Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Anon 2, 😂 Did you listen to Up All Night?

  2. I know I said I would try to stay away from politics, but just have to say it…. #45 buddy, Bill O’Reilly, is out of a job. Wonder what Trump will blame for the “horrible unjustified dumping, 😂 ” of O’Reilly, probably, Hliiary, Democrats, the media or all those horrible liberals that didn’t vote for him. Interesting that both of his buddies are in hot water, O’Reilly and Alex Jones, yet, Trump seems to doing everything these two are accused of doing and also him and his family are profiting from being in the White House, yet nothing can harm him, I’m starting to believe that what he said is true, he could commit murder in front of everyone’s eyes and he still be adored by his base, yikes.

    • I’m not surprised at all about oreilly. if anything, i’m shocked that it took so long for it to come out.

    • He’s blaming it on a left-wing conspiracy. That’s what forced him to pay up millions to his victims, I guess. I’m sure leftists made him drag his ex-wife down the stairs by the neck in front of their daughter, too. #BUHBYE

  3. Was trying to post the song, but no go. I have to say I was not expecting that chorus. I kinda love it 🙂

  4. Astrid, yes, it is different and it does have a nice dancing vib. Actually something I can relate regarding having so many thing in your head that keeps you up at night. It’s a good pop song, I hope it at least charts, but I’m thinking he might be to under the radar for that to happen, we’ll see where it goes.

  5. Go David! Love the song and can’t wait to see the video! It sounds different from what’s currently on the radio. So is Soul David having a group gathering at one of David’s upcoming tours? 🙂

  6. David’s former band member Mark Nilan wrote Lady Gaga’s newest single. Too bad he wasn’t good enough for David. Up All Night sounds good though. A little old-fashioned, but he wasn’t going to get any radio play anyway, so it’s not a problem.

    • Mark did a great job as Music Director for what I believe was David’s last tour before his mission if I’m not mistaken. It wasn’t that he “wasn’t good enough”, it was probably that he was “too good” to work with/for David again. Writing a song for Gaga would be the first hint I would think.

  7. I like David’s new song. But, and this is very weird considering I’m not religious at all, I like the song he sang on Easter called “I Know He Lives”. It’s a smooth, jazzy, soulful melody he supposedly wrote for that Easter concert. If he did in fact write it, he should write more with this vibe but secular, because he shines on this song.

    • Really? He wrote that? I watched it. I’m not religious either and I thought it was fantastic.

      • Yeah. Go figure?

        I like Up All Night but it has an over-produced quality and something David said he never liked, an auto-tuned vibe in some parts but David has always sounded better live and will on this song as well. He has a pure vocal quality and needs no help from over-production or auto-tuning. The proof as we can hear, are the vocals in the video above with only the guitar giving it a jazzy feel. The arrangement is simple and at the same time stellar, if that makes sense. Listen with ear-phones or buds.

  8. Another point I wanted to make about Up All Night is that it is a LOVE song. Or could be. The lyrics could be about someone. No doubt about it.

  9. You all know that I’m not religious at all for sure, but I agree I Know He Lives, is so good, really hilights his voice. Would love more secular songs like that, but I do like Up All Night. Wonder if he felt he needs that kind of upbeat song to jump start his career?

  10. Let’s face it, seems like his heart is more toward a religious music career, which I think would be a good fit for him.

  11. I also think Up All Night is a love song. Does anyone know when Jazzy comes back from her mission? If he does get married i’d think he’d do it when she gets home and before the tour starts maybe?
    The “sweet gal” deleted a bunch of pictures from instagram, i wonder why.

  12. I think you could interpret it as a love song, but I don’t think it is.. The last verse could easily be about God.

    Feel so small, but I am safe and sound
    Where I stand it feels like solid ground
    No where else that I’d rather be
    No greater gift than what you’re giving me

  13. On David’s soundcloud, you can link to one of the commenter’s (ie, Jimmy Hales) personal music. He has a song up that I assume he wrote and sings called: “My Mom is Cooler (Than Your Mom)”. The song made me laugh — i’s so cute it needs to go viral.

