Seven.  That’s the number of times David uttered the word “respect” in his final farewell vlog.

He kept coming back to the word that I started wondering: who is that particular message meant for?

I guess it’s meant for us, his fans, except that the first time he asked “us” to respect his decision to devote this “personal time” to focus on his relationship with his “Heavenly Father,” he immediately said that we, his fans, have been respectful.

But he then kept repeating it. Is there someone else who has not accepted his decision to go on his Mission?

Certainly, we have gone back and forth about this personal decision of his, but it just made me curious why he kept emphasizing, over and over: Please respect my decision!

I don’t know about others, but I’ve always respected David to make up his own mind about his life and his music – even when I don’t always agree with his decisions.

I’m only hoping that others will do so as well, and here I’m not talking about fans and our occasional arguments with each other. I’m thinking in particular of those who may be part of his inner circle – both family, friends, and “friends of family” – people who have always insinuated themselves between David and David’s fans.

I’m grateful that David’s twitter will be updated by folks in his management, but it’s the other “managerial” folks who make me a bit queasy.

You know who I’m talking about: those folks “in the know” – the VRS’s (very reliable sources) – who always find ways to leak all kinds of information to us.  Now that David will literally be “out of commission” for the next two years, they will basically have free rein.

As loyal fans of David, how will you best discern the information other folks are inclined to “leak” to us?

For instance, I don’t know about you, but it bothers me greatly that David only revealed to us, his fans, that he will be residing in South America for his Mission, while other folks have revealed to the media that he’s going to Chile (all while dropping various hints on other blogs and via Twitter).  Did David give them permission to do so?

Why did they think they had that right? If David wanted us to know the exact country in South America where he would be, wouldn’t he have told us himself?

Honestly, I know some fans are relieved and eager to know this precise news, but it just smacks of disrespect.

“Respect my decision,” David says, yet someone is always going against him in one way or another.

It’s such a constant these last four years of following David that I can guarantee some VRS is going to give us the latest update.

Before you know it, someone will be telling us what village he’s going to, which group he’s working with, and what specifically he’s saying about the Book of Mormon!

Can’t folks really, seriously, and truly leave him alone and let him do his own communication?

Perhaps with this down time, maybe folks will, but I’m not sure we can count on it.

All I can do is wish David Godspeed as he sets out to serve his “Heavenly Father” the best way he knows how.

Whether or not we agree with his decision, at least let’s respect him.

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  1. Excellent post HG. That part of the vlog actually bothered me because I’ve always felt that the fanbase has given David more respect than most might would. It confused me that he felt the need to drive it home that many times. But then I read through some of the comments here and several of you made points about respecting the decision as a whole and then I read through a few comments on the vlog. Have you seen them? The antithesis of respect… I must be naive because I honestly had thought most had come to grips with the decision and moved on to acceptance, whether they actually liked the decision or not.

    Being a fan of David has really drove home to me that you can be
    the nicest, humblest person in the world (like David) and people are still gonna hate on you for something.

    • Amanda, I really don’t think it’s David they hate, it’s that a lot of people feel very strong about strict religious beliefs and unfortunately, they have no problem voicing their opinion.
      I am a fan of David the singer, but his personal religious beliefs I don’t share with him, but I will always show him the respect he deserves.

    • Yeah, there are some pretty tough comments on the vlog. The video was picked up by quite a few media outlets, so it was brought to the attention of a lot of non-fans, I guess. It’s already approaching 50 thousand views. I hope the media picks up on the “I’m Back” vlog too. lol

  2. HG, I love what you said.

  3. Great blog. The one comment that irked me most came from a response on David’s Facebook page (which I have no idea who maintains). Basically this person had a fiance who worked in the MTC and this person announced that he looked up where David is going. The post, “Guess what, world? I know where David is going!”

  4. I see fellow MTC-ers are always tweeting about David being there.

  5. I think his die hard fans have and will continue to show respect. I don’t want David to be disappointed with his experience, but he has to know he has fans in Chile, if that’s where he’s going. He has plenty of fans in South America, in general. I was recently watching his No Me Queda Mas and Contigo performances on YouTube. Practically all the comments now are from Spanish speakers. It’s gonna be tough to remain anonymous.

    • Hg great blog.” It’s such a constant these last four years of following David that I can guarantee some VRS is going to give us the latest update.”—I really agreed with comments on the VRS. I do wonder if David did give them permission to say he is going to Chile. I agree all with your comments freofan and Astrid. It is going to be tough for David to remain anonymous in South America. David’s fans all over the world are all different and they might not all be respectful.

