18 comments on “Being 21: Spotlight on Bob Marley

  1. This is so interesting, HG. I just finished a book in which the main character’s autistic son would calm himself with Bob Marley’s music. It was a novel, but I thought the idea probably had some merit. His music is just filled with good vibes. :)
    So I googled it and it turns out the author must have researched this topic. Here ya go:

    Healing music.
    Yep, David knows about that too.
    (currently listening to no woman no cry. so good)

    • i was very touched by the author’s story. i’m glad she and her son can enjoy his music together. also, i didn’t know that marley was biracial.

  2. Bob Marley music reminds me of summer riding in our boat because we have some of his songs in our boat mix music. Thanks for the post, HG. I love reading about musicians and how their careers developed. There are almost always lots of ups and downs. It’s not an easy occupation. David’s song, “I’ve Got Nothing Else Better To Do” always reminded me of island music. Here it is. Enjoy!

  3. like grammyj, i enjoy reading about other artists too. i never would have thought of comparing marley’s career trajectory to david’s. over a decade ago i saw his son, ziggy marley and the melody makers, in concert.

    slightly off topic but last friday i purchased a can of “marley’s mellow mood” black tea out of curiosity. within 30 minutes of drinking the tea, i was completely knocked out. i don’t know if it made me mellow but it sure did make me sleepy. :)

    • Marie, I would like to know why you think it’s interesting, but not exciting. Do you think it’s too soon or maybe you are not going to like the type of album it might be?

  4. Popping in for a minute – I think that Kari and whoever are reallty coordinating things well right now. I like how they coordinated the David-tweet with the totally ready-w/info website. I think that there are things scheduled out for his entire time. Just don’t know what those things are. I don’t think they would use up all their treats for us in the first six months. Also, I like the title of the new album: BEGIN. With a period doesn’t that make it a solid statement? Makes it forceful and a direction to himself or to others.

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