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O.D.D. Series #6: My First Fan Video

You know you’ve got O.D.D. bad when 1)you actually decide to create a You Tube account and 2)you spend time obsessively creating your first digital video! I’m still fond of the first one I created b/c it captured what for me was “Soul David” and what The Voice did to me.

O.D.D. Series #5: Fan Videos

If fan blogging and David vlogging fed my O.D.D., then nothing like the fan videos that fueled the fire! Especially for those of us who couldn’t experience David in concert. One of my favorite fan videos that helped foster O.D.D. was Evelyn’s shared video of David’s performance of “When You Say You Loved Me” in Salt Lake City during the Idol Tour. Talk about having a David 3-D experience! And his weeping, awwwww!

Thanks for the memories, David fans! Without your efforts, most of us wouldn’t have been hanging around as long as we have! 🙂

Cheer Up!

Thanks for sharing, Ali! 🙂

My Goodbye Video for David

Because I’m still finding the right words to express my feelings and because it’s been ages since I created a “fan video,” here’s my latest tribute to David:

Fan Video Series #5: When You Say You Love Me

This tribute video from Michelinamarie still remains the best David fan tribute of all time, IMHO: