Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. wow I’m bringing the pop corn. I’ve been mostly a lurker of this site for quite some time but this is too juicy to not comment. I guess i missed a lot of drama back in the day since i became a fan of David after AI and i never visited any fansites until right after he returned from his mission. I never even knew FOD existed. I visit FOD for the content but i also check this site for the honest opinions (i actually found out about SD because someone mentioned it on FOD and it seemed like this was the devil site lol).

    I like this site, as i said, for the honest opinions, but it’s clear that some are very harsh with their comments. It’s interesting how these harsh comments appear only when Bliss is around. Just a few weeks back and for some months, everything runned smoothly around here, and it’s when Bliss was MIA.

    I’m not saying it’s Bliss fault, i don’t know him and i don’t know why or if he’s banned from other sites (even though it has always been interesting to me how he never comments on FOD).

    Anyway, back to lurking.

    Oh and btw i love the UAN video i love how confident he looked dancing.
    And if anyone is interested, I’m in my 20’s.

  2. Hi Lady D, I really like UAN video and actually am surprise it doesn’t have more hits, but I guess with almost no promo, no one knows outside the fan base, unfortunately, it has shrunk. I really thought that the Mormon community would compensate for the fans that have left, I’m thinking he is still a big star in that circle.

  3. I don’t know anyone here (to my knowledge) but I do know that in the past I have come across inapproprriate comments too from some female fans regarding David, on a certain site, won’t say which one. Don’t think it still goes on but it definitely did at one time. That may have not been their intention but it certainly was out of line and disrespectful. The past is the past however. Now you get rude, disrespectful comments on this site which are just as bad, in a different way. Don’t see much difference.

    ckqad….From your response earlier I guess you feel that the rude, cruel comments on this site from some posters are perfectly okay since you haven’t disagreed with them, to my knowledge. Well I do not feel they are okay and never will. It’s still intolerance and disrespect.
    I’m not saying it’s all you but sorry, it’s plain to see that some of the repeated attacks on David and is faith are just plain unkind and biased. He doesn’t warrant that. He has given us some beautiful new music and is a kind respectful person.

  4. Watching the news, 😥 another horrific bombing apparently by a suicide bomber at a U.K. Arena in Manchester as people were leaving a Ariana Grande concert. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. 😥😥 I will never understand the mindset of someone having no regards for life, including their own life, I guess they believe that a reward will be theirs in the afterlife, twisted thinking.

    • Yes this is so sad ! Once again youth were targeted and it is heartbreaking. 22 killed and 60 wounded because a crazed fanatic has been promised 40 female virgins in the after life…pfff…!! 😭
      My family and I will be attending a Bruno Mars concert in June and Celine Dion’s in July, in venues with capacity of 40 000 people. We are used to live without constantly thinking about a possible terrorist attack but the Manchester tragedy really gives me chills…these upcoming shows are a great joy for all of us but now I am feeling anxious about taking my children there…😨

  5. So Blisskasden said ‘Bubble Butt’ years ago, lots of fans said stuff like that back in the day, there was even a fanfiction story that circulated about David mounting a horse called Lucky. Lots of older women swooned over david, and HG herself posted about her dreams of getting into bed next to david, so if youre going to call Blisskasden a paedophile, then you better call lots of his female fans that too, including HG, unless there is a double standard and only women are allowed to swoon over a young man, if so, that smells like homophobia to me, here on SD, home of the liberated progressives.

    Regardless of all that, it was all in the past and fans have learned more about david and what he would find respectful and disrespectful and have changed the way they speak, and hopefully think, about him, so it’s fair to move on from all of it – chatrooms, bubblebutts, horses called Lucky, bedroom dreams and everything else that went on in the name of fun before we understood more about david.

    On a different topic, anytime things heat up around here, some new poster (this time Lady D) comes on here blaming it on Blisskasden but people speak bad of david here all the time even when Blisskasden isn’t pulling people up and it’s obvious the new person is just a regular who keeps changing their name all the time. Its very telling that the Anonymous who wants to keep insisting that anyone who disagrees with the disrespect and trash talk here, are all bliss, because I’ve learned that liars tend to think that other people are lying too, so its no wonder a person who has multiple personalities here suspects Bliss of having multiple personalities too. For the record, I’m not bliss but I am someone who thinks david deserves better than what gets served up here.

