Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Glad you found it, Astrid. Going on tour for artist has to be very grueling. Glad that David does exercise and possibly lift weights to build stamina. He sings so well that we forget that is working with one less vocal cord.

  2. Checked out what kind of conversation is going on on FOD and other sites. Very few commenting, although understandable because nothing happening for a couple of days. The theme is east coast tour dates and wanting David to have a more current wardrobe, 😂. To me he dress just like any guy off the street, although, I do agree, an average guy his age does dress a bit more up to date. He doesn’t care, it’s not about pleasing anyone and certainly doesn’t seem to care about expanding his fan base. As he said, he will go where people want him and really right now it really is clear it’s more Mormon heavy areas. I’m not saying he won’t go to other places, but really Mormon country is where is has the biggest draw, imo.

  3. If i recall, David’s paralized vocal chord healed. It began wrapping itself around the healthy one but eventually it healed according to David in an interview after AI. It’s just been an interesting story perpetuated by AI. He was able to exercize to strengthen his vocal chords and the more he sang, the stronger they got. He was concerned about his vocal ability after his mission because of the lack of singing for long periods. Losing his breath while singing has to do with lung capacity and in his case, allergies. The point being that David has two working vocal chords.

    Just an fyi.

  4. Thanks for clarification anonymous, yes, lung capacity and allergies sound logical.
    Just read a write up about about David, he said that since he went on a Mormon mission that his fans are more Mormons. What I thought of course, that would happen, he has played to that group ever since his return, 😂. I think that is where his niche is and for that base, he is doing great. Bringing religion into his concert is what he wants and that group love it. Expanding his fan base is nothing that David is interested in doing.

  5. Did dear Bliss lose his way and landed on the exmormon subReddit?

  6. Last night at the Troubadour seems to been awesome, just saw a snippet of UAN and man he got into it, actually danced. A good crowd, 😂 had to laugh, read some of the excited fans (from AI days) and let’s say the language used for expressing the excitement might not be D-rated. I know that a big star isn’t where he wants to go with his career (probably, don’t know that for a fact), but from last night, he could do it, and really wouldn’t need to give up on his values, imo.

  7. What’s up with FOD fan site, 😂 only can see comments going from this site, but really not all the time, then, 😂 I have to do several refreshes in order to see new comments. Being it’s the “official” fan site, pretty sad it’s messed up while David’s career is active. I’m sure it’s something that the Mods are working on and really they are great at posting everything that is going on.

  8. Seriously great energy from David last night. And the crowd. Wow. They sang along on a bunch of his old and new stuff. David should definitely visit the land of heathens more often. lol

    • So, you’ve moved on to FOD, the site that you’ve been mocking for the past 4 years as “ODD”. What changed for you? I hope they fix their “messed up” site soon so you can get back to reading all the comments from the fans that you felt so morally superior to in the past.

      SD is predictably DOA since David has been “killing it” on this tour. Last night was especially triumphant, since he performed at a mainstream, secular, iconic, non Morridor venue in the heart of Hollywood, exposing the big lie that he’s only interested in performing for his imaginary “target audience” (aka Mormons). I don’t recall seeing a “Mormons only” sign on the marque of the Troubadour After seeing some clips, it looked like David’s religion wasn’t a problem for them

      • Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah…………..

        That said, there is definitely something going on with David. He’s upping his game and maybe, just maybe, he realizes THIS is what he wants to do and he MUST make compromises.

        Me thinks he won’t be “single” for long. Who knows? This tour may be his way of “sowing his wild oats” before he says “I do”. Once he gets married, he will never tour like this again. No way.

      • No, not for the 200 who bought tickets because of AI nostalgia.

  9. 😂 bliss, I have always been complementary to the site, yes, I might not agree with some of the over the top comments, but always appreciated the Mods for putting so much information about David’s career. Go ahead spin that to fit your point of view, 😂

  10. Lb, glad that you like those kind of comments and really if you don’t like to read comments on this site, I really don’t think anyone is forcing you to read them and by saying that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to your opinion or reading all the “negativity” here.

    • I love it when you try to come across as a tolerant, reasonable person. Unfortunately, anyone who has been reading your posts for the past 4 years knows what’s really going on with you, and tolerance of those who accept David , especially when it comes to his chosen religion, is not one of them.

      Btw, we know that no one if forcing anyone to read the rude anti- David posts here. Why do you keep repeating that silly notion? We do it voluntarily so we can hold those who disrespect David accountable.

