Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Oh my goodness, David and babies, cuteness overload! Lol.

  2. Say what you want about the Mormon church and their beliefs and policies, David Archuleta is just an astounding human being. Yes I wanted him to be the biggest thing since sliced bread in the music industry, but it is very easy to see that David is doing exactly what he wants to be doing and that it makes him and the people he comes into contact with very happy. I have to agree with you Cq that just following his travels and his life in general is fascinating. And yes David and young children and babies is cuteness overload.

  3. you,all should get a life of your own,stop living davids,gro up

  4. Moelita, I totally agree with you about David being a great guy. I know that his religion is what drives him, but I think that even if he wasn’t driven buy religion, he would still be a great guy. I do understand that he will probably be going the route of JamestheMormon and he will have a good religion base career. His LDS fans and others that are ok will that kind of entertainment will be enough to keep his star power going so that he will be in demand by his church. Anyway that’s how I see it right now. I think his music will be with a message, but will be like Workin and Numb, both have an underlying religious message, but are geared to be mainstream in nature.
    Vote trump, lol, what about you, why are you even looking at David sites, shouldn’t you grow up and stop following David and trolling this site.

  5. Cq, I’m still holding out hope for that new music. I still hope it is a mix of inspirational, his personal feelings and thoughts and some just fun songs.

  6. Moelita, yes, I’m sure it would be good music. I’m thinking that the reason it has been delayed is because he decided on his religious direction and maybe need to adjust what to release, of course, still a huge speculation, lol.

  7. It seems like there’s some kind of confusion over the fake Facebook profiles. People are thinking the past posts on the official fb page were fake. Many comments about how that would explain why David never replies lol

  8. Just checked out David’s official FB page to read about this fake Facebook stuff. Yes, Anonymous, interesting that some thought the place where Archie team was placing that notification was indeed the fake Facebook. The team have clarified the whole situation. I’m sure those fake FB are gone now, but it would of been interesting to read what the heck they were posting, lol.

  9. Lol, so glad Kimk is back commenting on FOD, she is a great fan, but I sure like her spunk. I like that she is not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

  10. I never noticed any of these fake accounts. Did anyone see them?

  11. Gosh, the person with the dolphin profile pic is pretty intense. Is she/he a teen or is one of the mature fans? Cuz if that’s the case it’s creepy af

  12. Anonymous, I think that every celebrity has some those type of fans and David isn’t any different.

    I came across this video: Brother Jack explains: Mormonism is not a cult. I’m thinking that this guy is an exmormon because, the explanation is not very to the church, so I’m sure it would be considered anti-Mormon stuff. I think it’s pretty funny and the reason I brought it up is that he used Meet the Mormons video as an example as to why it’s not a cult, lol. He said it’s not a cult even though they made a video saying how super awesome all Mormons are and that their prophet asked that everyone go see it so that it would be popular. It was weird seeing something that David was involved in with that type of video.

    • Yeah I know every celebrity had those kind of fans but it’s more obvious with David since he doesn’t receive thousands of comments. The dolphin stands out a lot. I wonder if are those kind of comments that make him feel so overwhelmed that he has to take a break from social media.

      I love brother jake videos, very informative and very funny.

  13. Actually Anonymous, I really didn’t read or even seen the fan with the avi of a dolphin comments, but I figured the comments were over the top. Just curious were they overly amorous or were they crucial?
    Lol, yay, he is pretty funny.

  14. The OTT tweeter with the dolphin, OurSweetAngel2, seems to be a young, obsessed Mormon girl. She bombards him with cutesy pics of cuddly animals, LDS quotes, etc. many every day. For her efforts she did get a response from him, at least once that I noticed.

    I like Brother Jake a lot too. His videos are hilariously subversive, explaining Mormonism in a way that’s accurate, but shows up the absurdities in a very clever way. He’s a regular on the also-hilarious ex-Mormon podcast, Infants on Thrones.

  15. Cchalo, obsessed Mormon girl, yep sounds about right. I do see a lot of that. One minute they are fangirling and the next quoting religous quotes. I find the whole thing really interesting and explains a lot.

    David has posted another snippet of a song, seems like it has a cool sound. Maybe we’ll hear it someday, lol.

  16. Maybe that’s why he hasn’t found his found his eternal companion. Most Mormons girls are so obsessed with marriage that I wouldn’t be surprised if they talk about baby names on the first date, so he probably runs away from those.
    And the non mormon girls, well, they are not mormon.