  6. I think David wants to set boundaries. He may be worried the fans wherever he goes will treat him like a star vs respecting that he is on a Mission. He appreciates the respect he has received and the support for his career. BYU students and MTC staff have already started tweeting.
    It may take him some time once there to have confidence that people will respect his privavcy and the fact that he is on a Mission, and not there for a concert, VIP, autographs etc.
    Wait until he starts singing in Church, they may have an increase in the Congregation.

    Of course, Many sites (not fan sites) who have posted the news already have naysayers. Little do they know how non-judgemental David is.

    • All so true Heidijoy, I was about to write the same. Many of us don’t see what happens worldwide but his fans travel far and wide to see him. He probably doesn’t want to have any cameras going off wherever he is because it will not be appropriate and besides that he would be embarrased if anything is out of the ordinary at functions. For a moment in the vlog I wondered how we were being disrespectful but I can see now what can happen.

      This time around there are barriers and he will be nervous on occasion. On the other hand…he is a singing star and there will be incidents unfortunately.


      • sandybeaches, I know David wants it all, privacy, but he also wants to come back to a music career. Unfortunately, it might be a tough road for him. How many pop stars that are known world wide have gone on a Mormon mission without being recognised, I haven’t heard of one. It’s an unusual situation, we’ll see how it goes. I for one don’t think that it’s a bad thing for what he is doing…reaching out to the people, it should actually help him bring his point across.

  7. Freo can you explain “fellow MTCrs are always tweeting about David being there”? Those kids don’t have phones.

    • It has been explained to me that there are people that work at the MTC who are not missionaries that would be able to have phones and could tweet.

    • The one positive I can see with this mission and with David at the MTC is that he is around peers that are his own age. David often stated that he wanted to be around kids his own age and I found that kind of sad. Maybe now he is finally able to do that. IMO I wish it was at a diverse college but it is what it is.

      • Marie, the more I think about this mission, the more I think it’s more than just spreading the word of God to the people, it’s about have young Mormons connect.
        I just can’t believe that all of the misssionaries that are ages 19 to 21 years of age, can be like saints, and basically, not have any natural emotions of the flesh, to put it likely.
        Sence this whole mission thing started, I have been reading comments about people that met their mate while on a mission, big time hook up in my eyes.
        Good Mormon boys, meeting good Mormon girls to marry and have lots of Mormon children.

      • I have to agree that not everyone this day and age at their ages going on a mission can be saints or even close. It just is not possible lol

      • Two acquaintances of mine were very wild, rebellious youths (I’m told it isn’t that uncommon, because they are raised so strictly). They cleaned up their act and have gone on, or are currently on Mormon missions. One of them has full-sleeve tattoos.

      • That is interesting cchalo.

  8. Respect means not asking David to break any of the rules. Don’t beg him to tweet. Don’t expect him to answer his mail. It’s easy to be respectful right now, it’s new. 18 months from now? I predict some of the “I’ll be here” crowd will be grumbling that they didn’t know he was not going to be communicating.

    I think the VRSes will be bored by the Mission once David is fully there. What are they going to tweet, that he wore a new tie? He smiled at a girl?

    • “18 months from now? I predict some of the “I’ll be here” crowd will be grumbling that they didn’t know he was not going to be communicating. ” —- You could very well unfortunately by right about that crabpot.

  9. I agree that one of the great benefits of this is that David gets to be around people his own age. He is used to his siblings and he is used to dealing with all types of people from his Idol and other tour bus-mates to the acting cast and crew more recently. But since he was home-schooled until middle school and then pulled out of high school by Idol during his junior year, he really missed out on the hanging out. (Remember how much fun he had telling people about his summer job with friends prior to Idol?). He is much less shy now and of course he is 21 and not 16 or 17 and this is a great time for David to be around people his own age and not have the constant hovering of adults of all ages. Plus, for once, he will be one of the older guys and not the youngest guy. He has been smothered by some of those around him (with love, I know and don’t fault anyone for doing that), but how many 21 year olds really want family friends calling him an angel over and over again on twitter? He is, of course, gracious, just like my kids are with the overly clingly relative because the love goes both ways. I think this time will be a breath of fresh air for David and lucky are those who cross his path on his Mission. Who can resist all that charisma and I have no doube that The Voice will be heard acapella (and maybe in some choir-group in South America! Spread that joy around, David!