  11. LOL, there is nothing funnier than seeing the instant damage control that kicks in on this site when the hypocrisy, lies and plain old foolishness is exposed.

    I especially love the post at 1:55 PM. David has this hater so discombobulated by his kick ass performance at the Troubadour, she (or maybe he) is all over the yard trying to get back to the main anti- David talking points here.

    • “Kick ass” to superfans, cringey to others. But it’s great that 200 people in LA wanted to relive their AI memories. According to you, David wants to distance himself from AI, but it’s not happening.

      • I’ll tell you what’s “cringey”. Someone like you who used to be a fan, but who now feels disappointed/ betrayed, by David but just cannot move on from him, continuing to post about him, in a hateful way. What earthly reason would you have to come on here to post that you found his performance last night “cringey”? If David makes you cringe, why do you watch him?

        Do you have any idea how pathetic and stuck in the past this makes you look? You’re fighting a losing battle here. This site, which used to be heavily populated by people like you, has been almost completely disinfected.

        The game of “Musical I feel betrayed by David” is slowly coming to an end on this site. I wonder who the last one standing will be? Will it be you?

      • You’ll definitely be the last one. David will be just fine, as “he has the penishood,” as someone put it on the Reddit site. You and Mormons have at least one thing in common: an unfaltering belief in the superiority of the male sex.

  12. “This site, which used to be heavily populated by people like you, has been almost completely disinfected.”

    And so has FOD. Crickets.

  13. AI will be revived, and superfans can start obsessing about an appearance or even a little mention again.

  14. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    the site hasn’t been disinfected – people are BORED TO TEARS, just don’t give a damn any more about a third rate karaoke singer from cheeseville. It’s when people stop talking about you – good, bad or indifferent, that you become irrelevant and a has been. Nobody that matters is talking about David – The industry doesn’t care about David, the vast music public and media doesn’t so he’s left with the looney tunes brigade of old women and old gay men that he’s been trying to shake – until he needs their money and tosses them a bone like the dud Orion and a throwback tour to keep milking that money tit.

    • Amen. “The Purge” has exceeded all expectations and, eventually, failed miserably: he is stuck with the groups he (or Blisskasden) wanted to get rid of. Everyone else has gone.

    • The people at his shows weren’t bored to tears. You know who else isn’t bored to tears–YOU, that’s who. You still follow him, you still read his fan sites, and you still have a lot to say about him, albeit the usual SD nonsense and lies.

      People who are actually bored with an artist don’t seek out sites, and they certainly don’t give a thought to a “third rate karaoke singer from cheeseville”. They simply move on to something or someone else that interests them or excites them.

      Your very presence on this site shows that you still think and care about David, have opinions about him, and want others to know it.

      You’re not bored. You’re just boring, plus you misrepresent your feelings about David because you just can’t quit him. If I’m wrong, you can simply STFU about this artist who you say is “irrelevant”. It shouldn’t be hard to do, unless of course, you’re lying about your feelings

      • Ur presence on this site means you still trying to suck David’s dick. Admit it and move on. Pretentious old nasty windbag, isn’t David too old for you now?

  15. The Boil On Bliss's Ass

    David is BORING… He’s hasbeensville. I post to fuck with you, you bald headedtwink chasing circus bitch 🙂 I admit to having no life, lolol… I’m still relatively young, I can get one. Time has run out on you. You are an old decrepit dried up queen with evidently no friends, children, family or life except capeing for a repressed gay mormon dude you have lusted after since day 1. AS IF you would ever have had a chance with David, lolololol… David’s career (joke) is a trainwreck and so are many of the koo koo for koko puffs fans, like you. Getting a rise out of your sweet old dusty ass is fun, fun, fun! 🙂

    • You may post to “fuck with me”, but since I’m on here at different times and you always post right after I do, we can can conclude that you stalk this site 24/7 looking for me. What’s the word I’m looking for? Yeah, it’s “pathetic”.

      Actually I have a number of friends, many of whom enjoy the updates on posters like you. Some of these friends are women. Not your kind of woman. The other kind. The bright kind, the insightful kind, the respectful kind. Your kind can be found in a fish market. Anyway, it makes for very lively downtime chit chat. This recent volley of ooze will certainly be met with a few chuckles. Keep ’em coming.

      • “Actually I have a number of friends, many of whom enjoy the updates on posters like you. Some of these friends are women.”

        Sure. It’s fascinating and very telling that they are intrigued by comments on a reality-show has-been somewhere on the outskirts of the Internet.

