David Seems So Lovable … So Why the Hate?


One of the things that’s so hard to understand, as a die-hard super duper true uber David Fan, is why anyone could possibly “hate” on him. I mean, he’s so lovable, isn’t he? 😛

And yet, as the recent conversation in the previous thread reminds us, lots of folks really seem to take issue with David. Whether we’re talking about blogger/critics or your regular non-fan.

And the “hate” seemed to spread pretty quickly. As much as David was oh-so-popular at the start of his season on American Idol, there were also persistent rumors of folks “hating” on him. There were backstage rumors of other contestants being jealous of him, and need I bring up the “stage-dad” rumors that got out of hand? Or how about the way those associated with the show – like Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest  – went on other shows to “diss” David (trust me: as someone who had been watching Idol since Season 1, it was the first time those associated with the show actually went out of their way to belittle a contestant while he was still in competition).

There was something rather mean-spirited about the whole thing, that you just couldn’t help but wonder: Why the Hate?

And, of course, it didn’t end there.  How many radio DJs and gossip mongers reveled in his dad’s massage parlor scandal when it happened (preferring to talk about that rather than play his songs)?

Moreover, do I need to mention the way David “parted ways” with Jive but instead everyone talked about how his label “dropped” him?  And, then there’s that whole shady business with the one-time WEG manager, who really got pretty nasty when David changed management and she took to Twitter for some David-bashing.

So, again, why the hate? I never understood that.  Why the need to smear him publicly? And I ask because, usually when folks backbite and bad-talk celebrities, it’s usually because said celebrity is being mean or arrogant or a spoiled brat, and the folks talking bad about them are eager to let the public in on the “real person” behind the public facade.

However, with David, I’ve always heard the nicest things said about him from those who’ve actually interacted with him, but when it comes to critics, managers, show producers, etc., they pour on the hate.

What is that about? Thoughts?

My own hypothesis: David is “uncorruptible.” Seriously, these high-powered folks love their innocent youth, but only insofar as they can “corrupt” them. David strikes me as someone who doesn’t make it easy for them, even though his super-nice, easygoing persona gives the impression that he is easy (but he’s not). JMHO!

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  1. Too sweet (vulnerable) combined with a dad perceived as controlling? And as much as people complain about teen stars acting bigger than their britches, when they see one who doesn’t, maybe they don’t know what to make of it? Plus, the religion thing that also sets him apart from the average Joe. That’s all I can figure. Funny that that sweet vulnerability is one of the things I LOVE about David. He comes across to me as real. (Anti-swagger, if you will.)

    Didn’t Ryan Seacrest actually support David on shows other than Idol, even while Simon wash bashing him? I don’t remember Ryan bashing. Simon certainly did, and my never-too-invested then-Idol-fan husband even thought it was too much. Ellen wasn’t fair and lost me as a fan for a while.

    As far as the Idol bloggers, I know that MJ didn’t like him (Cook fangirl) but think DA won her over a little bit later, after she met him. Shirley Halperin never liked him and, again, LOVED Cook. Shirley comes across to me as cynical and David’s probably too sweet for her tastes. (Still, the ongoing hatred is hard to understand.) Other bloggers, like Rickey, like the drama more than they like any star.

    My very long-winded .02. 😉

  2. LOL. Just went back to finish reading the last thread. My wording about Shirley and MJ now seems so uninspired. My opinion? Cook and Lambert, er, floats their boats, if you know what I mean. Maybe the hatred for David could be considered a compliment, if it was energized by their perception of him as competition to their faves.

  3. Because he is genuine and the entertainment business loves all things fake and prefers imitations of emotions to real ones? Things that promote and maintain fakeness.

    I realized that I still have Arch-enemies: Simon, Nigel, Ellen, Shirley, Lyndsay…

    Still speechless about the latest from Shriley’s spin machine. Just good, old-fashioned journalism

  4. hell0g0rge0us

    KH, I distinctly remember Ryan Seacrest on Larry King Live, expressing that he didn’t think David was ready to be an American Idol because he didn’t know how to speak/communicate effectively. I call that “belittling.”

