David Says It’s Not Goodbye

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  1. I can’t bring myself to watch this yet, but thanks!

    • I watched it and it actually made me feel ok about his career, I know that seems strange. I still think it should be a shorter time, but it’s his choice and even though I respect his desission, I don’t agree with everything about what he is going to be doing. Don’t like and never will feel comfortable about religion being peddled door to door, no matter what religion it is.

    • Aww, VJ. I understand. I thought about it before I clicked play.

  2. Oh David! Will miss him so much. But I hope he knows that he does God’s work every day with his kindnesses to others, his generosity of spirit and his sharing the gift that is his voice, musically and otherwise!

    I wish him good health, happiness and growth these next 2 years, and hope that the perspective he gains and his new life experiences will enhance his spirit and his soul for always.


    • Aww David I am going to miss you. I thought the vlog was kind of sad for me. I did like that he mentioned that he is going to South America and that he will be part of the Latin culture there. I think that is great. Also think it is great that Kari is taking care of his twitter. She is awesome. cq, I share your concerns about the mission but it is going to be on David now as far as what he does or does not do with his music career. I am good with his decisions as it is his career not mine. lol At this point you can just wish David the best and hope for the best. He is a great person and how can you not want the best for him. Good Luck to him!!

  3. Beautiful Comments both Vivian and Marie.
    The vid began with one of his most sobering hellos yet. I respect how David said once again that he needs some personal time to build his relationship with his Heavenly Father and its not about anything else. I don’t have to like his decision to leave for so long but I understand and will wait eagerly for his return.

  4. When David speaks about his religion, it makes one feel that it could be any religion and it is then that you can focus on what he really wants to do and why and not on the rules and regulations which are actually personal and need not be discussed.

    When he mentioned the word respect or respectful I think that he was hoping that there not be discussions about his religion because he knows very well how discussions can get too involved. We are also respecting the other religions of the world at the same time.

    That was his only request.


  5. I knew that Chile was a decoy. There was too much chatter from/between temples in other countries such as Peru. Do they speak Portugese in Argentina?

    Now the question is, is he serving a traditional mission or will he work out of a temple?

  6. PS I handled the video a lot better (well eons better) than I ever thought I would back in August. I think he needs a break to focus on other things and quite frankly so do I. I hope he comes back refreshed with lots of great experiences that will be inspiration for song-writing and other projects!

    • freofan, also my feelings. However, I’m not looking forward to a break from all this fun, lol.
      I feel he has way to much talent to be a small time singer, but he does need to get inspired to develope his sound and to actually grow up and be comfortable in his own skin.

      • I agree. He is so talented and I believe is the best singer of his generation, easily, and that is what is so maddening to me if I allow myself to dwell on it. And he shows talent as a budding actor with the right training. Hopefully he will come back with more growth so that he can be ready to make the next step.

      • I agree with both of you cq and freofan that David does need a break to gain growth and hopefully he can focus on his music and his sound when he returns. It will be interesting to see where he does end up for his mission. Maybe it is not Chile??

      • I agree with both freofan and cq. I know that David needs this break and like freofan. I really need back away from my computer and get some real work done, but like you, cq, I don’t want a break from all this fun. It’s been a pleasure following the growth of this young, refreshing musician. I’m not gonna lie, I’m going to miss this.

  7. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    i admire and respect david so much. this video has me reflecting on life in general. i’m sad to see him leave but happy to see him pursue something that means so much to him.

    freo, i’m curious, how do we know chile was a decoy?

    • Gladys, maybe he is going to Argentina. South America is a big continent. Where will he be? I kept hearing Chili, but no real confirmation.

    • I was guessing it was a decoy, but maybe I am wrong. That is one continent (South America) I have never been to!

      • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

        lol, i see (on twitter) what appears to be young fans from south america asking david if he’s coming to peru or chile.

      • The Salt Lake City paper said this: “While the exact details of his mission are unknown, Archuleta released a video on YouTube Wednesday to his fans, informing them he would be serving somewhere in South America. A family friend of the Archuleta family said he will be serving in one of the missions in Chile, but the family intends to keep his mission a private matter.”

      • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

        Hmmm …I wonder if the fam friend would also publicize a private conversation w/Pres. Monson.

  8. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    watching stevie nicks on idol, i just realized she looks alot like sunny, i.e., the bangs and long blond hair.

    • Yes, you are right desertrat. I kept thinking that Stevie reminded me of someone and it was Sunny. lol The performances are fairly good tonight but the judges are just over the top in their praise of everyone. lol

  9. That “family friend” is a piece of work. Whatever will he do while David’s away for 2 years?

    I’m still letting David’s blog sink in. In the meantime, the Idols are on fire tonight!

  10. Kitwana at MJ’s posted this:

    I know David did not leave with a lot of fanfare but it looks like his story has been picked up by the mainstream media. AP did a story earlier today which has been picked up by some 120 news outlets. Fox stations are also doing stories. Huffington Post has a story. Access Hollywood has a story. E! also just posted a story.

    Can’t say I’m surprised by the interest. Popular Idol Finalist/popstar/teen idol suspends career for 2 years to pursue LDS mission. The story could write itself. It’s particularly timely when you consider that the country may have it’s first Mormon president ever. Downside is that the more coverage there is, the less likely it will be that David will be able to serve his mission in complete anonymity. Also, while the coverage has been positive today, I’m sure the negative stories will come. They always do. Will be very interesting to track what the media does with this story.

    • “the country may have it’s first Mormon president ever” OH NO, David Archuleta is out of commission … who will sing the National Anthem at the inauguration!!

    • Regardless of who wins, and I think it might be Obama, the head folks in the music/entertainment business are mostly very liberal and very democrat/independent. That is the business David is in and they are Obama’s biggest supporters and that is not going to change. I am not so sure about negative stories as with David gone for 2 years I think there will be no stories.

    • Psssh. If Shirley Halperin has anything to do with it, I have no doubt the negative stories will come.

  11. I wish I had seen this video in December. It certainly changes my perspective on David leaving for two years. I have been way to preoccupied with what he might be risking, rather than what he might gain. I hope he finds the intimacy, both personally and spiritually, that he is seeking. God knows he deserves it given the public life he has lived.

    There are some relationships and goals, that if given up for personally gain, are regretted for life. David’s video reminds me of that.

    CAS/aka-cod885 I am not mastering the log in as of yet

  12. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    jackryan posted this video on TDC. at ~39-44, it’s announced that family says D will be in Chile. i think it’s appropriate for the family to release that info because people would have found out anyway. For ex., people would have seen him in the airport, etc.

    • So it is Chile for David. I did like the guy who said “Who has heard from David Cook since.” I like Cook but it is true that only the die hard AI fans keep track of him. That guy could have also added the vast majority of the idol contestants, including winners, in the past AI seasons.

  13. His family and friends of the family just cannot keep their mouths shut.

    • So true Peter. Some also never let go of wanting ” family management” of David’s music career and sadly I am not so sure that will change. I hope it does.

  14. David has been like a lost soul in the industry while trying to find his niche. He didn’t connect to the Disney type singers all that well yet his voice and music are beyond the singers in that category. He wandered off to the Philippines for some work and experience, but now he will be not only be taking part in his religion, but he will be immeresed in the language of his heritage. His Spanish will be perfected and he will perhaps no longer be a guest invited to sing with the Latinos but he will be a part of their community. Maybe the foundation that he was starting to build will be completed in both his beliefs and his music.


    • sandybeaches, love your take on David’s journey. Yes, I too think this is one of the important part of his foundation building he was talking about in one of his vlogs.
      In my heart of hearts I still think that David will be known as one of the great singers of his generation. He is already loved worldwide.

    • Replying to SB~ Yep, I agree that David was a lost soul in the industry. And what makes it a little sadder is that it’s been that way since he was young. In COS he said that Jeff took him to Hollywood when he was 11 or 12 (I think), and the execs said “Hm..He’s really talented, but we don’t know where he’d fit in here. We don’t really have a spot for kids like him.” (loosely translated)Then they asked David what type of music he wanted to do, and he said “I dunno”. 10 years later…

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