Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Lugdunum, 👋, I thought you might check this site every once in a while. I guess the whole Russia hacking your elections is not true, only heard it once, so just because of that, it looks like “fake news” 😂. People fed up with politics is what happen to the US electing a reality show host/ business man, narcissist that is, omo, unqualified to hold the office. Who knows maybe things will be ok. One thing that is for sure, I already don’t like what he has signed or shall I say taken away. Really not into trickle down economics, but I do have to give these bazillionaires a brake, poor things, they need a tax break pronto and lets take a lot of these regulations that are set in place to protect humans and their environment away, poor big business need to be free of those shackles. 🤣

  2. i see someone left the door to the nut house open again LOL

  3. Yesterday. In a cult victims’ support organisation.
    A very religious young man came for a consult for the first time. He looked shy and anxious while waiting for the therapist so in order to make him feel more comfortable I started to talk to him about his hobbies especially.
    To make it short , at one point he told me that sometimes he liked taking long time off from his phone , FB , Twitter…When I asked him the reason he said : ” It helps me to become more aware of self-awareness and spirituality. When I have to make important decisions self-awareness helps me to understand that life is a vocation and implies self-giving. It guides me in listening to the Lord’s call and in accepting the mission He was intrusting to me.”
    Of course this made me think of D and his social media breaks…I am wondering which is the real reason. Is it a way to find a new psychological balance between his negative and positive states of mind or to strengthen his spirituality ?
    Just a thought –

  4. International Women’s Day today ! There is still much to be done !
    Go Girls ! 😅😅

  5. Lugdunum, I sure hope that young man gets to a good place in his life, I’m assuming that things aren’t working out for him is the reason he is seeking help with your organization. As far as what is going on with David, who knows. It’s just weird to say new music is coming and then go silent.
    Yes, women have come such along way, but as with any unbalance with equality there is still work to be done regarding women’s equality,

  6. Yes, lugdunum, I guess he has some TOFW dates and his sister will be returning from her mission soon, so yes, those two things will bring him out of media hiding. If no music comes before those two events and he stops saying new music is coming, it will be very telling. The only interesting thing to read will be the spinning “have patience and wait scenario” from the odd fans. I should be letting this whole thing go, but being I have stayed so long, I’m still sticking around to watch what’s next, 😂

  7. Well, I know it’s up to David as to when he releases his music and there is nothing I can do about it , but right about now my patience is wearing thin. At some point he has to sh** or get off the pot. I guess someone asked Kari again and she said it was like a hurricane forming out in the ocean, it starts out slow and you never really know when or where it going to hit. I am kind of tired of other people having to explain David’s actions too. He’s an adult and music is his profession. If he truly wants to continue with his music career, it is up to him as an independent artist to promote himself, his music and to keep fans engaged . End of rant.

    • moelita, I had the same reaction as you when I saw Kari’s tweet. What is her word and David’s even worth now? Enough already.

  8. Yes, Moelita and Astrid, those hints are hollow and seem to be nothing but a thread for odd fans to hang on, not very kind if nothing is in the works, music and release dates etc. Was courious as to what fans thought about the tweet. Not much excitement, but I did find it interesting that maybe the speculation is that he might be playing Jesus on broadway…hence the huccicane, 😂.

    • Are you implying that David doesn’t really have any new music in the works, and he and his team are lying that he does for some “unkind” reason? Don’t look know, but you’ve officially gone off the deep end.

      • “now”, not “know”

      • Ah, yes. They are lying. Where is the music? An album, EP or single can be recorded, mixed, released in DAYS with technology now. David and Co have been stringing people along for 2 YEARS with soons and it’s coming. That’s amateur and unkind. Liars.

      • “Are you implying that David doesn’t really have any new music in the works, and he and his team are lying that he does for some “unkind” reason? Don’t look know, but you’ve officially gone off the deep end.”

        Do you think that, after having new music in the works for three years and running, he will soon release an album? Don’t look know, but you’ve officially gone off the deep end.

  9. David has no passion for the business or the process of making music. He is a singer out of time, he’s IMO the kind of person who would have thrived under the old label system when record labels gave artists time to develop, gave them support systems to handle the business side of being an artist and let the artist just handle the singing. He needs the structure of a label, he’s not equipped to handle the responsibilities of being an independent artist and what the industry has evolved into. I also think it would benefit him to pursue another career full time, and just sing in the temple or venues around Utah for the church. The church and singing for god appears to be his real desire. Why keep pushing him to communicate, vlog and blog, promote himself and his music, relay release dates for cd’s and single, go on tour etc when it’s patently obvious he has no passion or desire to do so. He’s a square peg fans are trying to make fit in a round hole. It may be time for the “real fans” to stop enabling and begin encouraging him to take some real time away from all this folderol to find his real happiness, his real passion… I will no longer post anything at all about him good, bad or otherwise because I think he needs some real help and support to clear up some of the lingering confusion and emotional issues he can no longer hide behind his smile. I wish him well, and the courage to do what he feels is best for HIM, not the fans, family, just him.

