Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Astrid, I’m thinking the launch will be very much the same as Numb and My Little Prayer, which are good songs, but not great, imo. Those launches were under the radar and as lack luster as you can get, yes, both got some good hits, but nothing that would create any sorta of attention outside his, still hanging on, fan base.
    Went to FOD to see if anything had surface, of course nothing, but read some of the comments about rationalization why he isn’t promoting his music yet. Apparently, they think it’s because he doesn’t want to overshadow Nathan Pacheco that was recently released, 😂

  2. If you’re into satire and sarcasm but with a lot of truth, go to You Tube, search for Brother Jake videos and check out his latest about Mormons and Trump. It’s an eye opener. I would post it here but this site won’t allow it. Brother Jake’s videos are awesome!

  3. Anonymous too, checked out the video, yep really an eye opener and also viewed the one about missionary work,also a big eye opener.

  4. You guys remember Shaycarl? The famous Mormon family vlogger? Well there’s a HUGE scandal around him. I’d recommend look it up on Twitter.

  5. Just read the Shaycarl stuff. I am not surprised by any of it and I bet David was aware to some extent. For the sake of his family, I hope he pulls himself together.

  6. well David should release the song now to over shadow all these perfect mormon dad drama

  7. Adele sure cleaned up last night, best song and best album, imo well deserved.. Made me think of Hg’s post back in Oct, 2015, (not sure of the date) that said: When comebacks are worth the wait”….welcome back, Adele…
    Loved the tribute to Prince by Bruno Mars, Morris Day and the time, especially Bruno’s “Let’s Go Crazy” so good!

    Anonymous, went to check out the Shay Carl and wow, yep interesting. The whole over the top restriction that it take to be a true blue Mormon, has it’s problems.

  8. lololol… the lady he cheated with looks like the proverbial bimbo… I never liked his corny behind, or his manic persona. must have been the a-a-a-a cohol 🙂

  9. Never did like or even would of known about Shay Carl if it wasn’t for David and the official fan site making a big deal about him, although the love fest didn’t last long, unlike others that they have, such as Nathan and others that work with David.

  10. Yeah, I always found him annoying, too. I’m sorry I can’t unsee those dms he sent this woman. Oy. His poor wife and kids 😦

  11. Well still no word from David. Complete silence. I wouldn’t think it was strange if that IG story didn’t say that a song was to be released this month and more to follow. 😂 I’m thinking another shoe dropping is coming, except if it’s about him being too busy with getting married etc, that wouldn’t be a surprise or a shoe dropping thing.

  12. Michael Flynn, 😂 the irony, hum, lock her up….

  13. So Kari’s last post had a #promolife. Maybe they’re working on a plan for the release… Yeah, yeah, Astrid. Give it up, already. lol

    • LOL, I still remember when Jive sent posters, buttons, etc. to schools to promote TOSOD. David, please don’t let something like that happen again. 😐

      • Haha Yeah, the middle schools 😐 And it looks like I was right to chastise myself. I read that Kari is in Utah working with Nathan, not David. *sigh*

  14. Not up to speed about shay carl. I do see that FOD hasn’t said anything about another scandal, this time involving a buddy of David.

    But they are worried about why the silence from David. Let me be the devil’s advocate or better might be conspiracy theorist. Wasn’t David’s gal-friend from Mexico? With all the deportations of illegals, I wonder how this affected her status while here in the USA. If she marries David, there wouldn’t be an issue so maybe they are going through the legalities of getting ready for marriage and that’s the reason he’s been so quiet.

    Just an assumption but if she is a citizen of Mexico, and is here on a visitor’s visa, it’s a valid assumption. He would want to make sure she can stay here for good and marriage would do the trick. Especially if he was planning to marry her anyway.

    • can you give a hint about the scandal? i honestly have no clue.

      • He basically sent DMs to this woman that would make Anthony Weiner blush. The woman claims to have pics and videos of him, too.

