My Goodbye Video for David

Because I’m still finding the right words to express my feelings and because it’s been ages since I created a “fan video,” here’s my latest tribute to David:

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  1. Nice video HG. I have been laying low in a weird funk since the big Announcement in December. I could not even listen to David’s music for quite some time. It’s been good being able to come here, read the great blogs, and find out what is being discussed. Hearing some of the hopefulness often makes me feel better

    I will miss David and his music but the truth is, I have lots of great music on my itunes, and I will be satisfied listening to it. I think my glum attitude is more related to worries about David’s future then anything else. I am not of the opinion that David is luke-warm about having a music career or that he does not enjoy the associated fame. He never glows more then when he is on stage. He might not feel worthy of accolades but he sure seems to love the experience. I think he will try to do music when he returns, but I also think it will be very hard for him to make a comeback after two years because in music land two years is a very long time. When I told my husband about the mission he said “two years, just like Elvis…his career was never the same after that”. This was not what I needed to hear!

    The irony is that I am a pretty optimistic my nature, and a true believer in the idea that with hard work you can meet your goals. Guess I need to get my groove back. Better keep coming to
    Soul David. Enough pollution by pessimism.


  2. Awww HG,
    What a sweet, nostalgic video!
    There’s so much and yet not much more we can say about an artist who has developed such a one-of-a-kind relationship with his fans. You chose an appropriate song by the group Boyz II Men, and in that video we were reminded of David’s transition from a Boy to a Man.
    Sweet memories indeed!

    • Beautiful video and a sweet tribute to David,hg. Great song choice. I think that I am not only saying Good-Bye to David but also saying good-bye to my expectations that David will be a huge pop star in the music industry. I recall David did so want to do well in pop music when he first began. David does have an amazing ability to connect to his fans but in some ways he will be starting from scratch when he returns. I hope that he has a great plan and a great team in place when he returns to music if that is what he wants. The truth is that he can’t do it alone or without the right supports in place and can’t just depend on his hardcore fans. Your video had me in tears hg so thanks for the memories even if it is bittersweet for me.

  3. Thanks for your feedback!

    When I told my husband about the mission he said “two years, just like Elvis…his career was never the same after that”.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but (1) didn’t Elvis leave a Bieber-like career behind and (2) didn’t Elvis go off to war?

    Not exactly comparable IMO, so I think we should keep our faith that, at 23, David can still make a comeback when he returns. 🙂

    • I am going to keep the faith and hope for the best but I now have realistic expectations about David’s music career. I agree that a comeback would be amazing.

      • if you fixate on the worst-case scenario,and it actually happens, you,ve lived it twice.

      • I just find it better for me as a fan if I have realistic expectations re: David’s career. However :To each his own. lol

    • I have always felt that some people in the music business including dj’s, etc., will be more open to accepting David’s music when he is older and I think that with his coming back, they may allow themselves to give him a chance (in terms of a broad pop career). In any event, I think that he will be able to continue to support himself in the music business both worldwide and in the US. His charisma and voice are so unusual and compelling. When I see all the great (and well-known) artists that come to the local wineries, smaller venues, etc. in N. Calif and have people want to see them year after year, I don’t worry about David that way. I also don’t see the fans going anywhere. Maybe they won’t be so vocal while he is gone but I still support many of my favorite artists and am really happy to hear them with 2-3 years in between knowing anything about what they are up to.

    • I agree that Elvis and David’s careers are very different, so not really comparable.

      Technically, Elvis didn’t go to war–he served two years in peacetime Europe, (where he met Priscilla). And he isn’t at ALL comparable to Beiber. He was a revolutionary, and was one of the first and most popular cross-over artists, bringing the African roots of rock and roll into mainstream popularity. His career was huge before and after his service, but cod’s husband is correct that his career changed for the worse, as his musical innovation was transformed primarily into bad movie acting.

      • P.S. Elvis also prerecorded songs that were released when he was gone. He chose to serve as a regular soldier, rather than in a special capacity.

  4. Thanks HG Lots of Good Memories and many more to come.
    Sent you tribute to Twitter!! to share with others.

    David will be back!! I’ll be here.

  5. goodkarmaseeker

    Beautiful tribute HG! The pictures and song you selected were perfect.
    I’m sad but happy and hopeful for 2014.
    I will be here.

