goes home to see his kids!  His dream was merely reiterating this deep-seated desire through the guise of a sci-fi fantasy action flick.

Pretty genius, huh?

And I just came to that conclusion having re-read my David Dream Sequence #21!