  10. raelovingangels

    Great article HG. I have been reflecting and processing the Its not goodbye vlog. Have been busy, which is good- but David’s leaving always seems to be at the edges of my mind. In thinking about his “mindset” the word that comes to me is intense. He had a message and he wanted to make sure it was clear. I had not noticed how many times he used the word respect- but that is interesting it was so many. Still thinking and processing….

  11. Oh, grammyj – I can not agree with you more about Kari )(and not S.) or any family member having control of his twitter account. I think Kari has a great head on her shoulders plus she seems to impress everyone from the fans to record/tv executives which leads me to believe that she is very competent and very professional and yet easy to get along with.

    • I think Kari is just the best. At this point it concerns me more what David does with his music career after the mission as opposed to during this mission. Kari is an outstanding team member but he needs more than just her on his team when he returns. I am just not so sure what direction he will be headed in terms of his career when he returns. I just keep hoping for the best but if David continues to have family/friend management (#mic, sunny, ect.) I just will not have an interest anymore. I hope he is not going to be 23 years old and still is being referred to as an angel by sunny. lol I kind of feel “been there and done that” for the past 4 years as a fan.

  12. I want to say something, I think you have the concept wrong, about the mission of david in South America.
    Throughout South America, david is not known, as in United States.
    People who have Internet access, computer skills, credit cards (or generous parents), basic knowledge of English, and some forms of knowledge in computer science, and also a good monthly income, which generates a stable life. These are the people who know David, here in South America, that all information about David, comes from the Internet, the web, and all fansites.
    The sites of missionaries in South America generally are located in rural areas in the countryside and villages, and I assure you, in those places do not know david.
    David in South America is not well known, that here has not been promoted their music and the audience does not know.
    Only those who have access to the Internet world (like me) know every step of david.
    You can say that everyone has access, and I tell them that there is much poverty in South America and little people who have an adequate cash income.

  13. sorry for my english, i hope you understand me.

  14. I mentioned to a friend who served a mission with her husband who was mission president in Peru that I didn’t think David could serve a regular mission (this was before I knew he was going) coz he was too well known. She said there were areas in their mission that were reached via twelve hours drive on a dirt road. So, it speaks to Gladys’ comment. He may well spend little time in the big cities there, and instead, serve in the villages. I think he would love that, being anonymous for the most part and being able to concentrate on the people.

    I know it may be hard to believe in this day and age, but the young adults that serve missions really are virtuous young people. Otherwise, they can’t serve. I know lots of them personally. If they’ve grown up always wanting to serve a mission and being raised to maintain high standards of personal behavior, they purposely make good choices about how to live their lives. Not all of them make those choices, some (like my son) want to party and take part in typical teenage fun. Those folks don’t go on missions…unless they change their ways.

    The Church really isn’t a strict taskmaster. We’re encouraged to live the way God wants us to live. Whether we do or not is our choice. People don’t condemn and hate on us if we don’t but instead support and help and encourage us. I’ve never seen the narrow-mindedness, the control that is supposed to be endemic in the Church, and I’ve only been a member, for what? Oh yeah, forty years. Turns out that living as God wants us to live brings a happy life without regrets for most. Does David seem cowed and driven with his spirit squelched? Definitely not. David’s a poster child for what life can be like when you follow the Savior’s lead.

    I will miss David beyond words, but I’m happy for him. Sad for me–happy for him. He’s always wanted to serve a mission and now that dream is coming true. I’ve had sooo many people tell me that their mission was one of the best experiences of their lives. I think it will be for David, as well.

    I spent a good bit of time tonight watching videos on YouTube of young people opening their mission calls. I can’t imagine how touching it must have been, what a tender moment when David opened his. Here are a few of those vids to check out if you’re so inclined. Pretty sweet. There are a bazillion of them.

  15. For some reason, the four links posted differently. Two came up whole and ready to roll, the other two you have to click on the orange link.

  16. Actually in retrospect, ‘teenage fun’ was way too mild, really a poor descriptor. To be frank, I meant to say something like–wanting to indulge in drinking, drugs and sex. Those activities are pretty typical of teens these days, but are not what you do if you want to serve a mission.

    • There is a lot of non Mormon young people that don’t indulge in drinking, drugs and sex, you don’t have to be Mormon to be close to God, not the being Mormon is at bad, it is a interpretation of the way you feel is right. And in my opinion, having a cup of coffee or a fine glass of wine (of course as an adult for the wine) will not condeem me to hell. I know that it’s part of your religion, but I just don’t see the need for that sacrifice.