  5. I must have “read” that interaction differently at the time, HG, but now that you say it, it sounds familiar. Yes, I would say that was belittling.

  6. Got me Hg, maybe as Peter said David is genuine and the entertainment industry likes everything fake?!?!
    That is one of the things that worries me about his comeback, will be able to find a place in the fake entertainment world and still be David. I have faith that it can happen because his enormous talent. Will he be smart enough to know that he needs connections, great management and the right label to make that happen. Again time will tell. Looking forward to riding the next wave.

  7. potluck8google

    Maybe they wanted a rocker to win that year so they went into their spin mode. Djs like rough and tumble, David was too nice. Cook was more extroverted and mature. I remember hearing that Cook’s mom was upset with Simone the night before the finale because all the praise was geared toward young David, because evidently Cowell had told her that her son was going to win.

  8. so very well said HG! i think u are spot on about the corrupting thing. these big powerful music people were probably stunned and confused that david did not kiss their ***. they probably thought~ who does this little punk think he is??? and because he is such a strong moral person they couldn’t mess with him and that probably drove them a crazy! lol! but the fact that any of them would try to make things difficult for him, as he stated about his Christmas tour, is truly mind boggling. i think also some hated him for being LDS since the church is well known for their anti-gay stance and so many in the music industry are gay or supporters of gays.

    • I doubt David was the only LDS artist they ever had to interact with, nor would he be the only music artist coming from a Christian background, and many churches hold an anti-gay stance. Wasn’t the Biebs once identified as a “Christian” artist? Didn’t hurt his teeny pop career from launching.

    • Brooke White is LDS. She didn’t receive the same kind of negative scrutiny that David did.

      • i think brooke did not get the scrutiny because everyone knew she wasn’t gonna win and the fact that she’s female and girls are expected to be nice and sweet. but if guys are they are weird or gay.

  9. i think some people in the entertainment industry were hating on D out of jealousy….they were envious of his youth, talent/musicality, the strength of his convictions, and his popularity.

  10. i think the only reason justin got so famous is because usher was backing/mentoring him. and people don’t discriminate against christians the same way they do against mormons.

  11. potluck8google

    This is just my opinion and I am going to be somewhat crude so forgive me. I think the entertainment business has done a number on todays society, people would rather watch Two an a Half Men than Little House on the Prairie, so to me it is like peeing in a bucket going up against going on a mission. Who seems to be winning? jUST MY PONT OF VIEW.

  12. Very thought provoking post hg.David is not just religious. He seems to me to be devoutly religious so that might have effected his perception by some. The whole Prop 8 issue in CA was going on at the time of AI (2008) and the strong LDS stance against same sex marriage sure did not help David in the music/entertainment industry. The LDS church unfortunately poured much money and support to that cause in 2008. I believe they have come to see it was a mistake. To me that is all in the past and David needs to move forward when he returns. In regards to labels and management it is not about hate but about money. As long as David was making money for them and producing hits they did not care what he did. But when that stops then they have no use for you. That is not just David but any music artist. The radio dj’s and so called journalists (like Shirley) and bloggers and talk show hosts hate of David was to me the most painful to watch and read.

  13. is there a major label out there with honesty,integrity, and decency that will sign and support david the way he deserves to be???

  14. Reportedly, the Billboard version, to be published on Monday, based on Shirley’s brilliant piece of journalism:

    Adam Lambert Quits RCA Records in Protest of Covers Album

    I think I need to puke again.

    • lol, holy moly, puking right along with you Peter.

    • The positive spin on anything Adam Lambert is as confusingly consistent as the hate on David.

    • Can’t believe the spin on Adam but that is because he has a good management team. They know how to spin the media and I am sure Adam has to pay for that. I think that there has to be some kind of compromise and flexibility on David’s part to have success in the music industry. JMHO.

  15. Joy Williams was pretty successful with The Civil Wars and now that things are a little off for them maybe her and her husband can take David under their wing again?
    maybe David would think about moving to Nashville as well.
    just putting it out there.
    also Imagine Dragon’s label is Interscope if not mistaken and a few of them are lds.
    so are The Killers for that matter but not sure what label they are under.

  16. I don’t think that any artist should compromise their integrity for their art, but at the same time, I feel that at some point compromise as far as the industry goes might be needed, just a thought. Btw, I’m NOT saying David needs be somewhat fake at all.

    ALSO, I think there is artist out there that have successful music careers that are genuine, sure some of them might have colorful language and their private life might not be squeak clean, but imo, doesn’t make them less genuine than David. These genuine artist, again jmo, found that compromise.

  17. It has completely baffled me to see some of the hate directed at David. I really can’t comprehend why it is that way but it is. It’s one of the contributing factors to my feelings of protectiveness towards him because I don’t think it’s right at all the way some things have gone down. I mentioned in the last thread how I have never been able to really get over what Melinda did to him. And (you guys are gonna laugh) but I haven’t been able to enjoy a single thing from Ellen since 2008. I used to really like her too and watched her show quite a bit but now I won’t do it. It’s utterly ridiculous, I know, but I do hold a grudge. I’m woman enough to admit it. Even when David did his appearance back on AI in 2010 when Ellen was on the judging panel — idk I find myself psychoanalyzing her reaction to him when he enthusiastically exclaimed “I love Ellen!!” and she was just like very ho hum about it.

    LOL. Yes, I know it’s highly likely that I’m completely insane. I have developed a fairly sincere dislike for an entertainer based on perceived dissing of David. Honestly though I find myself questioning the motivations and the character of anyone who would hate on him. I completely understand not “liking” him — tastes are so individual I would never ever expect everyone to love or even like him — but I don’t get the hate. And I’m not talking about his music but about him as a person. He’s not done anything to bring it on. He’s actually done the exact opposite and maybe that’s the reason some have been so vicious toward him. Negative people love to hate and dwell on bad things about someone so it must really really make them mad when they’re confronted with a person who is so kind hearted because what is there to dwell on there? idk. I guess that’s the only explanation I can come up with.

    I do wish we could somehow magically figure it out. I’m pretty sure we never will but my analytical mind craves logical explanations for things. And even David knows it exists. I’ll never forget him saying that some people hate his guts. And about how people had tried to stop the MKOC tour. I would be very interested to hear David’s thoughts on why the hate. I know he would never share that though.

  18. I don’t think the average David-hater was even interested enough to be aware of his religion. I remember him doing radio station interviews, when a DJ in Amish country compared the Amish in his state with the Mormons in Utah, until David revealed that he WAS Mormon.

    I have two theories. One is that everyone famous gets a lot of hate, and as strong partisans, we just take more notice when it’s aimed at David. I mean, he didn’t get to number two on the most popular show in America because everyone hated him. There is always someone, journalist or otherwise, dissing any particular artist, it just depends on who you’re paying attention to.

    The other is that people want to be cool and only be seen as liking cool artists. What’s cool for teenage girls and their moms is NOT cool for most anyone else. EVERYONE hates Justin Beiber except for young girls. I don’t know anyone other than that thinks he’s cool. The fact that he’s successful is a whole other story having to do with promotion and drive. David probably gets an extra measure of not-cool because of his reputation as the ballad boy. It’s affected his reputation in his own age group.

    Does anyone remember the L.A. Times writer who thought that David’s awkward personality was all an act to get more votes? It was back when everyone was being accused of being a plant on AI, and not a true amateur. He had so much experience as a kid, she thought he was supposed to be like all the other over-sophisticated child stars.

  19. I just watched the YouTube of David Cook when he was on Ellen just after AI. She was so enthusiastic and raved over and over that his song was going to be a “huge, huge hit.” To David, she was very reserved, but kind enough. As a big AI fan, Cook was obviously her favorite. Imagine if the situation was reversed, she’d be thrilled to have David on, and reserved for DC.

    I don’t get the animosity for Ellen. It’s like expecting an Obama fan to be more than polite when meeting Romney, or vice versa.

    • P.S. It’s like how some of us are when Cook is mentioned: “Ho hum, very nice, but can we have more Archuleta, please?”

    • Perhaps she was contractually obliged to have David as a guest? I think she is enthusiastic about all of her guests — except for David.

