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For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Great comment Anonymous and I agree.
    Just listened to My Little Prayer video. David is a sweet sensitive man and is part of that bubble, so he would never see things in any other than this just spreading the LDS goodness. Unfortunately watching that video all I could see is proselytizing for the LDS church and I say unfortunately because I’m thinking they just want to spread goodness, but when you attach to an institution that has one of the biggest proselytizing programs, that what I see more than the message of spreading joy.

    • Just viewed the video. There is no mistaking whatsoever he made the video expressly for the Mormon LDS considering The Salt Lake temple is used as a backdrop. Good thinking on his part as a great promo for the LDS church.

      I just don’t know what else there is to say about the song and video. I can and do appreciate beautiful Christmas songs and other inspirational songs David sings even as a non-believer. He doesn’t need or want approval from fans like myself. He will get all the approval he wants and needs from the LDS church hierarchy and accolades from his LDS fans as well as his die-hard non-LDS fans who are still active.

      Personally, I find the SLC temple to be more of a monstrosity than a beautiful building. The markings on it are weird and it’s kind of spooky to me. If Jesus exists and if he ever comes again as Christians believe he will and what I used to believe too, the first thing he will do is destroy all the elaborate, costly buildings, starting with the Mormon temples, which have been erected in his name.

  2. One thing I will say he is getting way more support from LDS peeps with My Little Prayer than he got from or is getting with Numb. I guess as long as it’s connected with the church might be where his success will be. I do think David is much more than just an LDS singer,, which, imo, is quite limiting. If he does go the LDS artist direction, he will have a great career without a doubt though.

  3. Just read his comment on how he wrote MLP after speaking with …”God” !
    I know it is about indoctrination in his case but I always have a hard time seeing that kind of comment as “normal”. In my country a guy saying such things is immediately sent to a psychiatrist !🙂🙂

    • Many religious people of all denominations “speak to god”. Some use prayer and believe “god” is listening and does answer some but not all prayers. There’s always a logical reason in their own mind for unanswered prayers. Mormons though, especially the “worthy” like David, actually do think “god speaks” to them. They are “guided” in everything they do with the belief that’s instilled in them almost from birth and continues like mind control throughout their lives. They really do believe their Prophets have a “direct line of communication back & forth” with “god”.

      The people I know who are non-believers are genuinely good, kind, hard working, generous, compassionate and loving human beings, not out of fear but because it’s just who they are. On the other hand some of the worst people I know are religious, and some even use FB to post “Praise Jesus!” stuff seeking admiration and because of that, think they are above reproach. I agree those who believe “god speaks” to them need a psychiatrist or at the very least, should be deprogrammed to live in the reality that there is no “supreme being” watching their every move and making them be good, decent and honest people. Makes me wonder what kind of people these “true believers” would be if they weren’t “guided” or threatened with eternal damnation?

      If the very religious people like David would keep their devoutness, devotion and love for their “god” to themselves instead of putting it out there as a badge of honor like “look at me, see how much god loves me!”, I would have more respect for them. Why not just “walk the walk” as they say and leave the “talk the talk” in the privacy of personal space and not on You Tube, Instagram, Twitter, FB, or any social media on the Internet.

      ps. I was once a big David fan and I used to comment occasionally here but stepped away when he left on his mission. An old friend emailed David’s little prayer video to me. He wanted to know what I thought about it. I thought it was exactly what I figured David would be into now. I checked out his other song Numb. Better but not a mind-blower.


  4. The thing with mormons is that they think they are the only ones who can “speak” to God and receive an answer, they think they are the only ones who can have families forever. The thing is, if you ask anyone from another religion i’m sure pretty much everyone believes they are going to see their loved ones again, mormonism is the only religion i know that can take that away from you.

  5. Yep, proselytization, imo, is not live and let live
    I’m happy for David that My Little Prayer is doing well, but I wonder why Numb didn’t do as well as this song, imo, it is a much better song. Maybe being attached to a church project is the difference, which doesn’t give me an optimistic feeling that he won’t be going the lds direction with all his music, lol.

    • I think that MLP is part of an official church-wide Christmas initiative. He always gets a lot more activity on those, and relatively few Mormons will search out his “non-secular” work. Last year was the video with Peter Hollens and the Shaytards. I suppose that it did very well also.

  6. HI cc halo, that’s what I think is happening. His star is shining bright in Utah and high Mormon surrounding areas that’s for sure. Now if he veers from his “perfect Mormon poster man” will he have any of thos Mormons still see him in the same way, my guess, no.

  7. Mormons do like the song because it’s part of the lighttheworld program. MLP is very far from being a master-piece but never mind, just wrap it up with a surrealistic story and voilà !
    Mormons would be able to sell the Eskimos ice cubes…

    • lolol!

      I wondered if the “ever-present at all David’s concerts” die-hard older fan who probably makes David feel just a little creeped out, will be at his concerts tonight and again tomorrow? Well of course she will! She usually posts great videos so more power to her.

