#DA2014: “We Will Wait”

Kudos to Juan for this beautiful fan art.

In other news, David’s “Forevermore” video launches today! 🙂

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  1. Juan did an amazing job. That is a beautiful piece of David fan art.

  2. Juan, great job! Always look forward to seeing your artwork.

  3. Comment from the last thread: “SB – I share your concern for David’s safety. Right after David’s announcement I asked some members of the local LDS church and all they said was he will be fine – don’t worry. That wasn’t quite what I was looking for as far as reassurance. I have also wondered if they are allowed to have a cell phone with them when they are going door to door.”

    From comments from other Mormons on other fan-sites, they said that Missionaries are issued cell phones. Also, if problems arise missionaries can be transferred quickly to a different location.

    Of course, there is danger for all of us just riding in a car, so you can never eliminate danger in our lives. We will just need to keep David’s safety in our prayers.

    • archiesfan4life

      Thanks grammyj – you are right. My son always says I worry too much 🙂 – and he is a lot older than David!

      • Well I have been reading about Chile and there are no rules for drivers they say, very dangerous on the roads. But besides the obvious, we aren’t talking about being in California as a missionary or France or England, so yes the worries are realistic. Gladys from Argentina will acknowledge the situation in South America as rather dangerous in general.

        Also, well you don’t want to read my also…

        Hopefully we will enjoy seeing him sing in the choir this weekend so I will leave with that thought and the hope that his comp is doubling as a bodyguard.


      • It doesn’t matter about their age as long as you are the parent and they your children. Age has no relevance. Mine are much older than David but that doesn’t change the makeup of the relationships.


    • grammyj, glad to know about safety, but still would not like David to go door to door……I will respect David always, but I cringe at the thought of the door to door part. It’s my choice to put that part aside and continue to be a diehard fan, because it’s his singing that I love, not his personal religion.

    • Here’s what wikitravel said about Santiago, Chili:
      By South American standards Santiago is a safe city, but visitors should be aware of pickpocketing and other petty crimes. If you compare Santiago to other cities in South America, it is still one of the safest. Avoid parks at night and don’t wear expensive looking jewelry or watches even during the day, unless you are in Las Condes or Vitacura. If you’re alone, avoid large crowds of people, especially downtown.

      I have to believe that the MTC gives all kinds of warnings to the young missionaries and tells them how to conduct themselves while in these foreign countries. I also read that there are 7 million people in Santiago so it won’t be very easy to find David.

  4. Oh, and about those MTC blogs, they are sooooo funny!

    They remind me of folks making a fuss when superstars like MJ and Prince used to do routine Jehovah’s Witness things like going door to door! 😛

    Sometimes I wish I lived in Minneapolis on the oftchance Prince showed up on my door to sell me a copy of Watchtower or Awake.

    Hmmmm, anyone want to vacation or move to Santiago? 😛

    Now that the cat’s out of the bag, I guess the favorite Archie pastime of stalking David continues!

    Oh the agonies of being a fan!

    • I’m glad you are enjoying the MTC blogs too. I’ve been reading them and it gives a peak into the lives of these young missionaries. I hope we get to see David sing in the choir at the LDS conference today.

  5. I’ve been thinking about these young Mormon missionaries this morning. Most are young men only nineteen years old who have probably never been away from home many going to foreign countries with little communication from home. David has at least been away from home a lot for the last four years and has had to contend with the cut-throat music business. He’s more prepared for this than most. As a shy person I hated selling Girl Scout cookies door to door. It sure would be a lot harder sharing your faith door to door.

  6. Ok, I see I am spamming this thread. I am doing this to avoid doing housework. Here is a tweet about David singing at the conference:

    Jake Hoj ‏ @JakeHoj
    The missionaries from the MTC are singing in #ldsconf today. Rumor has it that Archuleta is gonna bust out a surprise solo

  7. I actually abhor the stalking of MTC blogs. It seems so exactly against what David asked of us in his last vlog. What part of “this is my personal time over there, please respect it” is so hard to understand? I do not think it should be business as usual in David fandom.

    And by business as usual I mean treating everything about David, including his personal journey which he so clearly asked us to respect, as just so much fodder for our entertainment.

