Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Mega stardom is not my goal for David. I merely offered Yanni and John Tesh as examples of new age artists. I wish people would read the whole comment and not jump on one part of it to have a hissy fit about. As I said, I don’t see David going that route. If he does , then it’s up to him. It’s his life and his career. Would I continue to follow him? Probably not, because that type of music doesn’t really appeal to me. Now if, as I said, he writes and sings music that is emotionally driven and shows his feelings and life experiences, then I am all for it. Either way we won’t know anything until he actually releases music and only then can we decide if we will continue to follow his career or move on.

    • Mpelita, the broken record on this site for over 4 years has been that “David should be a superstar like Adele, Justin Timberlake, etc. but he just doesn’t have the desire, will or know how to do what needs to do to get to that place.” Some people even justify their continued posting on this site by saying that even though they have given up on David, they are hanging around in case he starts doing things right and becomes what they feel he should become.

      It will be very interesting to see who stays and who goes when David releases his new music. My guess is that as long as there are people willing to share their thoughts with other posters about all the things they don’t like about the new CD, these very people will continue to post on this site and will not “move on”.

      I do agree with you when you say ” I wish people would read the whole comment and not jump on one part of it to have a hissy fit about”

      That’s what people do with my posts all the time. It’s a way to appear to be responding without really doing so.

  2. “This is right up David’s alley, and David and Paul should have a great collaboration at that concert in Slovenia. Let’s hope for some videos of this event, as I believe that David’s maturity and unique ability to interpret fine music will be on display for all to see and enjoy.”

    Together, they can put people to sleep. Perhaps David will even be accompanied by dolphin sounds.

  3. David can play the synth. Those whistle-like sounds are “exquisite”.

  4. “David has shown over the years that his “comfort zone” is “good” music of all genres. New Age adds to that list, that’s all.”

    Yes, the genres are not only “various” but also “numerous”.

    Filipino easy listening
    Christmas music
    Pseudo-classical easy listening
    New Age

  5. “It will be very interesting to see who stays and who goes when David releases his new music.”

    Yes, the three people here determine the course of David’s career. If you can drive them all away, his career will soar.

  6. Well, I still believe that David is mega talented and that is why I come here and comment. It’s none of my business why anyone else comes on here to comment. I doubt David’s fan base is limited to the few people who post comments here or on other sites. It may not be as big as it was, but I think he still has enough fans left to build on when he gets around to releasing his new music.

    • Moelita, ITA, especially this:

      “I doubt David’s fan base is limited to the few people who post comments here or on other sites. It may not be as big as it was, but I think he still has enough fans left to build on when he gets around to releasing his new music.”

      No artist survives unless they generate new fans. David will do just that by releasing music that the public enjoys. He will also keep those “old” fans who are not trapped in an antiquated and obsolete view of David from a bygone era. The “good old days” of David’s pre-Mission career were lots of fun, but it’s over. It’s time to turn the page and look forward to the next phase of David’s career, which David appears to have already done.

      • Well yes, those fun pre mission days are over and every artist continues to grow and that has always been my hope for David, that his enormous talent would continue to grow, I don’t think anyone is wanting to go backwards. But, for me anyway, I would like a lot of fun going forward and right now, his career is not fun at all, although I do realize that others might fill differently.
        Regarding this New Age gig, wonder what songs he will sing, Be Still My Soul and Glorious and Nunca Pense? I guess those three are concerned New Age??

      • CQ, the three songs you name would not be considered “New Age”. The videos above, posted by by B.O.B to mock music he/she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to understand, are better examples of New Age music.

        As for “fun” music from David, I have a feeling that those days may be over, although that doesn’t mean that David’s music will be boring. personally, I’ve never heard a song sung by David that “bored” me. His voice is just too good , even if the song itself might not be one of my favorites.

      • Well bliss, I sure hope that David still wants to sing some fun songs and have fun on stage. I too like serious songs, but heck, life is to short to be serious all the time. Balance is what would be nice.

