What to Share (and What Not to Share)

OK, Soul Daviders.

Since I got a few commentators (LDS fans, from the looks of it) complaining that what is shared from members of the MTC (Missionary Training Center), who are in contact with David as they prepare for their mission, should NOT be linked to on David’s fan blogs, I thought I would put it to a vote.

As you all know, I had noted in his last vlog the ways that David repeatedly asked us, his fans, to respect this “personal time” that he has to prepare for his mission, and I very much want to respect that.  Of course, no sooner did I think that his Wednesday vlog would be the last I or any of us would hear from David again than some things started happening:

1. A tweet was posted on his twitter announcing that he’d be at the MTC anywhere from 3 to 9 weeks!


2. A bunch of commenters here started linking to some of the MTC blogs shared while he’s at the MTC.

Alas, curiosity got the better of me – what with missing David and all and wondering what he’s up to – and therefore didn’t see the problem with fans updating us with these shared links.

But, if the MTC is part of this private time, and those who know more about these experiences (those within the faith) are telling us this kind of sharing of information is, indeed, disrespectful of his personal preparations, I want to take that charge seriously.

So, here’s a quick poll. I’m putting it to a VOTE.

I want to get a sense from the folks here to see if there’s a problem with sharing this new info. Thanks! 🙂


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  1. I enjoy the little glimpses of his life now, and don’t feel guilty sitting here in front of my computer reading about it. The thing that concerns me is the go-getter fans planning on finding out his mission address and sending care packages, or ones talking about emailing to chastise the jealous elder who called him “David what’s his head”. Shudder.

    Kari didn’t seem to have any problem responding about the MTC choir, and I’m pretty sure that was only discovered via stalking the missionary blogs–there wasn’t any official announcement that I’m aware of.

    • “or ones talking about emailing to chastise the jealous elder who called him “David what’s his head”. —–Now that is awful cc halo. That kid has every right to have a blog and post his feelings. I do have problem if someone does that as it is OTT.

  2. “Yes, these blogs are available to the public and his fans could get some insights into David’ missionary plans.”—I do not see a problem IMO. This is apparently permitted at the MTC for their members to have blogs. I really don’t care much one way or the other but it sure is not an issue to me. These blogs and twitter and face book ect. are on the internet and it is out there for all to see. For example I do not have twitter but I can check someone’s twitter account on the internet if they are not private. Like for ex. David’s twitter. We could have a discussion on the evils of social networking but it is out there and not going away. I would think Kari would state something if it was a problem. I trust her judgement and of course David’s. I am more concerned about the safety issues for David going door to door in Chile but that is just IMO. It is David’s life and his choices.

    • Another point is that all these blogs from the members at the MTC were posted on another site (FOD) long before I saw them posted here at SD. So how do you control other fan sites and twitter from posting things like this? The answer: You can’t. lol

      • One thing that does bother me about social networking is the number of young people that have been fired or seriously reprimanded where I work due to something they posted on face book ect. that was seen by the wrong person. Or posting something on face book when they should have been working. Or looking up something on the internet at work that they should not have. It just makes me feel bad that these younger people are finding out the hard way the down side of social networking.

      • They are also being posted on The Voice.

      • As long as the blogs are public on the internet whether you like it or not you can’t stop people from looking at them. That is our digital society.

  3. I’m sure that the family’s of these young missionaries did not think that strangers would be reading these blogs but they are on the internet and are not private. That is the problem of our digital society. This could be a good topic for a post by HG sometime. It won’t matter if Soul David quits letting people post these as fans can find them on other sites. I for one find them very touching. I love the zeal these young people have for their faith. There are fans of David today watching the LDS conference that would not be watching it now if not having found out he might sing from one of these blogs. I have read several good comments at FOD from fans that are enjoying the messages and singing. This can have a positive.

    Of course there is the negative side of so much information on the internet. We had a young woman of 22 in Eastern Iowa where I live that was killed by a former boyfriend last week. Part of the problem that could have contributed to her death could have been that she posted everything about her life on facebook. She announced on facebook that she was in a relationship and her former boyfriend found her at her new boyfriend’s house and killed her and himself. It’s very tragic. You can’t say facebook was to blame but through it he knew what was going on in her life and where to find her.

