Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. So glad to read that Kim is back in her house and has power!
    Freofan, that’s the way I see it too. Read on FOD that Nathan said that their would be no NY or NJ Christmas dates, lol, wow, no surprise there, it’s sponsored by DB that is a church owned company, so it stands to reason they need to go where there is a heavy populated Mormon areas, promo for there company and really don’t think to many non Mormons would be interested in that store.

    In other news, this election is a total TRAIN WRECK!!!!! UGH!!!!

  2. Was so looking forward to Bruno Mars new music, but yikes what the heck, 24K Magic is just a sluty version of Uptown Funk, DANG!!! Very disappointed!!

  3. Pence, what a piece of work, he does seem the most presidential of all the candidates, but I don’t really agree with his points of video, I mean he believes in eversion therapy, so to me is kind of homophobic and believes that evolution is just a theory, but I bet thinks God is the creator of earth and creator all things, but that’s true without any proof, yikes and is against pro choice. He is devoutly religious, but has no problem running in the same ticket with Trump, well let’s just say I won’t go into what I think of him, which to me is very hypocritical of Pence. So I wonder why I still see him sticking with Trump, well my theory is that he wants Trump to win because he knows he will be the one to become president because he knows that Trump will be impeached after a few month in office, lol.
    I know probably no one cares about this but, heck I still enjoy posting and let’s face, nothing interesting happening with David’s career, really getting kind of boring right now.

    • I care a lot. I had to chuckle when you said Pence is “kinda homophobic”. Ya think? Don’t be politically correct. Republicans hate that, remember? lol

      This election is a microcosm of our world. The bar is set so low for the loudmouth male, who clearly lacks intelligence and so high for the woman he clearly knows the issues. And yes, I know Hillary comes with baggage. There is no comparison in this election, though. Trump is an awful person in so many ways.

      BTW, cq, I never had a chance to reply about your surprise of David fans being for Trump. You wouldn’t have been if you followed them on twitter. They put Faux News propaganda on my timeline all the darn time.

  4. Pence is more of a nightmare than Trump in many ways. The only way they are similar is they both disrespect for women but show it in different ways.

    We all know Trump is a pig. We have seen proof by his own words. Pence on the other hand wants to control women. He thinks women aren’t smart or capable enough to have a choice over their own bodies.

    Trump wants to grab women’s vaginas.

    Pence wants to own & have a say over women’s vaginas.

  5. Hahahaha, “point of videos”, of course it should be point of view, I crack myself up with the mistakes I make sometimes, other times they are just bad, but this one was a crack up.
    Scary thoughts, nice analogy:
    “Trump wants to grab women’s vaginas”
    “Pence wants to won & have a say over women’s vaginas”

  6. Lol, Astrid, yes, polically correct is something that I read all the time from Trump camp they are against. I totally agree the bar is set so low for Trump, unlike Hillary, I agree she does come with baggage, really, lol, what person really doesn’t, even mother Theresa seemed to have baggage. Btw, in no way am I comparing Hillary to mother Therese, just trying to make a point. What I see as the appeal of Trump is that his followers want change and really they don’t really care about what change. I know that if she does get elected she will be scrutinized more than any other one that has ever held that office, including Obama. One point that Trump said at the debate that, to me, was scary, that he was going to make sure she got put in jail and said that she should of changed the tax law, what the hell, I’m not that knowledgeable about the law, but I sure in the heck know that she couldn’t do that, lol. What I see is he is running his campaign like a bad reality star, like the Kardashians, he is getting huge air time, way more than Hillary, everytime I check with my Xfinity home page,it’s all about Trump.

  7. OMG, hahahaha, So I guess Trump is going after his one party right now, the shackles are off ROTFL, when has he ever been shackled, to me, he has said and done what he pretty much wanted all along, it’s like a feeding frenzy. Heck, I still say anything is possible he could still win.

  8. Yikes, His own party, not his ‘one’ party, if I was running for a public office, my opponents would have plenty of ammunation as to why I wouldn’t be fit for the position, hahaha!!

  9. Been hearing Bruno’s new song on the radio. #TRASH lol Like you, cq, was really looking forward to his new music. We’ll see what the album sounds like, I guess.

  10. Astrid, to me it sound like Uptown Funk except for different lyrics, even the video is set up almost exactly like Uptown Funk. I love Uptown Funk, but was wanting something different. Yep maybe the album will have some good songs.
    Speaking of music, lol, I guess David is still working on music by the posting today of him in the studio saying almost done, no dates of release of course. Still curious as to what kind of music and how he will release it…you would think he would like to release music before these show coming up.

