Daily Archives: March 7, 2012

The Pleasant Surprise that is David’s Acting

Who knew that David had it in him to “act,” much less act in the most dramatic of all dramas – the Soap Opera?

I had wondered about the “rumor” floating about during his My Kind of Christmas Tour (‘member when someone said he would be doing some acting? Of course, the rumor also included that Spielberg was tapping him for an acting project and nothing came of that – or will it?).

It’s fascinating to me that, before going away on his two-year Mission, David would venture into such a project.  Perhaps the offers only came from Asia and not from here in the U.S., and perhaps David felt “safe” exploring his acting options overseas and away from the unfriendly American media glare.

But I do hope that this little experience of Nandito Ako will make David not only more comfortable in front of the cameras but also more courageous in “performing outside of his skin,” appearing before the cameras less as David Archuleta and more as a different persona.

It makes me wonder if he’ll want to do more acting, and not just music, when he returns to the public after his mission. So, what say you, peeps? Here’s my latest poll! 🙂