      • The Boil On Bliss's Ass

        I acknowledge and own my no life having self – I’m young, there’s still hope for me, lolol…. most pathetic sight in the world is an old queen or chickenhawk still chasing after on a stupid blog… you, sire are textbook pathetic… *smooches to my bitch Bliss* 🙂

  16. OOOOO, I love me some bald headed circus bitches!! *rubs hands in glee* No luck looking for one on Grindr – who knew there’s a big one right here!! Hit me up Blisskaspirin. I got whatcha neeeeeeeeeed!Make you forget all about this oergrown Archuleta Twinkie! 🙂

  17. Here For the Bald Headed Windbags

    Am I in the right spot? Heard there a pretentious old bald headed windbag named Blisscustard hanging round. I lovessssssss me some old bald headed pretentious windbags! Wanna date Blisscustard?? I got skills! 🙂

    • Having read your posts, I can conclude that the skills you are referring to have nothing to do with writing. I’ve heard about your “skills”. Is that with or without teeth?

      • Yassss, baby. Reality television, the stronghold of the intelligentsia.

      • FYI, American Idol was not “Reality TV”.

        “Growing Up Hip Hop” is Reality TV. “Duck Dynasty”, your personal favorite, is “Reality TV”.

      • Here For the Bald Headed Windbags

        Whatever you like honey… I can keep em in or take em out :)are you top or bottom? 🙂

  18. Blisskaspirin said:

    “Actually I have a number of friends, many of whom enjoy the updates on posters like you. Some of these friends are women.”
    You Sound as phony and fake as those undercover bigots who proclaim, ” I have lots of ____ friends (insert your race, ethnic or sexual orientation or gender)… no hope for you son.

  19. “David feels that connections does not mean a personal connection and a reason to marry lol. He feels strange when people say they love him on the audience; he feels awkward saying “I love you too”, because he doesn’t know them. He also feels that some people think David is singing to him personally and looking especially at them, and that is not the case.”

    Quote taken from an interview David did on some podunk station… dunno why but it cracks me up to read this – do you get the impression he still hates his fans, lolol… practically all his fans, even the younger ones, gush about “David looked at meeeee, he noticed meee!!!” Lololol, he could care less about their love pronouncements and that other delusion crap they spray on the internet… fans…. he just ain’t that into you, lolol… he just doing what he gotta do to get your money…

    realtalk….. I think David /have thought for years that he is on the autism spectrum, high functioning, touches of Aspergers… no way should he be in show business, lolol… his emotional makeup is too sensitive and fragile… … funny how he has problems saying I love you back to silly fans and not being able to comprehend that he literally doesn’t have to really “love them” to say it… he got a lot to learn about life….

  20. He also says in the interview (FOD has it) he’s much happier in Nashville with the “Christian folks”…. lolol… he’s a riot, lolol…my heathen behind has no place in this fan base, lolol… not that I care, but this boy – yes I said boy cause mentally and emotionally he is not a man… what did I EVER SEE IN HIM? lololol… Wellllll Blisskasbah you and me have something in common – David don’t really care to associate with our – we ain’t Christians so I guess that’s that, lololol

    • So you say that your “heathen ass has no place in this fan base” yet you’re reading FOD, a fan site for people who do have a place in this fan base, and then bringing over excerpts from a 25 minute interview of David. As if that isn’t nutty enough, you then say “not that I care, but this boy – yes I said boy cause mentally and emotionally he is not a man… what did I EVER SEE IN HIM? lololol”

      I have news for you. What you used to see in him you still see in him or you wouldn’t be going to all this trouble to scope out news about David to use as a weapon against him. You sound like some drunk ranting and raving about her lost love.

      It’s time to go, ma sistah, while you still can salvage what’s left of the dignity of your sad, heathen ass.

      • BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLAH…. Bliss’s stool. Makes sense… up his ass like a POS. Your funk wafts off every word. Go take a shower.