    • I agree with most of what you said, but I don’t think fans are trying to make him fit into anything. He promised the album before he left for his mission and again when he returned. What we’ve gotten, for three years, instead is, “patience”, “great work takes time”, and now some sort of Archustorm is brewing.

      It’s obvious this is a struggle for him. By all means, he should take care of his needs and wants first. Just let us know. That’s all.

      • He has struggled since Idol with communicating. He’s never seemed comfortable in that role. I think his old managers, Jive and the father were responsible for pushing him to do a lot of the interviews, vlogs, tweets and other attempts to engage with fans. David has NEVER seemed to like it. It may be one of those “doing things just to be popular” and “sucking up to fans” things he said he disliked in the vlog last year. He has no label, no real management,Jeff isn’t around so no reason to communicate or as he said “suck up” to fans. It’s not who he is.

      • Based on his recent Instagram post, he’s still trying to “suck up,” even though no one is making him to.

      • Doesn’t seem to have any problem with communicating with fans when it comes to his Church , related events or sending subliminal messages…

      • * promoting his Church

  10. I doubt David would ever feel he is worthy enough to play Jesus. Fans are coming up with some wild ideas about what David is up to.

  11. Anonymous @1:07 🤣” officially gone off the deep end” classic reply. Btw, have you ever commented on this site using another name other than anonymous?

  12. there are more important things to talk about in the world ,then what the archuleta is doeing, or not, get a life people idiots that you all are ,lol

  13. Astrid, 🤣
    Anonymous 3, what are you doing here then, 😂

  14. Also anonymous 3 why aren’t you spreading your sunshine on other sites, isn’t there also more important things to talk about from those peeps than the archuleta.

  15. What’s up with David’s friend Shay Carl guy?

    • He’s apparently in rehab, probably Mormon rehab, so no a real rehab.

    • I am a Mormon, and a fan of David’s. The people here who disrespect my Church are as bad as Trump and his Muslim hating followers. Anonymous 1:48, shame on you.

      • Disrespect, shame… Sounds very familiar. Oh, hi Bliss. When did you convert into Mormonism?

      • Jews 4 Jaysus - We Got Us oNE!!!

        Jews 4 Jaysus – Hallalewyah!!! Praise Jeebus we done converted us a chosen 1!!! Welcome aboard Bliss, we won’t have ta wait till you dead to convert ye!!! Praise Jeebus you done seen the light!!!

  16. Anonymous 2:40 is anyone in this site, first all preventing you from worshipping as you choose? And second, is anyone here preventing you for entering this country because of your religion? I understand you being upset about comments about your church, but with due respect I don’t think it’s the same thing.

    • Disrespect is disrespect. The posts here are intended to disrespect my Church for no other reason than to just do it. What do you people get out of it other than a warped feeling of superiority? Please enlighten me. What is the purpose of a post like the one at 1:48?

      • Oh, by “Church” I assume you mean that CULT leading hundreds of young gay people to commit suicide every year , right ?

      • Finding My Bliss... It's LOVELY.

        Put a sock in it Anonymous 4:20. I won’t pretend to have respect for you or for any of those deplorables in the Mormon Church and elsewhere who sanction this illegitimate regime, their leader and their platform of bigotry and hatred. Such small, weak minded thin skinned people who are driven more by fear and bigotry than real love and brotherhood as espoused by their supposed lord and Savior and heavenly father. SAD. They are subhuman and can have my ass to kiss from here to eternity and into the celestial kingdom too.

      • Yoo Hoo Hi Bliss!

        Hi Bliss! How’s tracks 🙂

  17. Btw, does the Mormon church respect the gay community and treat children from gay marriage the same way as children from straight marriages, I think not, so this disrespect thing both ways, sorry, you have every right to voice your opinion, but there is different ways of looking at things.

