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AI Rewind Series #3

Speaking of other ODD developments, did you all know I went over-the-top cuckoo for The Archuwalk just based on this AI finale performance of “Apologize”?  I went wild screaming like the studio audience when he walked out – That WALK!!! That ARCHUWALK!!! GAH!!!!! – I was an addict, I tell ya! And those glory notes and added licks on the song…Whew!

Oh, how the memories come flooding back:

AI Rewind Series #2

This performance is really the beginning of my ODD.  I had been religiously following David on AI, from “Heaven” on up to the finale, but I knew that “And So It Goes” would hook me on The Archulator well past his tenure on the show.  Two years in, and here I am (here we are).

Something about hearing The Voice in a capella for the first time, and that extended note on “and soooooo it goo-o-ooes” at the end just made my heart leap.  I was haunted the entire week afterwards and was so nervous about him NOT winning.

But, the rest, as they say, is history. It’s truly a magnificent performance and one that I don’t think gets enough credit.

Another Hiatus, Another Series: AI Rewind #1

I have another blog hiatus coming up, and you know what that means, boys and girls:

It’s time for another SOUL DAVID SERIES! 😀

This time, as we are in the midst of American Idol season, I will focus on some David moments when he was on AI Season 7. In particular, those moments that don’t always get highlighted in our reminiscences. 

Here is VINTAGE SOUL DAVID with “Shop Around” (‘member this one?):

“Eva Smiling Down on David”: Some Sweet Words

Over on Fans of David  (great article BTW!) is a feature of Dan Cassidy, Eva Cassidy’s brother, who had this to say about The Voice:

I am familiar with David’s singing talent, as I have watched him several times on American Idol on TV up here in Iceland where I live, and have been very impressed with his wonderful singing each time I have watched him. I am also intrigued by the fact that he mentions and acknowledges my sister Eva as a major artistic influence.

I know that Eva would be flattered to know that her singing has influenced and inspired so many up and coming singers, especially David whose beautiful singing belies his age.

After viewing that clip of David singing ‘Fields of Gold’–live in Anaheim, I know that Eva is smiling down on him whenever he performs that number on stage.

Here’s the “Fields of Gold” performance inspiring these words:

New Digitized Ways to Keep Up with The Voice!

I’m super excited since I’m a sucker for digital technology.  Check out the latest reports on Apple’s new ipad! 🙂

Sounds like a good-old-fashioned writing “pad” except it’s … electronic! With an iphone and kindle to boot!  Just think: in two months, we’ll have a gadget that will allow us to listen to David’s new album, ponder his latest tweets, drool over his latest pics and vids, AND read his first memoir, Chords of Strength (provided it’s digitally available).  

It sounds like the perfect “medium” to channel our favorite “Angel.” 😉

Can’t wait! 😛 

In other news, this is the 2-year-anniversary of David’s audition as it aired on American Idol (I didn’t discover him until “Heaven,” so I’m going by Snarkies’ report):