Daily Archives: July 9, 2010

David Dream Sequence #21

Another David Dream in less than a week?!

Must have been those eyes…

Except this dream is quite sketchy and doesn’t make a coherent narrative.

Must have been those eyes…

See, the dream starts out that David appears in his first on-screen kiss on a steamy TV show (don’t remember which one it was).  The Archie fanbase imploded. Most fans were not happy (you can imagine which fans weren’t).

But the dream switches up and the next thing I know, I encounter David on a train station platform.  I pretend not to notice who he is, so we have a friendly, easygoing chat.  But then David slinks away suddenly and disappears altogether.

Just before a crowd of middle-aged women come on the platform out of nowhere.

And next thing I know I’m just part of a crowd waiting for the next train to come in.  And as we anticipate getting onto an approaching train, it whizzes right past us.  On the opposite side, another train whizzes in and doesn’t bother to stop at our station.

That’s weird.  It’s more like a NYC subway station but it looks like the metro station in Paris.

Then I wake up.

At least, I think I wake up.  I do what I usually do when I wake up in the mornings. I go downstairs and straight to my kitchen to put on some coffee.  But when I’m downstairs, I notice to my shock and horror that I’ve left all the windows open and the doors unlocked. I’m flabbergasted that I would leave myself so vulnerable all night.  As I frantically look around my home, looking for signs of any break-ins that might have occurred last night…

That’s when I really wake up.

Strange, huh?

Must have been those eyes…

Update: Photo not by Matt Clayton as originally thought (cropped by Rascal).