Updates: David News and Current Events

For those who would like to keep communication going on Soul Davidian, I’ve created this page for those who have updates on David and music or current events in general.

  1. Saw 20/20 last night. Apparently the leader of Scientology’s father left the church and now is writing a tell all book. Let’s me tell you, the man has a very shady past, so throwing stones is laughable. Anyway, was very interesting, btw, yes, I think Scientology is wacky and just don’t get that it got a tax exempt status, but then again, I feel a lot of religions should not have a tax exempt status.

    • So true cq . All these sects have built financial empires and have global ramifications that reach beyond their original causes.
      They perfectly know the laws and customs of each country in order to be tax free !

      • I don’t claim to know anything about Scientology or their core beliefs. What I have read is that there are fewer than 50,000 members worldwide although the leaders claim the members are in the “millions”. I tend to believe the smaller number because the interesting thing is I have never, ever met a scientologist and I meet ALOT of people in my profession. I have met many members of all the different religious denominations, but not one scientologist.

        BUT, I have seen many movies starring some of the biggest movie stars on the planet who are devoted scientologists. So I guess I have inadvertently & in a round-a-bout way donated my hard earned money to that “religion”. And I’ll probably continue to do so as long as Tom Cruise continues to make movies because I think he’s a great actor.

        Kind of like with David. I abhor much of what the Mormon religion stands for and more & more so every day. However, I really like David’s voice and I supported David in every way I could pre-mission. So again, I have inadvertently, but knowingly, “donated” to the LDS church. And will probably continue to do so if & when David releases new music I like.

        Funny how that works….

  2. I listened to the new song by Gracie Schram (was posted on comments by Kim over at FOD)that was written by her and David, Leave Your Light On. Was wondering if anyone else has heard it and what are your thoughts…I think it’s an ok song.

  3. I think the more surprising thing is that the number of likes after he tweeted is only 1400. That says a lot about his current social media reach.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • Anonymous again

      Yes, it does. Though I would like to think maybe some fans of David realized it would be an unfair advantage versus the other girls and so just didn’t click “like” on Amber’s photo. When I saw how many more “likes” she had, I decided not to click. We may think 1400 is pretty dismal in the grand scheme of things when we look at it from our perspective because it does say a lot about, but I bet the other girls don’t see it that way at all.

      I would think Amber is very appreciative of her brother’s help, but would want to see how well she could do and how far she can go based on her own accomplishments, talent and achievements. How much more meaningful it would be for her and her self-esteem and feeling good about herself and who she is by standing on her own.

    • Lol. I went and liked the contestants with the least amount of likes. I felt sorry for the ones way at the bottom.

  4. Saw the new Miss Teen Utah.
    She is tall and was wearing a sexy dress which are still important factors in event of this kind whatever people say !
    As expected Amber won People’s Choice Award…Good for her but unfair to the other girls…

  5. Anonymous again

    I was unaware but I thought this was an interesting comment by Paul McCartney regarding the Beatles song Blackbird. I wondered if David knew the background of this song when he sang it in Myrtle Beach?

    “Paul Mccartney was “waiting for this moment to arise” when he met two of the women who helped to influence the song, Blackbird, at his concert in Little Rock Arkansas last night. It was particularly poignant because Blackbird was written after 9 black students known as the “Little Rock Nine” enrolled at an all white school and were blocked from attending by then Arkansas governor, Orval Faubus. McCartney met with Thelma Mothershed Wair and Elizabeth Eckford backstage and then introduced them before singing the ballad at the concert. McCartney said, “Way back in the Sixties, there was a lot of trouble going on over civil rights, particularly in Little Rock. t made me want to write a song that, if it ever got back to the people going through those troubles, it might just help them a little bit, and that’s this next one.”