      • You’re just salty old Blisscunt because everything you have done in the past, in the present and the future is an attempt to get David to notice you, like some silly schoolgirl. Those sickening, embarrassing treacly comments exclaiming his virtues and superiority as a singer, your one man defense of him… all embarrassingly in vain. Out of his own mouth he has said what he likes and hates about his “fans”. Your continued capeing for him goes against everything he hates…. He hates fawning, hates being put on a pedestal, hates unnatural to him displays and exclamations of love and affection…. these are his words. He has summarily rejected the actions of your bald headed twink chasing ass at every turn, and here your shameless ass keeps trying to deflect the anger of your utter and complete rejection on the people who have owned your ass in every way for years now. The final nail in your coffin is his wanting to associate with Christian folks… which is kinda disingenuous as he just place in the gayest venue in the gayest part of LA… I DIGRESS… in other words a Bald headed old New Yawk Jew FROM DA BRONX can get the hell outta my face. You look STUPID AS HELL keeping up THIS UNREQUITED LOVE CAMPAIGN for his attention and the respect of the 10 fans remaining… never gonna happen. You’re actions are more those of a rejected suitor than anyone’s here… most of these women have woken up and are at least trying to sort out past ODD thoughts and actions… you still stuck in the past with the rest of the deplorables… wait… you’re not even welcome with the deplorables… you don’t fit the “profile” 🙂
        Your Whole schtick and water carrying for him has been in vain and a colossal failure – his own words reject every thing you’ve done in his name, and with you not being Christian? You have been dismissed. No fool like an old fool Blissassden… you’ve been exposed as one of the biggest continuing suckers in Davidville. He’s not smelling what you been cooking dude. Even though I think you’re a turd and a blowhard, nobody likes being rejected… sending you a virtual glass of absinthe to dull the pain. Time heals all wounds and broken hearts 🙂

  21. So true, these people who post these ignorant, low life comments obviously still have an interest in David or they would not still be posting about him. It is so obvious. They just do not want to accept who he is. They choose to go on the attack and make themselves look like absolute fools. They are an embarrassment to themselves and to others.
    Their comments are nothing but garbage and belong in the trash, that’s where I dump them.

    • his should b here…..
      BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH, BLAH…. Bliss’s stool. Makes sense… up his ass like a POS. Your funk wafts off every word. Light33 – come join the rest of us trash in your dumpster… pieces of shit take pride of place in the dumpster sweetheart 🙂

      • Light33, these people have one goal, which is to have this site all to themselves. That’s why they join forces to go after anyone who posts positive messages about David or challenge their BS about him. They want us to leave so they can spew their anti LDS, anti David rhetoric with no resistance or accountability.

        HG is their silent partner. She knows whats going on and fully endorses it. A couple of them have tried it on FOD, but were immediately shot down by the Admins and genuine fans of David. This is the only place they can meet to do their dirty deeds. There used to be many more of them but they left (at least under their original screen name) because they couldn’t tolerate the challenges from people like you and me.

        Keep up the good work. As long as people like us expose their lies and hate, good will eventually triumph over their evil nonsense.

  22. But… but… i thought you had disinfected the site Bloss – we are LEGION and cannot be destroyed, lololol….. How do you spell loser? B.L.I.S.S. 🙂 You have no where else to go, you’re not welcome anywhere else, except a site full of people you despise and can’t control… #sad… #pitiful… well, let’s be honest… you’re not even really welcome here, we just take pity on you and let you feel like you belong… some “Christian” fellowship doled out to heathens… 🙂 here’s another virtual glass of absinthe – bottoms up, lololol

    • This, from you , is a beauty ; “you’re not even really welcome here, we just take pity on you and let you feel like you belong”. I’m not welcome here? Really? Who knew, lol?

      The disinfecting process is an ongoing one but it is well on its way. So few of you remain.

      David is soaring and you’re still whining like a little b^^^h. Tick, tick tick……

      • Longtime Lurker

        blah blah blah blah blah…. predictable as hell… David slew Goliath with 1 stone… it don’t take an army to stand against you… game on Bitch 🙂 I’m ready *smooch*

      • Soaring??? Exactly where is he soaring?… Still stuck in 2008 I see… David has lived DOWN to all predictions made about his soaring anywhere, other than auditoriums and gyms in Mormon country. Why don’t you do somethying useful and help him come out, he’d have better success and be MORE interesting as a cute gay Mormon singer. Betcha all his “anxiety, depression and doubts” would disappear and maybe his music and songwriting would improve. *smooch*

  23. Longtime Lurker

    Response to blisskasden @1:40
    You’re small potatoes dude… you offer NO challenge to these folks here… you think too highly of yourself potna… I lurk here all the time, have done so for the last 3 years. You like to sling it, but can’t take it. These posters won long ago… you have tried for years to control this site, you’ve failed every time. You’ll continue to fail. I offer support and encouragement to them all, to keep speaking their truths, and don’t be cowed into filtering your thought and opinions. There are more than you think lurking here who stand with you than against you. Resist all manner of devils and swine who come against you.