  6. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i love, love, love the tribute video, hg! the song and the photos go so well together. as joymus stated, we’ve seen d transition from boy to man.

    this person attended d’s mission farewell and mentions it in her blog,

  7. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    forevermore video teaser!

  8. David’s getting a pre-mission haircut!!!

  9. Oh boy, what a time isn’t it? I have spent many occasions with fans both on the sites and in person and we have really had quite a time.

    Your tribute video HG is so fine! Thank you…oh yes, the ‘Hi guys’ haircut video, wow…fans are his friends for certain.

    This is how I am going to see the time ahead…So for the next few days it will be like this, could get a little worse…In the next few months taking us through until fall we will be working on not missing him so much in our own ways but we will be keeping in touch with the news. The fall is going to lead into Christmas but not before the release of his US ALBUM…time for another fan Christmas/Birthday video for him and for us..Lots of excitement in the fall. Then comes January and we know that spring is the time when it will be only a year more and he will be home. So we write to him on the cold winter days with news, any news…A horse turns around at his destiny and makes his way back to the barn and that is so much better, faster and more spirited…I like the word …home…We will have lots of news and we will surely be around to share in the excitements and the worries because we always have to worry some. I almost forgot the ‘Welcome Home David’ site preparations and fan video …

    I will put my imagination away for the moment but it will help in the long run and there can be so much more to add to it…


    • Great thoughts! I agree. About six months ago, I didn’t think I could deal with the thought of him going on a mission and then I learned about it in mid-August when he announced it at home. And…I am still here and survived, haha. Now, he is leaving and life still goes on.

      Us fans all have each other and even though we will have ups and downs during the next two years, we will make it. 🙂

    • This is a beautiful comment, SB! I’ve been trying to stay calm and peaceful today but have had a bit of a hard time of it after reading my twitter timeline — everyone is so upset and unhappy. And I was feeling so much better this weekend after a long walk and time to really think things through. I feel like I’m easily influenced lol. So maybe I should just stay off twitter for now and keep your post here in mind. Its a great way to compartmentalize the time coming up.

      Thank you! ❤

      • Ali, it is hard for me to see the pics and read how sad people are including family and friends and then the fans. I can’t venture into anything that brings about such sadness for so long but that is just me. It has become devastating for many in all walks of his life but maybe someday we will hear that it was all so worth it in the big scheme of things. It is one religion among many.


    • Some very nice comments today. SB.

  10. It’s hard to believe that the day I dreaded is almost here. I am telling myself, You know what? You are still alive…Life goes on.

    Shanny, hope we can meet up, too! I will e-mail you. And let me know if you plan to go back to your home city for a visit! I know I will be in Melbourne and I really hope to go to Sydney (not as a tourist, but to see someone whose life story has been an inspiration. I will write a blog it sometime).

    • I am anxious for the day to get here so we don’t continue in this suspended animation. He will start his program and that is settling only in the fact that the talks are over. Imagine this going on any longer? I block out of my mind everything related except for the fact that he is away in a program.

      All the best to you Freo and your move…send the stories.


  11. you have todeal with people the way they are.not how you,d like them to be

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      well said ray. i mentor young adults and this is one of the first rules of engagement that we’re taught.

    • raelovingangels

      very insightful Ray.

    • “you have todeal with people the way they are.not how you,d like them to be”— So true. That includes fans and their varying opinions on how David’s mission might effect his career. Not everyone agrees with this for varying reasons and that needs to be acknowledged and respected. But it is his choice and most fans do wish him the best even if they do not agree with his” career choices” IMO. You can’t lecture fans to get them to think the way you do. Just saying. lol

  12. Here’s a twitpic of David with his mom’s side of the family with his new haircut, I believe:

  13. Anyone who needs to something lighthearted today like did, please check out the post at Snow Angelzz

  14. Very touching video, HG. I don’t know what to say. It’s really happening and it’s hard 😦

  15. I have way too many thoughts and feelings running through my head right now. Until I figure out the best way to say it, I’m not going to. lol…Cool fan video, HG. 🙂

    • I saw this posted by Kurt Bestor on his twitter. It is cute. David does look and sound happy. I have a feeling David may be going to Chile. That was my guess.

      • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

        kurt is the only utah music person that i continue to follow. i always thought he was funny (and cute).

      • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

        i meant to say …

        “continue to follow on twitter…”

      • Kurt is funny. I never knew that as I do not follow him at all. I just saw this posted. I do love Prayer of the Children. It is a beautiful song.