      • CQ, for the record, although I love David’s ballads and more “serious’ songs, I think “Zero Gravity” is one of the best pop songs I’ve ever heard and IMO, should have been on the first CD and released as a single. It is always a fan favorite at his shows. You should go on You Tube and watch the video of David’s performance of ZG in Leicaster, England in 2009. Incredible performance.

      • Yes, I like Zaro Gravity and that’s what I mean about fun songs. That joy that it brings and make one want to move is inspiring, so hope that he will always brings that joy.

  7. Lol, dang that “feel” and “considered” not fill and concerned.

  8. “… to mock music he/she doesn’t have the emotional capacity to understand.”

    No, I don’t have the emotional capacity to understand Yanni or clichéd synthetic music intended to put people to sleep. However, I have no doubt whatsoever that your “emotional capacity” is perfect for appreciating such clichés.

    • B.O.B, the only one “putting people to sleep” is you with your absurd put downs of everything and everyone associated with David or his music. New Age music is obviously not for you, although God knows you could use it. It might help you to get rid of some of your toxic rage directed at people and artists that you don’t know but just can’t “quit” hating or even want to quit hating.

      You’re in a very sad place in your life, and the saddest part of it is that you don’t think you are. Until you come to realize that, you will remain stuck in your self created angry prison.

  9. “You should go on You Tube and watch the video of David’s performance of ZG in Leicaster, England in 2009. Incredible performance.”

    It’s Leicester, and it’s one of the most popular cities in the world, of course. Too bad “they” made him perform there and he hated every second of it.

  10. The grasping at straws has gone “poof” has been put out by a fan that explained that it was from a book, so probably he was reading the book hench the quote. I know it’s me grasping at straws, lol, but I did fine it intriguing, but I am glad it didn’t take to long for what seemed to be a clue to actually be clarified unlike other (clues) we have had relating to his career that amounted to nothing that took way to long for fans to realize it was nothing. Lol, back to waiting, “patience” and “soon”.

  11. Cq, even though that quote has been explained by some fans , they are just guessing too. I think the only way to keep our sanity is to do away with the speculation about everything that David posts and to wait for him to announce something without any ambiguity. Kari always says that unless it comes from David himself or his team, then we cannot assume it is true. I know the quote came from David, but how fans get from that quote to it being the title of a new song or the title of his new album I don’t know. I suppose it is just because we are waiting so long for new music or even an announcement of when we can expect new music that we are grasping at straws as you said. I wish David would say something one way or another about his new music. I don’t think that is too much to ask.

    • Of course you are so right, Moelita, why even bother to continue to comment when all we have still after all these years is specualion. I’ve been doing it for so long, I guess it’s time to just scale down. I’ll try, but no guarantees, lol.

  12. Cq, I wasn’t telling you not to comment, I was just saying that everything right now is just speculation on all our parts. I don’t know if everything I write is hard to understand, but I try to be as clear as I can and still people take what I say the in wrong way. Maybe I will step aside until David releases his new music and we have something concrete to discuss.

    • Moelita, sorry, I know you weren’t telling me what to do, it was purely my thought. Of course here I am still commenting. I’ve always been one to talk things out and yes, I have been doing that at this site for a long time, lol. It is hard also because almost everyone that used to comment are gone, so at times, it’s just me, lol. They’re the smart ones, I guess, lol.

  13. Yes Cq, sometimes I feel it’s just you and me left who comment about David, his music and our hopes for him. I don’t know about you, but right now it just seems an exercise in futility. Until David releases his new music or tells us he will be doing church related events only, we are spinning our wheels. I know some fans feel we should be willing to wait patiently for whatever David decides to give us, but I personally feel that the relationship between an artist and his/her fans is a two way street. Right now it seems fans are doing all the giving and God help anyone who dares to question David’s actions. I will still check in to see if anything is going on with David career wise or if an interesting conversation is going on, but right about now David is going to have to follow through on his promise of new music and also show fans that he is engaged in a career in music before I feel any excitement.