      • Shaycarl the “vlogfather” as he calls himself, along with “family man”. Also some times kinda preachy about Mormonism, cheated on his wife with a camgirl. The girl posted screenshots of very explicit DM’s shay sent her. This affair lasted 3 months. Later that day shay posted that he started drinking again (he confessed last year that he is an alcoholic)

  15. Holy moly that was some press conference our President had yesterday, 😳 of course his fans our ecstatic about the reality style and bulling tactics that got him elected and I know that was so that his “campaign” like rally this weekend will show America and the world how he is so loved, 😂. I actually see similarities between David fans and Trump fans. Both can will put them on the highest pedestal imaginable no matter what they say or do, 😂 With David, it doesn’t effect me one little bit (despite what my little fan will say, 😏), but yep Trumps actions and policies effect, so not too happy right now.

  16. Isn’t special that thousands are showing up (btw, a huge Trump area, of course that would happen, 😂) for a campaign rally for Trump. What I don’t get is how all this “true American” have no problem with a president that continues to lie, that to me is scary.

  17. Btw, all politician lie/spin things to their favor, but blatantly lying and when he gets called out, dismisses it like it’s no big deal. He still thinks he is campaigning and right now he is ONLY the president for his fans, dame to the right of us, we are the enemy..sorry guys, I know this is something that maybe I shouldn’t voice my opinion on, but yes, frustration sometimes gets to me and I go there.

    • Cq, you’re right. It’s pretty clear he’s only talking to the people who voted for him because he knows those are the ones who believe his lies. Yes, all politicians lie, but this is ridiculous and way beyond anything I’ve ever seen. I was trying to give these people a chance, but they lost me immediately when Spicer came out yelling at us that the inauguration was the most attended, viewed. PERIOD. I knew all the blatant lies would continue. Don’t even get me started on that CONway woman. I’m so disgusted right now.

      This is classic dictator stuff. The made up voter fraud, which is really an excuse for Republicans to continue to suppress the votes of minorities. The claim that crime is out of control, when statistics show that is just not true. Attacking the media and judiciary so there will be no checks left.

      Meanwhile, all the people who said President Obama was destroying the country are silent now. That’s pretty telling to me.

      • Astrid, yep. The idea that he thinks that we would like for him to order to blow up a Russian ship is just ridiculous & reckless talk. Btw, did you read what Kari said about David’s silence, I guess he is being a “busy bee” getting getting music ready for all the Archies 😭 If she has said stuff in the past & nothing came of it. I know you are still a good fan, but still realistic.

  18. Rest of us, sorry.

  19. 😂 that’s me, cq, @5:47pm. I posted the reply from my (new) smart phone because it gave me a reply button, but I guess it doesn’t post with using cq. Somehow my IPad just allow me to reply to comments.

  20. Is the new album going to have 100 songs? Is that the reason it’s taking him so long?

  21. It needs to be a box set considering how long he drags out releasing music. His music has no depth, passion or joy. Similar to trump it’s designed to please only his base.

    • ….and you’re here because? Why are you waiting for music that you say has “no depth, passion or joy”, and why do you care when that undesirable music is released?

      • Anarchist did not say they were waiting for new music. They just said his music has “no depth, passion or joy.”

  22. I did see that! Well, it won’t be much longer now. Only a week and a half left in the month.

  23. I have to disagree that David’s music has no depth, passion or joy. I actually think his music , especially the new songs he has shared, show great depth and passion and an honesty that is missing from a lot of the formulaic songs that are released these days. Music is subjective though and what one person likes another person will probably dislike. I am excited for David’s new music and it will be nice to be able to discuss it when it is released.

  24. astrid and anonymous, thanks for the shaycarl updates. i knew about the alcohol but not the other stuff.

    re. david’s music, i no longer have faith in kari’s comments re. when it will be released. i’m sort of glad he’s quiet about it. the more i used to hear about his songwriters, producers, etc., the more i would prejudge it. if it’s pop, i plan on buying it without even previewing.

    speaking of trump’s rally yesterday, is anyone else reading the #Last Night in Sweden tweets? I can’t stop laughing. someone even tweeted: #lastnightinsweden everyone had healthcare, lol.