      • Yeah, David’s reaction–laughing and putting his hand over his eyes–makes it seem like the “Chile” con carne was a big hint. Lol.

  16. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i promise, my last spam.

    jonerz tweeted this pic and said it describes some of us in the fanbase. that panda totally looks like me right now, lol.

  17. Chile has just had an earthquake of 7 degrees, do not want to come to Chile. Student protests and social unrest are is its maximum point.
    I do not want to go to Chile.

  18. Yes, I’m in Argentina, Chile is a country that is next to Argentina.

  19. girls, I’ve had a brilliant idea. I’m going to translate into Spanish the book of david “Chords of Strength”. There are 11 chapters, plus the introduction and comments from the cover and back cover. Then would be like 12 chapters, I can do a chapter a month. (you know that my English is not very good).
    The first year of mission david, I’d be pretty busy, doing something that gives me pleasure. And all Latino fans can enjoy reading.
    At some point I’ll have any other ideas for the second year of mission. I’m going day by day and step by step.

    “I have no idea why I’m doing this, but i know i need to be doing it for some reason”
    David Archuleta.

  20. raelovingangels

    Well as bad as we feel, think about how hard this must be on his family. Very bittersweet I am sure.

    • raelovingangels, yes, it is sad for them, but they understand it and are so very happy. I don’t understand why he needs to not keep in contact with them and us. No matter how much anyone that is Mormon explains the reasons, I will never get it and feel it is wrong for his career not to be able to keep some sorta of contact with us. After all, we are the most important part of his singing career, imo.

      • cq – this is my feeling exactly!! I understand the serving God as a missionary and that the importance of this has been taught to David all his life, but I too don’t understand why in the information age the young Mormon missionaries can’t communicate more. In the past it would have been expensive to call home so I understand why it couldn’t be done then but that’s not the case now. I don’t get it at all.

      • I do not get that either cq and grammyj. Along with the door to door spreading of their message IMO. In this tech. age they should be allowed to communicate and use the computer and even twitter. But to be honest not to preach or try to convert anyone IMO It just makes no sense to me but then again I guess is does not have to. lol

    • raelovingangels

      I also have struggled to understand that part of it. It does seem like that is an area of a bit of discretion with each mission director ( or what ever is the right term)

      I guess the idea is to avoid distractions and where do you draw the line if all the missionaries were running around with smart phones texting and surfing the web.- which would be a temptation for any of us.- when they need to be focused on their service, job, etc.

      I wonder if there is also discretion with contact with home- calls, or e-mails etc-?? so as to not wait for once a week.

      And again, since most young missionaries likely do not own a million dollar business venture- as David does, I hope there is accommodations for e-mails and calls related to business decisions that need to be made

  21. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    I’ve been waiting all day by my work computer for David’s final farewell. 😥 I need for this to be over soon so I can mentally move on. In the words of Carly Simon, anticipation is making me late, is keeping me waiting.

    • I have to post this from David Cook. So sweet. Aww. Cook is a good guy: David Cook ‏ @thedavidcook
      Everyone go show @DavidArchie some love. He leaves for his 2 year long mission tomorrow. Best wishes, Archie!

      • raelovingangels

        I have always been a fan of DC. I just think he is cool. The song- Permenant he wrote for his brother is one of my favorites ever. I had a friend dying of cancer at the same time.
        I still listen to that song and find it moving and cathartic. I have always been a sucker for rocker type voices.

      • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

        A couple of weeks ago someone asked Cook via twitter if he would go on dwts like Gavin McGraw. Cook responded that he already did his share of dancing by performing in the AI group numbers, lol.

      • Marie, DC is a good guy, but imo only, I don’t think he has the talent that our David does. Always have a hard time seeing DC being promoted on DA site. Oh boy, I guess I’m not over that whole ai thing, lol.

      • Yes, cq I know what you mean as 4 years ago I would not have been so positive about Cook. lol So I guess time does change some things. David A. was always and will always be the one with the voice and the special talent of AI S7.

    • Yeah, I’ve been waiting all day yesterday and today for that final good-bye vlog. I need to move on. I just can’t seem to stop checking all my favorite David fan-sites for that good-bye. David has pretty much been recording until it is time to go. I’m really glad that music will be coming.