  11. Astrid, lol, one thing for sure, he is all over the place when it comes to what and when he will be releasing new music. I’m thinking he had to change directions with his music and I only have what his OS said to have that feeling, first he was going to release music in 2015, of course, that didn’t happen, so I’m thinking he must of had a lot of songs and actually there was some posts of him recording that I saw, maybe not by him, but by the peeps that were working with him. Now it’s almost the end of the year and it does say he will be releasing music this year on his OS page, but yet he’s almost done, he hopes, lol. Of course there will be people that might read this and say, genius music takes time, 😏

    In election news, it seems like its more the two running for office is Donald Trump and Bill Clinton, the good old boys scumbag club, lol. This election is all about mud slinging at it’s worst, so, so sad.

  12. David has been talking about new music since he came back from his mission and nothing has ever come out. It’s been proven that we can’t take him at his word and now I’ve simply lost interest and don’t really care what he does.

    Why should we get excited when he posts about working on music because isn’t that technically his only job? What else is he going to do all day? It’s like he is retired or something and it’s a big deal when he decides to do some work. Must be nice.

    Nice to see everyone though and yes this election is awful. Can’t wait until it’s over.

  13. David is still singing for his LDS peers. The list of concerts, where, & who the sponsor (Deseret Book Co, an LDS Affilliate) is should be obvious he’s still doing what he wants to do.

    If he really wanted to, I think his manager & booking agency could negotiate and work something out with small venues all over the country similar to his MKOC tour. If & when he releases new music, perhaps he thinks he will have to venture out of his bubble to promote it so he can get some financial returns for his investments in terms of all the time, money and collaborators he worked with who also will want something in return for their time. It appears he’s put a good amount of all those things these last couple of years which is what true Indie Artists do. If the time spent is any indication of the quality, his new music should be stellar and out of this world fantastic.

    Also the only way to have success as an Indie Artist is to get out there and do a promo tour in theaters and small venues. At least that’s what I always thought Indie Artists who are passionate about their craft do. Those who don’t, usually fail, go broke & disappear. Maybe David isn’t worried about that because he maybe he’s being subsidized by the Mormon church for all his on-going missionary work the last two years, calling him an investment, like their billion dollar mall. I’m being facecious…kind of.

    David will always have an LDS sponsored career. He may call himself an Indie Artist because he’s not signed with a major label. But is he really? He has a good thing going right now with bookings in areas with large Mormon populations sponsored by LDS affilliates and where it’s been proven he’s sure to sell out, new music or not. Doesn’t seem much like an Indie Artist to me.

  14. Sniff-sniff & boo-hoo!!!

    Snow Angelz and The Voice sites have removed SD from their list of “Other Fan Sites. FOD has never had such a list since I guess they think they are the only “true fan site” for David.

    I guess this means SD is technically no longer a “fan site” for David? Say it isn’t so! I’m so distressed!

    As if!

  15. Waving hi, Voxy, Anonymous too and Anonymous, nice seeing your comments. Lol, yep anonymous, no longer a David site…those other sites have always been different and I’m glad that they are still active, kind of fun to visit them from time to time…always very entertaining, although it is becoming the same old stuff and kind of a yawn more than interesting.
    Voxy, you are so right, it being said that he will be releasing music in 2016 means nothing, lol, I think Kari said once don’t believe anything until it’s on his official site, well, can’t believe that either.
    Anonymous Too, Yes, don’t even see him as an Indie artist, but yes, right now he is an LDS artist and is catering to the Mormon community, yes, he will be able to have a career singing to his Mormons and of course, always a few non Mormons that will travel anywhere to see him, too. Right now he seems more like an ambassador or at least a shining example for the LDS church.
    Lol, most of the time I’m the only one commenting and sometimes I have say, WHY, well, cause still enjoy it and even more than that, the idea that maybe this one person might be gloating that he has shut this site down propelled me to continue to comment too, hahaha!

  16. Omg, so Pence conveniently forgives Trump for his past indiscretions, love the way devoutly religious people always find a way to be righteous when it fits their need, hahaha!!!

  17. Hi Cq, I don’t comment often but I still check here to see if anything music related is happening. Thanks for always mentioning if there is anything noteworthy. 🙂

    As for the lack of comments, I think it’s David himself who is responsible for the lack of interest these days.

    You asked yourself “WHY” your still here. LOL I know what you mean! I do too. I think it’s now become a habit. Or maybe, just maybe, I still have enough interest to be here when (or if?) he finally releases new music and I still hope it’s something I’ll like and enjoy listening to. The voice is still there. It remains to be seen what he’ll do with it.