  14. Astrid, yes, that’s what I think, which it is a love song, only not in the same way we think of a love song, I thought that he might want to bring religion to his music career, but now I’m thinking he wants to bring groovy songs to his religion, 😂 Actually a pretty genuine idea, probably will bring a lot of fans into the fold.

  15. Amazon has snippets of the Orion EP. I feel like Numb is old to be on it, but he made a video for it so I guess it makes sense.

  16. I really like both songs! I’m so glad I’ve kept following David.

  17. To anyone to follows David’s career only see two new songs. Numb and Say Me are good songs and make sense being on this EP. Invincible does sound interesting and am looking forward to hearing the whole song, again, really fit the EP. Hope that it gets good recognition outside the ODD fan circle.

  18. Not going to happen CK… Nobody outside the ODD fan circle is going to hear or care about this single or the EP. Despite his new PR teams effort, despite his late attempts to promote it on social media. What is sad, frustrating and heartbreaking is this song is THE best POP single and song he’s released since Crush with potential to be huge. It has it all. Poor management/no management, bad decisions/indecision, poor communication with the media and fans/no clear communication w/media and fans will have this single and EP dead on arrival where it really counts. I am so tired of all the YEARS of missed opportunities for David to capitalize on his talent that it has caused me to become apathetic to the point of being a click away from not caring at all. His desire to insulate himself inside a bubble means hardly anyone outside that bubble will know he OR THIS GREAT SONG AND ep is alive and kicking. This song deserves better than it’s going to get, it will fall unnoticed quickly off the charts into oblivion because it doesn’t have the fans, or push from David or the professionals needed to bring it to a wider audience. The delusions of airplay and the song getting promo on TV or elsewhere? Give it up… It frustrates me to tears to see him finally put a good pop single out, and nobody will care.

    • There is nothing “sad” or “heartbreaking” about David’s career. The only ones “heartbroken” are the fans who are over invested in David’s success and have not, even after 9 years, been able to separate their interest in his singing from their personal involvement. David is having the career he wants. To be “sad” about it is self serving, and has nothing to do with David or his career goals.


        Pray tell us what his career goals are? He has big problems articulating them. If he wasn’t as invested in making a living and some bucks off his music as you say some fans are overinvested in the direction of said sad career, then he’d be giving free concerts in temples and town halls and there would be no need for 120 dollar VIP lunches. He’s supposedly this altruistic frugal wise beyond his years person who has no need to keep taking the filthy lucre from such irritating people. It’s been said before and it’s true – his will be written about as one of the GREATEST EXAMPLES OF WASTED OPPORTUNITY, TALENT AND POTENTIAL in pop music. Because you think folks oughta “get over it” will not stop people from commenting and speculating about what they see as a frustratingly sad example of wasted talent. You have admitted yourself that you were so wrong regarding the direction and state of his career after coming back from his mission. You have been proven so wrong time and time again I should have second hand embarrassment for you but I don’t. You want to keep playing the fool, have at it bubba. Just leave the predictions about his “career”, how he’s handling it and the aftermath to those who apparently know more than you.

      • Wasted talent? Are you insane? If he never sang, that would be “wasted talent”. David sings what he wants, where he wants, and loves doing so. He has new EPs being released with new songs that he wrote or co-wrote. He is embarking on an extensive tour of live sows in many different locations. David is not sad and his career is not sad. You and those who agree with you continue to be sad, irrelevant, and one helluva boring broken record of misplaced anger and self pity.

        BTW, check out the outpouring of rave reviews and support for David on twitter and elsewhere. These are David’s fans. They live their lives, enjoy David’s music when he releases it, and, most importantly, don’t waste their time dissecting and finding fault with him, his choices, or his religion.

        David’s has expressed many times that “success” is not measured in sales. It’s measured in doing what fulfills him. To that end, David’s career appears to be a booming success, regardless what a few misguided, superficial malcontents may not grasp.

      • “He is embarking on an extensive tour of live shows in many different locations.”