  14. So I’ve just read that one of my faves is recording with the legendary pop producer Guy Chambers again and went to his site to check his back catalogue and… there’s the debut album of David there with “Angels” on the bio stuff.

    *deep sigh*
    David had so much potential, guys.
    From “Angels” to “Nunca Pensé”… Ummm. :(

    Also, I just noticed that Nunca Pensé isn’t even mentioned on his wikipedia lol. No one bothered to build a page for Glorious and Nunca Pensé. No artworks, no digital marketing. No download links. Nada.


  15. I just don’t get David anymore. Does he even want a career in music? Judging by his actions it’s hard to find any evidence that he does. What a waste of talent.

    • Moelita, what evidence that “David doesn’t want a career anymore” have you found? On the contrary, he has a number of “secular” shows scheduled in the coming months, an international gig with a highly respected pianist in Slovenia ,and a new CD or EP to be released also in the coming months.

      All is isn’t doing is giving the public a “heads up” as when the new CD/EP will actually be released, which may be because he doesn’t know when that will be. Projects of all sorts are delayed for all kinds of reasons. David is a self proclaimed perfectionist. It may be taking longer than originally hoped in order to get the finished product he requires.

      David is not someone who will ever “waste his talent” releasing new music that he feels is sub par just to put something out there.

      I realize that you have “lost patience” with David, but, to be fair, is that really David’s problem?

      • Best David Related Site Online

        I had to read the comment twice ” international gig with a highly respected pianist in Slovenia”. Then I had to read upthread to make sure this wasn’t a joke. No disrespect to Slovenians but how exactly does a church related event in Slovenia show David’s desire for a secular career? The only event that has no discernible connection to his church or area is not selling well at all.

      • Best David Site, try to understand this post with just one reading. Here’s what I see. David looks like he wants to have a diverse career. On one hand, he is a devout Mormon who is in great demand by his church to perform at LDS related events, and he is happy to oblige. Slovenia appears to be such an event.

        He also wants to be a secular singer, hence the shows coming up in Arizona and Colorado. If David wasn’t interested in a “secular” career, he would never have scheduled shows in these non LDS intensive areas.

        So there it is. David can walk and chew gum at the same time. He can sing religious songs at one type of show and he can sing non religious songs at another type of show, depending on the theme of the show. Or, he can do both, like when he sang “O Holy Night” and “Jingle Bell Rock” at the same Christmas shows.

        David is not giving up his desire to sing spiritual and religious music just because he has a small group of atheist fans who don’t like any religion, especially his. If someone is offended or bored or whatever by David’s religious music, it’s their right to feel as much and to ignore it. Just don’t expect a devout Mormon like David to give a hoot what you think about it.

      • Paul Cardall is not a “highly respected pianist”, and an LDS event in Slovenia is not an “international gig”.

      • Was not intending to post as “Anonymous”.

  16. Bliss, what evidence do you have that he wants a career in music? Yes I know all about the shows he has booked. What about releasing his single? What about his new album or ep? What about showing some enthusiasm for music? What about coming out of that hole he has crawled into, career wise, and actually doing something that shows he is serious about said career? How long do you think fans will wait around for David to release his new music? If you read around the fan sites you can see the frustration fans are feeling, even the diehard fans. I know it’s almost blasphemous to say anything negative about David for some fans, but if you are talking about his career right now , it’s hard to find anything positive. I was looking at the videos again this past weekend of when he was in Australia and I just think it’s a shame that all that talent is going to waste. His voice is gorgeous, he is charismatic, he’s not hard on the eyes and he gives great live shows. He did do a video promoting the Denver show , but that may be too little, too late.

    • Moelita, I can feel your frustration and exasperation in your post. If that’s how you feel, that’s fine. But , you draw conclusions that are just not based on the facts. For example:

      1) “What about showing some enthusiasm for music?”

      Just because David is not tweeting or posting a lot online in no way shows a lack of enthusiasm for music by him

      2)”What about coming out of that hole he has crawled into, career wise, and actually doing something that shows he is serious about said career?”