  4. raelovingangels

    HG: I really like your approach and using a poll to get people to think about the question.

  5. This is very off topic but I just read a really nice article on mjsbig blog that is the :Song of the Week – Touch My Hand – David Archuleta By Nick Peterson. Apparently Nick is doing a song of the week for different idols every week and this week is on David. I am not going to post the link to another site but I loved the song choice and I liked his write up on David. Not always a fan of that blog but this was very nice IMO.

  6. MTC is like boot camp, lol.
    Nice to see a picture of David.
    Hurry up, David go save a little part of the world and then come back to singing, touring, acting, modeling, etc., hahahahahaha.

  7. cq, yes, MTC is like a boot camp for LDS missionaries just like American Idol was like a boot camp for singers.

    David singing with the MTC choir and our one good glimpse of him on the last song is pictured in the tweet below. Elder Archuleta trended world wide on twitter. David is still very popular.

    Jennette Brown ‏ @sugarpoultry
    It was amazing to see @DavidArchie (David Archuleta) singing in the choir! http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/8328/47473789436445623419330.jpg
    GO DAVID! #ldsconf

    • Very nice picture of David. Kari also tweeted a picture of him singing today with the MTC choir.

    • It was a mistake for me to have my last view of David singing that hymn. It’s not one any non-Mormon could get on board with. Yikes.

      • I liked the pictures of David but I did not watch the video of the MTC choir. Good for David if he is happy but I just had no interest. I do enjoy reading the blogs and I think it is good PR for their church as they are just normal young people writing blogs about their experiences.

      • cc halo, I just watched the beautiful pictures of David. Not interested in listening to a choir. However, if David had a solo, you bet I’d watch, lol.

      • Yes, it would have been best to just have waited for the pictures. But it may be a good thing–to help remind me to follow the example of some of the other fan sites and just focus on the Forevermore video and CD, and leave the religious stuff alone.

      • I agree with Marie that I think the blogs of the young missionaries are good PR for the Mormon Church, but obviously Julee doesn’t thinks so since she doesn’t want us to read them. A lot of the hymns Mormons sing are hymns that I sang growing up in a protestant church so most of their hymns are not specific to the Mormon faith only.

      • grammyj, it really has nothing to do with PR for the church or not. I’m feeling frustrated that no one is understanding what I am saying. That is not why I’m bothered that people are posting them. Here’s one more shot:

        When David went to Manila, the entire time he was there I had the feeling that there was a feeding frenzy going on and David was the bait. Every move he made, every scene he shot, every meal he ate, sometimes even every private conversation he had was filmed, reported on, blogged about and tweeted, by fans, crew,news media and people close to him. I didn’t particularly like it, but it was pretty much business as usual for the fandom and for his career. The hype was good. That’s just what happens when you are that popular and when you are an entertainer. And everything that happened certainly entertained us.

        So now, with the discovery of all these blogs and the frenzy going on, I am feeling much the same way as I did when he was over there, except that it is NOT about his career anymore and he specifically asked us to RESPECT his time on this journey. I think the only way he could have made it any clearer would have been if he’d yelled “Leave me alone!” which we know he’d never do. But to me, that was what he was saying in his 7 times use of the word RESPECT. He was saying, I’m not hear for your entertainment these next two years. I’ve done all I can for you up till now and even for while I’m gone, but that is it. Let this have this journey by myself.

        That is all. I just don’t think it should be the same. And I’m really really not trying to call anyone out or say you should be feeling guilty. Just consider.

      • momjuliee I read your comments about how every move David made in Manila was documented and it touched me because I know that it must be difficult for David to feel that he is always being watched and observed. I do hope that he gets that break that he needs when he goes to another country for his mission but idk if he will. I hope he does.

      • grammyj, I doubt any of the hymns you sang growing up in a protestant church were about Joseph Smith (The Man) ascending to heaven and “mingle[ing] with Gods”. But it gave David teary eyes. I guess I just think about things too much, lol.

      • You’re right – we don’t sing that one!

  8. HG, thanks for the poll. That was thoughtful of you!
    However, I don’t need a poll to know that my opinion is the unpopular one and among many LDS fans as well I might add. It doesn’t have much to do with religion. It is my own feeling about what he was telling us in his vlog and I felt like posting it. Each person will have their own idea about what respecting him in the way he asked means to them and they will follow that.