      • I think that Mormon boys are just like any other boys from other communities (religious, cultural, etc). Some follow strictly the rules and others are more flexible. It depends on the persons and how they want to live their faith. It’s not even necessarily about how they were raised. For example, what is tolerable for my sister is not for me (and vice et versa). It’s just a different way of practicing. To like to party or drink alcohol in certain occasions don’t exclude doing good things for others or supporting charities, etc… I can even say that most of my values (based on my religion) are the same as my non religious friends or those who don’t share the same faith as me.

  17. I think that in general, the fans have been really respectful of David.
    He gained my respect 4 years ago just by his positive attitude and his great personality. And nothing has changed today, I still respect him and I respect his decision to leave for his mission. I don’t share his beliefs but I respect his right to believe and practice the religion he chose.
    I watched his last vlog and I appreciated what he said when he talked about the relationship between him and God. I’m not naive, I know that proselytism is a huge part of a mission but I appreciated that he mainly shared his spiritual “quest” and his need for personal time to focus more on his faith. I appreciated his words because they showed me that he respected his diverse fanbase until the end. It was a good contrast with the post of one of his ‘family’s friend” in another fansite.
    You know, now that I think about it, there was always a huge difference between how David presents himself and what he chooses to share with the fans and what the VRS communicate about him. IMO, there were more freedom and respect for David from his fans than from his “entourage”.

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      Cmoi, you’ve so clearly expressed EVERYTHING I’ve been feeling and thinking.

    • cmoi, oh my goodness, I agree 100%.

    • So true, cmoi. That person could not stop yapping. David is too kind.

    • cmoi: I so agree on every point you made in your comments.” It was a good contrast with the post of one of his ‘family’s friend” in another fansite.”—- I read that post and I agree with you. Kari should just be his manager IMO as she shows good judgement as far as knowing how to make appropriate statements regarding his career.

  18. Seems David is a star at the MTC. Oh boy. Gladys and bookaholic, I hope you two are right about him being sent to a remote village.

  19. This is the first time I’ve heard that he was going to Chile. I had heard Peru. Either way, both of these countries seem to be safer than some of the others. I hope Gladys is right and they send him to areas where no one knows who he is. I’m sure he’d like that better too. God bless you and keep you, David.

  20. Wow! Denial is not just a river in Egypt. Who do you think the vlog was made for? Sunny? His sisters? LOL, Nope, point to yourself, you fan! I mean how does your logic work? All the other vlogs were made for us, his fans, but just not this one????

    HG, commendations to you for picking up on this message in his vlog because I haven’t seen anyone else do so, but I think your interpretation is off. As for hangers-on, David has given at least one the heave-ho, haven’t you noticed? It’s quite rich.

    Honestly, I’ve read more disrespectful comments about David, his family, church, music, piano playing, decisions and judgments in the last two years on fan sites, including this one, than I’ve ever read on a non-fan news or entertainment site.

    • Anon, you TROLL, why exactly are you here on my blog?

    • anon you are so right,and this (not have any more interest) didn,t you follow him for his voice,(never knoe who he hung out with then) not who he hung with,just don,t understand that?????

      • I wonder why you’re so afraid about opinions that diverge from yours. You talk about disrespect and I can’t help but laugh because most of the times you’re just rude in your comments and you seem more categorical in your judgments than any other fan lol. I have hope that one day you’ll realize that we’re all fans of David, even if some think that his piano playing can be improved a lot or that he could benefit more from a professional manager or that he’s not a little angel that you dream to add to your already huge collection. Maybe someday you’ll accept that it’s OK if there are some fans who don’t think like you and instead of blaming them for everything, you’ll just state your opinion (if you have one, apparently you think we should just follow him without any question or doubt. But I can’t do that, it’s great to be a part of this fanbase but it’s not a cult lol). I believe that your opinions would have more weight if you accept to debate them instead of just telling others how wrong they are.

      • cmoi: Thank you for stating how I feel. I kind of doubt it will change but good comment.

  21. Has Santiago been specifically mentioned as his possible site? There is a temple there.

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      I’m on iPad and can’t cut and paste link. See Astrid’s post above with the link to a blog. The blogger names the city.

    • Yes, Santiago has been specifically mentioned as his site.

    • desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

      very nice album review but the writer isn’t too enthused over d’s acting, lol.

      “…his “fling” with Pinoy music more than makes up for his underwhelming foray into the local telenovela scene on TV5.”

