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  1. My son has been wanting us to go see this movie (he works in a theater and sees all the movies in bits and pieces). He told me the general idea, and I’m like, “Ugh, there aren’t enough good movies about real, human women–now we have to see a love story about a man falling in love with a computer?” Lol.

    Of course I haven’t seen the movie, but I wonder if this isn’t the future of our human desire to experience transcendence and the divine. In ancient times, man had the mysteries of nature at the center of religious practice, and as science explained the mysteries, beliefs had to adapt, or as we see in creationism, deny.

    • I think the whole “love story” promo for this movie is just surface – which is why I was pleasantly surprised. But yeah, maybe technology is the new way we’re learning to access the divine.

  2. From the previous thread…..

    CCHalo, close but no cigar. You’ll have to postpone your “gotcha” moment glee. Candy’s post said “Im not going on a mission…Music is my mission, reaching people with songs, my message.”
    Words Spoken by David James Archuleta.

    The article cited never says these words. David does not rule anything out. I will concede that one could infer that, at that point in his young life, David is not planning to go on a Mission, but he certainly has not made any commitment to never go. Therefore, he did not go back on his word when he “evolved’ into his eventual decision.

    Potluck8, I do appreciate your research in finding this article and bringing it to our attention.

    • I think you owe Candy an apology either way, as well as Grammyj, because you went beyond disagreeing with their statements and went on to attack them. It really is so much more pleasant to be able to converse and agree and disagree without being bashed. You have really interesting points, but nobody else wants to have a “urinating match”. You call it “nitpicking” when I disagree with you, without attacking you, but you jump all over other people’s use of words. Plus you didn’t seem to notice that half of my comment was basically in agreement with you. I appreciate the times when you carry on a lively discussion without criticizing people or their motives.

      • CCHalo, why does it always get down to other people’s feelings with you? No one has been bashed, insulted, bullied, name called, and mocked more than me on this site. It happens all the time, and guess what, I can take it, or I’d take my ball and go home. Harry Truman said “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. He was right. No one has ever apologized to me for calling me all sorts of names, or LOLing my posts when someone else mocks me.

        If you can’t take it, then stop dishing it out, because you are one of the worst offenders of me. No one knows me and I don’t know anyone here. It’s about the subject matter being discussed, not the person posting.

        As for your saying this “I think you owe Candy an apology either way, as well as Grammyj, because you went beyond disagreeing with their statements and went on to attack them”, exactly who do you think you are in my life to presume to tell me to whom I should be apologizing.

      • We’re all on the same side here. It’s a small group that wants to support a very kind person. It’s not a political debate and there shouldn’t be a need for “stand[ing] the heat”.

      • P.S. I apologize for LOLing a recent post which mocked your question. I simply found it ironic, without thinking that it was not the most respectful way to address your point.

  3. We saw Her when it first came out. I made the mistake of going with my 18 year old daughter. I say mistake only because it’s a little graphic for a parent and just-adult child to see together. We both loved it, however. (And I actually loved Being John Malkovich, too, whatever that says about my taste. Haha.)

  4. HG, I haven’t seen HER yet, but I really enjoyed reading your profound interpretation. You may be spot on about the need to let go in order to experience real relationships. I like to think of it more in the Judeo-Christian belief that whenever we try to find fulfillment in a created thing, it becomes like an idol and never can give us true contentment. Its only when we have a relationship with the One who created us, do we find real meaning in life. Have a great Sunday !!!:)

  5. I will make sure that I watch “Her” as it sounds like a movie I would like. Much food for thought. Part of the reason I like reading HG’s blogs and posting here is many times it makes me think about what I believe and why I believe it.

    I re-read what I wrote on the last thread and Bliss’s response. I apparently didn’t write very clearly and he read a lot of things in what I said that I didn’t mean at all. I never said and do NOT believe that David wasted his time going on his mission. For him it was something he felt he had to do. I’m sure it has been a valuable experience, and he has learned a lot. I also never said that he owed me anything as fan. If he comes back and doesn’t resume his music career while I will be sad, I certainly don’t feel he owes it to me. He has already given us lots of music to enjoy always. Also, his marketable skill is music/entertainment. What I was trying to say as far as doing something beside music is he doesn’t have training outside of a high school education in anything else. That’s why I thought he would continue to go after a career in music. Of course he is smart and could get training and experience in something else if he chooses.

    Bliss doesn’t owe me an apology, but he did read a lot into my comments that I didn’t mean which happens all the time in comments.

  6. The song “Let it Go” from the Disney movie “Frozen” is up for an Oscar.
    I can certainly see David singing this type of song for a movie. It is lovely and many think it iwill be the winner.

  7. Watched The Voice tonight. I thought the show was very entertaining. Some very talent contestants and I just love the chemistry between the four judges-I like Shakira and Usher with the other two.

  8. We watched The Voice, too, Marie, and really saw a lot of talent there. The judges are amusing to watch, too.

  9. Very interesting movie; I wish it were playing in my area.

    “In the end, when Samantha leaves Theodore’s plane of existence, he is left to reach out to the world that is left behind,…”

    That sums up what happened to me when D left in March 2012. As much as I miss D, it’s been good reentering the world/friendships that I left behind when most of my spare time was consumed by all things David. I’m still ODD but at a more manageable level. :)

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