  6. Anonymous too

    Speaking of Myrtle Beach…Here’s David’s version of “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”.
    He said he put “his own personal meaning” into the song; I always wondered what that was, because he put his all into this performance. 😉

    I thought he did a great job and I must add, his guitarist in this band was one of the best he ever had. Too bad he didn’t stay with David very long.

    • It’s possible he heard it during the time when he was deciding if he’d go on a mission and maybe everyone was putting their two cents in, telling him “Yes, go!” and “No, it’s a mistake!” In essence, they were trying to rule his world.

      The part about “I can’t stand this indecision” (mission decision?) and “everybody wants to rule the world” (telling him what to do?)

      And perhaps once the decision was made, these words hit home for him …. “welcome to your life, there’s no turning back” and “we will find you acting on your best behavior”

      I can see how many of the lyrics could have quite a lot of meaning to him during a time like that.

      • Anonymous too

        Anon too,

        I would have to say you are right on the mark!

        I was there in Myrtle Beach. He was on his game on stage and as usual was “larger than life”, and showed shades of the entertainer I imagined he would grow to be in time. But after the show fans lined up waiting for him to come out to greet them as he was known to do after his shows. He does & as he rushes down the line he’s no longer this “larger than life” person we just saw up on the stage. He’s a young kid looking high on adrenalin but just a little anxious, doing what fans expected but at the same time wanting to get in the limo and just leave. Looking back, I can, in hindsight, picture how David may have found the expectations a little too much for him. Like he may have been thinking he just sang and entertained everyone, why wasn’t that enough?

        The life of an up & coming star, & we found out it wasn’t what he wanted to be…..

  7. Anonymous Too & Anon too, I agree with you guys about the meaning to him to the song Everybody Wants to Rule the World, especially what he has shared with his blogs since his return.

    Hum, expectations from fan. That fine balance that every celebrity has to have in order to live their life and still have a public successful career, few can handle it without going through some turmoil and then somehow they adjust. I hope that David finds that balance and continue to build a secular career, but right now it seems anyway, that his focus is not at all about building his career, but other priorities have taken over.

  8. Cq, I think he’s trying to find a way to balance it but it’s not quite working yet. For example, in the song “7 Years” …

    I only see my goals, I don’t believe in failure
    ‘Cause I know the smallest voices, they can make it major
    I got my boys with me, at least those in favor
    And if we don’t meet before I leave, I hope I’ll see you later

    We’ve traveled around the world and we’re still roaming …

    Get yourself a wife or you’ll be lonely ….

    I’m still learning about life …
    So I can sing them all my songs
    And I can tell them stories
    Most of my boys are with me
    Some are still out seeking glory (here he pointed/waved over the audience)
    And some I had to leave behind
    My brother, I’m still sorry

    IMO only —— I think, even when it appears he choses a secular pop song, it still has a religious meaning for him. I think he may assume that only other LDS or missionaries may pick up on it so he thinks it’s ok.

    Or maybe he doesn’t even care if anyone realizes it or not. IDK

  9. Anon too, yes, it seems to me too, that right now the secular songs he chooses to sing in his concerts (the TOFW is different and I understand that all would be about the realigious message) have a religious undertone and yes, I’m sure that some see that are wonderful, but to me, there is way more to life than that one point of view and I do hope that David comes to that realization and then perhaps, he might be able to expand his outlook on wanting a broader music career. Right now, the interest about David’s music career, IMO, seems to be declining instead of building up steam and it probably has a lot to do with no new music coming out. Let’s face it, all the new music he has put out since his return has been attached to his church either directly or indirectly, so that really is limiting.

  10. It’s hard to figure out where David plans to go with his career in music. He moved to Nashville, has written songs, has been in the studio producing these songs, and has even introduced one of these songs at his concerts. All these things would leave one to believe that he is ready to resume his career. Unfortunately it’s been crickets. Unless David bites the bullet and actually releases his new music or at least gives his fans something to look forward to, his fan base will continue to shrink. It’s a shame really because he has great talent.