  18. Anonymous 1:48

    Anonymous 2:40 Why don’t you just listen to your leaders: “Choose not to be offended” -Elder David A. Bednar”

    • Tsk, Tsk, not off to a good start Blissy… you gotta listen to your leaders. Don’t give em a reason to kick you out so soon. I’m sure they’ll get around to it once they realize what a prick you are 🙂

  19. PartyOver Here!

    Sat whaaat? Bliss converted to Mormonism? Now that’s something to talk about!! Wow, that’s sure to get him some David brownie points!!! He’s going to have his own planet now so he can be closer to David in this world and the next, lol. What a sly one 🙂 This calls for a party – I’ll bring potato salad! 🙂

  20. Right on Finding My Bliss!

  21. Oh my God what is going on? Lol

  22. Anon 2, 🤣…..
    In other news….It so funny how Trump ran his campaign charging how the whole governing system was corrupt, especially crooked Hillary, 😂 and from what I have seen so far, corruption, lying, policies geared for the very rich and forget about the poor, old and sick is all I see from Trump administration..yikes!!

  23. Today’s travel buddy’s birthday, we’ll see if Mr. D makes a special post.

  24. Holy cow, what the heck, Trump and the GOP,,,,,give to the rich and take away from the poor..Trumpcare, yikes.

  25. A picture of David has surface, from what I can see he took a bunch of missionaries out to dinner in Nashville, bearded David. If he does decide to ever put out secular music, not a bad idea to keep the beard, imo. 😂 although no signs of new music coming in the near future.

  26. David having facial hair could be…..wait for it……..for a possible movie role. A made for TV or LDS movie just in time for Easter.

    And actually I like that he’s venturing into unchartered waters. Personally I would like to see more facial hair on him. It’s high time he starts to look like a mature man.

  27. Well I guess the hurricane that Kari was talking about has landed with one date showing up for a concert in September (I guess seen on DeJoria Center, but isn’t yet posted on OS) wait for it, 😂 in Utah. Apparently it’s scheduled for September 23, 2017 at De Joria Center, Utah, tickets go on sale this Friday March 17 @10am…meanwhile no 🎶 released. Now I wonder if first, it’s a legitimate date (or fake news, 😂) and if David, or anyone speaking for him will even do promo before Friday or it’s a private concert. 🤔😂

  28. cq you poor sick old bitch,where is your pimp. lol

  29. Chuck Berry died today at 90… hail hail the real father of rock and roll… roll over beethoven, you and Tchaikovsky make room for chuck.

  30. Anon3, ok, if your comment makes you feel good about yourself, oh well.

    RIP Chuck Berry, he brought joy to so many with his music, I hope that he had as much joy sharing his talent.

  31. 😂The Trump administration… interesting that it’s looking like it’s more like lock him up and a lot of the people that surround him…what a mess! Of course if you ask his base, they see things way differently…one thing for sure, the US is completely divided and I’m even thinking not only American, might be a “disease” worldwide! 😭

  32. I understand why people voted for Trump, and I don’t think it was because they were white supremists or bigots, but because they were sick of the same old same old from politicians and they wanted someone who would do things differently. Having said that, he scares me. He acts like he is still running his company where people have to sign confidentiality agreements and where it’s his way or no way. He needs a crash course in diplomacy and they should ban him from twitter. Also , they might want to tell him that being President is not a Monday to Friday job, and that it’s not a good idea to spend taxpayers money covering two residences, when he can stay at the White House. I pity the people in his administration because they have to keep defending him and cleaning up his messes.

    • I’m trying to understand, but I don’t. They’re sticking by him and will continue to stick by him as he continues to tell embarrassing and dangerous lies daily.

      And, of course, not everyone who voted for him is a white supremacist or a bigot. It just wasn’t a deal breaker for them that he is a bigot and appealed to white supremacists. Oh well. What can you do…

  33. Moelita, you are so right about that, yes, the majority were sick of the same old politics and also alot of them hated Hillary Clinton and would vote for anyone that opposed her. Yes, he does seem to think running the country islike he ran his company, also why a lot voted for him, they wanted a businessman running the country. To me big business is just as bad as politics and Trump in my opinion, is bringing the worst of big business and just adding to what is the worst of politics to the White House and mix that with a loose cannon personality on twitter, doesn’t make for a very good mix.

  34. No Sugaqrcoating

    With all due respect to cksquad, stop kidding yourself. It’s time to stop pretending and trying to let the aptly named deploarables off the hook. This is what happened on November 8th – Racism won. Xenophobia won. Homophobia won. Misogyny won. Let’s stop the delusions and making excuses that Trump voters- be they friends, family members or fans of David simply weren’t aware, that they just didn’t know. They knew, they just didn’t want to admit — sometimes even to themselves — that the entirety of Trump’s promise to make “America Great” was to do so by extracting freedom, liberty and opportunity from others who Trump repeated told us didn’t deserve it, didn’t earn it and didn’t need it. Trump’s election has helped to liberate an anti-democratic and disruptive attitude into our public discourse. It has given a bunch of fearful, hate-filled white supremacists a platform and sense of self-righteousness. If they voted for Trump and say they are NOT racist, them simply insisting that they’re not racist will not be enough if this country is going to continue to grow and thrive in this complex world. There is no such thing as passive anti-racism.