  25. Moelita, waving hello. That was a real good respectful comment about your opinion regarding David’s music. Depth in music is very subjective depending on individuals. I actually enjoy almost all kinds of music. Also I enjoy songs with depth, which imo, there is a lot out there right now from a lot of great singers, but I also like light and fluffy songs with a good beat. Actually for me, some of the light fluffy songs lift my spirits and inspire me more than other types. I have been on the bandwagon about getting songs from David that have depth, I still feel that would be a good direction for him. I really liked the song, I’m Ready, but really didn’t care for the ending, it just seemed unfinished. So I am looking forward to hearing that song and hoping that it’s tweaked so it’s more polished.
    Desertrat, 😂 yep I also don’t have faith in Kari’s comments about excitement, released soon, etc.
    Yes, Him saying I’m here to tell you the truth, nothing but the truth and then goes on to continue to lie about the electoral landslide being bigger than previous elections and then goes on to give the lie about Sweden, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so scary. I say scary is because the number of people that worship the ground he walks on and will never question anything he does. I guess he’s right, he could shoot someone in front of everyone and his fans will probably blame the person he shot because he was on his way, yep scary times.

  26. In order to perceive “depth, passion and joy” in others, one must embody those qualities themselves. Those fans of David who do embody those qualities have enjoyed his “depth, passion and joy” for 9 years now. Those who don’t, never have and never will.

    • His “depth, passion and joy” are non-existent, so only delusional people can embody those qualities. The lower the number of fans (we’re down to 20 or so now), the higher the level of delusion.

  27. I wish all the anonymous posters would at least put a number by their name so you can tell them apart. When reading the comments it’s like someone with multiple personalities having an argument with themselves.

  28. Well,when I first saw Anarchist and read their comment I thought their name was Antichrist and wasn’t surprised by their take on David’s music, lol. My bad!

  29. No music and no communication from David, other than a promo for Nathan’s new music. Interesting that all the artists he has worked with since his return have put out new music, Gracie, James the Mormon and now Nathan, but somehow David just doesn’t seem to be able to get his act together. I know he has put out the duets and yes, the two songs, Numb and My Littel Prayer, but I’m talking about that music that he has been promising to release scheduled two, going on three years ago. I used to admired him for being such a multi tasker, that is before Mission. Now it does seem like he has a hard time with organization, Omo and of course maybe multitasking might be hard for him. I guess there was a tweet about him being in Gilbert this weekend, probably nothing to do with his music. My guess, church business or maybe visiting his “wife’s” family, 😂 Although I do think that if he did get married there might of made so news, after all I have seen news about other AI contestants, marriage, babies etc.
    Maybe when he said new song next month, he was talking about the next month 2018, 😂 Don’t get it, why even say anything if that wasn’t going to happen and what’s the big deal about not informing his fans that it’s not going to happen, it just seems weird. Artists they’re a weird bunch, 😏

    • cq, when did he say something about Nathan’s new music? I don’t see anything on twitter or Instagram.

      I was going to vouch for him because he actually said it (scribbled it) himself, but then I realized his website said we would have something last year. About a year ago, was it? Can’t remember.

  30. Astrid, the Nathan promo was on Facebook, which itself was interesting that it was only on Facebook. He has done in the past posted on all three, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at the same time, yes, not always, but most of the time. I get him wanting to stay away from social media, but what I find strange is that IG story saying new music was going to be released this month and then nothing, then again, as I’ve always said, I’m not in the music business, so I don’t claim to know how things work.

  31. I don’t think he got married yet. His sister will return soon, I guess he’ll wait until she’s here.

  32. Why are some oficial fans saying David is maybe holding the release of new music because of Ed Sheran??? LOOOOOL

  33. So now you know, if sales are low is Ed or probably Bruno Mars fault.

  34. Actually, if Ed or Bruno’s numbers are down, it’s because I didn’t buy any of their music. David will sell at least 2 cds because I will buy one for the car and one for the house, so all is well. I hope that puts your mind at rest. Unless David does some promo outside his fan base , or someone in the industry decides to push his music, I doubt his sales from this cd will be earth shattering. It doesn’t negate the fact that he has put his heart and soul into this new music and he, and all artists, must be anxious to see how it will be received.

