Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Ok just say where team Archie communicate with fans, about problems with bookings, maybe they are reading my comments, hahahaha, not!

  2. Lol, that’s saw, not say.

  3. So I’ve been reading comments on FOD and apparently there are fans that feel the Christmas tour is exclusively for Mormons, lol. No, of course it isn’t, but yes, it is a Mormon event, it’s sponsored by DB that is owned by the church, so yep,Mormon event. Actually I’m thinking that these concerts are geared for bringing more non Mormons into the circle, lol. But of course, I see things way differently now, so that is way I would feel this way.

  4. Drive By Observer

    He is gay, mark my words. He is also obsessed with his cult where he feels safe. He tows the line, and they provide insulation, isolation and even adoration along with a comfortable standard of living.

  5. This debate on Monday, yikes!!!! I can just read it, Trump supporters will say “omg he was so great, totally killed it, AND Clinton supporters will say “omg she was great, totally killed it, lol. Actually all this drama and division would be fun to follow if it wasn’t are wonderful country that we are talking about, ugh!!!!

  6. David:
    “Donated blood today for @RedCross. Don’t forget to donate y’all and make a difference.” “https://twitter.com/DavidArchie/status/779776902974365696”

    Lol. We were donating blood at the same time. I can brag that my husband does the double red cell donation each time. Last time, afterwards, I was “Okay, let’s go get lunch!” And then I fainted. Ha ha.

  7. Cchalo, you, your husband and David are wonderful for donating blood.
    Thought that David moving to Nashville was because he wanted in emerge himself in his art, but really, I don’t see it that way at all,so kind of wondering when he will move back to Utah, where he is building his career around the church and truly the area where he would have that kind of career flourish.

  8. Cq, I too wonder about his move to Nashville. He is living in the music capital of the world and from what we can see and hear from the outside looking in he does not seem to be taking advantage of the oportunity. You would think by now he would have played a show in Nashville, but he doesn’t seem interested in that. I guess he can live an anonymous life there unlike he can when he is in Utah. Having said that he still seems to get his fair share of fans posting about seeing him or asking for a picture with him. Maybe he just wanted the freedom and independence of living away from his family. Anyway just release the new music already David .

  9. Haha, Moelita, “Anyway just release the new music already David”. You mean that music he has being saying is going to be released for almost two years now. I’m thinking it’s in the back burner again, he is focus on the Christmas Tour and of course, I’m sure very busy with a lot of church callings. Maybe the Numb video will pop up, who knows. It’s funny when he did the video with JamestheMormon, it was release right away, but with his stuff, seems like procrastination is maybe something that David has a problem with, any with his stuff.

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