  18. Well, some guy posted on Instagram that he was finishing up some music with David. At this point I think David must be putting out a double cd with at least 24 songs and probably 10 bonus songs. If it turns out to be an ep with 4 or 5 songs , then I would be gobsmacked.

  19. Howdy, Anon Too and Moelita, 😁 Nice to read both of your comments.
    Anon Too, curious as what his music will be and still enjoy reading comments from his sites, although much like his career, nothing ever becomes of any thing that is said. The election is keeping Kim, that use to be a big source of cool comments and would somehow find things about David to Post, away from commenting. She is a big Trump supporter, so all her twitter comments are about him, although to be fair there is really nothing to comment about David’s career. Haha, maybe after the election and/if David releases music there will be more things to talk about regarding, you know, his music career, 😏 But right now it’s a 😴

    Moelita, I saw that and I also read that it might be a project for the church, but than again he did indicate it was new music and of course, I assume it was not church related, silly me, hahaha.

  20. Kim from FOD is a big Trump supporter? Oh wow! That’s so disappointing! I thought she was the only poster at FOD with any brains who could see beyond some of the OTT “David can do no wrong” or those who see David as an “Angel from Heaven” & who isn’t afraid to give her POV come hell or high water over there. But she can’t see Trump for the pig he is by supporting him which, BTW, is her choice absolutely. I just thought she was smarter than that.

    Guess I was wrong.😦

  21. Anonymous, Yes, some that are big supporters are a surprise, but I do see Kim as really nothing to do with, which is clearly the fact that he is “the good old boy” can say anything, it’s just words, not the character of the man, it’s his positions that she is behind, I don’t agree with her on his character or his positions, but yes, she has every right to be behind Trump. Welll, one thing I can say his “us against everybody” campaign just might work, everyone loves an under dog and that’s what I see.

  22. I do see things more in line with positions of the Democratic party, but I have voted Republican, I do try to be more for the person that would be the better one for the job, yes, I’m in no way right or wrongl, just the way I feel. One thing though, I am very sad as to what is going on with the Republican Party, kind all over the place with Trump. Wonder if Trump hadn’t had that press conference before the the second debate with the women to discredit Hillary because of Bill, hum, would these women that are coming forth with the same type of accusations would be coming out with their stories, then again who the heck knows, this election is all about mud slinging gone wild!☹️

  23. Checked fan sites to see if any videos had popped up for the TOFW of David, yep, but, for the first time I really didn’t even really listen to the songs. I kind of wondered why they didn’t appeal to me, after all, I still love his voice, so, I shouldn’t ever be bored to listen to him?!?! I guess that after hearing the same songs for years and actually seeing him wear the same outfit, it’s not any different than any other videos from all other TOFW videos. Of course, lol, that’s just me, the ott fans are swooning.
    I was talking to my friend last night (she knows I follow David’s career) and we got talking about success coming out of singing shows, of course, we both agreed that mega success came to Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson from AI and really couldn’t name anyone for the Voice, but neither of us ever watched so maybe there is some.
    Anyway getting back to David, I told her that he basically is carving an LDS music career. She isn’t a fan, but when she came to stay with me I had her listen to David and she sure agreed with me that he has a super voice. LOL, I don’t really know where I’m going with this, except but to just ramble. I guess it just brought to mind when I was so sure that David was going to be a mega star and be this cool, clean cut guy that would bring class to the music industry like so many others have, instead of only being happy to bring his music to peeps that have the same beliefs as his.

  24. Lol, ok in the campaign front, it’s so laughable to me the spinning going on,that support Trump, by all the religious leaders regarding Trump, 😲 of course if it wasn’t their party, holy cow, 😂 would they get on the high and mighty horse.

  25. Ok, lol, it seems that David doesn’t have anything going on with this church (publicly that is) until the 3 or 4 of November concerts, hum wonder if any thing will pop up, you know, something to do with “NEW MUSIC” 😂

  26. Donald Trump reminds of someone I have had conversations with and read his comments for years. Everything is great and he feels he can say and bash anyone without filter, but when people use the same tactics to disagree & yes for some, attack him, he claim everyone is conspiring against him, lol. Imo, if Trump losses this election, he has no to blame but himself, imo.
    Now if he wins, how is he going to defend his stance on it being a rigged election, 😂
    #electionreducedtoabadrealityshow 😔

  27. Hahaha, Pence, Evengetical Christian is completely ok with Trump, what the heck, sorry a big hypocrite, imo.

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