Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Moelita, you often sound on the same page as Bliss too, are you sure you’re not Bliss?

    • Anonymous too.

      Bliss aka Anonymous, you aren’t fooling anyone. Your childish games are idiotic and rather funny in a way but so pathetic as well.

  2. Sorry Anonymous if you took that as an insult. Bliss has posted as anonymous a couple of times, but he has come on right after to correct the mistake. And no I’m not Bliss either. As I have said many times though, until David releases his new music and tours outside of his comfort zone the conversation will continue to go around in circles. I think that most people, even on this site, that are still commenting regularly are fans of David, the singer. The fact is though, it’s been almost 4 years since David has released new original music and toured outside of a few western states. Of course his fans are going to find some other topic to talk about, I’m sure we all would rather be discussing his new music or a concert we attended.

    • Moelita, you say : “I think that most people, even on this site, that are still commenting regularly are fans of David, the singer”

      I have to disagree with that conclusion. The people here claim that all they’re interested in is his music, but the evidence shows that they actually talk about his religion, his clothing, his family, his sexuality, his hair, etc, etc etc.

      If they were really just interested in his music, they would wait for David to release new music and then talk about it. These people are are the true ODD fans in that they cannot help but talk about every aspect of David’s life, while claiming that they only care about his music.

      It’s called Group Denial. if everybody agrees, it must be true. That’s why when someone comes on here to challenge the group denial, they all come on immediately to squelch the challenge before the truth takes root and the big lie they are trying to promote is exposed.

  3. No I didn’t take it as an insult Moelita just thought it was funny since you’ve been accused of the same thing.

  4. I agree that David’s orientation might be a source of angst for him. He got emotional when singing the “7 years” song the first time. I believe it was the part where it talks about having a family:

    “…My woman brought children for me
    So I can sing them all my songs
    And I can tell them stories…”

    I interpreted that to mean that he’s struggling with the fear that it might not happen for him. But of course, JMO. He once said in a video interview that as a teenager he would think to himself, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Come on…LIKE someone!” Sounds so much like the stories from the asexual community—not so much the gay community.

  5. I don’t think David is gay. I can see him being asexual and struggling with that, only because I think he would like to find a special someone and have children. When he is on stage he exudes a sensuality that is not planned , but is just natural to him. I don’t think he is even aware of it , which explains how he wonders why girls and women react to him the way they do. I also think his extreme shyness impacts the way he sees himself. For all we know he may have a special someone in his life now. I’m sure we as fans would be the last to know. He may share general things on social media, but I think he is and will be very private about his personal life.

  6. Anonymous, Too, I never post under any other name. Occasionally WordPress mistakenly has called me “anonymous” , but when that has happened I immediately correct their mistake. Unlike so many of the people here, I want all of my posts identified as being from Blisskasden. I have used that screen name since I started commenting on David’s videos in 2008 and have kept the name on twitter and every site I have posted.

    As for your thoughtless comment of “Bliss aka Anonymous, you aren’t fooling anyone. Your childish games are idiotic and rather funny in a way but so pathetic as well.”, the pathetic one is the one in your mirror. You used to have another name here, right? Like the others, you’re all big and bad when you don’t have to ID yourself? Typical Soul David B.S.

  7. Cchalo and Moelita, Being that David is very devout Mormon he might be aggressively trying to find a mate and perhaps it might be what some see as perhaps some sense of him being troubled. I would think that no matter what sexual orientation he is he will marry, of course, a woman and have children as it is very important in his religion. I wish him nothing but happiness.

  8. Best David Related Site Online

    Asexual is an interesting thought. I hope he is not thinking that an asexual person could not have a family. Certainly he can father children in several ways. I have no idea what his church thinks about surrogate mothers or single fathers though.

    Blissy thinks we need to stick to his music. When he puts out more new music, I will comment. Oh wait, because everyone did comment and did not love the new song and said so, Blissy had a typical hissy fit and called us haters. Blissy dearest, be careful what you ask for.

  9. Long time lurker

    I don’t think he’s gay. I think is just his shy personality. I’m the same age as him and I’ve never had a serious relationship mainly because I’m very shy and insecure that I run away when the opportunity of getting to know someone romantically is presented. So I think this could be his situation too. And if you add the fact that he’s persecuted by girls that only what to have dates with him because of his “celebrity” status, it makes it even harder to find someone.
    I don’t think his church is putting any pressure on him to marry soon, I’ve heard they tend to be less “strict” with Mormon “celebrities”.

    • People who are shy, but have crushes on people, are probably not asexual (lacking feelings of sexual attraction). David used to say that he had never had a crush on anyone. But things could be totally different these days for all I know.

  10. Also the lds church pretty much wants everyone to be asexual before marriage. No touching yourself, no heavy petting others (whatever that means), no porn, no sexual thoughts.

    Just today I read about this topic, I’ll let here the explanation of a guy whose normal desires and the guilt of having them messed him up.

    “This fucked me up when it came to issues of self-worth. I thought I was a sexual freak (I’ve since discovered I have an incredibly high libido, but that’s all it is) and that women would never love me. I also thought that I wasn’t worthy of a woman’s love…and since I had sexual thoughts when I saw a woman I was attracted to, I must be an awful, vile, sinner and to actually have a relationship with them would be unfair.
    This caused me to be very shy and painfully awkward around beautiful women. Though no fault of their own, I immediately was put on the defensive, as I had to be careful not to have any sort of relationship with them, as I was a pervert and freak.”

    So who knows, it could be many things.

    • Ha, kind of doubt David is in that category, but that’s one theory I used to have about him using a Sharpie on the exposed legs of a woman on a gift bag he was given. Since he had to cram the gifts into his bunk on the tour bus, I thought maybe he used the Sharpie to keep himself from having impure thoughts. But that could be many things, including the opposite—that he found them offensive—too.

      BTW, the Mormon legislators in Utah have gone off the rails lately: Utah Senate declares porn a ‘public health crisis’ “http://www.sltrib.com/home/3576977-155/utah-senate-declares-pornography-a-public”

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