  24. Longtime Lurker, I see it’s taken you you 3 years to come out of lurkdom to finally post. Do you expect me to believe that?

    Btw, the number don’t lie. There used to be many, many more haters and delusional jilted lovers of David on this site. Where is Senseless, Marie, Soul Newbie, Hit and Run, Peter, Candy (she’s still here using other names), Anne, CChalo (her too), Hope, and so many others, including HG herself, who posts under names like “Lemonade” to hide her true ID.

    Why are they gone? They’re gone because people like Light33, Shanny and myself have stood up to their hateful, revenge -inspired rantings , exposed them for what they are, and like all cowards, they flew the coop rather than have to face the truth about themselves.

    • LOLOLOL numbers sure don’t lie… all 775 copies of Orion now sold!!!!! 300 of those were personally bought by Bliss! lolol…all numbers for David are in the crapper, so it stands to reason both his lovers and detractors would fall off… neither side will see any substantial numbers increases in the foreseeable future, and if history is an indicator, he will over time lose more support than he gains… FOD will shutter house before SD… GUARANTEED.

    • Heathens United!

      ROTFLMAO…. you shoulda been a comedian. you’re the only real jilted lover here potna… 🙂 David rejects you and your actions as a fan, he rejects your company and being in the presence of folks like you because you aren’t a Christian… what kind of delusion and cognitive dissonance are you inflicting upon yourself just to still call yourself a fan and to feel like you belong somewhere…. tsk… tsk… David nor his majority deplorable fans have time for the likes of your ass… to have the only highlight of your life be hanging around people who depise you and whom you despise….who’s the more pathetic.. Poor wittle Bliss… the “cowards and haters” here on SD are your only friends….

  25. LOLOLOLOL… OMG i CAN’T BREATHE!!! You really ARE nuts to think you have anything to do with them not posting as much…. Lord you are funny!!! Dude, It doesn’t take 100 posters to keep you in check – you can’t accept defeat can you? this site IS STILL OPEN, freedom of speech is alive and well, and if you and Shanny and light33 were all that, the site would be dust, long ago… you have no power, except in your imagination, lolol…. shoot, the 3 of them are probably all emanating from your imagination, lolol… anyhoo bitches… bring it… you’re impervious to shame or embarrassment so the gloves are off… soooo… inquiring minds want to know….. do you think David’s ass still has that round bubble butt shape you like? does he still have those Greek god looks at 26 that drew you to him at 16? what is it about possibly high functioning intellectually disabled young men do you find most appealing? Are young guys with Asperger’s a personal fetish? Do tell fish… 🙂 Don’t puss out.

  26. Ummmmm wasn’t it obvious David was a little “off” from the beginning? How could any adult look at that child and find him sexy is beyond belief.

  27. Another lurker

    this fanbase was built on manipulation and deception. The signs were right there all along… the David mania focused on how “cute” his extreme awkwardness and shyness was, how nice his hair looked, how brilliant was his smile and how perfect he was in character, and as a singer… fans chose to overlook the signs of something deeper. The lack of social skills, the extreme awkwardness, repelled by physical contact (hugs, hand holding) etc… young fans I give a pass to, they are doing what young people without life experience do…. the adults…. sexualize and infantilize him when it’s beyond obvious he has some serious issues… is sick.

    • Another lurker, your post has truth in it, especially this,”the adults sexualize and infantilized him when it’s beyond obvious he has some serious issues..is sick”. Here is an extreme example of what you are saying, posted by SD’s own HG back in 2010 when David was still a teenager:

      “Our David is growing up! And in all the right places too!

      If you’ve been paying attention in Archuworld, you’ll realize that others are just discovering what we’ve been noticing since David whipped out those jeans. He’s literally bringing “Sexy Back,” not to mention those incredibly incredible Archuthighs. Everyone from Tabloid Prodigy to Perez Hilton are now weighing in on David’s endowments since his performance with Jordin Sparks at last weekend’s Sparks Experience in Miami during Super Bowl Week. All I have to say is: where have you all been? Are you just now noticing? Pfft!”

      As if that wasn’t skin crawling enough, she continued:

      “After my first glimpse of my beloved two years ago this month – when he was singing “Heaven” during Hollywood Week on AI – after I purred, “Helloooo, Gorgeous!” at my screen, and right after having heart palpitations when he sang the first few notes on this song – I subconsciously registered, “Damn, what big thighs you’ve got!”

      When HG was drooling over David’s thighs and imagining who knows what she could be doing with him, David was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD!!!! That audition took place in the summer of 2007. David turned 17 in December 2007.