        “BTW, check out the outpouring of rave reviews and support for David on twitter and elsewhere.”

        Bliss is back, tell a friend.

      • “…outpouring of rave reviews and support for David on twitter and elsewhere.”

        Yes, there were around 20 messages.

      • “David is having the career he wants.”

        If giving mission-based “life advice” in Alaska to women who know more about life than he ever will is the “career” he wants, yes, then he’s exactly where he wants to be. Too bad no one’s buying the single. Oops, sorry, I forgot: he doesn’t want anyone to buy it. Yet another triumph.

      • No one, including me, has ever said that David doesn’t want ANYONE to buy his single.That’s just bitter hyperbole, which seems to be the response to any positive post about David on this silly site.

        What David has said on numerous occasions is that commercial success is not his top priority and not the motivation for writing and singing music. Anyone who enjoys David’s music should be grateful to David for having that attitude. It means that he will be writing music that’s “about something” and meaningful to him. That’s what real artists do. Commercial singers just do what the general public will buy, because their goal is to sell units, not create art.

        David is about quality, not quantity. I believed him the first time he said it when he was 17 years old.

      • Up All Night is not “about something.” It’s about absolutely nothing. It’s a combination of the most frequently used clichés. And it’s definitely not art, nor is Numb, or the songs on No Matter How Far, or anything David has ever produced.

  19. Frustrated, you may be right, to little to late, sad, really great talent, with good songs that deserve more recognition than they might get, we’ll see.


    rave reviews from hardcore ODD fans do not and have not translated into SALES. Facebook views and reviews, twitter followers and instagram followers do not translate into sales. This should be evident in David’s case by now to even the slowest follower – it’s the same conversation every time he releases something and it does not do well commercially. If rave reviews across those mediums translated into sales he would be a superstar 2x over. He needs to recoup expenses incurred in the production and processing of the songs, he has to pay the pr team and mgmt and himself… rave reviews don’t pay the bills… cold hard cash via sales do. apparently sales and commercial success matter to him, hence the release to commercial sites like itunes and amazon for sales… david and any rational person would be naive to think in this business that success and sales do not go hand in hand… if he thinks otherwise, i want to see him give orion away as a free promotional tool to the fans… I’ll wait. He has what is a potential hit on his hands, but the decisions he’s made regarding promotion, the use of social media and lack of engagement with his fans is going to kill any chance it had being heard out of the bubble he’s chosen to operate in, which goes beyond sad – it’s tragic for someone with his talent. You’ll end up, once again, on the wrong side of history. You appear to like it there, that’s your choice 🙂

  21. XMAS in April...

    Somebody tell me how attaching CHRISTMAS videos and clips of his concerts in the last year to this new POP release on his social media is good promo??? I give up, lololololol…. can’t get the promo right with him ever…

  22. BUY!! gift!! SHARE!!!

    Coming at you on this throwback Friday nite – a blast from the past, 2009 style!!!

    TheVoiceDavidArchie‏ wants you to Buy! Gift! Share! #UpAllNight

    Come onnnnnnnnnnn Team, buy till it hurrrrrrrrrrrrrts!!! All the way to #1!!! Let’s help make David a star!!!

  23. Don’t think David’s career is dead, it is, however, geared to a very specific group of people. When he is releasing music, what does he spend the most energy doing, TOFW gigs. I’m thinking that he wouldn’t mind if he got some recognition outside his small fan base and his Mormon bubble, but that’s not what he has chosen. I see his career being something like James The Mormon..which is first and foremost pushing the Mormon message.

  24. I still think he is a much greater talent than he has chosen to be, by that I mean success in a greater way, not that choosing to have a lesser career says he is not as talented.

    • No, it means that he chooses quality music over the kind of generic, mindless nonsense that dim witted people, who mistake commercial success with quality, lap up because it’s “popular”.

      Of course David could be more popular, but he is not willing to sacrifice his artistic integrity to appeal to the lowest common denominator of music buyers. These days, the general music buying public is at a all time low, and you only have to put on a radio to listen to the sleezy garbage coming out of the speakers to know that, if you’re able to.