  17. I saw where David was asked (while in Taiwan?) what his “net worth” is. He said he “didn’t keep track of those things”.

    Oh yeah? This is David who is known to be very “frugal” and “careful” in his spending habits…recalling he went to Walmart to buy a heavy coat during one of his tours when he was probably already a millionaire by then. And we are to believe he doesn’t “keep track” of his money??

    Of course he does. But giving him the benefit of a doubt, if he really doesn’t, the LDS church sure does. Don’t they keep track of members earnings to make sure they are tithing 10% of GROSS earnings? Isn’t that one of the prerequisites in getting a “Temple Recommend”??

    On the other hand, why would anyone ask him about that? I suspect he’s pretty much set for life financially if he continues to be sought after as a promoter of the LDS Church and as an LDS artist within the Mormon communities not only here but throughout the world.

    I would rather know why it’s taking so long for the release of his new original music.

    • I had to laugh at him saying he doesn’t keep track of his net worth. My guess is that he thought saying he didn’t keep track just sounded better than saying “It’s none of your business.” LOL

      I heard the first song, now the new clip. I do like that there are better beats to what I’ve heard so far than in his previous songs. I’m not saying I didn’t like his previous music, I did. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be a fan. But I do like music that’s beat-driven.

  18. Seems like it’s in the final production stage, he posted an Instagram video yesterday from the studio. He’s back in Nashville too. I don’t think he has any money worries either. I think his money was wisely invested while he was gone . Forbes usually just tracks what an artist makes from record sales and concert revenues , but in my opinion David is not reliant on either of those , although I do think he could probably even live on what he makes from his music because as you say he seems to be frugal. Having said that, he does seem to like shoes and watches and of course eating out.

  19. That whole asking what his net worth was is ridiculous, but coming from a kid, I guess it’s not as bad as from an adult. I think that David handled it well. I agree he does have an idea, at least, I hope so, but it’s no ones business. Lol, although it has been talked about as in regarding to him needing to make a living. It does seem like his has the luxury of being able to do whatever he wants and not worry about money, actually thanks to the times that he thought was bad.

  20. Kim if you’re lurking, love this: “be brave and let the words fall out” you go girl!! Hahaha. You are a great David fan, but realistic.

    • ckquad,

      The ladies who post at FOD & the other 2 or 3 sites still operating but all on a very small scale if the discussions and comments by a few posters is any indication, will most likely never post here. Some may “lurk”, but by & large, I would say very few regulars from those sites do so anymore including Kim from FOD who seems to be the most realistic (to a certain extent) poster there. She is obviously a loyal fan of David’s but she does get shut down when she gives her honest views if they don’t correlate exactly with the “Rainbows & Unicorns” mentality of the other regulars there. If she or anyone there posts anything that has even the slightest hint of negativity, however true it may be, they are scolded and made to feel bad and guilty for being honest.

      I admit I do lurk there to find updated info on David though sometimes they seem to be scraping the barrel for new article ideas but his trip to Taiwan helped put some life into those sites. Snow Angelz removed Soul Davidian from their list of “Other Sites”. Oh well…

  21. Anonymous Too, I suppose you are right, no one is interested in what anyone here has to say. I guess I could of posted that comment over at FOD, but I have decided not to post anywhere else and really have to question myself why the heck do I even post here, lol.
    I still feel that David is a great singer and interesting to follow, but I’m questioning what kind of fan am I? I am wanting to here what kind of music he will be releasing, but right now, everything that he does seems to be a Sunday school listen. I know that a lot of people love that kind of stuff from their singer, but don’t know if that’s my bag. So here I am, lol, don’t know for how long.

  22. Lol, oops that hear, not here and lesson, not listen…hahaha, definitely no one is going to miss all these grammatical errors!

  23. “I’m questioning what kind of fan am I?”

    Cq, I couldn’t have said it better. I have that same question rolling around in my head. I’m torn. On one hand, I love his voice and he has a habit of making me like songs that are nowhere near what I usually listen to. On the other hand, I have issues with EVERYTHING he does relating to religion/faith.

    I also occasionally check over at FOD for news and read comments. Someone said that his songs can be interpreted in different ways and, if you didn’t know better, would sound secular. I agree. The issue for me comes when he spends more time talking about the song than singing it and MAKING it about religion/faith during his concerts. If he didn’t do that, I would probably happily enjoy the songs.