  35. I understand these Odd fans wanting to make excuses for the delay, that is all they have at this time.
    My two cents, 😂 not that anyone cares, but what the heck. The only competing artists that David might have are LDS artists, so I would think if any “delay” is more about Nathan’s cd release than anyone. Now with that being said, Nathan’s cd is religious in nature, so I would think that would be competing if David’s cd is also religious.
    Moelita, interesting didn’t realize that Buno Mars and Ed Shearon’s sales were down, seems like they are still pretty popular, but as we all know the music industry is hard and even very popular artists have slumps.

  36. Cq, their sales are not down, I was being sarcastic. Ed is releasing his cd Friday, I think, and I’m sure it will be #1 and sell a kajillion units. And when Bruno releases new music I expect the same thing. They are very successful mainstream artists. David is an independent artist now so it is up to him and his team to promote his new music.

  37. Moelita, oh, 😂 I usually do get sarcasm, but being I really don’t follow artists sales, it sounded like it might be right, after all it’s a crazy industry. Yes, it’s up to David and his team to promote and I’m sure there will be some. At this time I don’t see anything thing different than promotion, say like Numb. I know it didn’t go anywhere in the charts, I think and I even wonder if it made David any money. I guess the biggest sales are the cds he sales at concerts. I would think for independent artists, tours are their bread and butter, so maybe he will do a tour sometime this year, other than his religious TOFW tour.

  38. I haven’t checked the video Numb in along time and was curious to see how it was doing on youtube. It has about 660,000+ hits, don’t know if that’s real good for an independent artist or not, it seems kind of low to me. I’m not a big fan of the song, but I do think it is a good song and really think it’s a song worthy of a lot more hits, imo.

  39. Cq, I really like the song, Numb, but the video was just okay for me. I think , if David wants to kickstart his career again, he needs to invest in a really well made , professional video that connects with fans. He certainly doesn’t have the following he once had, but there are probably a lot of casual fans left around who might sit up and take notice if he released a really interesting video. I also think that deciding to disconnect from social media right before he says he is going to release a new song and cd is a mistake on his part.

  40. Moelita, yes, you might be right about the video and the song itself. Fans have always wants more of David himself on a video, etc, well, the Numb was all David. I agree about the video not packing the punch the song needed. That part about going silent after saying that a song was going to be released is real puzzling no matter what degree his career is, in fact, I would think an indie artist that is getting his career back in track would be doing the opposite.
    Anonymous, 😂 I think a lot of songs are basically good, but doesn’t mean I’m into them. Actually that goes for some very popular songs too.

  41. Ya’ll, it’s February 23rd. What the heck is going on?!?

  42. Trust the Archuleta!!!!

  43. Astrid, yep what the heck is going on…actually wouldn’t think as much like there might be something up with him if he hadn’t said what he said about new music coming this month. Delays happen, I know, but what’s so hard about letting his fans that he knows beyond anxious for that new music he has promised. Only speculation, I’m thinking something is brewing?!? Actually it could be a good thing, like getting ready for marriage. I think, from what I understand once Mormons find their mate, marriage come quickly and dating is only for finding your mate, not for fun, 😂. So that one IG post was telling his fans that he has found his wife, imo
    Anachist, 🤣

  44. Well David has done some things that , career wise, that have made me shake my head over the years but putting up an Instagram post saying a new song is coming next month, meaning February , and then disappearing back into the hole with the groundhog is truly puzzling. I’m no expert on the music business, but David has been part of the industry for a long time now and one would think he would know how things work. When I was young TV stations used to go off the air in the night and come back on in the morning. Sometimes we would turn on the TV before the broadcast day began and watch the test pattern, a stationery picture, until the shows started. That’s how I feel about David’s career, I spend a lot of time watching the test pattern.

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