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My Kind of Christmas Tour Vlog

I already got my VIP email! It’s starting to feel so real! 😛

Our Favorite Eagle Scout!

Thanks for posting this interesting article about David receiving an Eagle Scout award, Burkey! 🙂

Of all the interesting things revealed, why am I stuck on the fact that David said he had a “sight-seeing problem” and can’t read music very well?  It’s a good thing he mentioned this as I was toying with the idea of giving him a gift of piano sheet music!

But I’m still pondering: if David has a sight-seeing problem, does he need corrective lenses, or is it a simple case of not knowing how to read sheet music?  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it could mean that David’s musical gift is all in the ear.  It also explains why he still messes up when he plays the piano (except someone who learns music by ear usually doesn’t mess up on the piano).  Hmmm…

As you can see, I care more about the music aspect of this article than about the good little deeds our favorite boy scout has accomplished. 😛

Northern Lights

Grace Under Pressure

Thanks, Angelofoda, for reposting this vid (and reminding us why David is miles above the rest):

So Glad David Never Did This!