      • I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with his acting! For having almost no acting training that I know of, I thought he did great and showed some natural talent. I was amazed that he actually cried during some of the scenes!

        If he wants further training in acting and music, now what should I do to put a bug in his ear for Berklee or UCS? (so many music schools focus on classical and jazz, but we have a few great ones that emphasize wider musical styles).

      • David did a great job with his acting in Nandito Ako. I hope that he’ll have other opportunities after his mission.
        I think that he said in the past that he’d love to go to College. Maybe he’ll do it when he’ll come back from his mission. I agree, Berklee or UCS would be great choices.

      • I think it more likely that he will go to one the BYU schools, but a girl can always dream, lol.

  22. He left 3 days ago and he (or Kari probably ?) already tweeted. I admit that I was a little surprised lol

    Also, now that I decided to believe in rumors regarding D’s career, I hope that the one about the release (next year ?) of an EP of original songs is true.

    • I read that David can email his family and maybe Kari once a week so maybe that is where Kari is getting his tweets. Don’t know if that is accurate or not and if that will continue when he leaves for another country but I hope that is true.

    • cmoi, just wanted to comment about your statement @4:57. I totally agree. I always cringed when it was said that he was an angel and that he was a perfect human being. I think that David is a fantastic human being, but as far as entertainment (not, of course, his singing) he has room for improvement.

    • Kari is in charge of David’s twitter. She is going to tweet what he tells her to tweet. He can contact family on his “P” day which means personal day when they do laundry, etc. Today must have been the day he could do that. He obviously told Kari what to tweet. It’s good news that he is already communicating with us. It might not be as big a drought as we thought.

      • I got all this information from reading comments from Mormons on other fansites, otherwise I wouldn’t know as I’m not Mormon.

  23. cmio,marie,sorry i forgot that iwas not to question anybodys statements on here just bash david and his team EXCUSE ME.no free speach here

    • Question all you want, Ray. That’s exactly what I tried to say in my comment. I just asked you to develop a little more your opinions and say why you agree or disagree with someone instead of just saying they are wrong to feel how they feel or to think what they think.
      Also, can you please clarify what you call “David bashing” ? It’s a recurrent statement in your comments and I honestly don’t know what you mean by it. I hope this has nothing to do with not being in agreement with everything he does. You know, I don’t always agree with my parents but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love them or respect them lol.

      (and really, no free speech here ? you can’t be serious lol)

      • Ray: Just lol. Whatever. For the record I have only posted very positive comments for Kari Sellards and she is on David’s team. I think she is professional and wonderful. I believe that many fans that post here agree with me. I think his “team ” is very small right now. lol

  24. Just wanted to let everyone know that I love and respect everyones opinion about David’s career, after all that’s what fansite are about. Even if I don’t agree with some others views, I still love to read them and I respect their opinion, just like I know I am respected for mine. IMO, any talk about our man, as long as we keep talking and keep being interested, it is good for his career.

  25. The reason we are all still reading and commenting on a David Archuleta fansite is because we are all fans of David. If we didn’t care we would not spend so much time reading and responding here. On this particular fansite we are allowed to discuss our OPINIONS on his career. They are just opinions. What we say has no bearing on David’s career – especially now. I find it all very thought provoking at times. Some of the comments here have made me examine my own beliefs. It would be worse if no one posted and no one cared.

  26. I’ve always worried that we David fans are too intrusive and demanding–poor baby–but from lani’s link it seems it’s his own Utah people that are the ones he needs to watch out for, lol. He can probably walk around L.A. or New York unmolested, but BYU or MTC–watch out!

  27. Ok, Mango, your right, he is an angel!! hahahaha

  28. marie lol your nose is going to grow ,go back and read some of your posts,,and david never clamed to be a professional pianp player,and he was doing that at a privet vip,and was just being david and some one to vid that and put it up on ytube was in my OPINION was very disrespectfull..but saying not interesetd any more is not an opinion,its a statement .why explane ,and comi i never said it was wrong just asked why,what has his mgt. have dto do with his voice ????

    • Whatever. lol

    • It’s really uncomfortable when a professional musician makes piano mistakes like an amateur would do. I was so glad at our VIP that he didn’t play, because it was painful at a previous performance we attended (not VIP). If you haven’t mastered a piece, you shouldn’t play it for a paying audience–especially one that pays as much as a VIP audience. We had just gone to a John Mayer performance and he was a virtuoso on the guitar. Obviously David’s not as experienced, but it should still be professional. David’s a big boy now, we don’t have to coddle him.