  11. Moelita, yes, that’s the head scratcher, really not that he is doing more things for church events, but more about the silence of what is going on with his career. Yes, he has some regular concerts lined up, but really they still seem more like him staying in a very specific place that really is not about all his fans. I checked his OS, just in case that 2016 album has been removed, but no it’s still there, so I’m assuming that will happen?!?

  12. I don’t get why it’s such a mystery to some folks as to where David wants to go with his career. What’s the mystery? He’s let us know in every way possible that he wants to sing songs that “say something”, have meaning to him, are consistent with his values, and are either uplifting or soothing to the listener. These are the songs he’s sung on his recent shows, and these are the type of songs that will be on his new CD.

    David will be, for want of a better word, a “serious” artist. “Serious” does not have to mean “boring” however, and given David’s ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand, my guess is that David will find a new audience that appreciates the kind of music that he connects with, as well as bringing along those “old time” fans that are willing to accept that David has changed, and not be in denial about it.

    At this point, anyone who is stuck on “wondering” about David’s direction is refusing to see the sign post that clearly points away from the David of yesteryear.

  13. Bliss, get over yourself. You think David can have a successful career singing the same covers over and over again in the same places over and over again? If he or you think that , your living in la la land. I’m sorry , but the fact is David has been back from his mission for going on three years now. He has said he is going to release new music that will reflect the new mature artist he is. Seeing he hasn’t done that yet, you don’t know any more than the rest of us what his new music will sound like. From the outside looking in David seems to lack focus and would benefit from someone who would encourage him to take the bull by the horns and go for it. Until he actually releases said music, none of us, even you, know the direction he has chosen.

    • Moelita, how many times and in how many ways does David have to tell you who he is before your finally believe him? Have you been watching the videos of David speaking at these TOFW conferences, and listening to the type of songs he’s been singing? This is who David is NOW. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what kind of songs David will have on his next CD.

      If “wondering” about David’s CD makes you happy, go for it. David has told us that he is not concerned about material “success” as you define it. I choose to believe him because I have no investment in not believing him. I don’t need him to be one way or the other. I’m sure I’ll be fine with whatever he puts out, but if I’m not, I’m sure I’ll survive.

      As much as I admire and enjoy David, he is not the centerpiece of my life, and never has been. I’m a fan, and being a fan has limits, both practically and emotionally.

      You like to tell me to “get over yourself’. In the same vein, I think you need to “get over” wondering and agonizing over whatever the heck will be on David’s next CD. It will be a collection of songs, and I can assure you that not of them will solve world hunger. Hopefully, you will like some of them. That’s up to you, not David. What is up to David is what’s on the CD and when it’s made available to the public.

  14. David of yesteryear, hum! what’s the matter bliss, the David of yesteryear wasn’t great, lol. Nothing to talk about other than still speculation..the thing is if no one talks at all about anything, the fansites will go away, lol, ok yes, you would want this one to go away, but it’s not going away as long as Hg keeps it going, I’m going to continue to be here, speculating. Actually this site is more active than even FOD at time and really if it wasn’t for Kim, that site would have the sound of crickets.

    • CQ, I know you will find this hard to believe, but if every fan site went poof tomorrow, David would still have the same career he’s going to have. The number of David’s total fan base who post on these sites is so small, it’s statistically insignificant. It’s like the % of Mormons in states like Arizona and Colorado.

      As for your posting here as long as HG keeps it going, I don’t doubt that for a minute. You love “speculating”, even though there is nothing really left to speculate concerning David’s direction. Fortunately for you, there are others who also think there’s something to speculate about, so you won’t be talking to yourself about this non-issue.

  15. Lol, well if he isn’t wanting financial success, I guess when you have to pay to go to his concerts, it’s only to cover his expenses, lol, not for profit. Ok, so he isn’t into making money, he might need to make a living. The only thing is why even give the information that an album is going to be released this year if indeed he has no intentions on do just that, doesn’t make since to me. Btw, not to many artists say they are only in it for the money, but the reality is you do need to make money in order to put out quality music.