    • Blisskasden’s tweets to David and other writings about David’s appearance were not brought up until Blisskasden had gone on and on and on for months, if not years, about how disgusting the “older women” were. His descriptions of the many aspects of David’s physique surpassed anything that the “older women” were ever able to produce.

      When it comes to suspecting people of having multiple online personalities, Blisskasden was the first one to insistently suspect everyone of posting under multiple names, in addition to seeing all kinds of online conspiracies.

      So yes, he did actually start everything that is going on here.

  6. Lugdunum, I understand you feeling anxious,but that is part of what these groups of terrorists want, instill fear. I listened to Celine Dion absolutely breathtaking performance of her signature song, My Heart Will Go On at the Billboard Music Awards, and more than ever, everytime these kind of horrific attacks happen is what we have to think, we will go on, you aren’t going win. The scariest thing is that the pockets are everywhere. Stay strong and I hope you and your family have the joyous experience at those two concerts.

    Anonymous @7:39 I have always said that some go way to far, but to come here and say, again that EVERY comment is horrible is, imo, not wrong. As far as bliss goes, I have way to much history to praise anyone coming here to defend him.

    • ckquad you always put words in peoples mouths, including David’s, and then play the victim, i never said EVERY comment is horrible, and david never said lots of the things you accuse him of.

  7. Anonymous, I am not a VICTIM, but yes, I’m sorry I have been attacked by bliss and I have given it back to him. What words did I put in your mouth, if I’m wrong I will apologize & misread your comment.

  8. Sorry, and if I misread your comment. Btw, why Anonymous, are you someone that has never commented before and that is the only way that you feel comfortable commenting?

    • I go by anonymous because too many people change their name around here to try and make it seem like there are more people who agree with them than there really are, or use it as a tactic to try and one up someone else, and if people cant do the honorable thing and own their words and keep the same name and make their point in a decent way, then why should i honor them by using anything other than anonymous, thats how i feel. i could choose an anonymous screename even but i purposely choose anonymous.

  9. Anonymous, I disagree, it’s not about honoring other it’s about owning up to your comment.

    • ckquad it is both – its about honoring a person to me because it is treating them fair, and its about honoring the exchange of ideas and if one person changes their name all the time and wont own their comments, then the exchange is one sided, dishonorable and not fair, and so i choose anonymous.

  10. Anonymous, Ok, I don’t see the logic you have presented, but you do, it is your opinion, so I will respect it.

  11. Anonymous at 8:26 AM :

    I’m not going to engage you in your childish “Bliss started it” nonsense. What’s next? Are you going to stick your tongue out at me? Stop defending your indefensible position. You know what HG and the others did. It’s over. No one does it anymore. That’s my reward for speaking out. Put it to rest already. There’s a seat at the grown up table if you want it.

    • You’re not a grown up, you’re an big dummy rat fink Mike. You just told on yourself and brought out in the open what I suspected all along – there were chats and forums across the fanbase devoted to lusting over a young boy. The poster from one of the suspected site was all the confirmation needed. You some foul piece of work, lol.

    • Of course you’re not, because you started it. Funny it turned out you had a very impressive body of work describing David’s physique in great detail.

  12. Hi SD! What say you – Why hasn’t LDS fan support been stronger for David’s commercial releases? Someone posed a similar question about why support from that block hasn’t filled in the gaps from the overwhelming attrition of idol fans from his base. I’m kind of shocked but not really to see UAN and the EP doing as poorly as they are commercially. And contrary to the spin, the EP and single have been disasters commercially. From a financial and marketing standpoint, he stands to gain more by giving the next EP release as away on social media and itunes. The law of diminishing returns won’t be kind to him anymore with commercial releases.

    • Bill Bored (as in Billboard), You want David to fail? Why do you hate David so much? Did he do something to you that you feel requires retaliation?

      David will be touring for the rest of the year. Thousands of people will have the pleasure of seeing him perform live in many different cities. You will not be one of them. You’ll probably be checking out the attendance of each show, hoping that he doesn’t sell out the venues. Will that make you happy?

      Another SD loser.

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