Daily Archives: July 6, 2010

Our Favorite Boy Scout!

Whoever spotted this rather sunny and uplifting David visiting the Holocaust Museum in D.C., I wish s/he also got a shot of what he looked like after leaving it.

Not that I’m into the pained and shellshock David look, but Mr. “Peace and Harmony” would have been quite cut up after such a visit.  I should know because I’ve visited the museum three times, and each time is just heart-renching.  (See the museum’s amazing World is a Witness online project on present-day genocide.)

What I do like about this pic is the way it shows our “favorite boy scout,” taking whatever down time he has to actually be a tourist and sightseer in whatever city he visits.  He’s not going to be the aloof and “too busy” performer, and that really is such a refreshing thing about him.

And then there is our favorite back-up singer, Vanessa Renee Williams, who has become an Archie this past weekend .  In reading her reflections on the Capitol Fourth concert (thanks for the link, Burkey!), she reveals how she was there silently rooting for David:

David is certainly no novice to performing in front of large crowds, but in my head I kept repeating, “You can do it. You’ll be just fine. Just sing”.

Funny, but those were my exact thoughts when I was watching him getting ready to sing the national anthem.  He was amazing, so I was calm by the time he came out again to sing “Stand By Me.” What can I say?  David brings out the “mom” in you that you didn’t even know existed.

Isn’t  it amazing how David inspires such positive vibes and thoughts and concerns from people he just meets or works with?  Another great quote from Vanessa reflects what many of us are also hoping for him:

I hope and pray that those tasked with the business concerning him will always remember that a human being is attached to the voice. I hope that, in their continuing efforts to promote him, they remember and respect the standards by which he lives. Far too many entertainers are sold the lie that certain destructive behavior is a part of the territory on the road to superstardom. Far too many burn out, find themselves in trouble, or sadly, die too soon because they embraced a lie. I want to grow up and be an old, old, old, old, woman and turn on whatever technology will serve as television in the future and applaud an older, wiser, prosperous, even more vocally satisfying David Archuleta.

With such positive wishes heading his way, I think David will be fine, don’t you?  He really is a treasure!