    • I’m with peter on this one. As someone who watched her show, I was familiar with her brand of enthusiasm for most everyone she had on. It was quite different for David. And I’m 100% SURE that my feelings are biased by my feelings about David. I never once claimed to be rational here, people. ;p

      • Ha ha. And do you think in her place, you might have had a hard time being as enthusiastic about DC as you would be about David? At least right in the moment at the end of the competition.

  20. when it comes to david, i gave up being rational a long time ago, lol. i’ve learned to live with the fact that nothing will change my feelings toward cook, seacrest, simon et al, nigel, ellen, those 2-bit wannabe-journalists… shirley, lindsay, and sleazak, that D-bashing manager melweg, the sarcastic djays, jive records, constantine, etc. did i leave anyone out? 😉 i don’t hate those folks but as we used to say when i was a kid, they pluck my nerves.

  21. could it be some of the record execs and DJs didn’t like jeff and they passed that dislike onto david? since jeff was usually with him back then

    • Jambajim once tweeted he was intimidated by Jeff as I recall.
      would think it will be a good thing for David to have professional, qualified management when he returns. somebody well connected would be nice.

    • I would think that is exactly what happened to David in some situations cotton candy. That had nothing to with religion IMO as I would think that had more to do with jeff’s personality.

    • I have often thought that a LOT of his troubles had to do with his dad managing him….or trying to manage him!! If I were a professional in the music industry in any capacity and a non-qualified
      parent tried to push their views for their child I would have my back up against the wall and would
      do everything in my power to veto their child. However….I too am not rational and still hold grudges against all those involved in David’s music career drama:( Could be that us crazy fans are the real
      source of all the hate!!! J/K

  22. Yes I would think that David would be more comfortable if he did have professional and qualified management backing him when he returns. Nice to have people backing you up that know what they are doing. I hope that he does not have family/friend management. I really hope Kari remains on the team. I like her.

  23. ali~ i saw when david was on ellen and i’ve never seen her act that way with any other celebrity. i felt bad for david. so it’s not your imagination. her dislike of him was quite obvious 😦 i don’t watch her show anymore either.

  24. thanks kimak. i rememer jambajim once tweeted he had “dirt” on jeff and david and wanted to tell but thought he shouldn’t and then he deleted that tweet awhile later. have always been curious what that was about!

    • I remember that during the Christmas caroling video, when a guy was fawning all over David, jambajim said, “Careful, you don’t want to get arrested, now.” It was obviously a dig at Jeff.

  25. I think there are a LOT of people out there who like to build up themselves by bringing down those who are labeled “good.”

    I also think there are indeed entertainment-biz people out there who were negatively influenced towards David because of Jeff’s behavior. Even Ellen’s uncharacteristic reaction could (I have no business speculating here–I know NOTHING, LOL, but I’m going to do it anyway) have been in response to being given (by Jeff) a long list of things that she was not to ask David, including anything about the Mormon Church, Prop 8, etc.

    I still bear resentment towards a group of former friends who totally made fun of me for favoring David–who could maybe sing, yeah, but who was “clearly” an abused child being forced to live his stage-father’s dream. Even though some of them thought he was the best of his season, they wouldn’t vote for him because that would be a vote for Jeff.

    I think those of us who have done things like heard David’s interviews in Asia where he was far more relaxed have a far different view of him from those who get their information from TMZ.

  26. Well, maybe the days Jeff being a manager may be behind. This may not mean any thing, but I notice that David never fails to wish his mom shout outs for special occasions, such as Mother’s Day, Birthday, but seems to be a bit more remiss about his father. Not that I think he is estranged from his father, but maybe just not as close. Maybe that whole fiasco with the massage polar drove a wedge between the conservative David and Jeff, just a thought.

    For me I never was bothered by Jeff, but I really think that David needs connected professional management in order to move forward with his career. Maybe just have this father as part of his team, but not in charge of his career.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Oh honey! You are soooooo not the only one to notice how Lupe gets all this love for Mother’s Day while there’s not a peep out of David whenever Father’s Day rolls around.