      This is just Exhibit A. Exhibits B-Z are available on request.

      • YOU can’t hide your dirt and depravity by using HG as a shield. How juvenile and immature. She’s not blameless, and neither are you. You supposedly are/were a therapist… did you treat young boys with similar issues like David? Did your supposed training not give you extra insight into David? Where and when at any time did it feel appropriate to you as an ex therapist to write such nonsense as you were writing… Did his vulnerability make him more attractive…? You’re trash, plain and simple. TRASH. What you posted earlier has some truth in it as well… there is a disinfecting going on in this fanbase… not by your hand, but David;s assisted by karma and the universe. The enablers and scum who sexualized and fantasized about an obviously emotionally challenged boy on are gonna be dealt with.

  28. No “Another Lurker”, the fanbase was built on David’s remarkable talent, his decency as a human being and his ability to bring joy to a lot of people. There is nothing ‘sick’ about that. Today he is a mature, confident artist who astounds crowds with his talent and his persona wherever he goes. Your words are empty, I have seen the legitimacy of it all first hand.

    The sick posters here know nothing about human decency, respect for others, moral values or what gives a person class. They can only hope to attain any amount of class in their little fingers in comparison to David or any other decent human being. They are like slimy worms who crawl out of their holes to spit out their hatred because of their own inadequacies. They are the sick puppies and the ‘train wrecks’ they speak of. It is blatantly obvious to any intelligent, decent human being who reads their poisonous comments. You are not David’s judge and neither are they.
    Time to live your own lives, it is you people who have some serious”issues”. You need to make some sense of your hatred and bigotry. The more you post your ignorant, rude, immature comments the more foolish you look and the more they will be dumped in the garbage, where they belong. You will never, ever win anything with hatred, cruelty, vulgarity or disrespect. You will only dig yourselves deeper in to your own cesspools.
    It doesn’t matter what you say, it does not phase anyone with any sense of reality and decency. nor does it take anything away from David and those who are his fans and it never will.

    • Light 33 – Dang dude chill!!! I can see the foam coming out your mouth… why you so worked up over someone you don’t know? You sound unhinged.

      • If you want to read “unhinged, just scroll up to 9:17 AM from Heathen 2. Now, that’s unhinged. It’s the one that starts with “You’re just a salty old Blisscunt…..”

        I used that term a while back to repay someone for calling me a moron, and the seismic hissy fit on this site broke the Richter Scale. Now, it’s used by one of you and suddenly, nada, nothing.

        I guess it’s the same as saying no white person can use the dreaded N -word, as Bill Maher did to describe HIMSELF, but his guest on the show, Ice Cube, can use it because he’s black. It’s all PC nonsense. If the word is offensive, it’s offensive no matter who uses it and in what context it’s used

        Thinking you can me a C**t because you’re a woman negates any legitimate outrage anyone thought they had when I used it against a woman who had just insulted me.

  29. Charge of the Lightweight Brigade!

    MMMMM,,, THE DELUSION IS STILL STRONG with this one… Light 32, you probably lusted after this poor intellectually disabled boy too… sad… there is nothing remotely mature or confident about David now, or ever… he has remarkable singing talent, yes, which is a hallmark of his specific autism spectrum disorder… he is emotionally and developmentally delayed, which explains a lot about how his “career’ has transpired and expired… makes it all the more sick how your friend Bliss and others were frontrowcenter in the sexualizing and infantilizing him while David was really singing about things he had and still has no clue about and doing things way out of his comfort zone. you obviously still can’t accept that your Idol is flawed in a way not fixable, I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. He was trotted out like a prized pony and exploited for his singing ability, for fame and for money while his mental and emotional needs took a back seat. He’s in his lane now… hope he stays there. Karma will deal with the Bliss’s still lingering on the margins of this dysfunctional fanbase, You can be caught out there with the rest of them too for all I care. If B was a real practicing therapist I wonder how the state licensing agency would view his more sexually charged comments directed at a young intellectually disabled boy. You capeing for Bliss gonna make your life miserable.- 🙂

  30. I just saw this video of Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons lead singer) apologizing for teaching that being gay is a sin when he was a missionary. Much respect to this guy. Not gonna lie, I’m still here hoping David will see that there’s much more than what the mormon church teaches. Will I die waiting? maybe, we’ll see.

  31. runn david runn

    Sheesh. Running is back in his setlist for a reason, lololol… keep running from these crazies David !