  29. From reading Elder Gaskill’s blog, I’ve figured out that apparently the missionaries have some latitude to communicate until they arrive at their service location. Gaskill mentions that he’s gonna call family from the airport before he flies off for his mission site. And he’s still writing the blog.

    Once they start serving as missionaries, they only get to call home twice a year, Mother’s Day and Christmas and internet contact is on P day and dictated by the mission president. So obviously, the mission rules about all this don’t kick in til they check into the mission home where they are assigned.

    I didn’t mean to imply that David or anybody else is perfect or angelic, Mormon or otherwise. We believe there was only one perfect individual who walked the earth.

    I will say that I am really impressed with the amount of effort David puts into living a Christlike life. He’s pedal to the metal 24/7 with kindness, love and service, plus he imbues all he does with such JOY. I think that last part especially sets him apart for me. I watch him and just really want to be a better person. I say way too often when I’ve disappointed myself–“I am sooo not David!”

  30. When I said internet contact is ‘dictated by the mission president’, I meant that according to David, he’ll be the one who says what is allowed if anything beyond the typical contact with family on P day.

    Sorry for not doing a better job of editing for content prior to clicking ‘send’. Duh!

  31. Would contributing members of the LDS church please tell us how safe it will be for a wealthy American star to go from door to door in Chile? Is his safety well taken care of by the church because of his extending circumstances?

    Thank you to any replays to this natural concern and one that is realistic.


    • raelovingangels

      I worry about that too. Maybe David will be involved with the music department at the mission and teaching. Since they don’t go door to door alone, hopefully his partner will be a blackbelt. lol

      What I took from his respect message is he wants to serve a traditional mission, with normal activities- and be anonymous , No press, no fan photos, no blogs about his location, no one trying to track him down. Already, that is not looking feasible.

      I hope somehow it can be accomplished, I support his decision and have all along. It is so very clear how important this is to him.
      All along been worried about whether his vision could be accomplished. Time will tell. Maybe things will settle once he gets there and he will fall of the radar.

      • raelovingangels, actually, I would love it if he didn’t go door to door, not only because I don’t like any religion door to door peddling, but it also could be dangerous because of wackos that think they can get money becuase of his fame.

  32. By contributing members I mean anyone of the faith who writes comments here.


    • SB, that is an excellent question. I also would be interested in a comment on this from someone of David’s faith who might have an answer to this.

  33. For anyone who was worried that David wouldn’t sing on his mission, he will already be singing today in the MTC choir for the LDS conference being held today. It is correct that we are getting more information about David now that he is in the MTC than we did when he was elsewhere, and not everyone is excited that he is there. These missionaries are young men and are human so have much to learn like we all do. I do like that David does “walk the walk”. Anyway here is the snarky, funny thing that was found on Elder Jordan’s blog:
    “So, yeah. David whats-his-head is here. He showed up last wednesday. We saw him sitting at the table across from us at lunch that day; he’s so tiny. I didn’t talk to him; to be honest, I was sorta hoping he wouldn’t be here while I was here, because the MTC was already buzzing about him within an hour or so of us seeing him. Also, HE got into the MTC choir on thursday. WHAT the what. So yeah, the word is out. I dunno if i’ll talk to him; I know if I was him, I’d definitely want to keep things on the DL and try to have as much of a normal MTC-experience as possible. Oh, and rumor has it that his comp doubles as his bodyguard. What? haha.”

    So, maybe David does have a large, burly companion that can double as a body guard. Also, this guy didn’t get into the MTC choir. Of course David is only a professional singer so he got in! The choir will be on T.V. so we will probably get at least a glimpse of him that someone will puts on you-tube.

    • raelovingangels

      lol, hope this is true….companion/bodyguard.

    • That blog from that missionary elder is cute and funny and kind of what a typical 19 yr. old boy might say. lol A discreet bodyguard or two that doubles as a comp. is actually a great idea. Seems like all these young missionaries have blogs that their families post. I wonder if David will do that? I am so glad that David is at least around other people his own age for a while.

  34. archiesfan4life

    SB – I share your concern for David’s safety. Right after David’s announcement I asked some members of the local LDS church and all they said was he will be fine – don’t worry. That wasn’t quite what I was looking for as far as reassurance. I have also wondered if they are allowed to have a cell phone with them when they are going door to door.

  35. I’n not LDS but I live in South America and from what I know Santi*** isn’t a dangerous city and David isn’t popular there, so I guess there won’t be problems.

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