Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

New Vlog: David Promises New Music!

Oh Dear.  March is David’s last month with us before he leaves for his mission! 😦

But… he’s working on a new album for us, his fans!

Could you love him anymore! Sigh.

Hmmm, so it sounds like he’ll be doing cover songs (Yip-yip-yippee!!!), specifically songs relating to the “next phase of his life.”

Does that mean sacred songs? Maybe a mix of sacred songs and inspirational ballads?

If he’s covering sacred songs, I vote for:

1. Be Still My Soul.

2. I Need You Now (gospel ballad by Smokie Norful).

3. I Love the Lord (ever since David tweeted Whitney Houston’s version, I’ve been aching to hear his voice on this).

Ain’t he the sweetest to want to spend this last month putting together music for us before he goes off?

American Idol Really Really Wants a Girl to Win!

If “America” weren’t so biased as they’ve shown themselves these past few years, I would call the competition right now and say Jessica Sanchez is Season 11’s American Idol.

But, you know, there is Phillip Phillips to contend with since he’s channeling David Cook, Chris Daughtry, and Scotty McCreery all rolled into a cuter package of the “white guy with guitar.” But who knows? “America” just might surprise me yet, as they did when they voted for Fantasia as the Idol winner back in Season 3.

What I will say with certainty is that American Idol, at least the producers, really, really,  really, really, REALLY want a girl to win this season.  What else would account for why last night’s Top 12 guys all collectively SUCKED (give or take a nice performance by the likes of said Phillip-squared and Joshua Ledet) and tonight’s Top 12 gals totally and royally kicked the guys’ collective butts?

I’ve seen this kind of card-stacking before on the part of the judges and producers. When they want a girl to win, they go out of their way to put through a huge portion of really talented girls and totally mediocre boys in the Top 24. This happened in Season 3 (when Fantasia won) and Season 6 (when Jordin Sparks won). This is also what they do when they really, really, really, really, REALLY want a woman of color to win.  They make it so that “America,” even if they have certain biases against black girl “divas” and their style of singing, would vote for said “divas” because their talent is so above and beyond that they don’t have a viable alternative.

So, this year, not only do Idol’s producers want to break the gender streak of the past four winners, they want to break the racial streak as well.  And, now that I’ve heard Jessica perform tonight, in a sea of blondes and brunettes, methinks she will go far for a number of reasons.

1.  She’s an amazing singer of the “diva” persuasion.

2. The boys generally SUCK!

3. She’s gonna stand out in a sea of blondes and brunettes with equal talents (like Elise and Skylar, who also impressed me tonight).

4. She’s got no black female “diva” singer to compete with (NOW that I’ve heard Jessica it makes sense that they didn’t put any black girls through if they really want her to win) and therefore won’t have to “split votes” among the soul-music audience voters.

5. With her admiration for Jennifer Hudson (see above video) and her great rendition of her “Love You I Do” tonight, she’s got the “black” vote in the bag, along with the Asian and Latina/o votes.

6. We have yet to have a non-white and non-black American Idol – she’s a worthy contender!

So, yeah, I’m calling it for Jessica Sanchez!

Now watch as the show (or “America”) does something stupid to mess up her chances of winning…

After all, This … is… American Idol! 😛