    So, quite the conundrum. LOL

  24. Best David Related Site Online

    Hello all, thought I would just stop in to see if anything new has happened and I see it’s business as usual for David. The overseas trip is nice for him and his fellow LDS but that’s about all. I see we are still waiting for new music. I see he has scheduled some holiday shows but once again in the Moridor. It is nice to see that you all are still around and also nice to see “you know who” is no where to be found anymore. I guess even David’s greatest fan has given up and the vibe here seems so much more pleasant.

    I hope you all have a lovely fall and I will check back again to see how things are going. Dang it David, that voice and talent still have me hoping you will do something with it beyond your comfort zone.

  25. That’s right, just sing the songs and let the audience put their own interpretation about them. I love David’s voice and his quirky ways, but just like he has taken songs about addiction and other subjects and put his own spin on what they mean, I want him to do us the same courtesy.

  26. ” I want him to do us the same courtesy.”

    Moelita, I agree. If only he would let the song speak for itself and let each of us take away what is meaningful to us in the song.

    I’m still waiting to see what his new music is like, and I can’t help but wonder if he’ll do a vlog before it’s release to explain his own interpretation of each song again like he did with TOSOD. I actually hope not. I’d like to listen to each song with an unbiased ear and decide whether I like it or not, and what it may or may not mean to me.

  27. Hi Anon too, BRDSO and Moelita, so nice to see all you guys commenting, 👍😃. Moelita a good point, let us form our own interpretation of the songs. I really enjoy listening to some of the views that were posted from his concerts, but to be honest, was happy that I didn’t need to hear all the talks, not that they were bad and of course, many love them, just not something I would like and that goes for all the singers I like. What my thoughts are, I would like to hear David sing live, but, hum, would I like his show?!?!, don’t know.

    Well, checked with his Instagram and was pleasantly surprised to have a video of him saying he is doing a photo shoot today. Looks like finally that music is coming our way…btw, saw shades of the old David in that video, 😏

  28. Yeah, I think do those little videos are right in his wheelhouse. He can connect with fans but not have to stress about what he is going to say. And I agree, his personality and quirky sense of humor is shining through. It seems the guy who is producing his music has a good track record with independent artists so things are looking up.

  29. Moelita, he gave music/career related information and didn’t need to ramble on. IMO, perfect video, connecting with his fans. I’m thinking things are set to go with his music. Ok, I know I said I didn’t know what kind of fan I am, but, lol, this little video kind brought back a tiny bit of excitement like before. Let’s see how long that will last, hahahaha!!

  30. Nice that he thought to connect and let fans know he’s doing “career” business (like a photo-shoot). I do think he’s looking very thin which I noticed actually in the videos of him in Taiwan but I’m sure the photographer will make him look great. Photos tend to add 10-15 lbs to people, don’t they?

    I have another singer I’m watching closely, Brian Justin Crum, from America’s Got Talent. He has a great voice! It just boggles my mind the number and immense level of talented singers on these competition shows who have been struggling, some for many years, to get their chance at that brass ring. They hope, like David did on AI, that doors will open for them and they will finally have their dreams of getting that so far illusive recording contract come to fruition.

    For David, that dream did come true and though we now know how “terrible” the whole experience of having his (then) dreams come true, year after year we have so many singers who would give anything for having just a smidgen of the awful years David said he experienced, just to share their talent with the world and get recognition for their talent. Having great singing vocals is a gift not everyone has and I really envy them that do and who want to bring various emotions through music not only to a select few, but to everyone. Music is the Universal language and what better way to communicate then through music.

    I hope David’s new music he’s created is for everyone and not only for the select few.😉

  31. Ok. Today’s Instagram post sucked me right back in. lol He looks great. He’s communicating. He’s working with Jeremy Bose again. Promising more moody music this time around. Bring it.🙂

  32. Lol, Astrid, yes, I would say the same. Enjoy him just talking about his career and “his” projects and actually seems happy and excited about it, yep bring on the music👍🎶🎶🎶🎶
    Another thing I’ve notice, comments are regarding his music too. The first time I actually kind of feel he is a music artist.
    I have to share one comment I read about his photo shoot in the water to funny: “Don’t take off your shirt for an in the water photo shoot…the earth might spin off its axes”

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