Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. And when you talk I just watch your mouth

    300 is the official Nielsen SoundScan number. The one on which all charts are based. The one that is used for all artists. The one that no amount of temper tantrums or hissy fits or wishful thinking can change.

    300 copies. Five years of build-up. He sounds better than ever! His songs are better than ever!

    He has silenced his superfans. Crickets. Crickets everywhere.

    Who exactly is “we”? You’re the only one here. Or any other site, for that matter.

  2. OMG. Somebody please warn SD’s French hate follower, Lugdunum, that a member of the sinister cult who call themselves Mormons, has been spotted in Paris. Alert the gendarmes, tout suite !!

    Watch out for this scary looking guy hanging around the Eiffel Tower.


  3. Here’s the latest from David. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.


  4. bliss's bitter bussy

    Here’s the truth that people like Bliss and other cronies don’t seem to understand after all these years. David’s career is dead. He’s tried to become a meme king last year by joking around and doing the Crush video parody, and that wound up getting more attention than anything else he’s posted combined. Then, when he tries to release his first pop album in a long time: it sells dust. 300 copies. Now he’s completed the tour and looking for a Broadway spot.

    I loved David for many years, but there comes a time when his sycophants need to understand that he’s nothing but a nostalgic memory for people. No one comes here anymore or to FOD except for the rabid Trump fraus with no lives like KimK. Someone with David’s demeanor and beliefs won’t last a day in the current political climate in the industry. It may not have been this way when David was on Idol, but celebrities have to engage with the world news on social media to form any kind of relationship worth a damn with their fans.

    David goes dark on social media all the time. He’s doing it right now. His save the world spiel doesn’t work when he’s 27 and comes across like a child with no life experience. No one wants to hear about how golly good God is from someone who hasn’t even been in a relationship, let alone been honest with himself about his own religion.

    I’m writing an essay to air right now because no one (especially not Bliss) will ever get it through their skulls that David is not doing anything worth a damn. His life sounds burdened with so much inner turmoil when he tells the stories about his songs and the industry. Something has made him believe his own emotions outside of the Mormonology are sinful. This boy (because he really isn’t a man) will live out the rest of his life earning residuals from his one nostalgic hit, finding a bride and popping out 2.5 kids in a loveless, lifeless arrangement.

    His fraus (including Bliss) will remain the same because they refuse to man up and tell this child the truth. His own siblings call him their child/5 year old, for Christsake. He’s emotionally stunted from some type of trauma (3 guesses from what) and religion is all he has to fall back on. His life is playing out much the same as other closeted men in religious cults.

    Either way, as a gay man I’m hoping David wakes up. I doubt he ever will.

  5. Has David finally come out?

  6. Umm… bbb, I went to two David shows this past tour and I’m going to have to disagree with much of what you said.

    As a liberal, Haitian American woman who is not religious at all, I had no problem with David talking about God or imparting advice. It’s like anything else – you either take it to heart or you don’t.

    I noticed a lot more men at these David shows than in the past. My husband was one of them. To my surprise, he asked to go to the Pawling, NY show. Unfortunately, I didn’t invite him from the start lol. A lovely Canadian fan had an extra ticket and along he came. He was impressed. The guy can sang.

    David is playing a lot of venues that other former Idols are. He seems to doing better with ticket sales than most of them, from what I’ve seen. That may be sad to some because they’re smaller, but it is what it is. Many, like myself, are just happy he still tours.

    I thought the Crush video was funny and I was pleasantly surprised he did that.

    I disagree celebrities have to engage with world news on social media. I don’t follow that many music artists. Out of the ones I do, JT, John Legend, Bruno Mars, Tori Kelly – only John goes there. I agree with a lot of what he has to say as it relates to political and social issues, but it’s his choice. I don’t require it.

    If David ends up on Broadway, I’m going. It’s a hop, skip and a jump from me. And didn’t Jason Mraz and Brendon Urie (Panic at the Disco) just finish Broadway runs? Are you only allowed to do Broadway if you’re a big music star? You’re desperate, if you’re not?

    We knew David wasn’t for everyone even when he was at his most popular. You just happen to be in that camp now. That’s fine. I’m looking forward to his Christmas album. He said he’s planning a tour and I hope he makes his way east again. I now know to buy a ticket for the hubby ahead of time.

    • I guess our song is over as we begin to sing

      “We knew David wasn’t for everyone even when he was at his most popular.”

      This is so not true. “We” actually thought he would become bigger than The Beatles.

      • Larger than The Beatles? As the song goes – it wasn’t me. lol

        Yes, I had high hopes, but I was referring more to the meanness of some people who focused more on his awkwardness, shyness, lack of street cred, for lack of a better term, than his voice or potential.

        Maybe I was among the few who was irked by it. Who knows. We’re talking 10 years ago now.

  7. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see David during his recent tour. I much prefer his live vocals to his recordings and would jump at the opportunity to see him perform on Broadway. I ignore most of D’s religious tweets as I do with other artists too. I’m African-American and many artist I’ve followed (Whitney, Jill Scott, Fantasia, John Legend, etc.) learned music in the black church and they bring it into their pop/r&b music. I guess I’ve come to accept and expect it.