  16. Bliss, you said: ” “Serious” does not have to mean “boring”

    I agree in part, serious does not necessarily mean boring. But if he sings nothing but serious song after serious song after serious song after serious song after serious song after serious song after serious song after serious song ……

    Yeah, you see where I’m going with this? It will get boring (at least for me) if that’s all there is.

    • Anon Too, there have been many artists who had very nice careers singing ‘serious” music. Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen,Joan Baez, and Joni Mitchell come to mind. I can’t recall any ‘fun” songs from any of these brilliant artists.

      Great music is great music, and if David can write and /or sing great “serious” songs, he will develop a following that will sustain a career. He may not become the legend that Bob Dylan became, but that will be up to the public, not David, because, like Dylan, material success is not his priority. How do I know that? I know that because David has said so at every opportunity.

      • Bliss, you make a point to a degree. I was never a fan of those singers. I guess it’s a matter of taste.

        As David once said, some will like it some will hate it. I don’t think I’ll hate it because it’s David’s voice. But it won’t be music I’ll go to a concert for.

        As far as speculating, LOL, I’ll probably be here along with you Cq, until we know hear his new music and know for sure. :)

      • Best of Bliss

        David will not become the legend that Bob Dylan became. He just won’t, but I guess it’s important for fans to cling to delusions of this type.

  17. Bliss, yes, fansites don’t make a career, I will agree with you. I just happen to like them though, but I do believe that his star power is diminishing and yes, has nothing to do with his fansites.

  18. Btw, does anyone have an opinion about the song David and Gracie wrote,Leave Your Light On. It was for Gracie and a video of her singing it was posted on FOD in comments.

  19. BOB, Well in my very delusional mind, lol I’m a big believer that anything can happen and yes, maybe David will not become that prolific song writer such as Bob Dylan, but again, to me it’s about believing in David’s talent.

  20. Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez are all brilliant songwriters – David is not at all. I’m sorry but it’s the truth. If David wants to write some “serious” songs that are on the same level as any of the above artists, I’d be thrilled. In fact, if he had more talent for songwriting, he could have the best of both worlds by writing songs for other artists and staying behind the scenes.

    I for one don’t need “fun” music from David, just good music. For instance Imagine Dragons, who are also Mormon, put out some killer music and I wouldn’t describe it as serious or fun, just good. I don’t know why that is so hard for you to understand. One-dimensional, overtly religious songs are not “serious” necessarily, but they probably are boring to the many fans who don’t identify with the LDS religion’s notion of spreading your testimony through song. It’s just not most people’s cup of tea, no matter how good the voice is behind it.

    It’s unfortunate that David himself has said that he would be recording pop music because had he used any other, more appropriate word to describe it, we wouldn’t have to speculate about what his new music might sound like. That’s what drives me crazy about David, he can never seem to be clear or specific with his communications. It’s always vague and confusing.

    • “One-dimensional, overtly religious songs are not “serious” necessarily, but they probably are boring to the many fans who don’t identify with the LDS religion’s notion of spreading your testimony through song.”


      I agree with what you said above. Perhaps “fun” isn’t quite the right word for what I’ve been trying to get across. Imagine Dragons’ “Radio Active” is one example of a “good song.” Not necessarily “fun” but good, great tempo, and powerful when performed live.

      I’d like to see David release good music, interesting music, powerful music that resonates with a broader audience, not just a select few. Every song has some kind of message. It would be nice to have him record something where the message isn’t faith related for a change, or about how awful life was pre-mission.

      There is so much more to life.