      So nice of David Cook to tweet.

  22. raelovingangels

    tweeted by Deseret Books

  23. Whaat??!!

    David is leaving tomorrow, and no goodbye vlog yet?

    This suspense is agonizing! 😦

    • raelovingangels

      Maybe he has already recorded something that Kari will post tomorrow after he has left. Kinda one of those- By the time you are seeing this, I have already left.

  24. Oh HG, will there be one??? Maybe just a tweet?…


    • If he can do a quick second vlog about a haircut, I trust that he’ll give us a longer vlog saying farewell. 🙂

  25. Gotta admit, as my acceptance of his path has evolved over the past couple months, I teared up and gasped as soon as I saw the pic of David in his missionary attire and haircut, the gif of David waving farewell and Richard’s post on FOD. Everything came at me with a thud in my heart and I thought he was at the airport already. While I am savoring his last days, I also wish he had started already. This sure is a long, drawn-out goodbye and painful as well.

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      after reading your post, i peaked at fod and i’m sorry i did, lol. to some extent, ricardo’s post is like some of sunny’s tweets … too much info, imho.

      • I did read his post earlier today, desertrat. You are right way too much info. I will leave it at that.

  26. It appears that the cat is out of the bag. Returning missionaries tweeted “Good luck in Chili, David Archuleta”. I knew the location of his mission could not be kept a secret.

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      if gladys is around, perhaps she can tell us of nice vacation spots in Chili. 🙂

  27. That’s funny because my husband wants to take a trip to Chile. Sounds like a great idea to me!

  28. raelovingangels

    Sort of off topic but can David cook? lol- know he loves South American and Spanish food but what is the expectation for the missionaries- Can they eat out or are they expected to cook.

    I would imagine he will be happy eating South American food for two years and he may become a really good cook tool

  29. the whole thing about chile arose by Kurt Bestor’s joke when he told David, vaya con dios (go with God) and chile con papas (chile with potatoes) or something.
    I do not think that his place of mission is chile.

    • gladys1961 I was just curious as to what country you did think David might be or should be going for his mission. Not that it matters what fans think as it is already decided anyway. Just wondering.

      • It does not matter to me where he goes as I just think 2 years is a way too long break from his music career IMO.

      • Marie, it breaks my heart that he might be forgotten and if he wants a career, he will have to start from scratch. I just hope that he has put a lot of plans in play while he is gone, to keep his fans interested. Big two year drought.

      • Yes cq I agree about the need for good plans to be in place for his career. I am hoping but just not so sure they will be. Kari is the only professional active with David, that I know of, that gives me some hope for his future career.

  30. When I got in the car this morning to drive to work TOSOD was in the CD player and appropriately “Thing Are Going To Get Better” started playing when I started the car. It is the song for all of us ODD fans of David today. We will survive and go on with our lives while David is on his mission. I wish him all the best, and he has left behind lots of music and youtube videos for us to enjoy. I’m glad that Kari is on his team to keep things going while he is gone.

    Has anyone read any good novels lately? It’s time for me to get back into reading books.

    • Last month I read Great Expectations (Dickens), Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Stowe) and Pursuasion (Austen)…all good novels, if not great. Currently reading Crime and Punishment (Dostoyevsky).

  31. Regarding David’s ‘interlude’ to the artistic element of his life narrative…In my opinion, he will most likely be just fine upon his return, and quite possibly better than ever. At a minimum, he will almost certainly be able to make a very comfortable living in music and other emerging elements of his artistic talents. I feel that most of the conjectures that I have read, although heartfelt, are clearly much ado about our own expectations. Personally, I’ve been enjoying the evolution of his career and basking in it’s radiance.

    • Thanks Kames for the book recommendations. Yes, maybe I should read some classics instead to the mystery novels that I usually choose.

      I also agree with you that David will probably be able to make a comfortable living in music and with his other artistic talents. He may never be a mainstream artist or Popstar, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t still make a good living through music and maybe even acting.

  32. Marie & cq- Believe me, I can worry with the best of them, and have done enough of it in the last few years to last a lifetime. lol. Especially when it comes to what you’re talking about…But I decided the other day that I’m just going to enjoy the next 2 years, because the only thing worrying will do is cause ulcers. lol. And because we deserve some peace of our own. 🙂

  33. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    it’s here. i think i detected tears at the end. i need a moment of silence before i rewatch this.

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