Daily Archives: July 10, 2010

New Vlog: David in San Antonio!

His face looks fuller, no?

Must Have Been Those Eyes…

Okay, okay… you all know how I’ve always adored Rabid’s art works, and I was quick to throw my hands up in despair when his artwork-sharing website shut down.  But, sometimes, his fan art (and the artwork of others) borders on absolute cheese and camp, like this latest added allusion to a red heart (how literalist do you have to be? And thanks for sharing the image, Burkey!)

What I love about the original photograph (photographer yet to be determined, I think) is the way David is completely mature in it and downright sexy.  There is still the hint of innocence laying in his eyes, but beneath that is the hint of wisdom and a sense that David knows exactly what he’s doing: he knows the level of his sex appeal.  As others have said… such a tease!

That silly little hint of a plush heart cushion completely and utterly takes that playful sexiness away!

That’s one photoshop change I’m not liking at all!

What is it with us Archies? It’s like we’re afraid that David will grow up or something, that the sweet boyhood charm fusing innocence and playfulness will disappear once he embraces his sexiness full on.  I say, bring it on!

I especially, especially, love the way the SBL cover intertwines David’s innocence and sex appeal, his shyness and his “come-hither” boldness.  It’s both coy and daring, both suggestive and in-your-face.  Whoever the photographer is, I love that David comes across so honestly, even with all the air-brush perfections touched to it.

And this, above all else, should have clued me in to the fact that Matt Clayton was not the photographer.  As much as I loved his photographs, his airbrush touches highlighted a David who was more asexual than sensual, more clean-cut than suggestively sexy.  He erased the sexiness that flows so naturally in the latest cover.  Maybe it is simply David the photographers respond to, but the latest image definitely lets us know that our boy is all grown up!

And I’m loving it!