    I hold that if Kari or David let’s us know something, like that he was singing today, then YAY. But otherwise, this is not business as usual. This is not just another work trip to the Philippines where we waited to see pictures and tweets and reports about what he was doing.

    I still have not seen an adequate reply to what ya’ll think he was asking in that Respect vlog. The answers so far do not jive with what it seemed he was saying. Being in the MTC IS the OVER THERE that he was talking about in the vlog. You may think that there is more info now than there will be when he arrives at his destination, but I’m not sure that’s true at all. And ‘it’s on the internet so it’s fair game’ is pretty weak. So when will we decide that we are respecting his time?

    Also finding it quite ironic that some of the links being thrown around are actually from kids who are sensing that he is being hounded there and don’t want to add to his discomfort. Does that tell us anything?

    I recognize that it is also a total state of mind. From the beginning I’ve cringed whenever David has devolved into simply an object for our entertainment. That’s all this is. If you really are interested in what he might be doing there, you can ask me I guess. 🙂

    • I do respect your opinions and I actually can see your point. I do not think it is fair if David or the kids feel uncomfortable at the MTC. But I have to ask what about the folks that comment on the FOD site, The Voice site, Twitter, ect that are posting this information even before I saw it posted here on SD? I guess if you do not agree then maybe two wrongs don’t make a right. I get that. I honestly do not really care that much one way or the other as it is not about his music career. Aside from where David is going and if he is happy, the actual mission does not really interest me that much. The kind of goes for the MTC choir video although David looked great IMO.

      • Marie, I see what you are saying and I was hoping that FOD would post something I wrote for them about this very thing. I don’t go to The Voice so I was not about calling out this site in particular, so sorry if It seemed that way. I have voiced my opinion yesterday and today on twitter to much discussion as wll, so it’s really just something I feel strongly about and am not just calling out this site.

        To HG’s credit, so far she is the only one that has taken up the discussion. Food for thought.

      • *as well*

    • weii mom let me put it this way i watched it all day and at the end was very upset that they waited to the last to show david up close, to me it looked lik the lds leaked that david was going to sing just the get non lds people to watch,other wise useing david for pr,just i op,now as far as reading the blogs it ok just don,t try to contact david ,go through kari,,and for god sake don,t contact any of the blogers.

    • Actually Julee I really enjoyed the blog you use to have about David where you also discussed your Mormon beliefs. I really didn’t know much about Mormonism and have learned that we share many of the same beliefs. I am a fan of David but I would also call myself a fan of you and many of the other writers such as HG that run these wonderful fan-sites and write so beautifully. I enjoyed the posts you did way back in the day at Snarky Archies – especially when you decomposed David’s vlogs.

      I guess I don’t know how reading the blogs is hurting David unless people are making rude comments on them. I guess I am interested in the Missionaries that go out from my church and I’m also interested in David’s mission. Even though we don’t actually know him we feel like we do, and many of us are praying for him. I don’t see how that is a bad thing.

      • Thanks momjulee for your response. So many very thoughtful posts here today. There are so many different ways to look at things and I actually like to see the varying opinions. My one hope for David is that he can somehow not feel different and that he can feel like one of the regular missionaries. I know that it is difficult as he is a celebrity. I do not think it is a bad thing at all grammyj to be interested in the blogs and David’s mission. There is nothing wrong with that at all IMO.

    • momjulee…David requested that he be shown respect and he has been and will be. Just as the other mission elders are quite taken with having a star on board this week with them and expressing their natural excitement, so to there are comments about the excitement that is being shown. It is to be expected because he is not just anyone’s son but a worldwide beloved singer, a famous guest performer for the Tabernacle Choir.

      The call for respect from David has been received and the people here respect him. Elders know that their journals are not private, so perhaps they will be reminded of that when they discuss another elder in public. But then this is part of the MTC training, to respect other people in conversation. After all he is a star and it doesn’t just switch on and off over night.

      Possibly the respect is requested because he knew that he was going to be singing in the choir and would be in front of an audience that included people who follow his career. This also will not be the last time that he sings in public during his mission. He seriously needs little attention given to himself in public for his own safety. The first rule of his safety is to not draw attention to himself when not protected in a possibly unsafe place. For that alone we give him full respect. Any information that is made public that we request about the MTC is provided by lds.org.