      As for the massage parlor scandal, I haven’t forgiven #manincap for that mess, so I can only imagine how the ones close to him dealt with it.

      • I think he’s definitely being very supportive of his mom, especially after the divorce, but there’s such a difference in the mission rules about calling home on Mother’s Day, and not Father’s Day, that I wouldn’t read too much personal animus into it.

      • I absolutely agree with you, HG. Don’t think I could forgive #manincap for the massage parlor mess. Disgraceful. I think David does have a very different relationship, a colder one, with Jeff than with Lupe.

      • I was originally forgiving of Jeff, because you never know what goes on behind closed doors, etc. But once I read about his sneaky hardball tactics in the divorce papers, I thought, “Wow, what a creepy thing to do”.

  27. maybe david doesen,t mention father day because he may think he doesn,t have manny father fans,and when he does it get negetive comments from fans like here today,from people who realy don,t a thing about his father but what they read from biase news reports

    • I don’t know ray, it really doesn’t seem that David would be that influenced by his fans as regards to his private life. It really doesn’t make sense he wouldn’t honor Father’s Day because he doesn’t have that many male fans or that there might be conversation about him, jmo.

    • We actually don’t know that David did not privately honor his father on that day. it would be sad to me though that he would not feel he should do this publicly as he does with his mother. If it was me I wouldn’t give a flip! Everybody and their dog has an opinion so why would David not do it publicly. Jeff made a mistake, a costly one, and who of us hasn’t. So I guess this whole thing is just very distressing.

      • I agree, he very likely did it privately. But as I said earlier, I’m way sure it has more to do with the mission culture, than with David sending some kind of negative message about his dad. That just seems sooo unlike David.

  28. ray~ do u know something about jeff that the rest of us don’t? then please share!

  29. HG, I have to agree with you. Many people just don’t like the “goody-two-shoes”image.They think it’s phony and put on. Others may be upset by the stand of the LDS church. And some just don’t take him seriously because of his sweet, childlike personality. And I hate to say it, but some people may hate him because the way he lives his life is such a stark difference to the kind of life they may be living and trying to justify. In any case, David is a great role model and super talented.

  30. cotten idon,t know any more about him then you do,isn,t it funny how this site couldn,t go one day without a negetive comment about some one assocaited with david ,cottewn you tell me if you know all about him ,,.its funny how peolple can forgive politians,football,baseball player ,other celebs for the same thing but curfie jeff for ever,people even elect politians again ,and then you talke about Hate come on people wake up

  31. ray~ we are just speculating here. no one is hating on jeff. i think we all agree that he’s a good father but have differing opinions on his managing of david’s career. did u come here just to reprimand us for talking about jeff? do u think we should not be allowed to talk about him? and if so, why?

  32. cotton you can talk about anyone you want ,,,you think all those small mined pros hate david because his father wouldn,t let them have there way ,and turn him into a jb,just for the monney,if you think i am reprimading you ,well like i hAVE SAID BEFORE IF THE SHOE FITS WERE IT,JUST SAYING HOW I SEE THINGS WHICH ARE SAID HERE MY OP

  33. ray~ that’s fine. i’m always interested in hearing everyone’s opinion. just know that no one was hating on jeff so your reprimand was unnecessary.


    • No need to shout, ray. I will point out that I was the one who said her friends disliked David because of Jeff. I know this first hand. Whether their perception of Jeff was correct or not, they believed what they believed and it very much influenced their opinion of David.

    • Which, I will point out, is HG’s original question, “Why the hate?”

  35. hey ray~ why are u yelling at me? that’s all. carry on. just FYI~ i used to think u were jeff! lol

  36. George Zimmerman NOT GUILTY!!!!!!!

    Grrrrrr!!!!!! I’m feeling a certain kind of way. Seriously, guys, I have a headache! 😦

    • and why is the florida state attorney smiling and thanking everyone as if she just won an oscar? :X

    • Headache worthy indeed 😦

    • Oh no. Haven’t followed it closely, but makes me wonder about jury selection and whether the defense was able to manipulate it. So many of these cases show that the defense is more sophisticated that way.