      Anyone who thinks that David is “not as talented” is, at best tone deaf, although I fear it’s worse than that.

      • Please point out the parts that are not generic or that are in any way original here:

        I am knocking standing at your door
        Somewhere new I’ve never been before
        Take me in and it feels like home
        It’s getting late and I don’t want to go

        Something simple in the way this feels
        Like love is something pure and real
        It’s getting late and I have to leave
        But tonight your memory is holding me

        I’m wide awake with
        All these feelings inside
        Keeping me up all night
        All these feelings inside
        I’m wide awake with
        All these feelings inside
        Keeping me up all night
        Pictures that cross my mind

        They’re keeping me up all night
        They’re keeping me up all night
        They’re keeping me up all night
        Keeping me up all night

        See my heart and there’s an answered prayer
        Feel the magic in the midnight air
        Breathe it in I want to pass it on
        The strength of finding somewhere you belong

        I’m wide awake with
        All these feelings inside
        Keeping me up all night
        All these feelings inside
        I’m wide awake with
        All these feelings inside
        Keeping me up all night
        Pictures that cross my mind

        They’re keeping me up all night
        They’re keeping me up all night
        They’re keeping me up all night
        Keeping me up all night

        Here so small but I am safe and sound
        Where I stand it feels like solid ground
        No where else that I’d rather be
        No greater gift than what you’ve given me

        All these feelings inside
        Keeping me up all night
        All these feelings inside
        I’m wide awake with
        All these feelings inside
        Keeping me up all night
        Pictures that cross my mind

        They’re keeping me up all night
        They’re keeping me up all night
        They’re keeping me up all night
        Keeping me up all night

  25. Moelita, wonder if you are still lurking? If so, what are your thoughts on Up All Night? I know you said you really liked Numb, was just wondering if you like UAN the same or more? 😂 lots of questions.

  26. Cq, I just posted a big comment that disappeared. I like Up all Night and think it’s a great pop song. I just love David’s voice, he sings, I listen.😊

  27. Anonymous at1:58 pm, I find it ironic that someone who comes to this site and posts under the name Anonymous, when there are at five or six other people using the same moniker, would talk about someone else being generic. We get it, you don’t like David or his music. No one is forcing you to listen. Plenty of other artists out there for you to follow.

    • I’m not claiming to be a larger-than-life artist.

      • David isn’t either. Some of his more ardent fans may think and say that , as for David himself, from day one he has said he just loves to sing and make music that he hopes people will enjoy. From my perspective I see David as an awkward, shy , introvert and people pleaser. I’m sure he knows he is a talented singer and that because of that some people put him on a pedestal, but from every account that I have read about him, from people who have actually worked with him, or met him, or are friends with him, he is the last person to think he is better than anyone else or that he is a larger than life artist.

      • Yes, it’s not David who is claiming that David is a larger-than-life artist. UAN is a very, very good pop song that is not going to get much exposure or sell many copies. Neverthesless, it’s a very good pop song. There’s a certain superfan who isn’t happy with that and who has a desperate, deep-rooted need to see David as larger-than-life and his songs as something out of the ordinary, even though he’s just a singer and his songs are just songs among other songs.

  28. Moelita, yes, at great pop song. I too still love his voice, however, am not as big a fan as I used to be. The religious direction is of no interest to me, but I will always be listening to that voice.

  29. Yes, Moelita so many anonymous, 😂, if it wasn’t for opposite viewpoints, it sounds like someone talking to themselves.
    That line for UAN, “here so small but I am safe and sound” really is very telling. David settling for a smaller and doesn’t want to tackle any bigger career. The bubble is where he knows he will always be loved and accepted, without any criticism. He has that already, if you read any of the comments, it’s always adoration. Well, maybe that’s the way all fans comment about their particular star.😏

  30. Anonymous @1:53, I don’t know what you are listening to, I have been listening to some fabulous music from a lot of great singers, I guess to you, if it’s not coming from David it’s all garbage.

