Daily Archives: March 25, 2012

David’s Last Week Before His Mission

Is it already time for David to set sail?

Is he ready? Are we? I’ve been doing my withdrawal for the past few weeks, and now the time has finally arrived for us to say goodbye and promise that we will be here two years from now.

Are you ready to make that promise? Have you already moved on?

At the least I’m pleased that David is facing his future with bright optimism and hope:

“The future is a vast, empty plain leaving us with so many possibilities to fill it and ways to add to it. What will you add?”

And I’m now eagerly anticipating his yet-to-be-released original song (as captured by the picture above). What will he sing for us? Will it assuage our sadness?

What, indeed, will the future hold for David (and for us, his fanbase)?