  32. Trash Becomes Y OU

    your false equivalencies are so rehearsed, phony and tired Trash – that’s your new name forevermore. …. you can’t escape your guilt in letting your lust for an emotionally challenged young boy over power your common sense. You are accountable for your words, just as HG and anyone else who sexualized that poor boy. Being a so called ex professional therapist calls into question your ethics and morals. You aren’t fit to treat a dog let alone have any kind of contact with someone as fragile as David. You and you alone have to answer for your actions – your hyperbolic verbosity, overweening narcissism and need for attention has left a rather long and auditable trail of nonsense forever out here on the net. you have the nerve to think you’re some kind of classy guy? your words say otherwise.

    • Exactly how has HG been held accountable for having ” sexualized that poor boy”. 4 full years after she posted her article about David’s “endowments”, HG posted another article called, aptly, “David’s Thigh’s”, which she described as :

      “Just to have a post that celebrates the body (and you know whose body needs celebrating!)”

      Where was your outrage then? Where is it now? Come back when you get some credibility. Your faux outrage at me is pathetic. Compared to horny HG, I’m a monk.

      • HG’s karma is her karma… yours is yours… we’re discussing you, your favorite topic. YOU ELEVATED YOURSELF to be some sort of paragon and protector of all things DAVID… Verbally abusing and belittling people to the point of harassment, using such misogynistic and condescending language when addressing the women on this site. you have no love for women, especially those who stand up to u and call you out on your bs. …. you berate people for being bad fans and haters for not keeping david on that false pedestal you helped create. all the while your hypocritical behavior and actions were no different than any garden variety sexual predator. directed at an intellectually disabled child… who looked at david in his 16/17 year old glory and found him sexy… really? You’re big mouth has written a check your butt can’t cash… the proof remains cached in archives on the net forever… The Big David defender is just another fraud, with a not so hidden agenda. Your words yOUR WORDS

      • Are you HG? It seems every time I have no choice but to expose HG by having to repost her obvious lust for young David, you come on with a foaming at the mouth psycho-rant about how I did it too.

        You say to me ” Being a so called ex professional therapist calls into question your ethics and morals” Really? HG is a college professor, an author and lecturer on matters of ethical behavior and cultural morality. Are her morals and ethics in question for saying:

        “Everyone from Tabloid Prodigy to Perez Hilton are now weighing in on David’s endowments since his performance with Jordin Sparks at last weekend’s Sparks Experience in Miami during Super Bowl Week. All I have to say is: where have you all been? Are you just now noticing? Pfft!”

        Your empress has no clothes. Stop lying about me and I will no longer have to come on here to repost the truth about her. .

  33. For the record, there is absolutely no proof, nor is there even anecdotal reports, that David taught that being gay is a sin to the people of Chile while on his Mission. On the contrary, David has always interacted well with gay folk, and despite all sorts of unfounded rumors that David is gay, it appears that the fact that some people are gay is a non issue for David. It’s just another indication of David’s “live and let live” attitude towards life in general.

    It may not be right for him, but if it’s right for someone else, it’s perfectly alright with him. The fact that David is a Mormon , a religion that does not embrace homosexuality as a lifestyle, does not contradict the overwhelming evidence of David’s acceptance of all people, regardless of their lifestyle.

    • By the same token there is no proof or evidence that he did not teach that it’s a sin… I don’t see David having the guts to go against a strong pillar of his religion, go “off script” and teach acceptance and tolerance for gays and the homosexual lifestyle on mission. Defies common . His history shows him to be an obedient tow-er of the party and church line… wonder if all this doubt and anxiety and depression he came back from mission with has genesis in a disconnect he may feel in his heart about the matter, and the views he must espouse, or appear to espouse publicly in keeping with being a dutiful mormon – and he is a dutiful mormon.

      • David doesn’t have to prove that he didn’t do what there is no proof that he did. All Mormons are not the same, just like all woman are not the same, all Blacks are not the same, and all Gays are not the same.

        Are “all Blacks” criminals because some are? Are “all gays” effeminate and promiscuous because some are?

        You believe that he had to preach that being gay is a sin because you have no respect for David and want to depict him as “just another Mormon:” rather than being a person unto himself who also happens to be a Mormon.

  34. “I used that term a while back to repay someone for calling me a moron”

    TIT FOR TAT behavior… how classy and mature!