  21. At this point, it would be nice if David actually released anything. How would anyone know if his new music will be good or if we will even like it, if he doesn’t release it. Everything, as usual, is speculation with David. Whether David wants to admit it or not , yes he is an artist, but the profession he has chosen is also a business and has to be treated as such. I look at the singers , his age and younger, who he has worked with, and they all seem to have matured into young adults. David seems to be stuck in a time warp. It would be nice to see some indication from him that he is serious about being a professional singer and is willing to put in the work to achieve that goal. If he wants to be a motivational speaker and sing cover songs, then let the few fans holding on hoping for new music and good things for him know that.

    • Best David Related Site Online

      I have come to the conclusion that what we see is what we will get. D is interested only in preaching and converting using his notoriety as the famous RM who gave it all up (it’s debatable in my mind exactly what he gave up) for God.

      He wants to talk and sing inspirational and message songs. Fine, it is playing well to the LDS elders and members so good for him. I have no doubt his sincerity shines through. Not sure is he will be well received as a 35 year old RM in the future unless he expands his act, but none of us know the future. Going to the well a few too many times is never a good idea.

      I was talking to a couple other old timer fans like me HAHA, and one said she could picture him as the Joel Osteen of the LDS church and perhaps she is not far off. I don’t think Joel sings but I know he is super charismatic and people of all faiths love his messages. Who knows.

      As to why he said he would release pop music in the future, I wonder now if he meant it then but had a change of heart. Or perhaps his idea of pop music is way off what most think of as pop, since I believe he had mentioned he no longer listens to current music on the radio.

      • In his AI videos, David’s dad said that he’s going to do inspirational now, which we all know, but for some reason David called it “pop”.

  22. BDRSO, you may be right about David, but I still am here and maybe the only reason might be that, eventhough the signs are there, I still think maybe he will expand his career to a broader audience. Preaching and converting, hum, don’t think it will go very far, IMO.

    Wonder how the June concert dates sales are going. Can he continue to have the same show and also continue to just go back to the same areas and continue to have good success, doesn’t seem like it would work, he probably would need to get new music for fans to continue to be interested. But, then again, he could just do more covers going forward. There is a market for cover artists and David certainly does a great job of covering songs.

  23. Cchalo, do you get the feeling that Jeff is still involved with David’s career? Hum so he said that he is going inspirational, well, I guess it still could be pop, inspiration comes in all forms of music. Now if he mean inspirational with a religious message, now that’s very specific and is not for a broader audience.

    • Jeff said that he’s given up being involved in David’s career, and is now free to pursue his own musical interests.

      • Maybe “given up” is the wrong phrase. He just said that he doesn’t have to be involved in it anymore.

  24. Hum, would Numb be considered an inspirational song?

  25. Inspirational can be pop I suppose as long as it’s not too syrupy. I didn’t really like ‘Things are going to get better’ or ‘Complain’ from The Other Side of Down’ . In real life things don’t always get better and sometimes people do have good reason to complain. Life isn’t sterile and black or white, life is messy. I’d rather hear a song that I could relate to on my worse days than one that preaches at me. This is my opinion and I know a lot of people won’t feel the same way.

  26. Moelita, I’m right there with you as long as it’s not to syrupy is a real good way to put it. Actually, I thought that TOSOD was songs that were in that inspirational vein, IMO though, it just seemed kind of forced.

  27. Thanks Cchalo for your reply. Makes sense, David is an adult and doesn’t need parental supervision although some artists still have family as part of there team.
    No David news, back to crickets, lol!!

  28. Just wondering?

    David posted a picture on Instagram of himself getting a haircut. “What hair” is what I’d like to know. He may as well get a buzz cut. Just kidding…kind of.

    No birthday wishes from David for his good buddy Kari today. At least not yet. The day isn’t over yet, but still strange he hasn’t tweeted a greeting to her. Very unlike him…unless not everything is sunshine & rainbows between them right now. She retweeted a tweet by JT about a new song he’s releasing in a few days, so maybe she’s wondering the same thing we all are about where is the new music from David?

    But the day is not over yet…

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