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Idol/Idle Gossip

Yeah, I’m indulging because, it’s a slow news day, and because now that Idol is on its way out, I think this will begin all the behind-the-scenes talk about what was really going on behind the curtain. 🙂

So, I’m not at all surprised Mariah Carey found her experience “judging” contestants to be “boring and fake.”

But who I really want to hear from are the Idol contestants.  Has their gag order expired yet? Not that I would ever expect our beloved David to ever spill the beans or say something negative.

(Not that he’s not capable of throwing shade, however. That he can most certainly do!)

Happy Memorial Day

Roll out those crazy hazy lazy days of summer! 🙂

Throwback to the past:

Church Songs: Proving David Could Go Secular

David’s musical talents are to be relished here. Despite the religious content, this song could be as secular as they come (JMHO):

David (Dis)Engagement?

This is hardly interaction on social media (not that David owes us anything):

The Thrill is Gone

Rest in Power, BB King (1925-2015).