  31. David’s new single “Up All Night” reminds me a little of his song “Wait”. To me, it has the same vibe. Also, the new single is a love song. Some people think being or falling in love is a “gift from God” so in that vein, I guess you could say it’s both a love song and a religious song. It depends on who is listening. But the only way we will know what David means in the lyrics is if he makes a music video and the only way he will do that is if it looks like it will be a commercial success. Who knows what David will do? He’s still unpredictable.

  32. Just listened to Invincible, without a doubt, my favorite, that is one that I think would be so good to be heard by so many more people, wow!

    • Cq, did someone record the full song? I only saw a clip that was 44 seconds. You know I can’t commit when it’s that short. haha

  33. Go to The Voice, it’s in the cookie jar. IMO totally relatable to anyone because I feel, even the most confident, have those thoughts.

  34. Astrid, let me know what you think, if you listen.

    • Hmm… I like the song, but believe it or not, I think I like the recorded version better right now. Live needs a little more polish. It will come.

  35. Haven’t made a comment here in a very long time but just heard David’s latest single. I liked it. Finally new music from David that I liked. Hope he is finally back because he is talented. Just took such a long break from music.

  36. Anonymous MusicLovah

    UAN Chart position just 4 days after release (when fan support is at its strongest and most motivated) is telling. (As predicted), it’s going to fall totally out of the overall singles chart on itunes by today, it’s in the 300’s and dropping on Amazon and not showing up on any pop specific chart on any chart. Whether you feel chart rank means success or matters, the DATA THEY GIVE OVER PERIODS OF TIME give indication of fanbase size and strength and if songs will have staying power (legs) by appealing to wider audiences who are hearing it or seeing it. This goes back to how well the song is being/has been promoted in the media (social, tv, radio) the old fashioned word of mouth buzz way and if there is any radio play is getting it to the ears of potential new listeners and fans.

    The release of UAN is a CLEAR (and hurtful) indicator of how depleted his fan base is and how the low key promotional tactics have hurt his visibility and will continue to hurt him commercially when he attempts to release pop records. Having minimal success in the pop arena requires a level of fan engagement he dislikes and is unsuited for, promotion across all mediums that an independent artist has a hard time getting due to the financial costs associated AND fan support (in size and motivation) that is obvious he has lost in great numbers. The belief some fans cling desperately to regarding being able to gauge fanbase size and support using #of twitter followers, face book followers, Instagram followers, youtube views and comments, rave reviews from hardcore fans has been debunked hopefully once and for all with the release and performance of this song. It’s also another indicator/predictor that his tour may not have the kind of support outside of the heavily LDS areas in and around Utah, so those fans pining for him to come north, south and east may be in for more disappointment.

    It’s evident he feels most comfortable being a local Utah region based LDS inspirational singer. I’m going to quit beating around the bush. His mainstream pop career is dead, over. He is not equipped personally or professionally to regain the momentum or visibility he needs. The time has passed for any kind of mainstream success in pop…touring is expensive – HELLA HELLA expensive for an indy. Touring outside his Utah/LDS region bubble is not financially prudent or feasible if there are no substantial income streams from music sales, having label support or having a commercial sponsor to pick up the cost. I think David knows this, which IMO is one reason why there has been no substantial touring outside that region nor will there be in the foreseeable future. You tour where there is actual verifiable interest or enough support (via ticket sales – quality of music and other idealistic BS has nothing to do with it… every thing is about the $$$ whether you want to believe it or not, your choice) and a good chance you will make enough money to recoup your touring expenses… He is and will remain an LDS inspirational artist who appeals to a very limited region and base of fans. This is no criticism, this is an assessment based on data (no fake news or data). UAN is a good pop song…. Orion may be a good EP… it will suffer the same fate as UAN… BOTH came too late for them to give David the kind of pop props he deserves.

  37. Astrid, That’s the way I felt when I heard I’m Ready, I really like it, but want to here how it sounds recorded hoping it will sound more polished. Maybe I’m Ready will be on his next EP. Invincible somehow just got to me. Yay, hope that Invincible is even better recorded.
    Waving 👋 Anon, yes, a long time, although he has recorded and performed more religious base music, The Prayer, My Little Prayer and the two that were more not directly religious but were for religious events, Glorious and Nunca Pense. He also recorded and released Numb. I also like Up All Night.

