Monthly Archives: March 2014

Called to Serve


So I guess David is transitioning still from his two-year mission, and I know many fans will love to see him on TV again. But honestly, I’m just waiting for things to get normal: you know, new vlog, new tweets, and new music! 🙂

Two Years Ago: “It’s Not Goodbye”

Processing My Feelings through Music

So, now that the news has sunk in a bit more, how do I really feel about David being back home?

Well, I’m feeling a certain type of way:




“I’m Home”

That’s all we need to know! 🙂

Could Have Been a Contender?

As we await David’s return and wonder how he will fit in today’s entertainment industry, I’ve been looking back at some of the songs his former label Jive had released.  And I’m still wondering: why didn’t singles like “A Little Too Not Over You” or “Something ‘Bout Love” take off the way “Crush” did?  There really is no “formula” for success, is there? Or, when looking back, do the songs still hold up?