  9. Here’s another lovely picture of David singing in the choir today.

  10. desertrat (aka ebonyangel)

    *** What was David asking in his Respect vlog? ***

    I thought he meant that we should show consideration for what he’s doing (whether we agree or not) and that we should refrain from interfering with his life. I agree w/Ray in that it means don’t try to contact him or other missionaries who blog about him, and definitely don’t contact the church complaining that he didn’t get enough tv time.

    I’m enjoying the blogs and I find some quite humorous. I don’t feel that I’m interfering with D’s life by reading them. If the bloggers were providing detailed info re. David’s private conversations with others, then that would be crossing the line for me. I would not read those blogs.

  11. The immediate take I got after watching the farewell video without reading comments about it was – give me a break to do my thing and don’t ask me to do star things for a while – tons of pics, autographs, interviews, etc, and following his life 24/7. I did tons of stuff for you before leaving, so please let that satisfy you for a while.
    Unfortunately I think it may not truly happen until he gets to his mission field. With that being said, most of us are still in the grip of all David news, all the time. Has it been a week yet since he entered the MTC? And once again, until he leaves the U.S, his wishes may not be fully granted.

    I too watched the conference to see him sing, and I think the camera person deliberately held shots of D till the end because more than the average crowd tuned in.
    I like reading the blogs but agree with other posters that no attempts should be made to contact David beyond the P.O Box provided.

    • I agree with this. And isn’t the point of David going on the mission to get people to know more about God and the Mormon church? It seems to me that there were some fans that watched the LDS telecast today that also heard the teachings. I read a comment on FOD from a person who is non-practicing LDS member who watched the telecast and was so touched that she is going to watch again tomorrow (when David won’t be on) to hear more.

      • grammyj this is true and David wants to do this. I am quite sure he wanted to be shown during the telecast. Not so sure that I agree with all of it but it is what he wants.

  12. Mom julee,
    I respect your concerns and do not have a horse in this race, but I also think to be fair, you should make them on all the other fan sites if you feel this strongly, because your point is well taken.

    • I agree. I have to give hg some credit here. She truly always has all opinions and comments here at SD. Whether you agree or disagree she does like and encourages the discussion. To be honest idk if some of the other sites would even want to post that viewpoint but they should.

  13. I wish I felt concretely one way or the other. When put each way I can feel the merit in each. One thing though I do know is that David is never going to have the typical missionary experience. For as much as I want it to be so, it’s NOT going to be. He arrived in the MTC on Weds and had a full blown close-up at General Conf on Sat. Sorry, not typical. Of course some of the missionaries are going to look at him differently; you can’t blame them for being astounded/jealous/starstruck. What other missionary gets shown on TV and then immediately has his name trend on Twitter?

    To me the deciding factor is if David knew we were reading these things would he think less of us for it. Only he knows the answer to that.

    Maybe Kari could shed some light on it all for us.

    In the meantime, I’ll follow my personal convictions as each circumstance passes bye. I want to give David all the respect I can possibly give, and if I see a blog or read somewhere in someone’s comments something that cuts too close to that line, I’ll move on or ignore it. I won’t think any less of the fans who do read them/post them than the fans who don’t.

    • I really don’t know what the fuss is about. There is no body hanging outside of the MTC, waiting to attack David…..what is being buzzed about is very good for David’s career and it’s not in anyway infringing in his privacy. I for one am delighted that it’s happening

  14. Ok, this should be something that should be okay to post for everyone without any controversy:

    ArchuletaPhilippines ‏ @archuletaphils
    David Archuleta’s “Forevermore” music video premieres on MYX TONIGHT at 8 PHL & on at 8 AM EST for international fans!


  15. I loved the blogs. Don’t worry. The leaders will ask the missionaries to cool it about mentioning David and they will do that. That is much easier than no TV, movies, music, or dating.

    Elder Headless I am sure did not expect such a wide audience for his blog.

    I would suggest that fans not try to mail stuff. That would be intrusive. He won’t have time to read it or respond.

    Aren’t the Galapagos Islands part of Chile?

  16. I think I will continue to follow Sister Tiny-and-Beautiful and Elder Hogwart!

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