    My opinion that I don’t expect many to agree with. I would think that we as fans would be the first people who could give him the respect he asked of us.

  8. On the last thread, raelovingangels said:
    What I took from his respect message is he wants to serve a traditional mission, with normal activities- and be anonymous , No press, no fan photos, no blogs about his location, no one trying to track him down. Already, that is not looking feasible.

    I hope somehow it can be accomplished, I support his decision and have all along. It is so very clear how important this is to him.

    I think that it will be virtually impossible for no information to escape about him. The issue is what we as fans do about it. Do we seek it out and post it on our facebook pages? Do we tweet it or post links in blogs? I think it is OUR mission as his fans, who he asked specifically, more clearly and more bluntly than he has ever asked us anything, to not to this. This is his journey and he wants to do it without us following along, stressing about his safety, worrying about what he’s doing, repeating what others say about him. Am I wrong? It seems so obvious.

    What David wants us to know about what he is doing, what he feels comfortable telling us about, he or Kari will let us know. The singing today for example, seems completely different to me than what someone said when they saw him getting a haircut. I will wait for what he wants to share and leave the rest alone.

  9. Conference sessions are on lds.org forever and a day. They will be readily available.

  10. here are a couple more blogs that mention David (I found these in the comments at FOD). The first is a girl’s and the second is a paragraph from a guys.


    ‘Here are some excerpts from Elder Silva’s 7th letter …So the MTC turned into Hogwarts this week. David Archuletta got here and he was pretty much like Harry Potter and everyone was being dumb and looking at him weird! I felt bad and when I went to set up an appointment to get my haircut this morning he was in there getting his haircut. I can be proud to say I just treated him like every other missionary and human being for that matter…..I have never been so excited for Conference then for this one…..”

  11. I think that he knows that we will hear things now before he actually leaves for the “mission” part of his Mission. I think that this is a transition time for him. I also think that by the time he has left the MTC, the others will have started to see him more as a person because he will have had more interactions with them on an individual basis. I think that David is very adept at putting all types of people at ease – all ages, from anywhere, disabled, healthy, mean-spirited dj’s and on and on. We have seen it over and over. I love having a sneak-peak at what is going on – just the way I would feel with my own kids being at camp. These blogs are exactly how I thought it would be – normal older teens excited to meet/see someone special (just like us) and yet striving to be normal around that person. Slight issues of being jealous but that is normal too and the fact that they can express it is a good thing and they will all grow through these experiences. David has been through this before and he will build some life-long relationships on this mission – just like he has done during filming recently and on tours with bandmates. I am excited for him and lucky are those that he meets (and he is also lucky to meet more people his own age – I am really, really happy for that.)

  12. collegemom, unfortunately, new missionaries come every week, many with now the knowledge that he is there. And you are right, he has been through this before and he has hoped, in my interpretation, that our behavior as fans will be different this time. That’s all I’m saying.

  13. Sorry for the multiples posts, but I also don’t think that this will stop when he gets to Chile – missionaries there will surely mention him. Some were joking on the last thread about planning a trip. My question – in this day and age, what is the difference between stalking him physically and stalking him physically?

  14. Hi Julee – I posted those 2 links before I read what you had written. I have to say that even though I love hearing things about David’s experience, I do think (even after I already posted links!) that it is probably unfair to those in the MTC who up to now have posted private-yet-public blogs yet really did not think that anyone other than those who knew them personally would really read them. And now here come the fans of David looking for any info, even meaning no harm but now commentiing about every nuance of their blogs (I did like the comparison to Harry Potter and the hogwarts). But I can see that this could be harmful to those caught in the middle of the information- seeking and I will not post anything more that I randomly see in the FOD comments because I do agree that David is hoping to fit in as best as he can and I really want this experience with his contemporary missionaries to be the best experience that it can be. This is what I would wish for my own kids and this is what I wish for David. Thanks Julee

    • It is nice that you feel that way! It’s true -the public yet private blog thing is an issue too. These missionaries could make them private, but they have never imagined that anyone other than people they know would be reading them – certainly not perfect strangers who then post them on their facebook pages! The digital world has made all rules fly out the window!

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