      Would really like to know if Hello Gorgeous ever visits her own blog here and if she’s listened to David’s new songs and what her opinion is. I really miss her great articles and critiques.

  8. Lugdunum, ROFL, ‘sell the Eskimos ice cubes”

  9. Anonymous, yes, I sure miss her articles and critiques, not only in regards to David’s new music, but being that she also had articles that weren’t directly about David, I also would like to read her take on this new super billionaires that are now leading our country. IMO,the swamp is full of alligators with special interest.

  10. Wow, can you people be any more judgemental and condescending? It must be great to be so perfect. You guys are typical Internet bullies who think they can denigrate other people’s beliefs and then hide behind the old ” just my opinion” . Why are you even still here commenting about David if you think everything he does is mediocre and designed to dupe all his fans into joining the Mormon church? And making fun of other fans is really low.

  11. Moelita, sorry you feel so offend by my comment. I for one have never said I was perfect, in fact, I’m as far from perfect was you can get. Judgemental and condescending? I think David is a great guy and I have always said so, I don’t thinki much for LDS churches doctrine and have always said so. You do have every right to say whatever you want and I truly respect your opinion, but I do have to respectly disagree with this comment.

  12. BTW, Moelita what are your thoughts on My Little Prayer?

  13. Interesting….

    ” if anyone has a problem with you following David’s career and commenting then they are free to go somewhere else. ”
    November 7 – Moelita –

    Wise advice isn’t it ?

  14. Lugdunum, I’m so glad you had the time to go through my previous comments and find one that you feel contradicts my last comment. And you are so right, I don’t fit in around here.

    • You posted this not so long ago and I don’t know why I kept it in mind…
      Moelita , although I may not agree with everything you say I want you to know I respect your opinions and comments and I am really sorry you feel you don’t fit in around here.

  15. Interested Party

    David’s die-hard non-LDS fans who are still around are back to buying multiple copies of MLP. At .99, buying 10-20 or more copies is not much of a hardship for most of them.

    Mormons are coming out of the woodwork in droves to buy MLP too. And why not? Their beloved temple as a backdrop making the song an obvious LDS inspired song/prayer? Of course they would. Mormons are known to support their own and David is one of their own. Anything David does that supports or promotes in any way their church and way of life will in turn be supported by them. It’s an unspoken “requirement” from the church leadership.

    David’s MLP is trending and although the number of You Tube views do not support the trending, it apparently has 1 million views on FB. Don’t follow him on FB so I don’t Curious how that works but it does appear that little song is set to be David’s “come-back” and not his other little song Numb? Although MLP was released as a Christmas Season song, will David see this as a sign where his success will be and so his focus should be in the religious music genre? I guess we will know soon enough.

    The comments for MLP on You Tube are mixed. Some positive, some not and the one’s that are questioning his sexuality will probably be deleted. Those type of comments seem to have been deleted from the Numb video on You Tube. I guess whoever handles his You Tube channel, reads & monitors the comments and makes sure “those” comments are deleted but leaves other negative comments. Interesting?

  16. Moelita was going to say the same thing Lugdunum said, sorry you feel you don’t fit commenting here, 😢. Actually I’m hoping that David’s new album will be a secular one, for the most part and that it will bring a lot that commented here back with more positive comments about the album or at least positive about some of the songs, but you know this site, no topic is off limits. Of course the one that is most important that gets sucked by in is Hg.
    Interested party, yes, this success with MLP might steer David to only do religious music, but, I’m still hoping he will want to have a more varied career. I do see a Gospel/religious album in David’s future, but I do hope that his next album will be more varied.
    Anonymous, I know that when David was younger he might of been creeped out by older adoring fans, imo, he is a man now and probably understands these women/men are more like grandmas and grandpas that love him like a grandson.

  17. Interested Party


    My screen name and posts? OK, if you say so. In all honesty, I was a big David fan but not the kind of fan with the resources to go to many of his concerts, only two. Never went to a VIP because I couldn’t afford it. I like his voice, still do in fact when he sings certain songs and I was waiting like many others to see what direction he would choose to go in. So far, I’m sorry to say I’m disappointed because the inevitable is evident more & more.

    Yes, I used to be a big fan of David, but I’ve cooled considerably but I was curious about how his two very different songs would do and quite honestly, was surprised MLP seems to be the “winner” of the two. Being that I’m not a huge fan of either song, I’m not hopeful about whether I will like his album.

    So that’s it. “Current and active fan”? Not hardly. Not like I used to be.

    I’m a fan of beautiful voices, male and female, singing beautiful music. In that respect, there’s another young artist, Jordan Smith, I’m currently following. Jordan Smith, the winner of The Voice year before last, whose vocals are truly amazing, effortless and marvelous. Vocally, David comes close but not quite equal in some respects to Jordan Smith. The difference is that Jordan will never be exploited or made to be someone he’s not, obviously. He’s found his niche in the music industry as an artist with a gorgeous voice making beautiful music.

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