      What hole? He’s not invisible. Pics of him pop up now and then.. How can you say that someone who has scheduled concerts in mainstream venues in the coming month is not “serious” about his career? What “something” are you looking for that he isn’t doing?

      3)”How long do you think fans will wait around for David to release his new music?”

      Who knows? That’s up to the individual fan. Also, any one who has “moved on” can easily come back once they hear new music and enjoy it. “Moving on” is not irreversible.

      4)”but if you are talking about his career right now , it’s hard to find anything positive.”

      Look harder. It’s right in front of you, if you allow yourself to see it.

      5)”His voice is gorgeous, he is charismatic, he’s not hard on the eyes and he gives great live shows.”

      Exactly. So, what’s the problem?

  17. Bliss, you should change your screen name to Ostrich , because only someone with their head buried in the sand could look at the way David is handling his career right now and think there is nothing wrong. I should have followed my own advice and not posted anything until David produces something worth commenting on. I won’t say see ya soon , because the way things are going it will be later rather than sooner.

    • Moelita, My question is, why would David be doing (or not doing) things that would damage his career? Since I am not in the music business (and I assume neither is anyone else here) I am leaving all that stuff to those who are actually in the music business. Who knows what’s going on behind the scenes? For all we know, all kinds of promotional things are in the works. David is not a novice and neither are the members of his team. I’m very willing to just let them do their job, especially since there is nothing else to do.

      David seems very content with his life right now, with an emphasis on “his life”. I’m looking forward to his next CD like everybody else, but without the anticipatory angst.

  18. Conversations with Blisskasden

    B: “David Arhculeta will be performing at a famous European opera house with one of the most renowned pianists in the world.”

    X: “Who will he be performing with? Martha Argerich? Daniel Barenboim? Lang Lang?”

    B: “Paul Cardall.”

    X: “Who? Who’s that?”

    B: “A highly respected pianist.”

    X: “Never heard of him… Where will they be performing? La Scala?”

    B: “No, the Slovenian Opera House.”

    X: “There is an opera house in Slovenia?”

    B: “Yes, it’s a beautiful high-profile venue in an idyllic setting. It’s an international gig.”

    X: “Was he invited by the opera house?”

    B: “No, the LDS church, but he’s very much a secular artist. He has a huge fan base consisting of folks from all walks of life, from coast to coast. They’re not active right now, they’re waiting for his next album.”

    X: “When will that come out?”

    B: “2015.”

  19. Guy talk / locker room talk à la Blisskasden

    • B.O.B. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I didn’t post here, neither would you. You never initiate any thought or opinion other than to react to my posts. All we know is that you don’t like David, don’t like me and you don’t think much of Paul Cardall either. Actually, my mention of Mr. Cardall as “world renown pianist” came from articles written about him and not from me, but I don’t expect you to be able to differentiate between the two.

      Frankly, I find your lumping me in with fine people such as David Archuleta and Paul Cardall very flattering. I must be doing something right.

    • B.O.B, when I clicked on this video it would not play, and the message was “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”. I then went to Youtube and when I found it, I got the same message

      Assuming that you have seen the video (or why would you post it here wanting the people here to see it) one can only assume that you are not in the U.S but are in another country that can see the video. Is that right?

  20. You gotta give Beyonce some credit for knowing how to do things in the correct order. First she drops a new single, then she performs at the Super Bowl and sings that single, then she announces a new world tour, and soon I’m sure there will be a new album with songs that she will then sing on that tour. Beyonce is not much older than David now, and she started in the business at an early age, just like him. She even had an overbearing father who was her manager, just like he did. The only real difference between them is that she was determined to be successful and actually has smart people helping her market herself.

    Sure it’s fine if David has no desire to be big like Beyonce. But the frustration comes from fans knowing that he has the caliber of talent to be in the same league as a lot of big names right now, he just seems to go out of his way bungle any chance of success. Who does random shows with no single or album to promote? Nothing he does makes any sense so I can only assume that he has no plan whatsoever.

    I don’t think saying how I feel about all this makes me a bad fan either.

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