    • I have to agree with you. I have friends, co-workers, neighbors and close and distant relatives who voted for Trump. Not all, but sad to say many did. These are not poor, uneducated or disenfranchised people. In fact, just the opposite is true of all. And they are Christians! At least most are. Imagine my shock when they agreed with some if not all of Trumps rhetoric during his campaign. It brought home the fact that you never know what’s in someone’s heart until faced with a situation where you either accept and agree with hate at it’s ugliest form or fight against it at it’s core. It’s disheartening to know there are people I love who are racists. How did I ever not know? Of course they all deny it but why else would anyone agree with Trump and the vision he has for America? Families are estranged and broken friendships have resulted from this election. Never has there been such wide-spread antagonistic and hate-filled dialog on social media. In my family, we are careful to not talk politics, at least those who are still speaking at all.

  35. No surgarcoating, I certainly understand your view and somewhat agree, but I sure still have hope that not all are what you described.
    This whole thing is a huge mess. It’s so divided and now the Republican that is suppose to be bipartisan goes to Trump to help him without even talking to anyone else, lol. If this wasn’t so very scary and sad, it would be the best television reality show ever done.
    Never mind about the whole new health care bill, that is about lining the pockets of the very rich and the companies that are going to be free to turn down insurance to poor, sick and older people, so scary. I know that ACA/Obama care needs some fixing, but still is a million times better than this than Trump Care/Ryan Care, imo.
    Another thing, this whole Russia bromance and weird connections coming to focus with the hacking and connection with some of his team, is actually more corrupt and questionable than anything from previous administration and we haven’t even tapped into the possible conflicting connection with business dealings, Yikes!!

  36. Lol, what heck why is there even a hearing for Neil Gorsuch, he’s going to be confirmed no matter what questions come up about him, Republicans are so giddy it’s like watching good old boys bullshiting about the wonders of Gorsuch, 😂. Yep he is there to do away with Roe versus Wade. Just from the ruling on the Hobby Lobby case, I’m thinking his interpretation of the constitution might be his own religious beliefs before anything else will be how he rules. Trump did promise his base that he will be putting judges on the bench that will do away with Roe verse Wade and I guess any human rights that have been passed, 😥

  37. Btw, to be fair, is the rolls were reversed, the Democrats would be doing the same thing, I’m thinking, the only thing would be that I’d be more receptive to them, 😂

    • That’s because you only care about what pleases you. You show that here every time you post about anything.

  38. Awe, my beautiful, and so positive Anonymous, 😘, btw, why anonymous, why not post with your with a identifying name. I’m thinking you have posted here with another name, hum. I was wondering if you had a problem with only my comments about David’s career, but I guess you just have a big problem with me, period!! I’m so honored, 😂

  39. One more thing, why would I post anything that I don’t care about, I doubt that anyone does that…including you my dear anonymous.

  40. Depart From Me

    “Christians” who voted for and support Trump aren’t quite as “Christian” as they claim to be. White evangelical Christians came out in droves to support Trump — a man who exemplifies literally everything Jesus Christ stood against. Trump is a rich braggart who made a name for himself flaunting his wealth. He openly denigrates women, has a lurid history of sexual assault, insults minorities and holds petty grudges against anyone who speaks out against him. IN NO RATIONAL UNIVERSE can these two completely contradictory beliefs be reconciled. If you believe that the gospels accurately depict the life of Christ, then supporting a man who calls women “pigs” and “dogs” and has spoken about grabbing them “by the pussy”, you CANNOT be called a Christian in any meaningful sense of the word. If modern Christianity as practiced by Trump supporters closely associates itself with everything its basic tenets vehemently oppose, then what exactly is it anymore?? American evangelical “Christianity” is so compromised that it can no longer be considered a branch of “Christianity”. While there are no doubt honest and well meaning people within the movement, their overwhelming allegiance to a truly unqualified and monstrous politician makes a mockery of their spiritual practice. Those who support Trump cannot take the teachings of Christ seriously, and therefore cannot be considered “Christian”. They have put their faith in money, power and fear, and as a result revealed their spiritual movement to be nothing more than a rotting, commercial enterprise that would have Jesus Christ turning in his grave.

  41. Depart From Me

    Ooops slight correction… If Christ was buried in a grave he’d be turning in it, lolol… his ascension back into heaven after being resurrected makes that a moot point amirite?

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