  35. i crown thee king of false equivalencies, lololol… Where is proof he did or did not teach that homosexuality is a sin? More evidence comes down on the side that he most likely did… how and why would the church make an exception or exemption for him to be excused from teaching a pillar? He’s not that special. You want him to like you so bad you’re willing to twist yourself up into knots to make him stronger, more tolerant that he likely is… would it crush you to come to a possible realization that he believes homosexuality is a sin, that he may espouse these beliefs and others not so unicorny where he feels “safe”? It damn sure won’t be where his kookoo fans would get wind of it….

  36. “who looked at david in his 16/17 year old glory and found him sexy… really?”

    I know… boggles the mind that some still project that quality on him…

    • He is. To me he is. When he was 16 I didn’t even know he existed but I’d have probably thought the same. When he was 16 I was 16 and I found other 16 boys sexy.
      Now if you are talking about grandma’s and grandpas finding him at 16 sexy, then I understand your point.

      • yep, it’s them older fans lusting after and projecting qualities he doesn’ even understand on an intellectually impaired boy. young ones get a pass. those nasty grownups knew better but didn’t care… he’s soooo cut! cute! those eyes, those thighs, lololol….

  37. lurking…..no, those thoughts are only in your own mind and others here, You have created your own views, beliefs and judgements.
    By the way folks, none of you know about David’s personal life and frankly it is none of your business. How do you not get that? You are unbelievable.

  38. remember when

    remember those early publicity photos that were called the “sears” photos? the ones where he’s so stiff and awkward in those poses? there’s one where he’s sitting with his legs stretched out in front of him in a tacky office chair? can someone be a dear and find them and bring the here so I can try to see the sexy, lololol…..

  39. proud heathen!

    blisskasden | June 25, 2017 at 8:33 pm
    go for it… do whatcha gotta do. still won’t erase your stink. lotta filth and nonsense out there from the lecherous ” paragon”… anything or body that exposes your hypocritical ass is ok by me… game on fish : )

  40. proud heathen!

    incomparable voice… channeled his doubts, anxieties and lifelong depression brilliantly into song.. this is how it’s done … REST IN PEACE NOW CHRIS…
    peace out. >>>

    • David does the same thing, yet you choose to mock and disrespect him. What’s the difference? David has an “incomparable voice” and “channels his doubts, etc, brilliantly into song” too. If you don’t think so, what are you doing posting on this site? It’s a site about “celebrating the artistry of David Archuleta” , remember?

      • cornell fan david fan

        lolol… this is no numb… or broken… not by a longshot… there’s something uplifting in cornell’s music, the melody and cornell’s powerhouse 4 octave delivery that sets him apart.. goggle his voice and see what rave reviews look like… incomparable. maybe with some more living and life experience David will be able to tap into the depth of emotion and honesty cornell conveys and therein lies the difference… cornell was an Artist, capital A. David has a ways to go to be considered an artist of this caliber… … David could learn a few things studying his songwriting style, but when you’re perfect, no one can teach you anything, right? 🙂

        RIP CC… one of a kind…

      • cornell fan david fan

        you’re really dumb as a box of hair when it comes to knowing music… David will remain the mediocre singer AND SONGWRITER he is because he and people like you refuse to think there are other people out there like Cornell doing what he does way better. If he doesn’t think he can learn from someone of Cornell’s caliber, shame….

      • Who could be lamer than you, a person who posts on a fan site for an artist that they claim to be a “mediocre singer and songwriter”. What could possibly bring you here? What imaginary thing do you think he did to cause you to come on this site to disrespect him? Whatever it is, you just can’t get past it, can you?

        That’s OK. You have plenty of company here. SD is really just a support group for folks like you.

  41. what a voice.. a loss that will reverberate for decades… rest in peace and power chris…

    love and peace…

  42. i googled......

    I GOOGLED… WOW… he and David have some similarities in temperament. I knew who he was, but I didn’t realize he was so well respected all over the world for his voice and songwriting.

    Chris Cornell (1964–2017)
    Soundtrack | Composer | Actor
    Chris Cornell was a rock icon who thrived on contradictions. An innovator who resisted genre labels, he was nonetheless a chief architect of the 90s grunge movement. Frequently ranked as one of the best voices in music history, he successfully maintained his own unique identity over decades as a multi-Grammy award-winning musician and universally acclaimed singer, songwriter and lyricist.

  43. Goodnight trash… you’re a REAL dumbass who has outlived their usefulness.

  44. OHH YEAHHHH!!!

  45. I’m not a martyr,
    I’m not a prophet
    And I won’t preach to you, but here’s a caution
    You better understand, that I won’t hold your hand
    But if it helps you mend, then I won’t stop it.

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