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David Archuleta Official Site


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Early David Archuleta Official Site

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The Official Archuleta You Tube Channel

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American Idol Official Site

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Soul David

The David Chronicles

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Archuleta Fans

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All About Archie

All About Archuleta: Japan

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David is Our Hero

David Archuleta

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Planet Hunkerdown

R4D – Rabid’s David Deviations

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Always Archuleta Planet Idol Forum

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Television Without Pity Forums: David Archuleta Thread

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Master Class Lady (on David Archuleta)

M.J.’s Big Blog

Rickey’s (on Archey)

Memorable Interviews

AI Finale Press Conference

AI Extra Interview after the Finale: Part I Part II

TV Guide Interview with Justin Guarini (after the Finale)

Larry King Interview: Solo with David Cook with Syesha & Jason with Top 10

Entertainment Weekly Interview with Michael Slezak: Part I Part II Part III

Z100 World Premiere of “Crush”

Commentary by Vulture, from New York Magazine (Select Choices)

American Idol: The Battle for Second Place Continues

A Hard Day’s Night for the Beatles Catalog

Idolbot: Is David Archuleta the Greatest “American Idol” Contestant of All Time?

David Archuleta Now Officially Bigger Than Jesus

Archuleta Clearly the Superior David

Vulture is Officially in Mourning

Week in Review: Five Stages of Grief

  1. Happy 21st Birthday, David!
    Hello HG, Marlie, Burkey & Burkey’s Daughter. I met you all at the my kind of Christmas tour in Verona, NY. I’m glad that I went to that concert since David will be going on a mission for 2 years.

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