Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Lol, yep anonymous too, you were the one that predicted the marriage correctly. I’m guessing the rest is on the mark too.

  2. As far as that album (new music) goes, 😂 that is going to be put in the back burner, actually, I’m getting more disinterested than more, the longer he puts it off. Lol, still fun following how all is played out though.

  3. One more thing, when I first saw that picture I thought David’s girlfriend was Amber. She looks like a lot like Archuleta to me. She’s really cute, but I sure that at times they will be asked if they are siblings..

  4. haha! FOD & The Voice commenters are going bananas!

    And here at SD some of us saw what was coming a couple weeks ago! David can be sly, but pretty much doesn’t pull the wool over our eyes here. haha.

    Anyway, the “sweet gal” has a name, (could be Dana Martinez). She is a Latina & is from Mexico, is a RM.

    And she is shorter than David! So far it’s all good!

  5. Well I think that FOD and The Voice sites are fans that feel David is not just a singer they like, they, imo, think of him as their son/grandson. So now it’s all about their little boy getting married. I’m guessing that with them, his private life and his professional life as far as over the top adoration are the same. Maybe that goes for other odd fans with other singers.

  6. Lol, again, very predictable comment. I guess I’m as predictable so I guess we share something, 😂

  7. Btw, David does still interests me to see where things will end up with him regarding his career, but far from adoring him that’s for sure. You are right in this instance, I did comment more about his private life than I should of…

  8. Been trying to be more aware of my government and decided to watch some of the cabinet hearing. Love my country, but it’s exhausting hearing the spin by both sides to always make there point seem better. One thing I see is that this country is going to be run by bzillinaires that want to have this country completely by run by big business, anyway, that’s the way I see it. Wow, I’m so happy that those 2% of this country that are bzillinaires are going to have their taxes reduced, poor things, 😂 and of course, we should actually be so grateful to have the swamped filled with big business, yey, that has absolutely no corruption whatsoever, what a joke.

  9. Getting back to the picture of David and his “sweet gal travel buddy”. I have seen other pictures of that girl. I don’t know when or where but I’m sure I have seen her picture before. It may have been in an Archuleta family gathering group photo or on one of David’s “date” photos. There was one when he was on a dinner date at a restaurant and another one when a “selfie” was taken & posted on twitter I think by an artist David & his date went to see perform in Nashville. I just know I have seen this girl’s picture before.

    I noticed how obvious it is that his “gal-friend” wears clothes that “hides” her garments. For the females, the garments make them look heavier than they really are. It was also very obvious in the photo of his mom with family when they went to Sacramento to see David perform. She looked much heavier maybe due to the garments. Her stylish clothes have given way to a more matronly look. Wearing garments must be uncomfortable for the females since they are required to be worn under bras. Makes no sense but then I’m not LDS.

  10. Why would a non Mormon give a moment’s thought to Mormon undergarments and how they are worn? It’s insane.

    • You’re right of course. I just noticed his mom looked heavier in the family group photo from backstage in Sacramento. Just an observation on my part and realized it could be because of the special garment they are required to wear.

      Since David is all grown up and possibly getting married sometime soon, shouldn’t FOD change their banner with a more recent photo of David? The one they have is several years old and he doesn’t even look like that anymore. Again, just an observation but maybe an FOD regular who lurks here can suggest it. I think David would appreciate having a more mature looking photo of him on their banner.

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