    Off topic, I’m following the rumors re. Dan Schneider’s firing from Nickelodeon. I hope the rumors are not true. D is still friends w/the 2 young ladies from one of his shows, iCarly.

  8. Just found this site out of nostalgia for Idol. Shocked that it’s been 10 years and this “man” is 27 and still a closeted holy-roller. Still no girlfriend? His peers are married and popping out kids left and right, or at the very least, in committed relationships. Archuleta is so sad. I had a friend that lived in Utah and saw Archuleta frequently through mutual friends and the stories I was told were of the typical repressed little gay boy. The Mormons got him good and brainwashed so he’ll never think of men again until he’s 50 years old and visiting glory holes every night for that anonymous quick fix.

    Archuleta was never popular because he wouldn’t put the fables down and make some music worth listening to. His syncophants were always blowing smoke up his ass, like this bliss queen and the others up above. One quick look at Twitter shows his fanbase is old crusty women and delusional religious nuts trying to be his girlfriend.

    I’ll be back in another 10 years. Hopefully he hasn’t killed himself or been killed by his church. Cult members, the lot of them. What a waste of such a good, pure voice.

    • bliss's bitter bussy

      It’s really embarrassing that another gay man would speak about someone potentially repressed and in the closet like this. I’m gay as the day is long and judging by your slang, you are too, but I don’t act in the way you’re acting right now. Have you ever been in a religious cult? I have, and it’s exhausting to your mind, body and soul. You lose years of your life, your childhood and your adulthood becomes a series of “what ifs” that make you question your position in the universe.

      David found his position nestled in his cozy corner of religious proselytizing and praising his church more than he praises the god he says he worships. I’m extremely harsh on him career and belief wise, but personally, I get it. This is all he’s ever known and when he hit the big bad world, he kicked and screamed his way back into that missionary bubble. He deserved to be checked on Twitter for those homophobic-lite tweets back in the day, but right now he’s quiet. He’s acknowledged and gone to 2 LGBT “friendly” events in the past year. Give him some time. Hopefully, if he is gay, the mood of the church will change and he can come out. Word on the street is, he’s fulfilling the celibacy agreement that the church policy states. But times are changing, and this cult-like church has to get with the times or die out.

      You seem to be a misogynist regarding older women. It’s true that his fanbase is like 80% that as of late, but that shows their support isn’t fleeting like obsessions can be for young kids. I can’t disagree with you on the delusional young girls, but they’re religious and David’s a handsome man. Wanting him as a husband isn’t a bad thing.

      As for the killing himself line: I do think David deals with severe depression and isolation. His self esteem seems to be improving, but much of that is within his relationship with the church’s ideals. I’ve said before that I think he lives a miserable inner life and I agree with that. His music and touring make him happy, but his personal life seems unfulfilling and he’s all but stated that in words and actions. To be 27 with nothing outside of church and music is a disaster waiting to happen. But I don’t think he would resort to suicide, especially with the church teachings.

      I have better things to do than police this dead comment section, but I urge you to have some patience with this man. I don’t know your circumstances, but how many men have been killed or killed themselves because of our sexuality? Don’t forget those acts of violence when you’re living it up in Cabo, hunny. We’re not all out and proud and ready to mingle, regardless of age.

    • Gays hang it up, your idol hates you. He hates anyone that isn’t some God fearing Mormon sheep! He abandoned his fans all of us that’s why his career flopped. Braindead and brainwashed by his nasty father! So godly!

    • Ghost of Bliss

      Hunty you made points sis. Hope you brought this energy to another artist to stan because Archuleta and his fine ass flopped and fell into an early retirement.

  9. What Could Have Been

    The End, just like the career

  10. I see thepedophile still has this site open

  11. 10 years ago Crush was released. We all thought our little Archie would make it big in Hollywood and sing his heart out. Instead he left it all behind to preach a cult and be celibate forever. Who knew he’d be such a braindead brainwashed sheep. RIP Crush the only hit he ever had

  12. He’s having breakdown. Carter in shamble
    Bygblkdk a sad case.

    • Ghost of Bliss

      He’s a total disaster. Mental illness after mental illness. I’ve seen more posts from him tearing his shit up than actual music. His god failed the fuck out him!

  13. Ghost of Bliss

    Damn this site died just like his career did. Missus there’s a reason his IG comments are nothing but gays and house fraus. Time for “Archie” to come out the closet and make him some OnlyFans videos with that bubble butt. But no, he says he’s got “PTSD” from the big bad American Idol. Did Seacrest or Cook stick it up the bunghole and that’s why this mang is so traumatized of sex? Worst closet case celibate little bitch I’ve seen in my 40 years.

    Did kimk/bliss croak? I can hear the death gurgle from my living room. #GloryHolesforArchie

  14. Bliss's stink hole

    That NSYNC video was the gayest Christmas video I’ve ever seen. Every last man in that party was queer as a two dollar bill, Archuleta included. All the top comments on Youtube are about his sexuality, same with that awkward interview he did last month with the Mormons R Us freak. A 28 year old unmarried Mormon? A faggot hunny. We’ve claimed him and that cult isn’t getting him back.

    • Sad to see how far he has fallen. Christmas is all he got and folks seem to be tiring of that. He should forget trying to have a music career, maybe focus on missionary work full-time. Spare himself the humiliation of these sad releases and tired concerts.

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