  38. Anonymous musiclovah, great comment. My only hope is that David is ok with the lack of success for making an attempt at a secular career. From all that he has written with his blogs since his return and the songs it does seem like he is a troubled and still very unhappy person. The joy that say he had when he did a Vlog about new music being released before he went on a mission, is somehow, imo, gone. It’s almost like, yay I know I have to do does to appease my base, but my heart isn’t in it and the excitement from the fan base is also very low key.

  39. It’s been a while since I commented as well but I’ll throw my 2 cents in today. LOL Here are my thoughts on today’s discussion …

    Someone said: “From my perspective I see David as an awkward, shy , introvert and people pleaser.”

    I agree and disagree. Awkward, shy, introvert, yes. People pleaser, no. He may have been a people pleaser at one time but, if you read his blogs from shortly after his return from his mission, he states clearly how refreshing it is to no longer care about what anyone thinks. Whether that is a good thing for his career or not, well … it really does depend on what he wants from said career. Only David knows what he really hopes for or expects to happen.

    As for Up All Night, I really liked it so I bought it. It’s a good song. Whether it is genuinely a love song in David’s mind or not I couldn’t say. But to me it sounds like one and I like it so that’s all that matters to me.

    As for Invincible, I think it’s just ok so far. If he puts great production behind it the way he did with Up All Night, it could be VERY good. I’ll just have to wait to see once the EP drops.

    Like others here, I think David has the talent to do much more than he is currently doing. It’s become quite obvious to me that David has some issues with promotion. Why he is against it is beyond my understanding but it is what it is. It would be a shame however for him not to make a significant profit from all of his hard work.

    I sincerely wish him luck with his music and ticket sales.

  40. I listened to the “Invisible” snippet and I can’t wait to hear more. Right now, I prefer UAN. I’m blah on “Numb”. Re. reflecting on David’s career, chart success, missed opportunities, etc., for me it’s best to live in the now. He rose to the top of Star Search and Idol and this is where he landed. I see his current career as the way that it was meant to be. It would be nice if he performed on the east coast but if he can’t, I guess I’l have to plan a trip out west.

  41. I think most fans are realistic about David’s chances to break through once again. He knew he would have to start over after his mission. Then he came back and had other issues that slowed him down some more.

    The comments on his video are very positive, but it’s hard not to notice they’ve slowed down a lot from when he posted just a couple of days ago. I’d be lying if I said it still doesn’t bother me, at times, that he didn’t “make it big”, but I still love his voice more than anyone else’s so here I am.

    As for touring outside the bubble, yes it’s risky and costly, but I still think he can do it. I sound like a broken record, but if Cook and Kris Allen can come to NYC so can David. He’ll have to do VIPs as that’s the only way he’ll be able to pay everyone. Not sure if I will do it again (or even get the chance) but the VIP I attended was worth every penny.

  42. The only thing that I thought would happen would be that the LDS community would buy his music and off set the vanishing fan base. Maybe it is only if it’s connected to the church that they feel they need to support. Glorious was promoted by the church leaders, so it did real well, in the bubble anyway, but I don’t think he got paid though.

  43. What’s the deal with all this “sadness” and hand wringing about the chart status and sales numbers of David’s new single? What ever happened to simply enjoying listening to David’s music, and leaving the business end of David’s career to David and his management? I believe that’s how it’s worked in the music biz since the beginning of time.

  44. Sadness and hand wringing? 😂 it just goes to show that different people reading the same thing come away with different meaning. That’s especially true when it comes to comments about David’s career. Actually from what I have been reading from his ODD fans is they have settled and are happy with anything that he puts out and damn those charts and sales, they are just not important, the same fans that were about the charts and success, 😂 so there you go. As far as peeps that post here, from what I read non are “sad and hand wringing” but do feel that his talent should be in the big stage, to me that’s just stating the fact.

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