    • Incredible! Did I miss something? Treyvon is unarmed, right? G. Zimmerman is told to not engage. He stalks Treyvon. Treyvon is not in the act of commiting a crime. Zimmerman shoots and kills Treyvon and Zimmerman is found NOT GUILTY.

      This may be the verdict but Justice was not served.

  37. I’m with you, HG. Sad.

  38. Hey, Saturday night and here we are…

    A few years ago, David said directly to me when I was trying to be upbeat, that people did not think that he was ‘blessed’ like I said to him but disliked him and did not believe in him. I was floored for a better description of what it felt like at that moment. It was years ago when he was a rising star long before other craziness set in. It seemed to be about some people in SLC. We were in SLC and he was meaning people right there, not DJs, not journalists, but general people. The way he was talked about in blogs at the MTC, I think it was from people his own age. Stories about how he was unfriendly, how he was shorter than they had heard. Some didn’t like that he made the choir. Now there was a stupid thought, actually a pathetic one. Someone who was the guest performer at the Christmas concerts with the MOTABS should not be in the MTC choir???? Really, how uneducated is that? There have been too many stories that seem to be out of jealousy appearing all over Utah.

    I think that some of these people have been sleeping under a rock!

    David knows who they are and why they feel that way. Anything happening in his life that appears to be off color is just an excuse to enlarge upon any imperfections. His generation of young people leave me wondering about a few things in society that seem to have gone all wrong…

    In not wanting to forget to mention Ellen, I might add that there is plenty of weirdness going on there on any given day.. her fascination in men taking off their shirts on the show is just a hint of what the heck is going on? David doesn’t need to be in her good books because her books are of an unusual nature, a sign of the times?


    • I may need to be banned for this, but do you think the mission was about proving himself to his own community?

      • Are there degrees of worthiness in the eyes of God that you would have to prove your level of worthiness to your fellow believers? This just seems wrongheaded. Hope i am wrong for David’s sake.

  39. if you want to kill a baby or a black kid come to floraDUH , no justis here .and i see if you don,t have the same mined set as all others you are called a troil. ha ha ha ha

    • Why do you criticize other posters, instead of just saying, “I don’t agree with that and here’s why….”? Is that how you talk with others in real life?

  40. cc why is all right for you to criticze david ,his father ,his freinds and i can,t critize you ,and don,t say its just your op,read back over other post,

  41. just want to come to Ellen’s defense for a sec. True that we all anticipated David’s appearance on her show and, for that very reason, possibly read more into the interview than was there. I remember seeing her come to his side after he performed and she seemed genuinely pleased to have him there. Also I was touched that she replied “I love you too” when David appeared on Idol when she was a judge and said “I love Ellen”. She didn’t have to say that..found that reply to be genuine too. Just throwing this into the mix for whatever it’s worth ☺

  42. I too never really thought that Ellen showed a strong dislike for David, yes, she favored Cook, but I understand why, she likes more upbeat dancing, rock music, so stands to reason.

    I have one more thought about the hate factor towards David.
    I’ve been a fan (probably diehard from the start) sense I saw him in AI, so, of course, have seen all things relating to David. There is two things that stick out in mind that when they happened, I thought, man, everyone is going to have a field day making fun of him. Mind you, I love David’s personality, but these two occasions, felt they were kinda of weird. First, when he drew in to make a girl in shorts (mind you the shorts were appropriate, to me anyway) longer and the second was during the AI tour when they group was goofing around and he freaked out when he known that it was panties. I know that a lot of fans thought that was so cute, but I didn’t see it that way at all. All I thought was, oh man, more fuel to make fun of him.

  43. Had to vent and didn’t know where to post this comment, so here it is.
    Haven’t seen anything written about Adam “parting ways” from his label, only story was about him joining Glee, all good buzz. It makes me cringe to think as to how that whole “dropped ” story got so much buzz for David. Well, actually, I guess, buzz is buzz, even it it’s not that good..
    At least he got just as much buzz with his announcement and that was very positive buzz.
    Hoping that the main media picks up a story about him returning to his music career, that would be awesome.

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