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David Wants Us to Keep in Touch!

I swear, David Archuleta is the sweetest, humblest, most sincere “celebrity” I’ve ever had the good grace to crush on and fall head over heels for.  Who else but David would give his fans the opportunity to reach out and keep in touch when he’s preparing for a two-year departure from us?

Here’s the mailing address David tweeted (if you haven’t seen it already):

PO Box 4297
Apopka, FL 32704

I’m just so … blown away by his kindness! 😛

“David Idolizes Bench”

How cute is this behind-the-scenes photo shoot video? (Thanks, Grammyj, for bringing this over here!)

Curiosity Got the Better of Me (Unfortunately)

What the heck am I watching?

Oh. Yeah.  American Idol.

Before I go any further, here’s a trip down memory lane during this same Top 24 Week on Idol.  ‘Member this performance?

Me too! 😛

So, imagine my shock and horror at finally tuning in to Season 11 – just to see what the good folks are up to since I’ve been having such a good time tuning into The Voice – and what do I find?

Oy veh!

First, what the heck was that… that … that thing I just witnessed at the beginning of the show? Some goofball doing a jazzed up version of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger”?  Some generic-looking dude named Reed Grimm pulling out the drum sticks (seriously, after David’s “Drummer Boy” performance, other folks just need to sit down!) and trying to “move like Jagger” when he looks like he’s moving like his grandpa at some nursing home?

Just… No!

The follow up performer – another generic-looking guy – had the audacity to do a Motown song? Seriously, where the heck is your “soul”? Just… Ugh!

OK, so right now Season 11 is off to being the cheesiest cheese that ever cheesed!

And just when I thought they were bringing in some “diversity” with their Justin-Guarini-meets-Jason-Castro lookalike, the man made some painful sounds in what seemed to have been a semblance of a falsetto?!

Do I DARE keep watching for the rest of the night?

Sigh. I miss me some David.

More than that: I miss me some Simon Cowell, because unlike the present three stooges, he would have called out all these acts on the big “hot messes” that they are!

And this is what happens when American Idol continues to be in denial of David’s unmatched talent.

David in a Bunny Suit…

Thanks, Desertrat, for posting a link to today’s preview episode of … NANDITO AKO! 😀

While Watching the Oscars…

One of the biggest developments of American Idol is not David’s loyal fanbase (which is something to gush about, surely) but Ryan Seacrest’s pompous ego.

So, obviously, I got a real kick out of Sacha Baron Cohen’s red carpet stunt at last night’s Oscars, during which he shows up pre-show in character as “The Dictator” and pours the ashes of “Kim Jong-Il” all over … wait for it… Ryan Seacrest!

You can see how Ryan tries to be a good sport, but I know his head wants to explode over his very expensive tux getting ruined!! Methinks Sacha got banned for that stunt. Neither the Academy nor Seacrest have a sense of humor, ya think? heh.